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Connection With A Mudblood by MsJacksonMalfoyMellark
Chapter 5 : The Drink Down
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 Warning: Substance Use or Abuse

“Hermione, wake up! We’re going shopping today!” Ginny chimed excitedly as she shook her frizzy haired friend.

“Five more minutes!” Hermione moaned as she turned to her side.

“No! Get out of bed, now! I’m warning you, ‘Mione!” Ginny threatened.

“Ginny, what’s the hurry? It’s only…” she slightly opened her eyes to check the clock on the bed side table. “…nine thirty.” Hermione closed her eyes fully again and attempted to return to her sleep.

“Alright. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Ginny pointed her wand at the still closed eyed Hermione. “Aguamenti.” Ginny said. Water spurted out of the tip of the wand, squirting the brown haired witch’s face. Hermione quickly got up, annoyed to the method used to wake her up from her slumber. She conjured up a towel and wiped her face.

“Ginny! You didn’t need to do that!” Hermione exclaimed.

“Yes, I did. I warned you, though, but you didn’t listen.” Ginny giggled. “And look, you won’t need to have a bath now, do you?” Hermione threw a pillow at the red head’s face, but missed by a fraction. Annoyed at the ginger, she jumped out of bed and made her way to the bathroom.





Draco burst out laughing, startling Blaise out of his wits. “Draco, what happened? Why are you laughing?” thinking that he was gone insane.

“Because Weaslette just spurted water on Granger with Aguamenti, to wake her up! You should’ve seen Granger’s face!” Draco laughed.

“What the hell are you on about, dude? Granger is not even here.” Blaise said, baffled by Draco’s strange behaviour. Draco stopped laughing. -How could he see her from all the way at The Burrow? Okay, that was utterly weird.

“I don’t know…” his voice quiet now.


Hermione and Ginny descended down the stairs rhythmically. “Good morning, Molly.” Hermione greeted the older witch.

“Good morning, dear.” Molly said. “Come on, have some breakfast before we all rush off to Fleur. She said she will meet us that the wedding shop.” the two witched settled down and took a piece of everything on the dining table. They munched on the food until they could eat no more.

The witches headed out of the household and apparated together to the wedding shop, once they were out of the boundaries. Fleur had informed them that she will be waiting for them.

“Hi, Hermione, Ginny, Molly.” Fleur greeted. “Come on in. We’ll get started straight away.” she lead them inside. Hermione looked around, the place was flooded with blacks and whites. So many dresses for Ginny to choose from.

“I think you should try this one.” Fleur urged Ginny as she showed her a strapless white dress that kissed the floor. Ginny nodded and changed into the dress.

Hermione looked at her in awe. Ginny looked beautiful. “Ginny, you look perfect in that dress!” Ginny grinned.

“Yes dear, Hermione’s right, you look amazing.” Molly complimented.

“Thanks mum, ‘Mione. Fleur, you are amazing! You always seem to pick out the right dress for everyone!” she squealed as she embraced the platinum headed witch.

“No problem, Gin. Molly, I think this one would look great on you.” Fleur held out a white full sleeved dress, touching the floor, just like Ginny’s had.

“Hermione, I saved this one for you. I think it will really suit your complexion and eyes.” Hermione took the dress in Fleur’s hands and flashed it on. She looked at her reflection. She did look good in the dress. Smiling, she turned to the blonde. “Thank you so much, Fleur! I love it!” Hermione grinned, hugging the blonde tightly.

“I’m so glad you liked it, ‘Mione.” Fleur smiled, returning the hug.

The women continued to talk about the wedding until it was nearing the afternoon.

“Well, I think it’s time to go. Thank you again, Fleur. We’ll see you next week on Friday. Goodbye.” Molly hugged Fleur one more time and exited the shop, with Hermione and Ginny following behind.

“Mum, can we stay here for a little while longer? Please?” Ginny begged.

“Alright. Have fun you two.” Molly chortled lightly. She bid the two women adieu and apparated back to The Burrow.

Ginny and Hermione headed into a new opened café - the Griffin.

Hermione called for the waiter nearest to their table and waiting for him to come to their table.

“Are you ready to order?” the waiter looked up and grinned widely at Hermione. “Hey, weren’t you that girl who was in such a hurry the other day that you bumped right into me?” he asked, the grin not residing his face.

“Ur, yes it is.” Hermione answered, her cheeks rivalling with Ginny’s flaming hair. Ginny smirked as her best friend blushed furiously.

“My name’s Jake by the way. Jake Clorset. You must be The Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley, if I’m not mistaken.” he held out his hand for the two women to shake.

“Jake? Get on with your work!” an elderly man shouted at Jake.

“Yes, dad! Sorry. What would you like to order?” he asked turning back to the witches.

“We’ll have two pancakes and Cheesecakes, please.” Hermione said, observing the menu in front of her.

“Two Pancakes and Cheesecakes. Anything else?” he asked.

“That’s all, thanks.” Ginny replied. Jake walked away behind the counter, disappearing into the kitchen. Ginny looked at Hermione and wiggled her eyebrows.
“What happened?” the ginger asked eagerly.

“Well, when Malfoy almost kissed me in front of the whole Ministry, he ran off because he probably realised what he was about to do. I looked around the hall and saw everyone’s eyes on me, so I quickly ran off. I was in such a hurry, though, that I didn’t see Jake in front of me and I bumped into him. I almost stumbled back before he caught me. So…yeah.” Hermione finished.

“He sure is cute for being a waiter.” Ginny giggled.

“Ginny!” Hermione cried, but blushed at the comment.

“So, what are you waiting for?! Ask him out already!” Ginny insisted. She looked at the counter and spotted Jake striding towards them with their lunch. “He’s coming! Now’s your chance, ‘Mione!” Ginny nudged.

“Here are your pancakes and cheesecakes. If you want anything else, just call.” he smiled at Hermione, causing her to blush again. “Ur…Hermione, I know we’ve just met and everything, but I was wondering…ur…if…” he rubbed the back of his head nervously. “If you could maybe go on a date…with me?”

Ginny nudged her again, urging her to say yes. “Uh…sure.” Hermione turned scarlet.

“Great! How’s tomorrow at 8pm at The Three Broomsticks?” he asked eagerly.

“Okay.” Hermione answered.

“Cool. I’ll uh pick you up at 7:30 tomorrow.” with that, Jake went to another table, taking their orders.

“He asked you out, ‘Mione!” Ginny squealed, loud enough for everyone to look at her as if she was crazy, even Jake.

“Ginny! Shush!” Hermione put a finger to her lips. The two women got up and made their way out of the door, uncomfortable by the stares they were receiving from others in the café.

“Sorry!” Ginny apologised. “So, where do you want to go now?”

“Let’s go to Flourish and Blott’s.” Hermione smiled.

“Of course, I should have known. Ah, come on then, my little bookworm.” Ginny scuffed at Hermione’s hair like she was a little child. Hermione rolled her eyes and straightened her hair before entering the welcoming book shop. She inhaled the scent of the old books and let it lead her to paradise.




Typical Granger. Draco thought. Wait. What the hell? Why can he see her from here?! This was getting really weird. What in Merlin’s beard was happening to him?

“Draco!” Blaise called, shaking the blonde wizard to get his attention.

“Huh? What?” Draco shook out from his thoughts and paid attention to his best friend.

“Dude! I was asking you a question for so long! What’s wrong? You seemed to be distracted today.” Blaise said, concern displayed in his voice.

Draco sighed. He might as well tell him, maybe Blaise can help him with these weird visions. “Okay, well, you know this morning I started to laugh out of the blue? Well, that was because I saw Weaslette spray water on Granger’s face.”

“Yeah, I know about- wait, what? You saw her?” Blaise asked.

“Yes, I could see her all the way from The Burrow to here. And right now, I saw her again, she was in Flourish and Blott’s like the typical Granger we know. And I also saw this serving boy ask her out on a date, they will be perfect for each other.” he scoffed. “I just don’t get it how I can see her from here inside my head.

“Okay, that’s just weird. Did this, whatever it is, start today or did it happen before too?” Blaise asked.

“It started today.” Draco affirmed.

“Okay, did anything happen between you and Granger that could have caused this kind of thing to happen? You know, other than the kiss.” Blaise’s eyes widened. “You don’t think…it has to do with the kiss…do you?” Blaise asked scared of it being true.

“I don’t know. I hope not. We need to find out more, but we don’t even know what this exactly is.” Draco sighed in frustration.

“Should we ask Narcissa if she knows anything about this?” Blaise asked.

“It’s worth a shot.” Draco shrugged.



“So, you’re saying that you can see and sometimes hear Hermione in your mind? And it happened after you and Hermione kissed?” Narcissa asked, curious.

“Yes. I just don’t get how I can do that from here to wherever she is! Mother, what is happening?” Draco asked.

“Well, Draco, I believe that you and Hermione may have some kind of connection with each other, but I am unsure of how this connection was created in the first place. I will have to check upon that. I will inform you if I find out anything.” Narcissa said. Then a question rose to her mind. "Draco, why was it exactly you kissed Hermione?" she smirked.

"Well...I don't know, mother. It just happened." Draco said. Narcissa looked at him suspiciously, thinking if her son was being honest or lying. She just smiled and left it for another day. He embraced his mother in his warm arms.

“Draco, why don’t you stay here for a few days, dear? It’s awfully lonely without you here, since your father’s gone for some important business in Italy.” Narcissa frowned.

“Alright, mother. I’ll stay. For you.” Draco sighed. “But right now, we’re gonna go out for a while. We’ll be back by nine.” he kissed his mother on the cheek and bid her goodbye. He then exited out of the Manor with Blaise tailing behind.


Flourish and Blott’s:

Hermione glided her hand across the book shelves, and stopped on a peculiar book. She grabbed it out of the shelf and read the title. Telepathy Temptations by Elizabeth Raycrow.

“Hermione! Seriously, you’ve got enough books already. Come on. Let’s go.” Ginny insisted and pulled Hermione’s hand away from the shelves, causing her to drop the book she was holding in her hand.

“Ginny! Let me put the book back on the shelf at least!” Hermione cried. The ginger released her hand and allowed Hermione to go back to put the book where it belonged. She ran back to Ginny before she got more annoyed at her.

“13 Galleons, please.” the woman behind the counter said.

Ginny spotted a beautiful dress across from the bookshop and was immediately sure she was going to get it. “Uh, ‘Mione, I’ll just be across. After you pay, just come to the shop. Okay?” Before Hermione could answer, Ginny rushed off to the shop title Teen Glimmer.

“13 Galleons, please.” the woman said again, in her monotone voice.

Hermione reached for her purse, but instead found emptiness. She put her hands inside her pockets panicking. There were no signs of her money. What was she going to do now? How could she have been so stupid!? Forgetting her purse like that! That was so unlike her! She looked at the black haired woman apologetically. “Urm…I am truly sorry, but I have left my-” Suddenly, a pale hand reached out and handed the Galleons to the lady.

Hermione looked to the side and met grey orbs, utterly shocked. Why was he helping her?

“Thank you. Here are your books miss.” the woman handed the 5 rather thick books to Hermione. Hermione slid the books to the edge and picked them up. She waved her wand at the books and turned them miniature. She then dropped them inside her jean pockets and looked towards the blonde. “Thank you, Malfoy, but I didn’t need your help.” Hermione snapped at him.

“Eh.” he said, his ignorant self.

“Why are you helping me anyways?” she asked, curiosity getting the best of her. “Why the sudden change?” she smirked.

“Cos I just want to. People can change, Granger.” Draco countered.

“Well, not Malfoys.” Hermione said.

“Oh, and how would you know that?” he asked smirking.

“If you really had changed, Malfoy, you would have never called me a Mudblood yesterday.” she replied.

“You know what? You would never understand anyways. I’m out of here.” he wavered his hand and exited out of the bookshop, knowing that what the know-it-all had just told him back there was true - every last bit of it. But now, he really was going to change. He was determined to show that to everyone who though otherwise of him. He was going to show them that Malfoys can have a change of heart, especially a certain brunette know-it-all.

Hermione scoffed and walked across to Teen Glimmer to her red head friend.


When she entered the shop, she straight away spotted the flaming red hair and walked towards it.

Ginny was turning side to side, admiring how good she looked in her glittering dress. She posed in front of the mirror and walked back, imitating a model on a catwalk. She strutted closer to the full body mirror, posing again.

Hermione had to admit, her best friend looked amazing in her glittering dress. However she never knew that the red head could one day make a great model. “Gin, you looked amazing!” Hermione beamed. “You could make a great model, you know.” Ginny blushed at the compliment.

“Thanks ‘Mione. You really think so? I’ve actually always wanted to become a model.” Ginny admitted.

“Really? I think you could make it bid if you joined the modelling industry.” Hermione said.

“I can’t, though. I’ve already got Quidditch.” Ginny frowned slightly, though she had always wanted to be a Professional Quidditch player.

“Oh, right.” Hermione remembered. “I say you get that dress, though. It looks perfect on you.”

“Okay, I will.” Ginny said. She flashed herself out of the sparkly dress and back into her muggle clothes. The two girls strode to the counter to pay for the dress.

“1000 Galleons please.” the overly made up woman said.

“What?” 1000 Galleons?!” Ginny shrieked as if she had seen a mouse.

“Yes, miss. This is one of our best designs.” the woman gleamed.

“Maybe I’ll get it another time.” Ginny frowned. She walked back to return the dress back to the clothes line and sighing sadly exited the shop.

“Hey, you’re gonna get it another time, right? So relax.” Hermione assured her.

“What if it’s not there anymore?” Ginny asked, accusingly. Hermione sighed, she was not good at cheering people up. “Let’s just go home.” Ginny said.

“Wait!” Hermione called, an idea had popped up in her mind. “Let’s go to The Three Broomsticks.” Hermione suggested. She didn’t let Ginny reply, she just pulled her and they both apparated to Hogsmeade.





“I challenge you to a Drink Down, Draco. Do you accept? Or are you too a chicken to compete against me?” Blaise imitated a chicken’s cluck, trying to provoke the platinum headed Slytherin.

“No way, man! You’re on!” Draco said with full confidence.

1st glass: Draco and Blaise gulped it down in one go, with ease.

2nd glass: Another one gone down with ease.

3rd glass: The burning sensation in their throat started to build up, but they none the less consumed the Firewhiskey.

4th glass: The burning in their throat increased, causing Draco and Blaise to slightly impair their vision.

5th glass: Their throats felt like they were ablaze, but they continued to drink the whiskey.

6th glass: Blaise began to feel nauseous and regurgitated the red alcohol, unable to keep it in due to the scorching in his throat. Draco downs his glass slowly, but had managed to finish it, making him the rightful victor of the Drink Down.

“I win…” Draco’s speech was slurred due to the 6 glasses of blistering Firewhiskey. He straightened up and put Blaise’s arm around his neck so that he would collapse. The duo set off for the Malfoy Manor, signing like a couple of drunkards.





“Hermione, are you sure you want to. You really don’t have to, really.” Ginny insisted.

“It’s okay, Gin. I can handle this. It’s just Firewhiskey. You, Harry and Ron drink it, why can’t I? Even Malfoy and Zabini do.” Hermione said hurt that her best friend doubted her.

“But we’re used to it now, ‘Mione. And this is much stronger than Butterbeer. Plus, you got drunk and collapsed when you drank just 3 glasses of Butterbeer.” Ginny reasoned.

“You’re worrying about nothing, Gin. And I told you, someone must have mixed some kind of sleeping draught or something in my beer.” Hermione argued. Ginny rolled her eyes.

“Fine. But don’t tell me I didn’t warm you.” Ginny said, taking a sip of her own glass of Firewhiskey. Hermione lifted her glass up and commenced gulping down the entire drink in go. She felt the burning sensation in her throat. It actually tasted good. Ginny had to admit, she was impressed, she had thought that Hermione would have collapsed on the first drink. Hermione called for another glass and downed the drink just as quickly as the first one.

“Why didn’t you tell me it was this good?!” Hermione enquired, rather too happily, drinking her third glass.

“Um…maybe you should stop now, ‘Mione.” Ginny suggested.

“Are you kidding me? I just got started!” she said ecstatic. She drank yet another glass down her throat.

“No ‘Mione. That’s enough! Stop!” Ginny snatched the glass out of Hermione’s hand, causing her to whine. “Come on, we’re going.” Ginny took her friend’s hand and held it firmly. She dragged her out of the bar, detecting all the stares they were receiving from the others. They both side along apparated to The Burrow.


Hope you guys liked it. Reviews would really help to know how I am doing in writing this story. Anyways, thanks for reading this. It means a lot to me! :)


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Connection With A Mudblood: The Drink Down


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