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It's Just Me, Rose Weasley. by Gryffindor_Forever
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four.
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 I was walking. Through a cold, windy night in a dark tunnel, my fingers gripped my wand as I tip-toed towards, well nothing.

'Rose. Don't go through there. Rose. Don't.' My head slowly turned around, and I faced Albus.

'Why? It's just a dream, right?' I asked desperately. 'Right, Al?' His arms reached out for me, and then suddenly he disappeared.

I ignored his warning, if the bastard couldn't wait around to tell me what was up, it couldn't be that dangerous.

I walked and walked, into an endless stream of black. It consumed me, but leading me onto more.

Finally I saw light at, ironically, the end of the tunnel. But just as I touched it, I woke up.

Opening my eyes, I realised that for a minute there, I couldn't tell the difference between what was reality and what was a dream. The whole curse thing, has made me a lot more serious.

I climbed out of Scorpius' bed, and stumbled over to the bathroom. Scorpius and I had been officially dating for about a week now. Sure, we get weird looks, I mean a Weasley and a Malfoy? Who woulda thought it?

I took a long shower today, feeling the water and it's warmth flow through me. I pondered over useless things, like Lily and Marcus' break-up. Lily dumped him, for unknown reasons. Even though he continually gawks at her and still follows her around. And Emma and Fred's relationship, it was the calmest I'd ever seen Em. She was no longer a nutcase. I didn't like it. 

By the time I got out, Scorp was still passed out. Well, we won against Hufflepuff yesterday so we had a victory party, that got just a little out of control.

I wandered out and sat with Roxy and Daniel for breakfast. They were serving my favourite, bacon and eggs on toast. Yum.

While skimming over the Daily Prophet, I noticed Daniel scoping me out.

'Er, Daniel why are you looking at me like that?' Seriously dude it's getting creepy.

'Um, well. I was just checking to see what mood you're in.'

'I'm fine, what do you want?'

'Well, the thing is, is that I-,' he was interrupted by Liv, graceful as ever walking into a room. I swear she's part Veela.

'Rose!' she yelled, okay maybe not so graceful this morning.

'No need to yell, Liv.'

'Sorry, just haven't seen much of you lately,' she muttered, kind of angrily.

'What's that supposed to mean?'

'Just that you and Scorpius are now officially a couple, and so are Em and Fred, it just feels like I'm being left out.'

'I'm sorry, Liv. We can hang out later okay?' I walked out of the Great Hall only to be sobbed on by Em.

'What happened?'

'Fred and I, we had a fight!' she cried.

'What about?'

'I said to him that I wanted to spend some time apart, like as in hang with you guys and not just him but then he went off at me, saying I wanted to break up, but I don't!'

'It's okay, just tell him that. Leave it for now and talk to him later.' I peeked my head back in grabbed Liv's attention and motioned her to come outside. When she did we explained the situation and we darted off to Hogsmeade via the secret exits.

'So Liv, what's going on with you and that hot Hufflepuff you've told me about?' asked Em.

'What hot Hufflepuff?! Why haven't you told me?!' I exclaimed angrily.

'Oh, sorry. I just thought you wouldn't want to hear it, anyway, yeah things are good we're not dating, but we're not going to see other people.'

'Oooo, so it's like friends with benefits?' asked Em.

'Not exactly. But we'll find out soon enough.'

We all laughed and continued on our way. After we had, had enough of Hogsmeade we stalked back to the castle, in seemingly happy moods. But when we were at the entrance of the secret exit, Em's 'depression' came back.

'I can't face him!' she exclaimed.

Without warning, I slapped her across the face.

'Emma! Good Merlin! What has Fred done to you? What happened to the strong, confident Em that I used to know? The one that would never, ever let a guy make her cry, or upset?'

'What the fuck Rose! You don't just slap people for no reason! You can just fuck off!' screamed Emma as she stalked off.

'Rose! Seriously?' said Liv.

She ran off to Emma. As usual I am left alone, I know it's my fault though. 

Deciding that I would be no use to anyone including a presumably passed out Scorpius at the Castle, I went to the Lake for some down time.

I was walking by the Quidditch grounds when I heard them.

Scorpius, Al and some idiot Ravenclaw talking about me. I hid in a bush nearby and listened in.

'Scorpiuuus, come on. She can't be perfect! Tell us, what's wrong with her?' said the idiot Ravenclaw.

'Er, I don't know.'

'This is my cousin we are talking about guys.'

Just when I was about to make my entrance Scorp said, 'I suppose her boobs could be bigger, I mean they're pretty good but eh.'

WHAT THE FUCKITY FUCK. My boobs are perfectly fine.

'What else?' laughed the idiot Ravenclaw.

'Well, she has a mass temper, it's so annoying, because she gets so angry over little things all the freaking time.'

'Scorpius! Watch what you're saying. Glen shut up.' Ah, his name is Glen, an idiot name to match an idiot person.

'No, keep going Scorp, she's never going to find out!' Oh really? 'Have you two, er you knowed?'

'Er, yes. We have.'

'Was she any good?' This was an answer I would like to hear.

'Yes, she is, but it's not any of your business.' If I wasn't so angry, I'd probably hug him.

'Hm, I've always thought she was a trollop.'

'She has these jeans and she is always asking me if they make her bum look big and I always answer no, when truthfully, they make it look enormous.'

I looked down at those jeans and as I was turning my head to try and look at my arse when I tripped on a stick or something and fell out of the bush in front of them. Scrambling to my feet, I shook the leaves off me and stared awkwardly at them.

I turned to 'Glen' and walked over to him.

And punched him in the nose.

What? I get my right hook from my mum.

'Talk shit, get hit, jackass.'

And then I stormed off. Thanks for ruining my day. It was mid-afternoon so I wandered back to the Gryffindor common rooms, forgetting about my fight with Em.

She was sitting by herself reading. I went over and sat next to her. She looked up and then looked down again.

'Em, I'm so sorry for earlier. I was out of line.' She looked up again studied my face and then replied, 'I'm sorry too, I haven't been myself and Fred is a big part of that.'

'And if it makes you feel any better, I'm about to do the thing I got up you for this afternoon.'

'What's that?' she asked. I started bawling my eyes out.

'What happened Rose?' I explained in between sobs what happened, and by the end she was fuming.

'Don't do anything stupid, Em. I can handle myself.'

'No, Rosie, I am not staying out of this. See ya at dinner.' 

I hardly even noticed that I fell asleep on the lounge that Em and I were sitting on. I woke up at dinner time and I stumbled to the Gryffindor table. Luckily I had no marks from all the crying.

I sat down at our place, not surprised to see Al, Fred and Daniel all sitting around me. Em, Liv and Scorpius were no where to be seen.

'Okay, where is Em and Liv?' I asked.

'Don't you even care about Scorpius?' Daniel asked.

'Actually, no I don't.' Al was silently telling him to shut up.

'Listen Rosie, I know you're upset but at least give him a chance -'

'Al, I am not angry at you. Don't make me.'

And that was the last of the conversation. Em and Liv came in and sat down with satisfied looks on their faces. I was happy to see them, until Scorpius came in.

He spots me and sits as close as he can to me. I act politely, stunning him, and those around me.

'Er, Rose, I'm glad you're not screaming, but er, why are you not?' asked Malfoy.

And just at the moment when everyone goes silent, I choose the moment to say, 'Oh because I wouldn't want you thinking that I'm getting angry for no reason, now would I?You know because of that 'mass temper' I seem to have.'

'Are you okay?' he asked. And that was all it took.

'Yeah, and you know what, because my boobs aren't as big as you want them to be, why don't I just stuff these potatoes into my bra?' I stood up shoved them in my bra and said, 'Are these big enough? Or do you want me to add more?' I took the potatoes out of my bra and I was temptated to throw them at his face.

Scorpius stood up and tried to drag me down. 

'Excuse me, please refrain from touching me in any way, shape or form. Oh yeah and by the way, if my arse is so big in favorite jeans, why do you insist on grabbing it everytime we're alone?'

'Rose, this has gone far enough, people are staring,' he mumbled.

'People are staring are they? I thought I was the one who cared about what people think?' I screeched.

Everyone was gobsmacked. Oh wow. All the teachers were looking disturbed. I was not done though.

'And babe, because you said all of the things you didn't like about me to your boyfriends, I may as well do the same to the whole school?! I hate how you use that cologne way too much now! Just cause I smelt a bit of it in that potion I made doesn't mean you have to overdose on it!'

I kicked the spaghetti off the table and continued, 'I also hate how you have such big feet, they are really creepy! And I suppose your abs could be better, I mean they're nice but eh.'

I got of the table sat down and yelled, 'So Scorpius, honey, you can shove your apology so far up you're arse-'

'Miss Weasley! That is quite enough! Go to your dorm, before I have you stripped of your Head position.'

I got up took my jacket off, swung it behind my back like the people in the movies and strode out of the Great Hall.

After I got to my dorm, Iwent in my room and stayed there until I heard a door slam.

I expected him to come in or something, and I heard my door knob turn a bit, but then he walked away.

He walked away.


 A/N; Hey, I'm so sorry about the wait! It's just been hectic lately! But I hope this chapter makes up for it, I liked the part where Rose got up on the table. It was enjoyable to write her rant. (; 

Review! Review! Review! And again for good luck, Review!


  DISCLAIMER: I am not J.K Rowling. Nuff said.

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