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I'm a What? He's My What? Well Hell by clumsydolphin
Chapter 16 : Chapter 16
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AN: So, this story is quickly coming to its end. The Veela question is answered, they are mated and fate has given them their child already. The life debt will be wrapped up by the end of this chapter, not much left to do. My next story will be VERY different for me; and I’m sure I will have some of my loyal readers sit it out for that story. However; if you are like me and I know some of you are and you like Twilight as well as Harry Potter this next story is for you! I am going to dive headfirst into a Hermione/Jacob crossover story. I’m extraordinarily nervous and angsty about it because all my stories have been HP. But as you have learned by now Clumsy loves a challenge! So with that said, if you are interested in checking out my next story it should be posted sometime next week after this one is concluded! It will be slower though probably because I’m going to post as I write where usually I have at least half a story done before publishing so hang in there with me because you know I won’t abandon it!! Now, enjoy this jam packed dramatic chapter and tell me what ya think! Clumsy!




Hermione rushed down the halls of the Muggle hospital with Draco trying to catch up. When she finally reached the waiting room for the cardiac ICU she found her mother and ran straight into her arms.

“How is he?” Hermione cried.

“I’m sorry I had to call you back home on your honeymoon baby girl but we had no idea if he would make it or not.” Jean explained. “He woke up about an hour ago for about ten minutes. He’s weak and tired but they say he’ll make it. There’s been some damage done to his heart but with a change in diet plus they are going to start him on  some medications and hopefully with some work on his part and some sacrifices he will live to be a very old grandpa teasing your babies!”



Hermione left her mom in the waiting room to go outside and make phone calls with her cell because the hospital frowned on the use of them inside the building as they tended to mess with some of the electronic equipment. When she reached the lobby she dialed the telephone number for Harry first.

“Hello.” Harry answered on the first ring because he’d been awaiting her call.

“Hi Harry. Dad is going to be okay he just needs a bit of a lifestyle change and he’ll be fine.” She said.

“Oh ‘Mione I’m so relieved. Gin and I are going to come visit him this weekend; we’re picking up an extra copy of the Prophet for him and some of the things he likes from Fred and George’s shop. We figured since he’s basically as loony over magical things as Arthur is over Muggle stuff that he’d get a kick out of it, plus he knows to keep it hidden from all the Muggles there.” He laughed.

Hermione giggled as she crossed the street, deciding to get a cup of tea from the coffee shop across the street. She’d been so intent on what Harry was saying however she forgot the most basic and important rules of crossing the street…she failed to look first. When she looked up all she had time to do was scream.




“Jean, if you’re alright I’m going to catch up to ‘Mione. She’s been distraught and I’m sure it isn’t healthy for her or our child.” Draco said. He didn’t know why but he had a bad feeling about Hermione. His Veela was telling him to hurry but it made no sense because how in the world could she possibly be hurt in a Muggle Hospital?

Nevertheless he quickened his footsteps and just missed the lift doors as they shut behind Hermione. He decided to just take the stairs so he went through the right door and took off running.

At first he didn’t see her through the crowd of people but inevitably he spotted her and let out a sigh of relief when he saw she was safe with his own two eyes. He slowed his pace as he was almost to her as they went through the door heading outside. He stopped to hold the door open for a little old lady pushing a walker and then turned around and his heart about stopped and then he ran.

He just made it with enough time to push her out of the way as a car came at them. Then he felt incredible pain as he felt the car make impact with his left hip and leg throwing him to the side and when he landed the force of the blow caused him to roll over and over, every landing on that leg was agony. He remained conscious through sheer force of will. He knew she would be too upset if he passed out and his mate’s safety and child’s safety came first and foremost with him.



“Draco!” Hermione screamed as she got up and ran for him while some onlookers ran into the hospital to get help for the man on the street.

When she reached his side she already had tears pouring from her eyes. “Oh thank God!” She cried as she saw those beautiful silver eyes open and alert even though they showed a great deal of pain, he was alive!

When the hospital emergency room staff ran out they lifted him onto a stretcher and he made Hermione promise to have herself and the baby checked because he was afraid of how she landed when he pushed her so hard. Then he was rushed away into the ER for help.




Draco whined like a little boy frazzling Hermione’s nerves.

“Why the hell couldn’t this have happened in front of St. Mungo’s? Completely aggravating that I have to stay here overnight when it could be totally healed by now!” he grumbled at Hermione.

“Come on now Malfoy, stop complaining. Look at it like this; that life debt between you and ‘Mione is paid in full now.” Ron the idiot said. Draco shot him the evil eye for that comment.

“Love, could you do something about this babbling, bumbling band of baboons?” Draco asked Hermione then laughed at Ron’s stunned face while Hermione rolled her eyes at the pair.

Not long after that a nurse came in and announced visiting hours were over for the evening and Ron, Harry, Ginny, Blaise, Theo, and Pansy stood up and said their goodbyes on the way out the door.

Hermione climbed up in bed with him when the nurse left careful not to jiggle him too much. She leaned up and kissed him hard, “Don’t you do that to me again! I was so scared you were dead!”

He kissed her back and said, “I promise the next time I see a car about to plow into my wife and unborn child I will just sit back and watch the show.” Sarcasm dripping from his lips making Hermione chuckle a little.

“I love you Draco, and I’m sorry you are hurt because I was careless.” She said meekly. He pulled her closer and they both just laid there listening to the other breathe as they slipped off to sleep.




Draco was released the following day and after a quick stop by St. Mungo’s his cast was removed and broken bones were healed in a jiffy. They then went home to Malfoy Manor where his parents had been redecorating; well his mom really did the work, the newlywed couple’s own wing of the small castle.

“I hope you like this Hermione dear, but if you don’t please don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings because we want this to feel like home to you.” Narcissa told her nervously.

“I can’t believe how beautiful it all is! It’s perfect!” Hermione said as she reached for a new closed door.

“Wait!” Narcissa insisted. “Before you go in this room I want you to know that your mother and I did this room all by ourselves, although obviously magic made it a bit easier. She and your dad were supposed to be here when you and Draco saw this room and now that they can’t be here I just want you to know that this is a gift from the four of us, for our children and our grandchild.”

Hermione slowly opened the door and gasped! It was the most amazingly beautiful nursery with an attached doorway into her and Draco’s bedroom. There were two murals on opposite walls the first had all manner of magical creatures that she adored. The direct opposite wall was a giant Quidditch Pitch with actual players and balls flying around which Draco loved. There was a lovely Rosewood crib, changing table, wardrobe, and rocking chair spread out with lovely white fabric with dragonflies and butterflies floating lazily around a bush. The pattern repeated throughout the room on blankets and cushions and curtains. Hermione had tears of joy leaking from her eyes.

“Oh Cissa, it’s so amazing!” She cried and turned around to hug her new mother in law and then moved on to look at Lucius. She sized him up for a few seconds then gave in and hugged him as well. He froze up at first but she just held the hug until she felt his arms wrap around her awkwardly and pat her back while Narcissa and Draco watched. She looked up and smiled at him when she pulled away, she was so grateful that they could leave the past where it belonged.




Hermione and Draco lay in bed that night cuddled together and talked about nonsensical things; nothing of any true import and Hermione decided that this felt so much like home already that she needn’t have worried about being terrified of living here. She finally let go of that night of horror she was here for during the war. She was home with her family now.

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