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The New Zealand Ministry by Ms_D_Longbottom
Chapter 2 : Kingsley Finds a Surprise
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AUTHORS NOTE: I am soooo sorry for the lack of update; I’ve focused on some of my other stories. But I am still writing this one! Remember to leave a review! Please and thank you! And I hope you read this a maraudersfan my only reviewer so far on this story and fellow New Zealander J


Chapter Two:

“So let me get this straight... Kingsley wants us... to go with him... to New Zealand... Tomorrow...” Ron asked Gawain. After he explained about the minister’s mystery letter.

“Exactly Weasley.” He said rubbing his forehead in frustration.

“What on earth has possessed him to do that?” Harry asked confused.

“The minister received a letter. From someone calling herself Ms.Hope, she claims to have created a ministry in New Zealand. Kingsley wants to go there and he wants us to go with him.”

“Sounds cool to me.” Harry replied shrugging.

“Mum’s going to kill us though. Giving her less than a day of notice.”


“So let me get this straight. You’ve been working at the ministry as trainee aurors for how long?” Mrs Weasley asked crossly.

“A week...” Ron replied quietly.

“And now you’re expected to just take off to New Zealand. You have no idea where it is, what you’ll be doing or how long you’ll be gone but you think that’s okay?! Your sister’s birthday is in a matter of less than two weeks!”

“Mum we’re not little kids anymore! We’ll try to come back for Ginny’s birthday we just don’t know how long we’ll be gone.”

“Ronald Weasley! You are 18 years old, just because you are of age does not mean you can just pack up and go gallivanting across the globe!”

“They’ll be with Gawain and Kingsley. They’ll be fine don’t you worry” Arthur Weasley said soothingly to his distressed wife.

“Oh I know they’ll be fine Arthur Weasley because you’re going with them!”

“I am?” He replied raising his eyebrows.

“He is?” Harry and Ron exclaimed.

“Oh yes. Either Arthur goes with you or you don’t go at all”

“But mum...”

“Don’t you ‘but’ me Ronald, my decision is final. Also... you’re the one who’s going to tell Hermione.” And with that she stormed out the room.

“Bloody hell Harry, Hermione is going to bloody murder me.”


“You come back to us you hear me Harry James Potter!” Mrs Weasley said pulling her adoptive son into a tight hug, after saying good bye to her son and husband.

“Don’t worry I will” Harry laughed.

“Now now hate to rush you Harry but we’ll be late for the muggle flying machine.” Mr Weasley said excitedly.

Fortunately after being unable to set up a portkey for the group, Percy had organised for them to travel by aeroplane.

“It’s called a plane Mr Weasley.” Harry chuckled following the excited man through the terminal.


“We are never doing that again!” Ron groaned 24 hours later after being on the plane for over 22 hours.

“Well guess what we’ve got to do the same thing to get back home”

“You’re alright potter. At least you can sleep on the bloody thing.” Gawain Robards grumbled rubbing his back.

“So where exactly are we going?” Arthur yawned.

“We’re currently in Auckland and we have to get here” Replied Kingsley pointing to a large blue circle in the centre of a map.

“Taupo” Harry said reading over his shoulder. “Apperate?” He asked the minister. Kingsley nodded.

“It’s dark out so there’s less chance of being spotted by muggles. However we do need to focus on where we’re going. Do we all know the address?” Gawain asked the group. Everyone nodded. “Okay on the count of three...1, 2, 3!”


The group appeared outside what appeared to be a relatively small bungalow in quiet muggle neighbourhood.

“Doesn’t look like the entrance to a ministry to me” Gawain said cautiously.

“Neither does a phone box” Harry retorted.

“Well I say we knock.” Arthur added wearily.

“I’ll do the honours. Stay close now.” Kingsley replied approaching the door. He rapped his knuckles on the door sharply and an outside light flickered on.

“Welcome, we’ve been expecting you” The door was answered a girl who couldn’t have been much older than 15 or 16. She had dirty blonde coloured hair and a lot of freckles across her nose. She smiled sweetly and gestured for them to come in. “This way. Ph...” The girl stopped mid sentence “Ms. Hope is waiting for you.”  

They followed the young girl along a corridor, there were doors on either side but she headed straight for the dead end. She knocked on the wall space three times and a door handle appeared. Much to Ron’s surprise.

Behind the door was a huge room, with a high ceiling that reflected the sky outside, just like Hogwarts. There were also doors scattered around this room but the girl stood still.

“Ms. Hope will be with you shortly” She said quietly and retreated back from where they had come.

Kingsley took a moment to look around the room. It was empty of people but there were however a series of desks. It looked just like any office at the ministry, just the room was larger.

“Mr Shacklebolt, Welcome. Thank you for coming. Let me introduce myself; I am Ms. Hope, New Zealand mistress of magic.”

Kingsley could not believe his eyes, before him stood another young woman, no older than 17. This however was not what surprised him most. What surprised him was the older woman who stood behind the girl and clearly he wasn’t the only one. Arthur Weasley and Gawain Roberts had their mouths wide open.



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