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A Broken Mind by megthechef43
Chapter 1 : When the mind breaks
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A/N: This was written for kalkay's "It's Broke Challenge". This is also the first time I have written a Rose/Scorpius. I hope you enjoy.



Rose's POV


There is nothing wrong with me. I know it is true but he keeps telling me that I have to get help. I have to let them help me. I personally think that they just want to use my mind for experiments and testing of new spells. They just want to keep me from my family and friends. They want to isolate me from everyone who loves me. Scorpius’ beautiful face is so full of sorrow as he looks at me in this moment. We are sitting in a white room on sterile chairs that offer no comfort. I thought he loved me but I think he has changed sides and is trying to help them. “Them” are the people who wish to tear us apart. “Them” are people like my father and his father.

I can hear them coming for me as we sit in the sterile white room together. I can hear the pounding cadence of their march and they come to take me away.

 “Scorpius, please. Don’t let them take me away from you. They will try and kill me.” I pleaded with the man in front of me. I hear his words but I can’t believe them.

“Rose, I love you but you need someone other than me to help you. I’ve tried but last night was the final straw. I need outside help so we can be together.” Scorpius’ eyes are brimming with tears but he is too much of a Malfoy to ever let them fall. Then the truth hit me like a brick wall, his father had convinced him to leave me. Scorpius was passing me off like a pawn in a game so he could finally appease his father.

 “It was your father, wasn’t it?” I demanded of him. I watched as his jaw set with determination. His anger was starting to break through.

 “Damn it Rose! No one is out to get you! I have not spoken with my father since we eloped.” Scorpius’ exploded. “This is about you and the fact that you are not getting better. You promised that you would stop this madness and rambling. You haven’t stopped and in fact, you are getting worse. Do you remember what happened last night?”


 My mind was spinning circles. I didn’t quite understand what his problem was; I had saved us last night. I had saved us from the neo-Deatheaters that Draco had sent after us. Scorpius’ father had turned his back on his only son when he had married me, a Weasley. Now, his father was trying to have us killed. Scorpius was mad at me but I didn’t understand what I had done.

 “Of course I remember last night. I saved us.” I told him. Anger flashed in his eyes at my words and his hands flew to his hair and he looked like he might pull out the beautiful blond locks. It took him a few second but I saw the flames of anger extinguish from his eyes and he looked at me again and started to speak slowly as if talking to a child.

“They told me that it isn’t your fault and that you truly believe everything you are saying.” He told me. I don’t understand what he is saying to me so I just stared at him with confusion evident on my face. He reached out and took my hands in his own large, warm hands. “Rose, you are going to go away for a short time but I will still see you every day. I love you and I am happy you are my wife but there is something wrong that you just can’t see. But, I promise to come see you and spend time with you every day. Do you understand?” Scorpius spoke to me and the pain was clear in his face. This was not what he wanted but I don’t know who would be making him leave me it could have been either of our families.

“Who is making you do this?” I asked him.

“Rose, no one is making me do anything. Last night you destroyed our house and put our lives in danger as you tried to flee from someone who was not there. There was no one in our house last night and you turned your wand on your Uncle Harry when he came to help. You almost killed him.” Scorpius explained to me.

“I would never hurt my Uncle. I love him.” I told him.

“I know. That is what scared me.” Scorpius responded sincerely. “They had to knock you out to get you to calm down. I’ve tried to keep you safe but last night you took it too far. There are NO neo-Deatheaters. My father is not going to kill us. He is disappointed but he will come around. Your paranoia has reached a new level.” Scorpius’ explanation was interrupted when someone knocked on the door. “Rose, please wait here. I will be right back.” He let go of my hands and went to the door. I started searching the pockets in my robes for my wand but came up empty handed. My heart rate spiked and I could hear the blood rushing in my ears. I caught a glimpse of Scorpius through the thin pane of glass in the door. His back was turned to me so I pressed my ear up to door to see if I could hear what they were talking about.

“Mr. Malfoy, she is far worse than we originally anticipated. I’m afraid she will have to be sedated for a little while.” The grim faced healer told my husband. What?!? Sedated. I knew that it was going to come to this. There are going to kill me. I ripped my ear from the door as the thoughts were rolling through my head. I must get out of here and escape from these maniacs. I can’t believe Scorpius would turn on me and become one of them. My hands trembled as I groped the handle on the door. I twisted the knob but I felt the resistance of the lock that was in place. My feet are carrying me across the floor and all I can think is, I’m going to die in this place. I feel like a caged rat in this horrible sterile white room. What had I done to deserve this fate? I could tell the moment they had finished their conversation and I knew Scorpius would be coming back through the door at any moment. Maybe this could be my chance to escape if I time it just right.


My feet quickly carried me to the door and it started to swing inwards. In one sharp motion I grabbed the handle and slammed it back in Scorpius to knock him out of the way. I mumbled a sorry in his direction but I couldn’t really stop to see if he was okay. I have to get away from this place. I have to leave and hide from the lunatics that ran this place before it was too late for me. I heard Scorpius’ voice ring out behind me as the worried filled “Rose” echoed down the hallway. I could not turn and look at him or I would never be able to leave. I want to get away but I couldn't  leave with a finally look at the man I loved more than life itself. I turned my head to the side and caught a last glimpse of him running towards me but in the next second I slammed into two white robed figures who had came out of nowhere. It took two seconds for me to realize I wasn’t going to get away. I twisted my body to face Scorpius to plead with him one last time.


“Scorpius, please don’t let them take me from you. Please don’t let them do this to me. I’m so sorry for whatever I did; just take me home with you. I love you!” He stood in front of me with a defeated look on his face and I realized for the first time since I met him all those years ago that he had tears running down his face. It was the last thing I saw before the blackness took over.





It had been almost three months since I first left her at St. Mungo’s. I had visited her everyday just as I had promised her I would. They had told me it was paranoid schizophrenia. They told me that we will never know what broke her mind but that wasn’t the issue anymore. The issue was fixing her mind to a point that she could come home to me. Unfortunately, she couldn’t fight her inner demons alone anymore and I hadn’t been enough to help her either and that had killed me. The day I left her in this place was the hardest. It was the first day I had ever cried because my heart was breaking at the sight of her meltdown. She had fought to leave. She had feared the worst would happen to her but she should have known I would never let anything happen to her. It would be my life before hers if it ever came to that. The second day had almost been worse than the first. When I walked into her room she was sitting at the window and staring out blankly. She had been heavily sedated until they could control her meds. Slowly over the past three months they had her meds figured out and she only had one potion to take in the morning and she could function normally and today is the day I get to take home my wife. It is the day I have been hoping for over the last three months. I have been in this place enough lately that my feet were on auto-pilot and before I realized I was standing in front of her door. I opened the white door and there she sat in her room. Dressed in the robes I had brought for her for this day. Her hands were twisting in her lap in anticipation. Her red hair was covering her face but I knew if I could see it she would have her worried face on. Her eyes tilled upwards and to me and I couldn’t help but smile at her. This was the girl that I love and the woman I had chosen to spend my life with. Her eyes crinkled at the corners as her lips formed a faint smile.

“I thought you would never come.” She breathed and everything was starting to right itself in my life.  


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A Broken Mind: When the mind breaks


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