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Harry Potter; The 8th book; the Aftermath. by patronusflight14
Chapter 5 : Figuring it out
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i know its been like forever since i last posted... but please remember me! i had really bad writers block but writing this chapter rally helped and now i've got the next 5 chapters or so already mapped out in my head... anyway bye and enjoy the chapter!!!


They collected their belongings and walked to the gate in silence, the four wizards, Hermione in particular, racking their brains to figure out how this could be possible. Jen led them up the ramp to the plane and showed them their seats. She, Harry and Ginny had gotten a middle row and Ron and Hermione a side one, with a window. After settling down the luggage, they looked at Jen expectantly.


“All right, here goes!” she started her story. “Around six years ago, there were major riots in London. I had gone there on business, and had been travelling by public bus. That night, the attacks were the worst. The offenders had these strange weapons that shot out harmful red and green lasers,” she paused, noticing that Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny were having a quick conversation through their eyes. “Go on,” gestured Hermione, curious to know more. “Then a green laser hit our bus driver and we all passed out. The last thing I remember was feeling awfully cold and scared,” she shuddered at the thought and glanced up when she heard Ron mutter something that sounded suspiciously like ‘demented’.

“When I woke up, the cops were swarming around but seemed to believe that it was just a crash. I was the only one who survived from the bus. But after that, I was never the same. I saw cloaked figures everywhere that nobody else could see. I felt cold when the sun was shining and saw skull-like symbols above the houses that had been attacked. Finally, my business partner took me to a hospital and told the doctors that I had been through severe trauma and was hallucinating. The doctors were pretty useless, except this one young woman with a scarred face…. Her name started with an ‘L’ I think. She gave me this rejuvenating drink that she called a ‘homemade’ concoction and muttered some words which put me to sleep.”

“She dropped me to my hotel in Warwickshire the next morning and gave me some funny looking coins. Then she just, just sort of disappeared, like vanished on the spot. I went on a walk that evening and saw a street which I had never noticed before. It had a signpost at the entrance that said ‘Diagon Alley’.” Hermione and Harry gasped in surprise. “So then what happened?” asked Ginny, somewhat hesitantly. “A kind man, Mr. Fletcher, he came up to me and said, “You can see! Come and see our world.””

“Mundungus, that bloody idiot!” hissed Ron. “I could strangle him right now! Sorry, continue.” Jen frowned in a puzzled manner, but went on. “Yes, so Mr. Fletcher led me down the alley and told me all about magic. Most of the stores were boarded up, but I could see some amazing things inside the few that were open. In one shop, these two redheaded twins were levitating what looked like a bunch of sock puppets with black wand-like sticks. It was a joke shop, I’m sure of it.” She looked up sharply when Ginny let out a small sob. Ron solemnly put an arm around her. Jen shrugged and continued her story. “Mr. Fletcher took me into a bookstore by the name of ‘Flourish and Botts’ and persuaded the old shopkeeper to give me a secondhand copy of a book called ‘A History of Magic’ for free.

Then he put a strange looking coin, a lot like the ones L…. Lavender, that’s her name, had given me, and told me to go enjoy myself, but no never go down the dark alleys and to come home before sunset.”        “And you listened?” said Hermione, shaking her head in disapproval. “So what did you do then?”

“Well, I explored the place and bought some stuff… Apparently with Mr. Fletcher and Lavender’s money combined, I had quite a bit…. I bought these pants with magical pockets and some cool junk from the joke shop with whatever change I had left. Then I went home and started reading the book. Now I’ve understood. I can see magic, not just that, but also magic that even witches and wizards cant see.”         “Like what?” asked Ron? Hermione thoughtfully said, “I think she means like undetectable charms…. Like the extension charms on her pockets and my bag?”

“Yes, and I can also see through invisibility cloaks and can hear through ‘Muffliato’ spells. Also, I can see long-distance spells.” Harry glanced at Hermione. As of late, long-distance spells seemed to be everywhere. They silently agreed not to tell her anything yet. For all they knew, she was a spy from an enemy Auror department and had made up the entire story.

“So how did dad find you?’ asked Ron, breaking the uneasy silence. “Oh, I could see the tendrils of his spell wrapping around the airport attendant when I arrived here yesterday. I stood there staring and the blue swirls just swarmed around me and suddenly I knew of today’s plan. Your father sent me a talking patronus which I replied to, and that’s how we’ve been in touch. I’ve told him everything about me, and that’s probably why he trusted me with you guys.”


Suddenly, Ginny moaned. “Harry please do something, it really hurts!” she said, clutching her head. Jen’s gasp was just loud enough for them to hear. “What? Can you see something?” asked Harry frantically. “A black haze around her head. It’s a long-distance evil spell. ‘Revilius Memorium’ I read about it somewhere……” Jen looked frustrated. Harry gently pressed Ginny’s head in an attempt to ease the pain, but he knew it was pointless. Dark Magic, which is what it probably was, couldn’t be helped.  “Here, drink this,” said Jen, pulling out a flask from her huge pocket. “Lavender gave it to me in case I ‘hallucinate’ again.”

By then, Ginny had stopped moaning and was muttering away, her eyes closed. It sounded something like, “Rookwood!! Hallows, find the hallows, search, search, Horcruxes? No, hallows. Mulciber, the flask, quick!” Harry looked at her in surprise. “Ginny, please tell me what happened? What is all this about Hallows and Death Eaters’ names? It’s scaring me, scaring all of us!”

Ginny’s eyes snapped open, just as they had on her wedding day. “What just happened? One minute I was in excruciating pain and the next I was reliving stories that you told me about your Horcrux and Hallow hunts? I can’t think straight! It’s almost like someone was pulling out memories from my head!”

Hermione grimly looked at Jen. Are you sure you have no part in this? We hope we aren’t taking a big risk by trusting you.” Jen was taken aback. “I just spilled out my story to the first people since Dr. Lavender and they can’t trust me? Of course you can trust me! I’m on your side, if you even have one, that is.”


so how do you guys like it? ive been falling a bit short when it comes to reiews, so please take the hint. this chapter was more like an introuction to jen and who she really is... review review review!!! here's a preview for the next chapter 

"i had nightmares, Harry. really really bad ones" she said, bursting into tears.

"They had an army of Inferi, and leading them was......


anyway, hope u continue reading and now my terms a re over i'll keep posting!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Harry Potter; The 8th book; the Aftermath.: Figuring it out


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