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L.O.V.E by likeme
Chapter 1 : It is just a beginning...
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It was midnight and past curfew hour in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The moon was glowing brightly outside the window and the stars were helping to illuminate the sky.

As skimpily dressed Jess, ushers into the Common Room from the Girls dormitory, the starry blue-eyed girl with high cheekbones and a perfect jawline that could cut a glass, Abigail greets her with a pleasant smile, the ever present cigarette smouldering in one hand.

There were only three occupants, Jess, Abigail and not-so handsome but enough to take anyone’s breath away with just a glance, Sheldon were sitting in the Common room, across the fireplace. There were not bothered to strike a conversation and were totally comfortable with silence.

All three of them just hang out at night because in the morning they think they are very busy with school homework and stuff which is completely untrue. At night, they are wide awake having fun and sleep during lectures for which they get numerous detentions. But that does’t stop them from hanging out at night.

Jess fake yawns and sit next to Abigail on the sofa and resting her shoulder on Abigail. To make it even more dramatic, she rubs her face on her shoulder.

“Get off me, Jess. I need my own space.” Abigail bends down her shoulder on which Jess was laying her head, Jess’s head jerked downward.

Jess grumbles under her breath but Sheldon doesn’t bother to lift his glance from the book he is reading.

Abigail strolls to the window, throwing her cigarette in dustbin and muses aloud “I will do it! I’m going to have sex with a man one day”

“Says the one who don’t like to be touched at all” Sheldon quips while closing the book he was reading.

“Ha ha! That wasn’t funny at all! I am the only sixteen year old in this school who is still a virgin. I bet even Snape must had lost his virginity years back” Abigail crossed her arms across her chest and pouted a bit.

“You will be eighty years old and shamelessly telling everyone that you are still a virgin. I will lose my sanity as you will lose your virginity” Jess shrugs her shoulders, grinning widely.

“And on the tombstone, the imprinted words will say– Here lies a girl who was once a virgin and forever will be virgin” Sheldon joined Jess in making fun of Abigail.

“Not helping at all. You know what; I will have some meaningless animal sex with the next guy I see.” Abigail cringes as soon as the words left from her mouth.

“You mean it?”


“Are you sure?”


“Ten bucks says she is lying”

Abigail grins at her confused friends. “Bring it on, Jess. Fifty bucks says I will have sex”

“Spoiler alert: Abigail is going to lose!”

“Shut up, Sheldon. You better go hiding because I don’t think you want to see how I seduce a man” Abigail smiled flirtatiously and waggled her eyebrows.

“Please stop playing with your lips; you are turning on a Giant Squid to have sex with you”

Abigail knew it was past curfew and no one would come down in the Common Room at this time. Abigail has been hanging out with Jess and Sheldon since six years and never in that period she has seen any student come out of their dormitory once.

Oh Boy, how wrong she was!

There was echo of footsteps and murmur of varied voice from the main door of the Gryffindor Common Room as if someone was holding their breath for long time and finally got chance to breathe out. When Abigail turned her head searching for the creator of the sound, she couldn’t figure anything out.

As soon as there was noise of footsteps, Jess and Sheldon hid under a sofa for fun.

Out of nowhere, Remus Lupin appeared with annoyance and irritation on his face as if he was pushed from behind without his consent. An inexplicable surge of anger washed over his body.

“Hey Abigail” Remus smiled warmly at her, turned his head to the door and gritted his teeth.

Abigail opened her mouth to speak something but she had already lost her voice on seeing Remus.

Abigail mumbled under breath unintelligently. “Wh..Wh..Wh..”

“I am feeling bit sleepy right now and I have some unfinished business to be done. So, you might better complete your sentence fast if you want to ask something” Remus eyes flickered back to the door.

Abigail shook her head.

“Can I leave then?” Remus asked politely.

Abigail shook her head again.

“Should I take that as ‘yes’, huh?” Remus raised his eyebrow.

Abigail shook her head again and again.

“This was not supposed to happen. What are you doing here?” Abigail regained her saneness and her eyes pleaded as if asking him to vanish again in thin air.

“I am prefect. So, I was doing my rounds. It is quite late; I think I should leave now. Bye, I will see you around. Good Night.”
He finished saying in one breath and ran away to his dormitory without waiting for Abigail’s answer

Wait, she is paralysed from top to bottom. She was trying hard to figure out how he came in.

“How a girl seduce a man without touching or speaking should be learnt from Abigail” Jess laughed a bit but stopped after Abigail threw a book on her.

“If this is how you seduce a man, please never be my shot girl” Sheldon suppressed his laughter, not wanting to be hit by book.

“I am still on his bet because I don’t have fifty Galleons to give you. And I will win, no matter what. If that means I have to have sex with him, I will do it” Abigail put up a brave font but underneath it she was trembling.

Jess and Sheldon snickered.

“There is slight change in plans. Instead of Remus, can I swap to Sirius? He can sleep with anyone” Abigail stated innocently.

Someone grumbled in the room loudly, but Abigail couldn’t figure out whom again. And this frustrated her.

“Hogwarts can be divided into two Houses- One who has slept with Sirius and one who hasn’t slept with Sirius. I want you to remain in the latter house. Do I make myself clear?” Jess piped up.

Abigail argued. “You have slept with him. Sheldon, help me!”

“I agree with Jess. You have to seduce Remus and have sex with him as you saw him first. Don’t you dare go anywhere near Sirius”

Abigail cocked her head at him and stuck out her tongue. “I hate you”

Abigail wanted to win. For wining, she needs a plan.

She just needs a plan?

A plan? How hard could it be?



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