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Karma by Aitchy
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3: A prank on Lily (again), running for our lives and an argument.
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"Willow! Wake up!!!" Lily yelled at me throwing her pillow at my face. I threw the pillow back and rolled over, falling back to sleep. "WAKE UP!!!" She resorted to screeching now, which really hurts my ears. It should be illegal to be that high-pitched.

"5 more minutes…" I mumbled sleepily. I hate mornings. They should be illegal, as well as being high-pitched.

"WILLOW!!! WE'RE GONNA BE LATE!!" She screeched again.

"What?" I jumped up and looked at the clock. "Lily, it's half-seven. We are not going to be late…" I told her confused.

"I know! But it woke you up!" She replied laughing, I glared at her and threw the nearest thing to me at her. Which was my pillow, and it hit her square in the face. "Willow!"

I started laughing. "You're face was so funny! It was like…" I tried to mimic a shocked look while laughing, it didn't work.

"I hope I didn't look like that." Lily responded laughing. "Come on, lets go and get breakfast."

Once I got dressed and ready we walked down to the Great Hall and sat as far away from the Marauders as possible, they were near the back so we sat at the front. They still saw us and gave us a mixture of grinning at us and smirking at us. You can guess who did what.

"Why are they so annoying!" I exclaimed angrily, pulling my gaze to my empty plate. The food hadn't arrived yet.

"I have no idea." Lily muttered shaking her head, after she spoke all the food appeared in front of us

Grinning, I tucked into the food. After hearing a sigh I glanced up to see Lily shaking her head at me. "What did I do?" I asked confused. She gave me a concerned/amused look.

"You, how can your mood change so easily? It's scary sometimes." She told me, I grinned at her widely.

"Scary? I'm scary? Never been told that before." I laughed slightly before my eyes widening in shock as I stared at Lily. She tilted her head to the side.

"See? That's what I'm talking about, you've gone from happy to…. What is it?" She asked me realising the shocked look was because of her. The Marauders had repeated one of their earlier pranks. They changed her hair colour, this time bright pink.

"Umm, nothing?" I asked my eyes still wide, staring at her hair.

She worked out what I was staring at and pulled some of her hair towards her and froze. I edged out of my seat knowing that Lily yells at anyone who is near her if she get's pranked by the Marauders, mainly me.

"Who. Did. This." She asked me in a forced calm voice. I stood up completely and continued staring at her wide-eyed. If she thought I was scary then she clearly doesn't know what she's like angry, it's terrifying.

"Guess." As soon as her eyes flared with anger I ran down the Great Hall as fast as I could screaming (Ok, maybe I was a bit dramatic). "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!" The Marauders looked up grinning but then their eyes widened in fear as Lily marched towards them.

"Which one of you did this?" She asked them angrily. Both Potter and Black edged out of their seats in the same fashion as me, Remus looked concerned and Peter was no-where to be seen. Again.

"Oh, would you look at that! We have to go!" Black said in a false-cheery voice. Him and Potter jumped out of their seats and walked (quickly) towards where I was stood, grinning at the situation.

"Hello, why the rush?" I asked them still grinning and blocked their path, they both glared at me. So charming.

"Rosen, now is not the time." Potter told me glanced edgily behind him as like advanced, fuming.

"You know I also go by Willow." I told them, still grinning.

"You know I also go by James." Potter countered.

"How about this then: I call you James and you call me Willow? Black you're not included."

"Ok. Willow can you move?" Pot- James asked me in a much more polite tone.

As I made to move to the side Lily yelled at me, again. "WILLOW DON'T YOU DARE LET THEM PAST!"

"Fancy letting me join you running for our lives?" I asked them, half grinning and half staring worriedly at Lily.

"Feel free." James grinned slightly. I turned and all three of us sprinted out of the Great Hall.


"Master Potter, Master Black and Miss Rosen you are all late." Flitwick told us after getting over the shock of me, Black and James walking next to each other laughing. I scowled at my name being last.

"Sorry Professor." We murmured, Bowing our heads. All of it was in sync, how awesome? I guess we all know how to react to being told off, maybe not as awesome…

"I'll speak to you after class, take your seats." Smiling gratefully, James and Black sat down next to Remus and Peter and then all put their heads together to explain their lateness. I slid into my seat at the front with Lily, who shot me a questioning glance as to why I was late. I shook my head as to tell her I'd inform her later. Looking around the class everyone was staring at either me or Black, still in shock of our entrance. Which was understandable, considering we both hate each other.

"So, now the interruption is over and I've explained the spell. Work with you table partners and practice. " Flitwick said. "Miss Evans and Master Lupin, please explain to the late-comers what we are doing." All three of us grinned sheepishly at Professor Flitwick.

"Ok, we're starting ageing charms. I'm not going to explain because you won't listen so I'll do it to you then you pay attention and try yourself. If you don't get it I'll have to explain it to you, which I doubt you'll want." Lily smirked and I returned it, she knows me well.

"Ok, go for it."

Lily pulled out her wand and said clearly the incantation. Immediately I felt my whole body tingle, my hair seemed to feel different - thinner - and my skin change.

"Mirror?" I asked her, staring at my hand. All the skin was wrinkled and I looked… Old…

"Here." She passed me a compact mirror and I opened it gasping in shock. My face was wrinkled along with my hands, my hair was dark-grey but my eyes hadn't changed at all. They were still full of life and amusement.

"Woah, this is insane." I blinked a few times at my reflection. "Um, you can change it back can't you? I'd rather not look like this forever." I laughed quietly.

"Sure." Lily said the reverse spell and I felt the opposite effects of earlier, considering it's the reverse spell…

"Thanks, that was so weird." I shook my head and stared around the classroom. "Did anyone mention your hair?" I asked grinning.

"No, they all know who did it. Although I got a lot of stares." She scowled.

"I would've thought James knew better now he's Head Boy."

"How he got that I have no idea." Lily replied, shaking her head.

""That's true."

"Look at Black." Lily nudged me sniggering. I turned around and saw Black staring at me and James leaning against the wall laughing. His hair long, straggly and grey. His skin was as wrinkled as mine, and he was looking at James confusedly considering they don't have any mirrors on them.

"He looks ridiculous!" I laughed, they turned around and looked at us. James grinned and Black still looked confused.

"Any of you two got a mirror?" Black called across the classroom.

"Nope! I'm not as vain as you!" I called back, smirking. Practically everyone in the class rolled their eyes, this occurrence happened often in at least one class a day.

Lily crossed the classroom and I followed. "Here you go, before you start an argument." She handed him the compact mirror and he looked into it, his face mixed between shock and horror.

"Prongs! Reverse it!" He yelled. James, who was still laughing, shook his head.

Lily sighed and muttered the counter-charm and Black changed back to normal.

"Thanks Pink." Black grinned at her, I sniggered at the new nickname for her.

"What did you just call me?" She growled quietly. I covered my mouth with both my hands to try and muffle my laughter, as did James.

"Pink." Black beamed, looking proud for coming up with the nickname. "Like your hair."

"Don't call me pink." Lily growled again. Both James and I continued laughing silently.

"Sorry Pink, no can do." Black winked as the bell went.

"Class is dismissed. Master Potter, Master Black and Miss Rosen a word?" Flitwick told us. "We'll continue ageing charms next lesson."

"Why is my name always last?" I grumbled as I walked up to the desk with James and Black.

Both of them rolled their eyes, I've just noticed people do that a lot around me.

"Now then, why were you late?" Flitwick asked us.

"Well, it started at breakfast. Someone…" I glanced at James and Black, who flashed grins at me. "Charmed Lily's hair bright pink, as you saw." Flitwick nodded, looking slightly amused. "She guessed who did it and was not happy. I was laughing at because it was very funny. She started to yell at those two." I gestured at the two boys who were sniggering beside me. "They started to run away but I stopped them being an awesome friend and everything." I threw a grin at Flitwick. "They then persuaded me to let them past, and I knew if I stayed with Lily I'd get yelled at. You do not want that to happen, they can back me up, she yells very loudly and very high." I winced slightly at a memory of being yelled at. I think I was teasing her about Potter, I usually am. "So when they left I left with them, so my eardrums survive. We ran to the opposite end of the castle to ensure our safety. By the time we were sure we were safe we were already 5 minutes late, so we had to sprint across the whole school to get here. Good thing all three of us do quidditch." I smiled.

"Well, that was certainly an interesting tale of why you're late." Flitwick smiled. "Detention tonight at 6 o'clock and I'll let it pass."

All three of us grinned at Flitwick. "Thanks Professor." We all chorused.

"Go on, off to your next lesson." He shooed us out of the classroom. Outside Lily and Remus were leant against the wall near the door, talking happily to each other.

"Lily!" I whined. "I have a detention tonight because you were going to kill me!"

"Well, considering you were at least 10 minutes late you kind of deserved it." Lily grinned. "Come on, we have transfiguration now."

"Really? So do we." Black gestured to him, James and Remus.

"Joy, another hour with you." I muttered.

"Hey!" James and Remus protested.

"Not you two." I grinned. "You're almost tolerable."

"I'll take that as a complement."

"It was meant as one. Come on, we're gonna be late again." I grabbed Lily's arm and walked over to transfiguration with the Marauders behind us.


Lily sighed, twirling her bright pink hair around her finger. "When is this colour going to wear off?"

"Never!" I exclaimed.

"Well…" Black muttered smirking. James, Remus and Peter sniggered as Lily stared at Black, unsure whether to believe him or not.

"Please tell me that's a joke." She said quietly.

"Yeah, it'll last about two weeks." Remus told her, before someone was hurt.

All four Marauders were sat in the common room with me and Lily. I was curled up on the armchair and Black on the floor nearby, I kicked him off it when Lily and I arrived. Lily was next to James and Remus on the sofa and Peter in the other armchair opposite me. Lily was refusing to look at James, although I don't quite know why. So far this year James has been really nice, I've gotten on well with him. He still does pranks, which is understandable, but he doesn't prank Lily (usually); or ask her out; or flirt with her (often). He's changed for the better, unlike Black who hasn't changed at all.

"Has any of you lot done the Potions homework yet? Slughorn will kill me if I don't hand it in and Lily is refusing to help me." I asked the Marauders, as all of us want to be Aurors we've all taken the same options. Which, for homework, helps a lot.

Both James and Black both stared at me wide-eyed. "Homework?" James asked panicked.

"Yeah, an essay on how to counter Amortia." Lily replied, smirking at Black and me. Still avoiding James, she hasn't spoken to him properly for about a week.

"Moony, have you done it yet?" Black asked Remus, who nodded his head. "Can I see it?"

"And me!" Both James and I added in.

"Fine, I'll go and get it." Remus got up and walked up to the boys dormitory. As soon as he was out of sight Black jumped into his seat and laughed in triumph.

"You really need to do your own homework." Lily shook her head.

"Another lecture? Please no!" James said smirking.

"I never gave you a lecture in the first place." Lily retorted.

"You lecture us all the time."

"I do not!"

"Yes you do." James was still smirking.

"See? Me and Black aren't the only ones who argue pointlessly!" I exclaimed.

"We were not arguing, I was telling Pink she lectures people." James replied.

"Not with the Pink name again!" Lily yelled at him.

"Everyone else says it."

"Potter! Just stop it!"

"Stop what?"

"Just, just stop all of this!" She then stormed out of the Common Room with James staring after her looking confused.

"Well done Padfoot." Remus said shaking his head. He was stood at the top of the boys staircase and had seen the whole conversation with James and Lily. Remus frowned. "Sirius, you took my seat."

"What?" James asked us looking confused. Sirius just grinned at Remus.

"You've been nice to her recently, but now you messed it up." Remus told him.

"No." I shook my head. "That's not it. Why were you being so nice?" I asked him.

"Well, I know that Lily hates me because I acted like a prat so Remus said that if I changed a bit she might give me a chance. I thought I had…" James trailed off.

"You have, that's the point." All three of them looked at me blankly. "Look, for six years you're been a jerk to her. She's used to hating you, but now you've changed. You're much more nice to her and it's confused her, she wants to hate you. I mean after the way you've treated her? Understandable." I gave him an apologetic smile. "But now you've been nice to her she doesn't know what to think, she's convinced it's an act and as soon as she likes you you'll go back to a jerk again. And considering her trust has been broken by her sister and Snape, she values it."

"Her sister?" Black asked me, Remus nodded as if it all made sense now. James was still staring at me blankly.

"Petunia, they hate each other. Well, it's more one-sided though." Remus told him.

"Yeah, look you can't tease her about it. Seriously. Do not make any jokes about it." I threatened Black. He has an annoying habit of making 'serious' puns, considering his name is Sirius even though I never use it.

"We won't." James and Black promised.

"Ok, so you both know Lily's a muggleborn right?" They both nodded. "Well, before she found out she was a witch her and Petunia were best friends as well as sisters. They were inseparable. But when Lily found out she was a witch Petunia was so jealous, I don't know all the details but they fell out. Big time. Before she left Petunia lost her temper, called her a 'freak' and other insulting stuff. Even now, during the summer Petunia either avoids her or insults her." Black and James were staring at me in shock.

"I had no idea." James breathed.

"Of course not, she hates you." I told them.

"That's true." A voice came from the stairs. We all twisted round to see Lily stood at the top of the stairs looking furious, and hurt.

"Lily, I thought you went to bed." I told her, nervously.

"I did, until I heard my name mentioned. Nice of you to talk about me behind my back Willow. Especially to the Marauders." She sneered at me.

"Look Lily, they're worried about you. You were acting… strange."

"Which gave you a reason to go behind my back?" Lily exclaimed angrily.

"I wasn't going behind your back!" I protested.

"What did you call that then?"

"Expressing concern!" I stood up. "Lily, please just hear me out. There were worried about you because you've seemed on edge recently. So I told them what I thought it was about, that's all."

"You told them my secret about my family!" Lily cried. "How would you feel if I told them yours?"

I paled and my eyes widened. "Lily don't. Please don't."

"Why not? A secret for a secret. Or is it only you who can tell people secrets?"

"I didn't realise it was that big of a secret." I told her quietly, my hands started to shake.

"It's personal! I've kept your secret for 6 years, even lied to them about it! If they deserve to know mine then why not yours?"

I snapped. "Because this is actually a big secret! Your sister hating you is nothing compared to mine! Yours upset you and mine actually destroyed part of my life! You're just over-reacting about this whole situation!"

Lily gasped slightly. "Mine just upset me? My sister dis-owned me! How can that just hurt? You're insane Rosen." She spat and went back upstairs.

The Marauders were staring at me in shock, this was mine and Lily's first argument we've ever had. I curled up in the armchair and buried my head in my knees.

"Willow?" Remus asked me worriedly, I lifted my head enough to just see them and mumbled what was supposed to be a 'yeah?" but probably sounded like 'mnphf'. "Are you ok?"

I raised my head disbelievingly, that was a stupid question. "Yes, I'm perfectly fine. My best friend hates my guts and I've just screwed up our friendship. So yeah, of course I'm fine." I glared at him for the question.

"You haven't screwed up your friendship, just give it a few days." Remus tried to comfort me, which failed.

I just grunted and buried my head back in my knees, after a while I fell asleep.




A/N Yay! Another chapter! Thanks to all the reviews, when I saw them it made me really happy :) Now, I'll try and update as soon as possible because I know how frustrating it is when stories don't do that :P


Thanks again and reviews would still be greatly appreciated! :D 

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