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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 10 : Girlfriend
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 Chapter Ten

“So what does this mean” asked Abi as the two of us strolled hand in hand down Hogsmeade village. It was fairly busy now and students from Hogwarts were littered all over the place though no one seemed to pay attention to the fact Abi and I were walking hand in hand

“What does what mean” I said as I held the door to the Three Broomsticks open for her

“Us kissing silly” she said hitting me on the arm as we sat down on a table “Is it just the one kiss or could it be something… more”.

Girls really like to analyse situations don’t they?

Taking a deep breath I took Abi’s hand and looked straight into her eyes “This Abi means that I want you to be my girlfriend”. She went red and giggled like a six year old at the sound of the word girlfriend “That’s if you want me of course” I finished

“Of course I bloody want you” she said sounding the happiest I’d ever heard anyone sound. She practically leaped over the table in between us to give me a hug that at first was pleasant but after a while it began to feel like strangulation. Removing my girlfriend from my neck I got up and went to the bar to order two butterbeers with a big stupid grin plastered over my face

“I think you’re in there mate” said the barman as he poured our drinks. The guy had a strange scar on his head (he’s not Harry Potter); maybe he was Astoria’s new boyfriend. As the drinks were passed to me I suddenly heard five very girly shrieks from behind me and immediately knew who they were coming from.

Turning around my suspicions were confirmed as Abi’s four best friends were all now gathered around our table hugging, giggling and one might have been crying. I have never or will ever understand the female kind, I’m not rushing to tell Hugo, Ryan and Ben that Abi is now my girlfriend

Oh I like the sound of that

I have a girlfriend. Get me

“So did he make the first move or did you” asked the ginger girl sat closest to Abi; Megan Unwin was like Hufflepuff’s answer to Melissa. “Oh he did” said Abi “It was so romantic; I told him how I feel and then he just kissed me. It was like a movie”

The girls squealed again and noticing I was coming over they all left but not before all saying “Bye Oliver” in the same flirtatious tone. I passed Abi her drink and sat next to her this time putting my arm around her; she blushed again

“Abs, you’re my girlfriend now” I informed her “You really don’t need to blush anymore”

“I know I just can’t believe this has finally happened” she said kissing me on the cheek “I fancied you for six years and now I’m your girlfriend”

“Your easily pleased you aren’t you” I chuckled and she hit me on the arm

“This is a really big deal for me” she said resting her head on my shoulder

“I know, I know” I said kissing her forehead “It’s a big deal for me as well I hope you know”

“Oh really why’s that” she asked

“Of course it is” I said “Hugo, Ben and Ryan all haven’t had girlfriends for over a year now”. She hit me on the arm again

“This has just been the best day ever” said Abi as she and I made our way back up to the castle at around 6pm. It was October so the sun was probably going to set any moment and Abi wanted to get back before it was dark even though sixth year curfew wasn’t until 8.

“Yeah it’s been a pretty good day for me as well” I said as we entered the Hogwarts grounds “Had a nice breakfast, saw that eagle, found 10 galleons on the floor and got myself a new girlfriend. Not a bad day for Ollie”

Abi laughed “Even if you were really ugly I’d probably still fancy you” she said “You’re too god damn funny”

She must really know some boring gits if she thinks I’m funny. Then again she is in Hufflepuff

“So I’m not really ugly again” I asked deciding now would be a good time to start fishing for some compliments

“Of course you’re not” said Abi as we entered the Entrance Hall and I stopped her just outside the great hall “You’re bloody gorgeous Oliver; I think you’re the best looking boy in our year”

Ha! Take that Austin Baker. Blonde haired, blue eyed, ripped moron

“Cool” I said kissing her thank you “I think you’re pretty bloody gorgeous as well you know; always have”

“Well you’re the only one” she said pushing her hair back and blushing furiously; this girl has a serious blushing problem “No one ever pays that much attention to me”

“Well I like it like that” I said taking her hand once again as we strolled towards the staircases passing several second years playing exploding snap. I miss being able to play exploding snap at my own will; had way too much school work to do now “I like that I don’t have to worry about other lads lusting after you”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to be that laid back” said Abi looking towards several third year Ravenclaw girls who were waving flirtatiously at me. They’re not exactly stalking me; they’re the Weasley/Potter boy stalkers but when they can’t find Fred, Louis, Albus or Hugo to lust after they occasionally come after me, Ryan or Ben as we’re closely associated to the family

I like them. They bake good cookies save for the occasional one that contains love potion. Oh how we laughed at Ben when he was given detention for attempting to break into a second year dorm

I explained the situation to Abi who seemed to find the whole thing highly amusing though I did warn her that she’d probably be the centre of attention for tomorrow’s gossip now

“I don’t think we will be” said Abi “Not when they haven’t discovered who that girl Scorpious Malfoy has been knocking around with is yet”

And that’s when I remembered Lily. The girl I was meant to be in love with but hadn’t thought of once all day which is something that never, ever happens. Did I still love her? I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how I feel when I actually see her

Dropping Abi off outside her common room we spent a few minutes kissing until Albus came down and told us to stop; we were scaring some of the younger students

“So you and Clayton are dating” said Albus as he and I made our way back to the Gryffindor common room together. I liked walking around with the head boy it made me feel very powerful

“Yeah just started today” I replied “She’s fancied me for six years apparently; I must be blind or something I never noticed until a few weeks ago”

“You’ve never been too bright” said Albus as we made our way into the Gryffindor common room where we found Ryan, Ben, Hugo, Rebecca, Melissa and Lily all sat around the fire “But I hope you and Abi are very happy” he said patting me on the back before going over to Rose and his seventh year friends

“You and Clayton are together” said Hugo raising his eyebrows in surprise “Wow. I really did not expect that”

“Oh my gosh this is amazing” said Rebecca getting up and hugging me whilst jumping up and down “You two will be so adorable together”. Ryan and Ben didn’t say much but both looked happy whilst Melissa said that whilst Abi was a bit of a geek she did approve of her as my girlfriend

I looked towards Lily for the first time; she looked as beautiful as ever even though she was wearing only a grey hoodie and pink shorts. My stomach did a little back flip but nothing like the ones I used to get

She smiled sadly “I’m pleased for you” she muttered. As I sat down at Rebecca and Melissa’s request and began telling them the ins and outs of how it all happened Lily got up and went to her dorm; I may have been mistaken but I swear I saw a tear fall down her cheek as she left


 Hi everyone! Just a quick few things from me

First of all thank you so much for reading, the reading counts are nearing 1000 now so I'm very happy now. I would like some more reviews on the story though, at the time of writing there is only 5, I'll happily accept some constructive criticism as I'm still very much finding my feet with all of this so I'd really appreciate the advice

Hope you enjoy the rest of the story

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