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Elisabeth Finnigan and the Curse of James Potter by moony_elisabeth_harry
Chapter 12 : Night before break
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“I need alcohol” I said bluntly I turned to see that Leah had already disappeared through the crowd. Al and I pushed our way towards the bar “rum and coke?” I asked albus. We shared the same taste in drinks, usually they wouldn’t have such a thing here because it’s a muggle thing but James and Fred got in the habit of buying Appleton’s Jamaican rum and coca cola because I often threw a hissy fit when there was none. Al nodded “two rum and cokes please” I said to the Hufflepuff boy who was manning the bar. We got our drinks migrated towards the couches. Al and I sat and drank in what I wish was peace but instead I got Albus yapping away about how much he missed Leah. Then I saw her. My life saver. “Rebecca!” I called over the loud music she looked and I beckoned her over.






“Hey Liz” she said as she got closer. Damn she could fill out a dress she wore a tight black mini with a red rose sewn to her hip.






“Do you know albus?” I asked before she could answer al cut it






“no but I sure would like to know her” he said Rebecca blushed and pushed a strand of perfectly curled hair behind her ear. Ahhh so charming like his brother. I sat and listened while they shamelessly flirted back and forth before I slipped away towards the bar.






“Another” I said and watched eagerly as my cup was refilled. I glanced around and saw a tall head of red hair towering over everyone. I grabbed my drink and made my way toward the very tipsy looking Fred and his equally drunk girlfriend. Amy’s silver two strap dress was going to lose a strap if she wasn’t careful.






“Lizard!” Fred called throwing his arm around me “does the bar suffice?” he asked I laughed






“yes very much so Fred” I said detaching from him “you might want to do up your shirt to” I added motioning towards the white dress shirt that was half way unbuttoned. I said hi to Amy and fixed her strap as well.






“No!” Fred yelped when she fixed her dress “I liked it like that babe” he said she giggled and he dipped his head down to suck on her neck. In reply to this I lifted my cup to my lips and frowned when I found it empty.






“Allow me my lady” I smiled and turned to see James. Oh merlin. His hair was ruffled and messy and he had some dark stubble covering his jaw. He wore a shirt similar to Fred’s but much tighter I could see his muscles prodding through it. He grabbed my cup and turned to leave but I caught hold of the red tie he was wearing. He turned to face me and I got on my tippy toes.






“Hurry back” I whispered lightly against his lips before he left.












“Dance with me!” I whined a bit immaturely as I tugged on James’ arm. I was starting to feel the rum I was after all on my fifth cup. “James!!!!” I whined stomping my foot. He smirked at me. God did he look hot.






“You better take her before she explodes” albus said he sat on the floor leaning his head against the chair Rebecca was sitting n. Rebecca had been running her hands though his hair for a good went minuets. Mostly because albus complained every time she stopped. James sighed then grabbed my hand and headed for the dance floor.






“Yay!” I squealed my drink sloshed over the brim of my cup but I was too far gone to care. I carefully balanced my drink as I attempted to dance with James. I wasn’t really focussed on how I looked I just loved how the music moved though me. I have no idea how long we were dancing for but I was feeling a little light headed.






“Woah you ok?” James asked






“fresh air is all” I said






“want me to come with you?”






“No no it’s ok” I handed him my drink and walked towards the door. In the process I saw albus snogging off Rebecca’s face and what I swear could have been Fred’s shirt dangling from the ceiling light. I scrambled out of the common room and came face to face with a song fest between rose and jack. No wonder I haven’t seen them all night. Rose jumped and her cheeks flushed red was she pulled up the strap of her green one shoulder dress and swatted jack who was currently sucking her neck.






“Errrrr hey Liz” rose mumbled I smiled






“hi rose” she blushed deeply before grabbing jack and heading into the common room. I sighed and leant against the cold stone wall. I closed my eyes to try and slow the spinning.






“Elisabeth?” I opened my eyes to see Scorp.






“Hey Scorp” I said he wore black dress pants and shirt. His skin looked very pale against the black as did his messy hair.






“Fun party” he said stumbling as he made his way towards me. I could hardly think straight.






“What are you doing up here?” I asked surprised my lips could form the words






“looking for you” he said he was close now. His hand brushed my face I cringed






“Scorp” I was silenced by his lips he tasted like whiskey. I tried to get away but I was backed up against the wall and he was stronger than me. On top of it all my head was still spinning. I subconsciously grabbed hold of his shoulders and raised my knee up hard against his groin. He groaned and fell to the ground and I ran for the common room. My breath was heavy and I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. I stumbled through the crowd and found James.






“Hey babe” he I stared up at him “are you ok?” he asked before I could respond I bent over and threw up on his shoes.






Disclaimer: everything recognisable belongs to the beautiful J.K Rowling






Hey guys sorry about not updating schools taking its toll. The last two chapters may not have been up to standard but the next one will you have my word. I’m already working on the next chapter it should be ups soon. Anyways leave your thoughts J thanks for reading :D

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Elisabeth Finnigan and the Curse of James Potter: Night before break


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