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Stuck in the Clouds by lovestings
Chapter 1 : Chapter one: Don't call me that!
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 Why does everyone thing weddings are so damn good?


They are just a wasted reason for my mother to get me a new dress and for my uncle to get drunk right before his speech. My cousin was getting married to some bloke she’d been dating for god knows how many years and while I was happy for them I was not happy to be here.


I wore a lavender dress that came to my knees and small kitten heels that would hopefully prevent me from falling like my usual clumsy self did a lot. My brown hair was pulled back in a French twist that I was forced to do because I was one of the bridesmaids.


I wandered away from the dance floor, trying my best to steer away from the pounding music and cliché dancing of couples. I was already clumsy enough and when you throw in music and closed off dancing floor I’d probably break someone’s foot.


So instead I took some food by some passing servers and crammed in into my mouth. Swallowing I decided to lean back on my heels which wasn’t a good match for my clumsiness. I feel backwards making contact with someone’s hard body who on instinct took a step back. While I feel to the floor, arse first, the other person remained standing.


“Fudge!” I called out, resisting the urge to call out a cuss word at a family event.


“Are you okay?” I heard a voice ask. I looked up to glare at the person who I had fallen into and let me fall to the floor only to meet James Fucking Potter’s green eyes. He wore a simple tux with his black tie slightly loosened.  His hair was messy and he had a smirk slightly on his lips though his eyes showed somewhat concern.


“I’m fine, James.”I mumbled, pushing myself off the ground and dusting my dress off.


“How do you know me?”


Was he serious? We had been going to school for seven years and he really didn’t know me? Go figure, he was the famous James Potter leader of the Marauders while I was a simple and quiet Ravenclaw prefect.


“We go to school together,” I said slowly, rubbing my bum slightly before crossing my arms across my chest. “I’m Zoe Brooks…Ravenclaw prefect…we were potion partners last year.”


James furrowed his eyes as if he was trying to concentrate before a smile widened his lips, “I remember you! Sirius turned your hair pink by accident when he was aiming for me!” He began to chuckle. “That was hilarious.”


“Yeah, so hilarious,” I said sarcastically before realizing I was having a conversation and sassing James Potter. Well there’s a first for everything. “That spell wouldn’t wear off for a month it was horrible!”


My comment only seemed to make James laugh harder, “That was hilarious, Sirius was so mortified and he didn’t have the guts to go up and apologize to you because he thought you’d give him a detention. “


And like that James and I ended up spending the rest of the evening together. I managed to trip twice more that evening, once when James insisted we attempt to dance and another when the bride threw her flowers. James decided to nickname me Clouds because he claimed I was always looking up at the clouds because I fell so much. Seemed reasonable.  


When we said our goodbyes that night I assumed when we returned to school everything would be back to normal. He would go back to acting like I didn’t exist and I would go back to being the unknown Ravenclaw Prefect. Only Merlin knew how wrong I would be.



“Zoe, you need to stop reading. We’re at lunch, you can take a break.” Evelyn said with a sigh, snatching my book from me and earning a glare. I don’t know how Evelyn ended up being a Ravenclaw when she acted like such the opposite.


“I hate you,” I said, sticking my tongue out at one of my best friends. Evelyn only rolled her eyes, tossing her long straight black hair over her shoulder. Evelyn was Asian and beautiful. She was tall and had dark brown eyes and rosy pink lips. She was muggleborn, like myself, and was naturally the smartest person ever. One of the many reasons why she never studied. Ever.


“You can’t hate any of us because we’re the only friends you have,” Amanda chipped in giving me a wink, only teasing me even though it was somewhat true. Amanda had long blonde hair that came to her middle back and wide blue eyes. She had freckles all over her face and was a pureblood that came from a lot of wealth. She was the sweetest and nicest person ever though and was never conceited or anything.


“She can hate me cause I’m a bitch though,” Rose said, giving me a smirk before flicking a fry at me. Rose was my last and final close friend. She had jet black hair that she recently cut to her chin with piercing grey eyes. A lot of people thought she was related to Sirius Black with her beauty and similar features but she wasn’t. Rose was the most sarcastic out of the group and a lot of people thought she was in fact a bitch because of how protective she was but really she was just a big teddy bear.


“I hate you all.” I declared before shoving a spoonful of soup into my mouth. A burning spoonful, might I add.


“You don’t hate me do you, Clouds?” A voice said behind me. A burning spoonful of soup that I just choked on.


“Don’t call me that,” I coughed out after taking a sip of cold water Amanda offered me as I twirled around to see James standing there with a smile on his face with his usual posse.


“Why not? You didn’t have a problem with me calling you that at the wedding.”


“Yeah, well I’ve got a problem now. Shouldn’t you be over at your table or something?” I asked, arching an eyebrow at him.


James snickered, “Clouds, you’ve gotten sassier since the last time I saw you. See you in class. Clouds!” He said, before sauntering away with his friends before I could discipline him for calling me Clouds.


“I can’t believe you just told the Marauders to go away,” Evelyn said, letting out a soft sigh escape her lips. Evelyn was one of the more reserved ones of us but she had a long-time crush on Sirius Black and would literally die to speak to him.


“Well believe it cause I did,” I said before shoving some more food down my throat. It had been the third encounter of James since the first week back so my friends had already been informed about our summer encounter.


“I can’t believe it!”



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Stuck in the Clouds : Chapter one: Don't call me that!


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