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Summer in the Fall by jamessiriusgryff
Chapter 5 : Party? Or Magazines?
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I’m sitting in my favourite armchair by the Gryffindor Common Room fire, oh but you guessed it. Not by myself.

There is a raging party full of teenagers going on and I am being grinded against by an incredibly drunk Willow. I haven’t had a single drink. Not one single drink. All I can see is Albus. His face when I kissed Willow. In front of everyone. While being photographed. What is wrong with me?

The portrait hole swings open and I see Scorpius with that git of a person Xander Nott. Hang on. Nott… don’t fucking tell me Xander is Willow’s brother. Sounds about right. Perfect. Fucking brilliant. I am just a cauldron full of leprechaun gold.

I roll over to the side to see if Willow would notice if I left but am dragged back by her. Her stupid sheepish grin. So instead I lift her by the hips and place her feet on the floor, I grab her hand and drag her over to Scorpius and Xander. She looks pleased with me,

“Scorpius” I shout over the music and drunken voices, he looks up and dismisses himself from Xander. He glares at Willow. And then he glares at me. That doesn’t exactly surprise me. “I know you don’t need to lecture me, I’m a horrible person” I snap at him,

“Well yeah, you are” He states and claps me on the back, “Couldn’t have said it better myself, really” He grins at me but then glares again and Willow throws her arms around my neck,

“Let’s go and dance like the other couples James!” She tries to pull me away but I don’t budge, I bring her back into my arms,

“Why don’t you get me a drink first? I just need to curse Scorpius for being friends with Albus” I give her a reluctant peck on the lips and she saunters off.

“Shut it. Please, you don’t understand” I dismiss the topic, assuming he knows I wouldn’t curse him,

“You’re right. I don’t understand” He interrupts me,

“Forget it, did he come?”

“Haven’t seen him since this morning. Sorry James” He doesn’t say anything else. He just leaves. Well, he doesn’t leave the party, but he leaves me.

I decide to find Fred. I think he would be having a bit of trouble adjusting to the single life. He has always had a girlfriend. And it has nearly always been Alice Longbottom. Which was fucking annoying. I find him in less than a second. But he doesn’t look like Fred.

He has a girl on his lap, grinding on him and two on either side of him, who he is snogging and well, basically shagging with clothes on. Good on him. Three? I don’t think even Logan or I have done three at once. I will have to remind him in the morning, since he probably won’t remember.

The only good feeling I have right now is the absence of Willow. I can actually breathe freely. What should I do with my time? I need to escape. Get out of the Common Room. It’s past curfew, but I know all the secret hiding passages. It’s fortunate that there are so many that Filch doesn’t know about, yet he thinks he knows them all. Silly man.

Then again, tonight every single classroom, and broom closet will be full. Of two people. Who will most definitely be shagging.

I slip through the portrait hole and decide to go down to the Black Lake. It has always been my favourite spot to go, or the Quidditch Pitch. But because I’m an idiot and don’t think, I don’t have my broomstick. I should be allowed to enjoy a good party. One that I organized. But no. It’s always me. Always. Me.

I hear a faint giggle that makes my heart plummet down to my toes. Fucking hell people shouldn’t be out in the bloody corridors giggling and wait a minute. Snogging? That is definitely a snog I can hear. Maybe even a moan. Yes, I definitely heard a moan.

I change paths. I bet you anything it’s some stupid couple that are in love. Well they are going to get a piece of my bloody mind.


My voice echoes off the walls. My jaw drops to the floor, and I don’t think it will ever come back up. Because you know who are snogging. Albus. Albus Potter, my little brother, is snogging my Summer. My Summer. But how?

Yeah. I definitely know how Albus feels now. Is Scorpius Malfoy a fucking seer or something? Right now, I don’t care what I ever did to Albus, because right now I feel like smashing him to a pulp. Any bloke who touches my Summer.

Summer pulls away, and so does Albus. None of them whatsoever look in the slightest manner guilty. Which is a bit of a stab in the chest to tell you the truth.

Before I can even stop myself I have Albus pushed up against the wall by the scruff of his shirt, and I’m not even being soft. I have him pinned. I might even be able to push an Albus-shaped hole in the wall if I continue holding him like this for a while.

“What is the matter with you?” I snap at him. I can hear the anger in my own voice.

“The matter with me? You have got to be fucking kidding me” He laughs, “Of all people…”

“I am the one who sees you? Well the fucking corridor isn’t exactly deserted”

“Get off me. You are such a hypocrite!” Albus bellows,

“If you would just let me explain about Willow-”

“You’ll what?” He interrupts me, “You’ll tell me how many times you shagged her? Probably in my own fucking bed too, right?” He yells,

“That’s not true! I- I can’t tell you” My voice lowered a little when I said that,

I let Albus down. Surprised with myself, I turn to glare at Summer, who is sitting on the ground leaning against a wall,

“Albus? You snog Albus?” I confront her,

“You aren’t the only one playing the game you know” She replies with a smirk. I never knew this girl could be such a fucking bitch. Yet it makes me want her even more.

“You can do better. Maybe Logan? Or Fred? Not this git though” I make sure Albus can hear me. I don’t care what he thinks anymore.

I hold out my hand for her to take it. There was a long pause, where Albus had sat down next to her and I was being rejected.

“Please, just take my hand Cohen” I grin at her, I can see that she is incredibly drunk. I think that’s why she is sitting down. She might have collapsed when Al and I were fighting. Her eyes are drowsy and she doesn’t really have self-control. “I’ll take you to bed”

“So you’re going to cheat on Willow already?” Albus fires at me. I was a little taken aback.

“No I was offering to take Summer back to her dormitory because in case you hadn’t noticed, she is incredibly drunk. I don’t think she would make it up one flight of stairs before blacking out!” I snap at him.

“Whatever. Summer is coming with me” Albus stands and so does Summer,

And at the same time me and Albus take one of her hands. She looks torn.

“Albus. She is going to be confused. Just let me take her” I groan at him,

“No. She chooses me, don’t you Sum?” He asks. Sum? What is that another name for addition? Why doesn’t he just call her plus?

“I’m going to sleep here” She says before plopping herself on the ground. Actually, I think that was her last breath before passing out.

“Why do you care if I snog her anyway?” Albus confronts me, “You don’t like her do you?”

“Of course I don’t!” Why do I say these things? “She’s my friend!” I snap at him,

“You’re joking. I haven’t seen her with you once” He sneers at me.

I ignore him and scoop her up into her arms,

“I’m taking her to her dormitory” I state grudgingly, how dare my own brother snog my Summer.

“You’re just jealous that one girl actually likes me and not you” He yells, why must he yell all the time.

“Piss off Albus. You have no right to take advantage of this girl” I snap at him, she completely loses control when she is drunk.

He laughs.

I have no right? What have you been doing to girls since what? Your third year!” He snaps at me,

I don’t reply to him. How can I when he’s right?

“Leave it Albus. She would laugh if she woke up in bed next to you” I know that’s a little mean, but I’m raging with anger right now and don’t think I can control myself.

“Well fuck you then James. Because I actually care about Summer. I know her surname. I know she’s a transfer student from Beauxbatons. I know she’s Scorpius’ cousin. I know she likes someone who doesn’t care or give a fuck about her. How? Because we fucking talked before we snogged. Something that makes you and me different” He shouts,

Why would Summer tell him all of that, and not me? Am I not trustworthy? I always thought I was. But now that I think about it, no one really tells me anything but Fred and Logan. Sometimes Dom.

I push her into his arms and he catches her by surprise.

“Take her then. I should probably find Willow anyway” I let out a frustrated breath and one quick glance at Albus. And then I stare at Summer for a while.

Maybe she would be good with Albus.

And with some sort of strong will power I suddenly have. I turn and continue my path down to the Black Lake. Albus didn’t stop me. And I didn’t look back. No one can ever know. I have never been blackmailed before. And I can honestly tell you that it isn’t exactly nice.


The next morning was chaos. There were at least fifty detentions set due to students found shagging in a public area. McGonagall was outraged.

“Was this you Potter?” She stomps up to me that morning. That’s right. Me. Not Fred or Logan. Not Dom or Summer. Me.

“Of course not, Professor. I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t there, but I can honestly say that I didn’t organize, nor set up any party in the Common Room” I give her a sweet smile. I wasn’t exactly lying.

“I’m having a meeting with Professor Longbottom tonight. He knows every detail. So if I find out it was you and you were lying to me. You are expelled” I don’t even worry. I doubt Neville would tell McGonagall it was me. Which in truth, it wasn’t.

“I’m not worried. Are you?” I grin at her and she rolls her eyes and her lips go thinner than I have ever seen them before. Scary.

I’m with Dom down in the Great Hall at breakfast. No one else has come down yet, half the castle isn’t down here this morning. I’ve scanned the Slytherin table five times in three minutes and I don’t see Albus there yet.

“So Al didn’t show last night?” Dom asks while taking a mouthful of scrambled eggs. Pleasant Dommy.

“No” I say through gritted teeth,

“Where were you? I saw,” She pauses for a moment, “Willow there but you weren’t with her. A bit odd if you ask me” She smirks, “What you see in her I will never know”

“She’s pretty” I say. Why must I be such a stubborn prick at times. Willow isn’t even around. Maybe if I tell Dom, she won’t think I’m insane.

“She’s pretty?” Dom repeats,

“Well, yeah I suppose she is” I confirm,

“Drop the act James. Are you seriously with her because you are pissed at Al for cursing you?” She questions me,


“Fuck this isn’t you. This isn’t James. When was the last time you had a steady girlfriend? I don’t actually think you ever have” She raises her voice a little, “And her of all people”

“What did your cousin just say about me then, Jamesy?” My heart drops to the floor. Why? Why must Willow fucking Nott be here?

I don’t say anything as she sits down next to me and glares at Dom, who glares back. To tell you the truth I would be pretty fucking scared of Dominique Weasley if she were looking at me like that.

“Are you going to say something to her?” She has a threatening look on her face, as if to say she will owl her father in the next hour if I don’t defend her.

“Dom, I would appreciate it if-” I begin to say but then see Logan and Fred sit down opposite us,

“Fuck James, what is wrong with you? Don’t bother joining us guys, we’ll leave Jamesy with his precious” Dom dramatically stands up and I see both Logan and Fred give me an apologetic look and follow her down to the other end of the Gryffindor Table.

“Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Willow smirks at me,

She wraps her arms around my neck and sits on top of me, giving me a very sheepish grin. Imagine it is Summer. Just picture her face, and then you can kiss her without feeling guilty. I throw my mouth onto hers and wrap my arms around her waist. Maybe, if I’m really clingy she won’t want me anymore.

But this seems to do the opposite.

Instead she puts my hands up her shirt which would be the most pleasant site for all the little first years. I break the kiss when I see the girl I wanted to walk in. With my brother. Who was clutching a magazine for some reason?

I’m just about to jump up and walk over to them when Willow pulls me back down.

“If you go over there and talk to that girl our plan will be ruined!” She hisses at me, but to the table it looks like she is whispering something pleasant in my ear.

And then I see the girl next to me, about third year holding the same magazine. And to my horror, it is Witch Weekly with a picture of me on the front cover.

“Excuse me, do you mind if I borrow that?” I ignore Willow’s angry hisses and the girl looks like she is about to faint.

“O-Of course James, here. You can have it!” She beams at me and leaves the magazine to run out of the Great Hall, giggling uncontrollably. Unbelievable.

I quickly grab it before Willow can and scan the title,

James Potter – Finally Settled Down?

I flip to the next page and see the picture Annabelle took of me and Willow in a deep, and it looks as though to be a loving snog. There are many other smaller pictures in the background of all the other girls I seemed to have kissed in public. About twenty other photos actually. Mum would pass out if she saw this article.

It is rumoured among the Hogwarts Castle that the Casanova, James Sirius Potter has finally chosen the girl he would like to settle down with. After choosing Willow Nott, who is none other than the Minister for Magic’s only daughter it seems as though he knows how to pick them. This star couple had its rocky way of finding eachother.

A reliable source, known to be one of James and Willow’s very friend’s states, ‘Albus Potter, James’ younger brother had been in love with this girl for nearly a year before James had pounced on to her. They even had a duel over to who would get the dazzling, Willow Nott. The duel was deadly and resulted in James being escorted to the Hospital Wing. But after Willow heard that Albus had done this to her man she always knew who to pick. Like most girls would seem to pick, James Potter’

The handsome James Potter, son of Wizarding World Saviour, Harry Potter is what most would call ‘The Golden Boy’ having passed every owl he went for, being captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team, and even for being a little ‘mischievous’ when it comes to Professor’s is every girl’s dream. Lucky Willow. I hope their relationship works out perfectly.

XOXO Annabelle.

So this is what Albus was holding. Why Summer seemed to be comforting him. The magazine is making him out to be ‘the bad guy’

“Beautiful article, isn’t it” Willow says in a dreamy voice beside me,

“Well it missed out the part where you forced me into this”

“That part won’t ever be found out, will it? Because if you break my heart, everyone will be on ‘gorgeous me’ side. They will feel sorry for me being played by you. And daddy won’t be happy. No, certainly not” She smiles,

“May I please go and speak to Albus?” I plead, I honestly feel stupid and controlled for asking, but what would happen if I didn’t?

“Of course you can. It will just make the story even better!” She smiles, “Talk to that disgusting Summer at your own risk though” She snorts at me.

So I bravely decide to approach the Slytherin Table. I can see him very clearly, re-reading the article for probably the seven hundredth time. Summer is next to him, looking over his shoulder and Scorpius is opposite them.

Why I keep trying to talk to Albus I don’t know. I must be insane like Willow. But just as I am about to tap him on the shoulder someone pulls me back and I fall into the seat beside my younger cousin Louis.

“Don’t be so fucking stupid” He snarls at me, “What were you going to rub it in his face about the article?” I can’t believe he wold even think that.

“How do you know about that article?” I snarl back at him,

“I don’t exactly live in a hole James” he replies sarcastically,

“Well no, I wasn’t going to rub it in you git. I was going to-”

“What? Apologize? What good would that do it’s not like you wrote the article. I’d say it’s better to leave him for a while mate. I mean after what happened with, uh, the girl” No one in my family can even say her name.

I bet they are all wondering why I’m even with her.


“Did you get that essay finished?” I ask Logan. The three of us are sitting in the Common Room way past curfew really and are just staring at the fire,

“What essay? Potions, Transfiguration, Charms or History of Magic?” He smirks at me,

“Charms” I grin, “But now you mention the other three I should probably get those done too” Fred laughs,

Fred has been a little more himself since he slept with those three girls. I really think it helped him figure out that even if he is alone, any girl would want to shag him. I laugh at the thought.

“Can I just get one thing straight?” He asks, propping himself up against the bottom of the lounge, “Why? And I repeat, why Willow? I mean, of all girls mate” He is mainly talking to himself. The dreaded question.

“Like I told Dom” There was a long pause, “I just want to give this dating thing a try and she makes me happy” I lie,

“Yeah, but with her. No offence mate but she is a bloody bore. I was listening to her talk to you about types of flowers last week. I mean, flowers” He states dramatically, Logan snorts.

“Is it to piss Albus off? Because mate, that would be pretty low, especially for you” Logan says,

“No, I find her interesting. End of story” I reply, and truthfully, she is interesting. But not my type of interesting. Maybe you know, Azkaban interesting.

“I hear Albus has a bit of a thing with Summer anyway” And as soon as Logan says Summer’s name I feel wide awake. I was dreadfully tired three seconds ago. Why?

“Really? They don’t make a very good match” I can’t help myself. It honestly slipped out.

“I thought they were a pretty good match. Saw them walking up the corridor together before and they were really interested in eachother” He says,

“Well she’s older. That’s got to be awkward”

I find anything I can to prove to the two of them that my Summer and Albus are not a good couple. But they keep disagreeing and for the past hour I have made no success.

“Are you jealous or something James?” Fred finally sneers at me,

“Of course not. I’m just giving you my opinion” I recover smoothly,

“Right, I sort of thought you liked Summer before the whole, uh, Willow thing happened” Fred smirks,

“Well you thought wrong” I snap back at them,

“What is the fucking matter with you? I swear to bloody Merlin you are not even James anymore!” Logan suddenly bellows at me, pretty loudly. It wakes several portraits.

I run a hand through my hair frustratingly.

“I know. Look, there’s something going on, right?” I state, maybe if I warn them, Willow will never know I actually told them. Not if I tell them the full story. I mean, she definitely put a jinx or something on me which warns her if I have blabbed. “Willow… she, well she said something to me that made me consider the relationship”

“What the fucking hell are you speaking? Elf?” Fred laughs at me.

“No- No Willow, she persuaded you could say, she persuaded me to stay with her because of” But then I stop. How could I possibly re-word the next part,

“She persuaded you to date her? What are you on? James doesn’t get persuaded” Logan asks,

“Exactly!” I bellow, “I’m not persuaded, so that means that she…” I wait for them to finish the sentence but they don’t.

“You are just as insane as she is” Fred comes to the conclusion of this after about three minutes of them guessing.

“I can’t explain it” I laugh at the expressions of intensity,

They burst out laughing,

“No shit” Logan says in between breaths.

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