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Truth and Desire by DracoLove4
Chapter 1 : Padfoot's Problem
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 Obvious Thanks to the amazingly talented JK Rowling. She owns it all. 



“Dude, James, will you listen to me for 5 seconds?” Padfoot said to me, annoyed.

                “Probably not, Mate.” I say with a smile. He rolls his eyes.

                We’re in the Gryffindor common room. Sirius, commonly known to the cool kids of Hogwarts as Padfoot, was staring at me and shaking his head. We had been trying to get some studying done, but that lasted all of five minutes. Can’t imagine what I did to deserve that bloody head shake though.

                “You really are thick aren’t you James?” Padfoot says, as if reading my mind. Maybe he’s learning occlumency from Snivelus. Although let’s be honest, NONE of us would get that close to Snivelus.

                “Padfoot, are you really expecting me to listen to your petty drama?” I ask.

                “Well, Prongs, if I have to listen to all of your Lily rants, you have to listen to mine.”

                “Don’t bring Lily Evans into this. And if this girl, Mary MacDonald, yeah? If she’s really so great, why don’t you ask her out?” It’s quite obvious, really.

                “Oh, I don’t know James,” he always uses my first name when he’s trying to sound angry, “Maybe because she’s been with that Bertram Aubrey bloke for nearly a month now!”

                “Hell with Aubrey, what does he have that you don’t?” I say, only half joking.

                “Pimples. A lot of them.”

                We erupt with laughter. It’s true!

                “I just get nervous when she walks by. Her blonde hair sweeping in as she walks, those blue eyes staring right through me. God, James, I’m done for!”

                “You’re turning into a girl on me mate. Hey, maybe she’s part veela.” I suggest.

                “Maybe she’s 100% veela!” Padfoot exclaims.

                “Maybe you’re a prick and you should man up and talk to her.”

                “I’m sure Aubrey will be perfectly fine with that.” Sirius says, rolling his eyes.

                “Well Aubrey is a git.”

                “Aubree is a 7th year who’s about 4 times my size. Not to mention he could do spells that neither of us could dream! He’s got two years on us, Prongs. I’m hopeless…” he said miserably.

                “WOW! None of that while I’m here! Look, I know I have enough confidence for the both of us, but my best mate isn’t going to be a whiny bitch. We’ve done things that Aubrey wouldn’t even do in his nightmares. You’re going to get Mary, and Aubrey’s going to go cry to his troll parents.” Padfoot smiles. Aubreys parents aren’t really troll (actually, I couldn’t tell you. He’s big and nasty enough) but I gotta bring up the boy’s spirits!

                Then, out of nowhere, Lily walks through the portrait hole.

                “Why don’t you go ask her out?” Padfoot whispers.

                “Because I told you after the 10th time saying no, I’d stop asking her!” I whispered back. Then I winked.

                “All right, Lil’s?” I screamed across the room. She turned to me, already turning red. It really didn’t go well with her hair, but blushing seemed to be her thing. I think she just likes me. That’s what it is.

                “Fine, James.” Lily, my beautiful goddess, Lily, speaks to me.

                Naturally, I get up and follow her.

                “Where are you going, beautiful?” I ask, throwing an arm over her shoulders. She shrugs it off.

                “To study. Which you would do well to do. OWL’s are coming up. Does that mean ANYTHING to you?” She’s truly gorgeous when she’s spitting angry.

                “Not really, no,” I winked. She rolled her eyes. Oh, those green eyes. “So anyway—”

                “If you’re going to ask me out, the answer’s still no.”

                “Well I wasn’t going to, but I’m glad that’s on your mind!” I give her a winning smile, and she literally groans.

                “You’re truly impossible, James Potter!” and with that, she heads up the stairs to her dorm.

                “You won’t be saying that when the Tidings Dance comes up!” I shout to my lady.

                That stops her in her tracks.

                “Excuse me?” She asks, now interested, “What do you mean the Tidings Dance?”

                “Haven’t you heard? There’s a dance near Christmas! Everyone in the school is going to be there. And I would love if you would go with me. But don’t worry, that’s still a month away You don’t have to decide now.” Now, I’m the one turning away and leaving her staring, open mouthed, on the spot. I turn back and she’s gone, back up to her common room.

                I’m awesome.




                “Here’s the plan…” I start, “I have an invisibility cloak. You have a girl to talk to. See where I’m going?”

                “No WAY, Prongs!” Oh, Padfoot.

                “Come on! It will be fun! Look, I know Aubrey is studying in his common room—”

                “How did you find that out?”

                “Some Ravenclaw chick told me. Focus Sirius! This is serious!” We both get a chuckle at that one. Why am I so funny?

                “Whatever. So why do you need to be there?”

                “Because! I’m your wing man! If you start to mess things up, I’ll throw some soup and distract her. You can make your get away. Yeah?”

                “Prongs, I really—”

                “Just say thank you. Let’s go!” I grab my invisibility cloak. He’s reluctant but follows. I love it when things work out.

                We make our way down to the great hall, looking for Mary along the way.

                “What am I even going to say to her if I DO see her?” Padfoot asks. He’s asking me but it looks like he’s talking to himself. Ha!

                “Just talk to her! Tell her she smells nice! Really, it can’t be that hard!”

                “Maybe it is that hard! And if you’re so great at this, why isn’t Lily impressed?”

                “Don’t bring Lily into this, you prick!”

                “I’m just wondering! If that makes me a prick…”

                “Talking to yourself, eh Black?” It was Mary MacDonald. THE Mary Macdonald.

                “Erm… All right Mary?” Padfoot stuttered out. I don’t know how I’m going to contain my laughter through this conversation!

                “All right. I was going to meet Bertram down in the Great Hall in about 20 minutes!” Oops.

                “Right. Erm, how’s studying? You know, for your OWL’s?” Padfoot stammered again. I really should do something to help him out.

                “It’s going. It’s not for a few months though so I’m not too worried. What about for you?”

                “Alright. Moo—I mean Lupin has been trying to help us out. We’re lousy at studying.” She started giggling. And I think there was a little bit of a blush. Really? Girls…

                “Well maybe I could help you sometime! If you don’t mind spending some extra time with me that is…” She smiled and bit her lip. She was flirting! Why couldn’t Lily just be smart like this Mary girl? Clearly we’re the most impressive bunch at Hogwarts, Me, Moony, Padfoot and Wormtail. Okay, maybe not Wormtail… but he’s sure a loyal friend!

                “I wouldn’t mind spending time with you at all Mar—”

                “Mary!” It was Bertram Aubrey.

                “Oh, hello! I thought you were studying!” Mary said guiltily. Aubrey picked up on it.

                “I was, and what do I get for it? A long haired 5th year picking up on my girl? Really Mare? That’s even low for you.” Aubrey was getting into uncharted territory.

                “And just what is that supposed to mean?!” Mary screamed.

                “Oh, shush. Come on, if you’re done talking to dog-breath over here,” he didn’t realize just how funny his comment was! “Then I have a surprise for you. Well, are you coming?” He nearly shouted. Mary looked hurt.

                “Yeah, I’m coming babe…” Ah, why do girls have to do that to themselves? I will never understand their minds.

                “Good. And stay the HELL away from her, you hear Black?”

                “Yeah, yeah, go to hell Aubrey.” Padfoot said nonchalantly. He may not be good with girls, but he doesn’t take anyone’s shit.

                We walked over to the hall, and I slipped out of the cloak.

                “That was awesome, mate! She was actually flirting with you!” I said enthusiastically.

                “Yeah, fat lot that will do me. That Aubrey bloke is so full of himself. I’m surprised he can even keep that huge head on his shoulders. Bit like you, really.”

                “Like I have an ego. I just know I’m great most of the time!” I said. Well, it’s true.

                “Yeah, not big headed at all.” Sirius rolled his eyes.

                “I hardly think so. But I’m starved. If we’re going to get through Quidditch practice today, I’m going to have to literally eat a cow!”

                “You can always eat a cow.” Said Padfoot.

                “I can eat your mum. Let’s just eat.” And we sat down and ate the best meal of my life. Or of the day, whichever. Food is always good at Hogwarts, so you really can’t have a better or worse meal.

                After dinner, we ran down to the Quidditch pitch. Most of the team was already there, but as I’m captain, nobody could start.

                “Accio Brooms!” Padfoot and I yelled at the same time. We’re always forgetting them in our rooms. But that’s what magic is for, yeah?
                “Oi! Mind showing up on time, Potter?” Rory King, our slightly idiotic but utterly fantastic Keeper screamed across the pitch.

                “I could suspend you for talk like that, King!” I shouted back. We both grinned.

                “Empty threats, Potter. You can’t suspend me with our Ravenclaw match coming up.”

                “I could so, I’m the captain of this bloody team! Don’t think I won’t do it King!” But we both knew that I wouldn’t. Hell, Aubrey is on that Ravenclaw team. We have to destroy them for Padfoot’s sake.

                I lined them up before the practice to make sure we’re all on the same page. There aren’t a lot of things I take seriously, but if anything, Quidditch is one of them.

                Padfoot and Moony, (Lupin to commoners) are the team beaters. Our chasers are Lucy Gemmers, Mallorie McGonnagal, who is the niece of the Gryffindor head of house, and Janie Royce. Rory King is our Keeper and I, James Potter, am the world’s best Seeker.

                We talk about what we’re going to do during the practice, and then we’re off the ground. Flying has always been the biggest rush, even after 3 years of playing. Taking off and feeling the wind through my hair, makes me feel on top of the world. I mean more so than usual.

                My Chasers warm up King by shooting the Quaffle into the hoops. Their pretty evenly matched, and with any other Keeper their goals would be going in every time. With King, though, they can barely make a single shot. He can block anything.

                Moony and Padfoot practice hitting the Bludgers around, but they really don’t need practice. They could hit an apple off a moving chasers head. They could possibly do it blindfolded. Naturals really.

                “Prongs, come on over! We could use some target practice!” That was Padfoot. Moony laughs, but doesn’t say anything. He’s one of my best mate’s, but he’s quiet as hell.

                I fly over to the pair and dodge their bludgers for a while. Pretty soon we’re all on the grass cracking up. I knocked Moony off his broom and broke his arm, but fixed it right up again.

                When you’re in the hospital wing enough, you learn those kinds of spells. Even modified it so there’s no recovery time at all! Moony is back on his feet in no time.

                “So are we studying later tonight or what?” Moony asks, clearly showing his nerdy side.

                “I think it’s a full moon tonight, isn’t it Prongs?” Sirius asks, winking. Lupin’s eyes widen.

                “Oh, he’s only joking. But we’re not studying tonight Moony. I’m sure we can find something better to do.” I say, hoping for something to pop up. He smiles, but the worry is still on his face. Ah, the life of a werewolf.

                After practice we head back up to the common room, and find Mary prancing around and grinning from ear to ear.

                “Lily look! It’s beautiful! It’s from Bertram! Oh how does it look?” Mary screams enthusiastically to Lily.

                “It’s perfect, Mare! Matches with your skin. I love it!” Lily smiles, but it looks to me life somebody is jealous.

                Still, her and Mary are good friends, and for some reason, girls like to lie to each other.

                Padfoot looks pretty distraught. The necklace around Mary’s neck must have cost a hundred galleons, and poor Padfoot couldn’t keep up with that.       

                “I’m going to the dorm…” He says unenthusiastically, and disappears up the stairs.

                Moony looks at me apologetically, and heads up behind him.

                I take the opportunity to go make a move on my girl.

                “Oi! Lily!” I scream from across the room. She sees me and her face falls.

                “Hi, James… What was it you wanted?” She asked, seeming tense.

                “Just thought I’d say hello to the most beautiful girl in the room!” I am so smooth.

                “Why don’t you go out in the hallway and use the same line on some other unfortunate soul then?” She asked. Ouch! She actually thinks I have eyes for someone else?

                “Look, Lily, I don’t want anybody else. It’s always been you. Since first year. I don’t know what you want me to do. Just give me a chance?” I ask. Girls eat this shit up!

                “Right. Well I’m meeting Severus downstairs, so I’ll let you know what you have to do later. Don’t wait around though. It could be a long time.” She says, sweeping past me.

                “Snivelus? Really? What does he have that I don’t, girl?” I ask. I hate that git.

                “His name is Severus, and he has a personality, unlike you! He isn’t just trying to win me over, like some contest. I know that if any pretty girl comes around, you’ll jump at her, so I’m really not too worried. Tell me, if you only had eyes for me, why were you snogging Jessica Jones 3 days ago? And that Hufflepuff girl 2 days before that? You only want what’s in front of your face. So, if you don’t mind, I’m going to meet my real friend, and you can go do whatever you want with whomever you want. And don’t ever call me ‘girl’ again!” She shouted so the whole common room heard. She was breathing hard now, and seemed pretty angry. Maybe I really upset her… But how to diffuse the tension?

                “Keeping up on who I’m snogging, hm? Thought you didn’t care?” I said with a wink.

                “YOU ARE AN ARSE, JAMES POTTER!” She screamed. Well, that backfired. She all but ran out of the common room, mumbling under her breath. Probably obscenities. I really get to her.

                Maybe next time.

                I just don’t know what I am supposed to do. I’ve been trying for 5 years to get Lily Evans. She just can’t see that it’s her I want. Yeah, there are other lovelies in my life, but they are just temporary. Lily is all I want in the long run.

                I walk up into the dorm, pretty aggravated. But nothing to what I am when I walk through the doors.

                “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?” I scream.



So this is my first attempt at a Marauders Era story, so I’d really enjoy feedback! This first chapter is a little jumpy, still trying to introduce everything that will be important. I hope you enjoy!


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