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Starcrossed Lovers by emelyelouise
Chapter 3 : Numbing pain.
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 Hermione gave Draco a quick peck on the cheek and scammered off to her office. Both their faces began to blush, Draco turned on his heels and turned off towards his office. Harry saw this sight and was completely shocked, just before Hermione entered her office he had grabbed her upper arm and swung her around to face him. Taking her by surprise Hermione giggled. 


" What the hell was that?" Harry demanded.




"Um, a giggle." Hermione replied rather surprised.




" No, not that. You kissing Malfoy! what is that, when. explain."


" Harry come in here and i will explain" she gestured towards her office. 




Reluctantly Harry stepped inside her office and took a seat.




" Harry, its rather a long story, but basically i was at the bar, getting so drunk i have no idea what happened that night.."




"why? you're so sensible"




"oh umm, dean cheated, so i was upset, i got drunk, and Draco took me home to his,because i was too drunk to get myself home. And well we got talking he really has changed,and then he walked me home. Dean was at mine, and Draco defended me, i was scared Dean would come back angry, when i was alone. So i asked him to stay with me, so he did. We came to work together, and i kissed him on the cheek as a sort of thank you for looking after me."



"well, okay. so nothing else has happened between you and Malfoy"






"oh, wait Dean cheated? how do you know?"



" i walked in on him"



" Oh 'Mione im so sorry" Harry grabbed hold of his friend and hugged her."are you okay?"



" Yes i am fine now thanks"



" Good. Right if you'll excuse me my fist has a quick  meeting with Dean's face."



"Harry, theirs no need Draco already did that"



Harry just frowned at her and left her office. He seemed to have taken it better than she thought he would have.



Hermione began to start the work she missed, while she was at Draco's, when all of a sudden she heard a familiar childish chant on "FIGHT! FIGHT!" She ran to her office door and peared out and what she saw was strangely amusing. Harry had his wand pointed at a quivering Dean. She heard  Dean begging for forgiveness, and Harry's threats. Dean was looking around at the watchers for help, seen as his wand was by Harry's feet, Dean caught Hermione's eyes and only then did she realize the smile that crept up on her face.



Suddenly she felt someone's hot breath against her neck, whispering "Funny isn't it? A nice guy at school, a jerk at work. But a jerk at school, is now the nice guy at work" Hermione spun around to see Draco watching the fight with a familiar smirk on his face. Some of the watchers had began to stare at Draco, seen as he was the boss of the Aurors department, he should be stopping the fight. After Draco had finished having fun watching Harry jinx Dean, and watching him whimper, he walked over and stopped the fight. He picked up Deans wand and handed it to him.



"This fight is over now. But i will make it clear to everyone, if they feel like cursing his cheating arse anymore take it outside or were i can't see. It's my job to stop things like this but if i didn't see it i can't stop it. " He said to the shocked crowd with a little wink in Hermione's direction.



Dean stormed off, and the crowd dispersed. Hermione returned to her work, but she couldn't help but keep thinking how sexy Draco looked with all that authority, in his designer suit, slick hair, buff chest. A knock at the door snapped her back from her daydream.



" Come in" she called straightening out her skirt.



" Umm Miss i have a letter for you" the receptionist said rather sheepishly.



"hmm, thanks" Hermione replied snatching the letter from her hand, tearing it open reading the text.



" oh fuck." hermione hurried past the young girl semi running into the elevator. 



Once she arrived on the ground floor she ran into Ginny's arms. 



"Oh Ginny i'm so sorry i'm late for our lunch, i was catching up on work and completely forgot"



"Don't worry 'Mione. As long as you're okay. Harry told me " Ginny added this because of the very confused look on Hermione's face.



~ ~ ~



The next couple of days were a kind of blur to Hermione. She went about her usual business, with the occasional reassuring smile from Draco, and the odd guilty glare from Dean. She had barely spoken to Draco after the fight that broke out. She had hardly spoken to anyone unless the conversation was necesary. Ginny, her bestfriend was beginning to get worried about her. Ginny had ordered Harry, her fiance to keep and eye out for Hermione at work and to check up on her just to make sure she was feeling alright. Hermione always said she was, it wasn't as if she was lying either, she didn't feel sad, or angry. Hermione didn't really feel anything anymore. Nothing seemed real everything felt like a dream, like she would wake up at any moment and it would all have been just a silly dream. 




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Starcrossed Lovers: Numbing pain.


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