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One After Another by PotterHeadSinceBirth
Chapter 4 : Super Friends
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            A/N I'm sooooo sorry this took so long! School started and I had to adjust to life as a freshman. I know, I should be Avada Kedavraed. But this chapter has lots of drama and action for you all! Hope you like it!



                I woke up to a pillow thrown at me. “Get up, Rose! Do you want to be late? It’s already 7:30! We start classes today!” Ugh, of course. Dom didn’t know that I didn’t go to bed until two in the morning. I left the Room of Requirement at one then stayed up till two plotting for Scorpius. I had a pretty good idea, too. The only problem was when to do it.

                “ROSE!” Dom screeched, “How do you expect to look your best for the first day in only fifteen minutes?” Shit. I had fallen asleep again. I rolled out of bed and slipped into my uniform. I threw on some mascara and lip gloss, and headed down to breakfast.

                “Hey, Red!” Al greeted me. “Wow or don’t say hi to me” Dom said feigning hurt. “HELLO DOMINIQUE!” the entire Weasley clan shouted in unison. “That’s better.” Dom smiled. I sat down and immediately started heaping French toast on my plate. It was my favorite of all breakfast foods. “Woah there, Red, got enough French toast?” James asked after I had stacked five pieces on my plate and started eating. “No” I replied with my mouth all full of food. But that was the truth. I could eat fifteen pieces if I really wanted to.

                Sophia Macmillan came up to the table and handed us our timetables. She then wished us a ‘Good morning and happy Monday!’ with an enormous smile on her face. We all said good morning, but I gagged when she walked away. Then it was time to figure out what classes I had for the day. My timetable for today was like this:

                                First Period: Double Potions w/Slytherins

                                Second Period: Ancient Runes


                                Third Period: History of Magic

                                Fourth Period: Double Muggle Studies w/Hufflepuffs


                I almost cried when I read today’s classes. My four least favorites every Monday? Well there’s something I wasn’t looking forward to. “Eww, our Mondays bite!” May Peterson, my best friend, fellow prefect, and Hufflepuff exclaimed. She had History of Magic, Potions, Ancient Runes, and Muggle Studies. Same classes, different periods. I sighed in reply and we went off to Potions.

                “Alright class, to start off our first class we are going to divide into partners.” Professor Wilson, our Potions teacher, announced. I immediately looked at Al, and he winked. I knew this meant he wanted to be partners. “Everyone stop looking around, I’ve already picked your partners. I’m hoping your partner will bring out the best of your potions ability, and promote inter-House relationships.” The class all groaned. Didn’t the professors realize that we could do that on our own? I mean, two of my best friends were fucking Slytherins (Oh God, as in they were Slytherins, not sagging them! Ehh maybe Al is. Who knows?), and I dated a Ravenclaw one time.

                “Albus Potter and Alice Longbottom, you two will work together.” Professor Wilson said. At least they got good partners. “Dominique Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, you two will work together.” Oh no, that was all the people I wanted to work with. Who was left for me? “Rose Weasley and Vivian Burstrode, you two will be partners. I cringed, and Vivian gave me the evil eye. What the hell did I do to deserve this?

                After class, I went to talk to Professor Wilson about my partner predicament. Professor Wilson was a pretty, young, female teacher. She should understand my problems, right? Apparently, I was wrong.

                “Professor Wilson,” I started, “Is there any way…” But she interrupted. “No. I will not switch your partner. I understand that you two might not like each other, but you’re at NEWT stage of Potions, aren’t you mature enough to work with someone you aren’t exactly friends with? You’ll be fine, but if there are any problems, don’t be afraid to talk to me about it.” I muttered, “Thanks, I guess” and left.

                Well, that accomplished nothing. How was I going to survive Potions? The entire class was just Professor Wilson talking about how important NEWTs are, and I received no less than ten insults about my hair, seven insults about my cousin being in Slytherin (you’d think people would be over it by now, gosh!), and three death threats from Vivian. Yeah, we’ll create inter-House relationships my ass.

                Ancient Runes went just fine. We spent the entire time hearing about how important NEWTs are. I had a feeling this would be what all of our first classes were going to be like. On my way down to lunch, I passed Scorpius and Vivian walking down the hallway, holding hands. I started to wave at Scorpius, but then I remembered that we weren’t on speaking terms as far as Vivian knew. As soon as she saw me, she grabbed Scorpius and rammed her tongue down his throat. Ugh, what a bitch.


                The rest of my Monday classes were ridiculously boring. I fell asleep in History of Magic (old, dead Binns didn’t notice a thing. How does he still have a job here?), and Muggle Studies was the same old NEWT spiel. I had no idea how I was going to survive Mondays. I had only suffered through one so far, and I already felt that if I had to do it again I’d probably die.

                On my way down to dinner with Dom, I kept feeling like someone was staring at me. Every time I turned around I noticed a boy who looked about third or fourth year staring at me. This went on for a little bit until I heard, “Rose, hey, Rose” from behind me. I turned around to find the same kid. “Yes?” I replied. “H-h-hi, Rose, I’m Adam, a third year Hufflepuff. I was wondering, will you be my girlfriend?” I tried not to laugh in his face. What was I supposed to say? I just learned his name five seconds ago for Merlin’s sake. “Umm, I’m sorry, but no. I don’t really know you.” I said tentatively. “But maybe someday?” he asked me, looking hopeful. “Umm maybe” I said, then kept walking toward the Great Hall, still mulling over what the hell just happened.


                I ate my dinner rather quickly, and rushed to the library. If I was going to finish my homework (which my teachers still managed to give us even with all the NEWT talk) and meet Scorpius on time, I had a lot of work I needed to do. As I was busy working around 9:30, Al came to talk to me.

“Hey.” He said, “Why’d you leave dinner so early? I wanted to talk to you about something.” Oh no.  Al only came to ‘talk’ to me seriously if he was having girl problems. “Who is it now?” I asked. He looked at me nervously, and then mumbled, “May.” Wait, did he mean my May? “Like my best friend?” I practically shouted. “Shut up! We don’t need Madame Monfort on our asses!” Madame Monfort was the librarian we all loathed.

“Fine,” I whispered, “But you like May?” He looked at me sheepishly. “Oh this is wonderful! I’m so hooking you two up!” At this, he shook his head vigorously. “I don’t want you to interfere. I just want to know what she likes in a man.” I giggled. “First, you’re not a man. Second, she likes a guy who is sweet, sensitive, caring, and good in bed. I don’t think you’re any of those things, Al. So just be yourself around her.” I guess he was happy with this answer, because he stood up and left.

Later that evening, May walked in and found me in my favorite spot. She sat down and said, “Haven’t you done enough for tonight? It’s already 10:30.”

“I want to get it done, but I guess I can take a break. What’s up? I asked. “Well I don’t know how to put this, so I’ll just say it: I like Al.” Oh Merlin, my best friends have got it bad. “Do you want me to talk to him for you?” I asked her, but I could tell right away she was against the idea. “No, I don’t want you to ruin it. Not that you would, of course, but I don’t want you to worry about that, too. Just tell me, do you think I have a chance with him?” she asked me. I couldn’t say anything since I had to honor my promise to Al, so I simply replied with, “I don’t know.” I could let these two work it out for themselves. Maybe I’d make a bet with Scorp on how long it will take them to realize. Speaking of him, I had to finish my homework so I could meet him.

                I finished my work, then went back up to the common room for a few minutes before ‘Doing my rounds’ (a.k.a meeting Scorpius).m I told Dom I had prefect duties and not to wait up for me, then I was in front of the Room of Requirement. I didn’t know if Scorpius was inside or not, so I paced in front of the door thinking, “I need a place that only Scorpius and I would like.” The door materialized in front of me, and I walked in to find Scorpius lounging on a big, green couch. “Do you like the couch? It matches the specks in your eyes.” He smiled at me. “It’s lovely.” I replied and sat down next to him.

                “Alright,” he started, “Do you have any ideas as to how I can make Vivian break up with me?” I did, but telling him could be a little awkward. “Well,” I said, “Would you be okay with Vivian catching you cheating on her? It would be simplest.” He thought for a moment. “Well, it’d have to be somebody that would make her really mad. And it’d have to be someone who understood my situation and knew it wouldn’t mean anything. I’m assuming she should walk in on me and the person kissing?” I nodded. After five seconds, we both realized who would fit his criteria. Me.

                It would piss Vivian off to know end if she saw me kissing Scorpius. Me, the girl she despised. I also understood that it would just be Scorpius trying to get Vivian to break up with him. Agreeing would be my death wish. “Rose,” he breathed, “I hate to ask you this, but it has to be you. It would make sense. You’re the only one who fits the part. Please Rose. For me.” I could see the pain in his eyes. And something else I couldn’t quite place.

                “Okay, but only because you’re my bestest friend ever. Don’t tell Doom. May, or Al.” He laughed. “Wouldn’t dream of it,” he said winking. “But what we need is a time and a place for Vivian to catch us. Plus we need to figure out how to get her there when we are. Merlin, this is difficult.”

“Maybe if she gets a letter saying to meet someone somewhere and then she walks in on us?” I proposed. “Who would we get to send the letter, though? If we made it from me, it would seem like I wanted her to find out when she’s really just supposed to walk in on us. Who would it work for?” He asked me. I thought for a moment, and then it hit me. “Dom.”


                Fifteen minutes later we had come up with the perfect plan. Dom was going to tell Vivian that she thought Scorpius was seeing me on the side. Dom was a major one for gossip, she would know these things. The two of them would plan a night to find out and ‘accidentally’ stumble upon me and Scorpius making out. Vivian would be pissed and dump Scorpius, but I may or may not survive the night seeing as Vivian was sure to be mad at me also.

                “So now that that’s all worked out,” I said, “I have kind of an awkward question.” “There’s no such thing as awkward questions with bestest friends,” he said, playfully punching me in the arm. “Okay um… do you think we should practice what we’ll be doing when Vivian walks in?”

                Yupp, it was awkward. “Well…” he said, “we probably ought to. It should look like we’ve been doing it for a while. So yes, let’s practice. How should we positioned?” We both thought. “Umm maybe I should be like straddling you on your lap?” I suggested tentatively. Merlin, this was going to be weird. “Uhh okay. And we’ll  be on the floor in a broom cupboard I’m assuming?” I nodded and we got into our position, me on top of him facing him. “And then I hold on hand on your face and the other around your neck,” he said, moving his hands to the places. “And then…” I started, but he cut me off by kissing me. It was warm, sweet, and gentle. I was so overcome with shock. It felt as though someone had jolted me with static electricity. But maybe that was just because we were on carpet. I was so dumbfounded that I forgot to kiss him back. He pulled away.

                “I’m sorry, is this too awkward for you? You can back out if you want.” He said, looking sheepish. “No,” I said, “But you should probably do it more hungrily. Like this.” I crashed my lips to his and ran my hand through his hair.

                If it was the carpet the first time, it definitely wasn’t this time. The spark was back. Except along with it came the feeling of fireworks going off in my stomach. He kissed me back fervently. Our lips molded perfectly together, and he deepened the kiss. Soon enough, he said on my lips, “Do you think we should add some tongue action? I mean, if you want to.” I replied by shoving my tongue in his still open mouth and felt all over. I had never felt more at ease.

                Too soon, he pulled away. We were breathing heavily. “Do you think that’ll be enough?” he asked. “Umm I don’t know.  Maybe you should reposition your hands like this.” I said, moving one hand so it was gripping my ass and the other up my shirt. “Fuck,” he said, “I didn’t know faking a make out could be so hard.”

                It was at that point when I truly looked at Scorpius as a potential boyfriend. I had never even thought about it. I realized Scorpius would be perfect. He knew so much about me (especially since last night), he knew what was important to me, and he knew how I worked, not to mention he was damn sexy. Beautiful blond hair, gorgeous blue eyes, perfect lips, and smoking’ Quidditch body. Plus he was an amazing kisser. How did I not see it before?

                “so does that sound good? Rose?” Oh shit, Scorpius was talking to me and I didn’t even realize. “What?” I asked. “I was only saying that I don’t know if we looked experienced enough with each other. Should we practice some more?” I laughed. “Can’t get enough of me?” I joked. “I think it’s you who can’t get enough of me,” he replied. “That’s it,” I said sarcastically. That’s the lovely thing about sarcasm. You could say exactly what was on your mind, but if you said it in a certain tone, people think you’re joking. “but I think I know what will make Vivian even more mad.” I said, and took his shirt off. Can you blame me?

                His chest was perfect. He had amazing abs, and his biceps were perfect. It took all I had not to jump his bones. He was still technically in a relationship. “Alright,” he said, “But if I do you have to, too.” He started unbuttoning my shirt. I laughed. “I can handle it,” I said, and finished removing my shirt. “Try not to stare” I joked.

                For some reason, we not wearing a lot of clothes made things less awkward than before. “Where were we?” he asked. “Like this” I said, putting his hands back in intimate places. He leaned in to kiss me again, and the fireworks in my stomach were back. His tongue danced on my lips begging for entrance, to which I happily obliged. He squeezed my butt and lightly bit on my tongue, and I couldn’t help but shudder. He pulled back.

                “Do you think I should do something like this, too?” he asked and started sucking and playfully biting my throat. I couldn’t help but tilt my neck back to give him full access and moan. “Wow, you’re a good at acting,” he said. “You too” I replied.

                We eventually realized that an hour had passed and we had to leave. I didn’t want to go. That night was the best of my life. Oh well. Tomorrow I’ll find Dom so I could let her know of my plan.


A/N two: Plenty of ScoRo, no? Read and review! Love you guys!

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