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Black as Day by carosquiggle3003
Chapter 2 : The Boys
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Well, hello again my dears. You probably don’t know, but I have recently been reading some other fanfics and a lot of them have song lyrics in these bits. So I have no relation for any of these to the story, but I couldn’t be stuffed finding ones that did, so I just chose some from my favourite band!! <3 Ah, fan girls…

Disclaimer: I own nothing except Mia, Bree, Steph, Daniel (who will come into the story later) and any other characters I forgot in this that you didn’t read about in JK’s wonderful books. I do not own the song lyrics; they belong to All Time Low. Go listen to them. Now.

Shooting for the stars
Desperately reaching for something in the dark
Pictures of memories
Buried in my heart
Lie awake and dream of the
Endless possibilities
Catch my breath and go for it
--Guts (All Time Low)


Once on the train, I caught up with Lily and Stephanie. It was nice to see them both; I haven’t had any communication with them over summer. Bree reckons it was too dangerous after mum and dad...

Of course, it was nothing like being with Bree. But it was nice.

“Oh my god, Mi! Look at you! You’ve changed so much!” Lily all but screamed.

It’s true—I’ve always been small for my age, and this summer made me look as though I finally went through puberty. I grew a bit and now have some sort of shape other than flat. Yay!

“She grew a rack, genius! Now she’s bigger than you there!”

Ah, Steph, always so subtle. Part of the reason I’m friends with her is because I’m quiet but she’s loud, and we agree on almost everything so she voices my opinions when I’m too shy to do it myself. She’s often quite obvious though.

I smiled and blushed; it was really weird for me. I stuttered something out about ‘well, um, yeah’ and went into the compartment quickly. I heard Lily hit Steph and laughter.

Lily hates it when Steph says stuff like that—it isn’t ‘civilised’.

“So, how were your summers?” I asked to change the subject.

That started Lily off about her amazing trip round the Continent, while Steph chucked a hissy and stared out the window. Eventually Lily paused, so I asked.

“Steph? What’s up?” It’s always really obvious when Steph’s upset.

“Mphmgrmhpgghh,” she mumbled.

“Really? Your parents started their own underwear line and are now advertising it at Hogwarts and you’re embarrassed?” I can be sarcastic when I want—which is most of the time.

“No. But they did threaten to take me out of school and make me break up with Daniel.” Daniel Bouchard is her boyfriend of a year, and her parents do not approve

“What for?” Lily asked.

“Because I threatened my cousin—you girls know my cousin Arthur, right?—with magic and had my wand out, pointed at him because he made a comment about Daniel I didn’t like.” Well, one thing for Steph is that she never does anything half-arsed.

Steph, you can’t go round doing things like that! It’s wrong!” Lily berated her.

“Even at his older sister’s wedding?” Steph asked.

“Especially at his older sister’s wedding, idiot! If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were like Potter!”

“Thinking about me, Evans?”

Enter the Marauders.

The Marauders are a group of boys in our year. These ‘Marauders’ consists of four boys—James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. Potter has the hugest crush on Lily, but he doesn’t show it very well, as she has been rejecting him since third year. And, might I add, she hates him.

Wanna know what gives them their super-egos? Looks.

Potter is tall and muscly, with messy, what he likes to call ‘windswept’ hair and hazel eyes with glasses. He’s also chaser-extraordinaire, even Lily has to admit that.

Black is taller still, with long-ish black hair and grey eyes. The Blacks are a family of pureblood wizards, but he hates his family because they support this Voldemort guy, and he’s a huge hit with all the girls in our year (not counting Slytherins). Apparently, he has an eight-pack.

So, most of that I got from gossip that I overheard catty girls saying. I actually know Remus kind of well, so this is all fact.

Remus Lupin is what can only be described as lanky, but he has floppy blonde hair and bright blue eyes, so he still has a fan club, just decidedly smaller than the others’. He’s actually not like the others though; he reads a lot and doesn’t get involved in all their pranks, so he has our stamp of approval.

Pettigrew is basically with them because the let him. Waayy less cool and even less good-looking, he’s a bit creepy sometimes. He sides with Potter on everything—even down to what he should eat and weird stuff like that.

So, just your typical group of (mostly) arrogant, snarky, and bloody annoying teenage boys.

“Sod off, Potter, and I was comparing Steph’s rudeness to yours, not thinking about you, you bloody arrogant, annoying, self-absorbed, whiny, son-of-a—“

“Well, Prongs, congratulations, you got head boy! Don’t you have a meeting to go to?”

So helpful, Black. Just so very helpful.

Lily paled significantly.

“You—you—you WHAT?” she spluttered.

Potter help up his badge.

I decided it was time for them to leave.

“Well, scintillating as this conversation has been, I think it’s time you fine young gentlemen left,’ before Lily touches her wand, I silently added. I like to use fancy language when I’m pissed off. Potter was looking scared, so he left pretty quickly, followed by Pettigrew. Remus flashed me a sorry look, but Black grinned and made out like he was going to leave, but then grabbed my arm and dragged me out into the corridor. Joy of joys.

“So, wonderfully new exchange student, who on earth has been replaced by you?” he asked with what I assume he imagined was a sultry face. He looked like a goldfish.

“Who do you think, darling?” I had to spit out that last word.

“I honestly haven’t a clue,” he murmured, moving closer. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Well then maybe I can give you one—does the name Milanara Downs ring a bell?”

By the look of shock on his face, he either didn’t know I existed or didn’t think that I would ever look my age.

“Now if you’re done, and even if you’re not, I am leaving.” I spun around and went into our compartment, slamming the door. Yeah, I’m hormonal. I was probably PMSing too.

“What the hell was that all about?” Steph asked.

“Well, Black thought I was an exchange student, started flirting with me, probably trying to get in my pants, didn’t remember me and stood there with a look of shock on his face as I rejected him.”

“Bloody hell,” Steph breathed.

Yeah, that pretty much summed up how I felt.

“Why didn’t you slap him, babe? I mean, I know I’m the violent one, but I swear I thought I’d had some sort of positive effect on you…”





Well, that was weird.

“Prongs, do you happen to know anyone in our year called Milanara Downs?”

“Well, yeah, that’s probably Milan’s full name, isn’t it. Why?” He answered from the floor of our compartment.

“Because I just tried to hit on her and thought she was an exchange student, no big deal, right?” I said.

All three of them started yelling at me instantaneously. It was pretty cool, until they—well—started yelling.

“Padfoot, you idiot!”

“How could you not know who Milanara is?”

“Why did you try to hit on her?”

“She’s hot, Wormy. That’s why,” I answered with one of my famous smirks.

Yeah, I'm proud of my smirks. What of it?

Moony slapped me round the head.


“You deserve it, dumb arse! Now she won’t put in a good word for me with Steph…”
So, that’s three of us that like girls in their group. Thank Merlin we don’t all like the same one.

Wait. Did I just admit that I liked Milan?

Meh. I’m okay with it.




A/N: Once again we have come to the end of the chapter. I know, I know, sadness for all. But the next chapter should be up soon. Ish. Anyway, what did you lot think? Probably my favourite out of the two. Review!!! Well, I’m bored now. These are always reeeeaaallllyyy long and I don’t get why.


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