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A Class Reunion. by applesugar33
Chapter 1 : Class Reunion
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 “Momma! We get to see ‘ogwarts!” Hermione’s two year old daughter said as Hermione walked into the huge castle with her. It was the 10 year reunion at Hogwarts and Hermione was walking into the castle with her daughter Lacey. Hermione and her husband decided to meet there. Her husband had her 2 sons, Xander who was 5 and Scor, who was Lacey’s twin. Hermione was dressed in a long purple gown, which had cost her quite a bit, but nothing in essence of all the money her family had. Lacey looked just like her father, with blonde hair and silver eyes, but she still had Hermione’s curly hair.

Hermione and Lacey entered The Great Hall, Hermione looked around for her old friends. She hadn’t seen them since a year after graduation and was happy she would be able to see them again. Suddenly Hermione spotted some famous red hair and walked over to where Ginny was standing. Hermione tapped the youngest Weasley on the back, when Ginny turned around her eyes bugged out.

“Hermione?! Is that you? You look gorgeous,” Hermione hugged Ginny the best she could with Lacey in her arms.

“How have you been, Gin?” Hermione asked the happy redhead.

“Amazing, you’ll never guess it, but I married Blaise Zabini! We have a 5 year old girl named Rosie. You have to meet them I think they are somewhere with the Slytherin’s, what about you? Obviously you’re married.”

“Well I got married, had my son Xander, then my twins Lacey here and Scor who are two,” Hermione smiled while bouncing her adorable daughter who giggled.

“That’s amazing! Is your husband-“ Ginny’s question was cut off when two shouts of ‘Mione were heard. Harry and Ron had seen her, they crossed the hall and both hugged her.

“How have you been ‘Mione!” They asked.

“I’ve been good, what about you guys, it’s been so long!”

“We’ve both been good, working as aurors,” Ron said looking Hermione up and down. “So are you married?”

“Yes, this is my daughter Lacey, my other two are somewhere around here,” she laughed as she searched around for them.

“Oh,” Ron had disappointment in his eyes, “congratulations.”

“Thank you,” She smiled.

“Where’s your husband?” Harry asked.

“Probably hanging around with people from his house, he hasn’t seen them in 10 years or so.”

“He went here? Who is he?” Ron asked looking around the room trying to figure it out when a small boy bumped into his leg.

“Mummy!” The little boy jumped up and down excitedly.

“Xander Malfoy, get your butt back here immediately,” Draco Malfoy yelled as he searched for his son.

“Daddy, I found Mum!” the little boy said oblivious to the fact his father was mad.

Draco walked to where they were standing. “Don’t you leave my side around here. You could get lost or hurt.” Draco took his sons hand.

 “You married the ferret?!” Ron yelled.

“Yep and she had my kids,” Draco smirked at the outraged blonde.

“Draco shut up,” Hermione hit his arm.

“Sorry babe,” He laughed then kissed her cheek before taking Lacey from her arms.

That’s when they realized everyone was looking at them, Blaise and Ginny laughing while everyone else was in total silence.

“Mommy, those men look crazy you should fix them!” Scor said from Draco’s arm.

That is when the entire population of Hogwarts started laughing when Harry and Ron turned red.

“You really married Malfoy!?” Both boys yelled outraged.

“No! Mommy married Daddy!” Lacey said looking at the men like they are stupid.

“Duh,” Scor backed her up.

A.N. Just a short little story I wrote one day when I was bored. Hope you enjoyed :)

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