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Bound to You by blandie
Chapter 5 : A New Case
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 Hey everyone! Please review it only takes a tiny amount of time & I'd really love to  hear people's feedback to make my story better! :) I reply to everyone! Sorry that this chapter's a bit short, the next one will be longer!

Anything you recogize as part of J.K's amazing works are obviously hers!  


"Hey, I got you a coffee" Draco said as he pushed open her office door with his foot, walking in holding two steaming cups of fresh coffee. Hermione happily accepted the drink and took a sip.

"What's our case for today?" She asked as she absent mindedly checked her muggle email.

"Uhm, I don't know the exact ins and outs of it, but we're going to a really brill house in Manchester, so I'm guessing someone swanky is involved." Draco replied, finishing his coffee and throwing the paper cup basketball style into the rubbish bin.

Hermione rolled her eyes “Seriously throwing it like that? Are you still in Hogwarts, Malfoy?”

Draco's face fell slightly but he kept his slight smirk plastered on his face. “Very funny Granger. Alright, let's go shall we?” Draco swept out of the office and into the hallway. Hermione struggled to follow at a normal pace, having to break out into a jog to keep up with his long strides. “We'll just take my car if that's okay, too many muggles around the house to apparate.”

“You know how to drive?” Hermione asked incredously. Stopping right in her tracks, people pushed by her roughly to get outside.

“Granger, you're holding up the traffic and yes, of course I know how to drive. I learnt a few years ago.”

Hermione shut her opened mouth and quickly met Draco inside the parking garage. To say Draco's car was nice was a complete understatement. It was a gorgeous black 9/11 Porsche with all leather interior. Sliding into the left passenger seat, Hermione ran her hand over the seat.

"Ìf you`re done fondling my car, we will get going" Draco teased her, putting his car into gear and speeding out of the garage and into the street. 

Draco zoomed through the busy city streets until they got to a massive stone mansion on the edge of the large metropolis. Draco's eyes windened slightly. “I know where we are...” he stated ominously.

“Oh? Where are we then?” Hermione replied hesitantly.

“This is the head honcho of a muggle's gang, this guy's a real piece of work.” Draco said as he guided the car into the driveway behind a rather dilapitated blue Austin Martin.

Stepping out the car, Draco and Hermione made their way up to a very young auror who was standing beside the blue car.

“Actually, he was a real piece of work. It's his body you'll be examing Ms. Granger.” The peckly faced young auror said to them as he pushed his glasses farther up his pointed nose.

“Thank you Anthony, you can leave now, I'll take care of Ms. Granger, don't worry.” Draco told the young man. Draco steered Hermione through the large wooden front doors and then up the large marble staircase. As they turned a corner, they saw the body protruding from a doorway into the middle of a long hallway.

Hermione stopped suddenly. “Wait, Draco why are we here if a muggle was killed? Shouldn't their police be taking care of this case?”

“Oh, well the first responders to the case believe that this man was killed by someone magical. We have our connections in the muggle world."

Hermine nodded as she chewed her bottom lip slightly. She knelt beside the body, observing it from a variety of angles, poking and prodding it slightly and finally doing a quick non-verbal spell over the victims stomach area, Hermione had figured it out. “So cause of death is definitely poison, a magical poison to be specific. I'll have to get them to take a sample to analyze to tell exactly what, but judging from what the spell told me, I can be fairly sure it was dark magic.”

Draco nodded and whipped out his cell phone, calling for some techs to get samples.

Pop the techs apparated beside Draco. Saying hello quickly, the got their samples and started a series of magical tests. “Yes, Ms. Granger you're definitely right, it's a very rare potion, must have been a really powerful dark wizard who made this...”

“So, Draco any ideas on who coulds be behind this?” Hermione asked as they walked out of the mansion to his car.

“Yeah, a few. But I don't think it would be a good idea for you to come with me where I'm going, these are some pretty bad people...” Draco said as he opened Hermione's door for her.

“Malfoy. Don't you dare, you of all people should know how much I've been through, I can handle this.” Hermione lashed out.

“Easy Granger, easy. Fine, if you really want to come, you can.” Draco said, backing the car into the busy street and heading into the very heart of the city. Slowly they got into more and more lackluster parts of the city, Draco sped the car down short little side streets until they got to a warehouse near the edge of the river. “Alright, I know you really want to know where we are, so I'll fill you in. Back during the war, some death eaters used to meet here to talk, plan and what have you. Some still stay here, they've been pardoned officially but no one will accept them, so they live down here. Don't be too shocked at their state, but they'll tell us what we need to know.”

Hermione just nodded and followed him into the grey building. The stench of unwashed bodies hit her nostrils as they walked through the door. She quickly shot a no smell spell at her nose and went after Draco deeper into the maze of boxes that was this warehouse. As she made it through the boxes into a sort of clearing she saw Draco kneeling in front of what looked like to be bum, but she could tell the man was a wizard, just a disheveled one.

“Uh-huh, right, yes, mhm, got it, okay thank you sir. I appreciate your help with this case.” Draco said sincerely to the man, shaking his hand with a smile. Draco then raised his eyebrow at Hermione and jerked his head towards the door.

“Wow, you sure work fast.” Hermione pointed out once they were back in the car.

“Yeah, well I have to, lots of time constraints in our jobs, eh? I've got our number one suspect, Rabastan Lestrange.”

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