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Enchantress by Zyii
Chapter 16 : Chapter Sixteen - In The End, We All Just Disappear
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Chapter Sixteen – In the End, We All Just Disappear

March 1979

When I look back on my life, these past few months have been my happiest. I never thought I’d feel this happy, I never thought that it would ever come to an end. When I envisioned my life he was always there standing proudly next to me. I was so excited to tell him about our child. Alas the hand we are dealt plays out in a mysterious way, and so I find myself alone without a place to go, I’m fighting the tears so hard and my hands are shaking. I don’t know what I will do, I can only think of one thing and it is so preposterous that I cannot imagine doing it. I will not give my baby up, I will keep my baby safe. I will never love again.

For he has ripped out my heart and stuck a knife through it, I thought he would never venture down that path. He told me he wouldn’t, he told me that his parents had no hold over him, that he would do nothing to put us in danger but he has. Why would he want to become one of those? What possessed him to do it? Doesn’t he know that I’ll be killed on sight if they know of our relationship? Whatever his reason, I don’t think the shattered pieces of my heart will ever be fixed again. All my hope and my love will go to my baby now, and even then I don’t know if I’ll ever be fully fixed again.

He said he loved me. He said he needed me. He said he wanted to marry me. Does all of that mean nothing now? Or does he expect me to stand beside him loyally while he goes about doing awful things.

How could he? I cannot judge him because of his family though I am now fearful of my life. He told me about his manic cousin, I can’t help but think she will come for me. I have to protect my child when it’s Father has just become a Death Eater.

I shall disappear for good.

Hermione started at the entry in her hands. The pain and the torment her Mother was going through was so clear on the page, Hermione felt like she had lived the moment. It all made perfect sense to her now, the reason her Mother refused to mention Hermione’s real Father. Who would want to be reminded of that, of someone you loved so completely who had then gone against everything you represented. Hermione couldn’t comprehend how her Mother had coped with finding out her lover had become a Death Eater.

Hermione’s Mother had seemed so happy in the last entry, with the discovery of being pregnant and the excitement of telling the Father. Hermione was happy that her Mother had never had the intention to carry out an abortion. No her Mother had done the one thing that she’d believed was incredibly selfish and unforgivable, she’d found a poor unsuspecting man, seduced him and made him believe her unborn child was his. Hermione could see why she had done that, she’d been scared for her life and the life of unborn Hermione and was seeking protection from another man. It was easy to see why she had chosen Hermione’s surrogate Dad, who was as big as they come, a real strong man.

Hermione didn’t really know how she felt knowing that her Mother was never truly happy again. Oh Hermione knew that she brought light into her Mother’s life but it must have been hard for her, looking at Hermione every day and remembering what once was. Hermione wondered about her real Father then, where was he? Did he die in the first war or the second? Was he still alive? Did her Mother and Father get to meet one last time? Hermione wished that they had, she wanted them to desperately have one last moment together. They were star crossed lovers, just like Romeo and Juliet.

Hermione wished the journey had had a happier ending. The beginning had seemed so joyous and the start of something new. Even as Hermione began wishing for a happy ending she knew she was being naïve, if it had been a happy ending, she would have seen it during her Mother’s last days and there would have been no need for this story.

Wait, what’s that? Thought Hermione, as she looked at something that was glinting underneath all the letters and diaries, it was a faded sealed envelope, the paper coloured with time. It was addressed to Hermione’s Mother but as far as Hermione could tell it had never been opened. Hermione wondered if her Mother had known it was there or whether it had just appeared and become forgotten. Despite her curiosity Hermione carefully opened the envelope afraid of crushing whatever lay inside.

It took a full two minutes before Hermione started breathing again. As she stared at the words on the page she couldn’t help but think why hadn’t she spotted it before. Of course it hadn’t been obvious but Hermione felt she should have known. This changed everything. She finally knew the name of her Father and in knowing that, she knew the reason why he had never come searching for her Mother. There were five words written on the paper above the name, words that burned through the universe ‘I will always love you’. Hermione couldn’t help but think his words had come too late for her Mother but having known the story of her Father she couldn’t help but blame her Mother for not hearing him out before she disappeared. Everything seemed far too complicated now and also far too simple at the same time.

Hermione needed a break, shopping would help. One floo powder moment later and she was gone.

After visiting the grave of Isabella Knight, Sirius had been at a loss as to what to do. When his brain suddenly started to work again, he couldn’t help but hit himself in the face. Back at the graveyard he hunted down the keeper to enquire about the lot of land that Isabella’s grave was on. It was clear to him that someone had been there recently, the flowers were still fresh, and Sirius desperately needed to know who owned that plot of land.

“Can I help you?” his voice was gruff and old, like his face which had weathered with time.

Sirius turned towards the keeper, “I’d like to ask a question about a grave site”.

“Ask away” replied the keeper.

“I was wondering who owned plot 570, where Isabella Knight is resting” replied Sirius.

“Plot 570 hmm” said the keeper, “What you be wanting to know that for” he said with narrowed eyes.

Sirius knew this wasn’t going to be easy, “You see the occupant of the grave Isabella Knight had a daughter and I’m trying to find her” he said.

“Why do you need to find her?” asked the keeper.

“Because she is my niece and I promised my brother” he replied.

“Where’s your brother then?” asked the keeper.

“I’m afraid he already passed on” replied Sirius.

“Hmmm” said the keeper, “It’s a lovely girl who owns that plot, you sure you ain’t going to hurt her?” questioned the keeper.

“No, I promise I am not going to hurt her” said Sirius sincerely.

“Here” said the keeper handing Sirius a folded up piece of paper, “You’ll find her there but I don’t want to hear of you causing any trouble you hear me!” said the keeper, much to Sirius’s surprise.  Whoever owned Isabella’s plot of land had obviously made a great impact on the keeper.

“Thank you” replied Sirius.

He couldn’t contain his excitement as he walked away from the graveyard, in his hand contained the address of Isabella’s daughter, he was so close he could feel it. What would he say once he found her? Would she be happy to have new family? Or would she have a family of her own?

His hands shook as he unfolded the paper, his brows furrowed as he read and then re-read the words before him. Surely that couldn’t be right he thought. Then it hit him like a ton of bricks, the whereabouts of Isabella’s daughter was staring him right in the face, why hadn’t he seen it before? He couldn’t believe he hadn’t worked it out sooner, it was so obvious, and she even looked like his brother.

As he thought about it he could barely contain his glee, but then his glee turned into nerves and doubt as he pondered the right way to go about this. It was one thing to find her but another thing entirely to talk to her. The Leaky Cauldron seemed the perfect place to sort out his thoughts and emotions and as he sat down with a copy of The Daily Prophet in his hand, he couldn’t help but laugh out.

Potter is kicked out!

Weasley’s Disappearance!

This reporter is no stranger to gossip dear readers and what a lot of gossip we’ve had this year. I for one thought it had all calmed down but believe it or not Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley have been out spreading more trouble yet again.

Since Potter’s formal warning with the Auror department about the stunts he’s pulled against Enchantress Granger, you’d have thought he’d have learnt his lesson but alas it turns out that the boy who lived doesn’t know when to stop.

Speaking today with the Auror department’s chief Auror I was informed that Potter entered the Ministry establishment earlier that day shouting obscenities and demanding that Enchantress Granger be arrested for poisoning and using dark magic on the notoriously single Sirius Black. It is no secret that Sirius Black has blanked his godson since the incident between him and Mr. Weasley emerged last year but what Potter was insinuating was completely preposterous.

Everyone knows that an Enchantress is incapable of anything related to dark magic but Mr. Potter seems to be running for the impossible boy award. He was said to be shouting that it was the Auror’s duty to arrest Enchantress Granger, as he was after all the Savior of the Wizarding World and knew how to spot a dark wizard.

It will of course be of no surprise to you, dear readers, that after spouting off all this rubbish, Mr. Potter was officially kicked off the Auror squad, forced to hand in his equipment and forced off the premises. It begs the question, is fame really a good thing?

With the dismissal of Mr. Potter I hear you readers ask where is Mr. Weasley in all of this? Well I can officially report that Mr. Weasley has disappeared, left Potter and Wizarding England for good. No one knows of his current whereabouts. The Weasley clan cut ties with him months ago but it can be revealed that he left Potter after realizing that he wasn’t for him.

Choke on that readers! After an amazing ten year relationship and the humungous turn of events a year ago with Mr. Weasley, Mr. Potter and Enchantress Granger, it seems one of the morons has finally seen sense.

When approaching Enchantress Granger for a comment, she simply stated that it wasn’t her problem and that the world would be a better place without their meddling troubles.

Stay tuned for more gossip next week!

Sirius laughed out loud scaring many passersby with his bark of a laugh. That article was the most fun he’d had in weeks. He couldn’t help but think how the mighty had fallen, it was amusing to think that while those morons fell, Hermione rose even higher. He could bet those boys were kicking themselves now but Hermione wasn’t the same girl she used to be (thank goodness), so there would be no forgiving from her. As far as she was concerned her friendship with the boys was over, and that suited everyone quite nicely.

Sirius wasn’t the only one who found the article amusing, the whole Academy was shaking with laughter, as were various members of the Weasley clan, Seamus Finnegan and Neville Longbottom and all that any of them could think of was how the mighty had fallen.  

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Enchantress: Chapter Sixteen - In The End, We All Just Disappear


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