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Meet the Parents by GrangerDanger10
Chapter 2 : Bubblegum Pink
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After ten minutes of handing out all the tea, the twelve teens figured that the living room was too small for everybody in case more people came and seeing that it was a such sunny day they decided to postpone the conversation for a game of Quidditch. Until Hermione pointed out that there was too few players meaning that they had to have the conversation.

"So how did you get here?" asked Hermione as everybody sat on the warm grass in an oddly shaped circle.

"Well the whole family was over at 12 Grimmulard Place for our traditional May 2nd and Vic's 20th birthday celebration/ remembrance day." said Teddy who sat with his arm over Victoire who was on his left and James sat on his right.

All the 'adults' looked confused at this before Hermione (again) asked what everybody was thinking. "May 2nd why is that an important day except for the fact it's Victoire's birthday?"

"Well duh it's the day we remember the Battle of Hogwarts and all who died." said James with his arms out.

"Mum are you sure you didn't drop him at birth?" Lily asked her younger mother who just looked dumb-founded.

"Well I hope not! And don't be mean to your brother!" she said trying not to laugh while James muttered a "Thanks Mum." under his breath.

"Anyway back to the point, May 2nd is the day the Battle of Hogwarts was. It was the day Uncle Harry fought against You-Know-Who." said Rose, who was sitting rather close to Scorpius. But luckily only Hermione noticed this.

"Why didn't you say his real name, it's Vol........" said Harry who was cut off by Lily jumping him with her hands covering his mouth.

"Dad your the one who told us, that in your seventh year you didn't say his name 'cause it was tabooed and if you haven't noticed your in your seventh year." said Lily who was quite breathless and only after she'd said the whole speech that she pulled away her hands.

"Well your definitely your mothers daughter."he breathed after his 14 year old daughter got off him. Causing him to have a few glares from the Weasley brothers and a light slap on the shoulder from Ginny.

"Well its been nice meeting you but we have a joke shop to run." said Fred as the two went inside.

"Wait Weasley Wizard Wheeze? I have some plans to help you but mum wouldnt let me show you." said James running after them. As the three discussed plans about new products.

"Now then we were at home...." said Victoire just as a POP sounded behind them and a scream came from the living room.

Turning around they noticed a man run inside to see what happened who had long red hair which was pulled into a ponytail and a fang earing hanging from his ear.

Before Bill got inside a girl ran with tanned skin and long dark brown hair. Her screaming stopped when she saw the others.

"Oh-my-god guys Fred and I we're up in Sirius's room looking for you then everything went black then I saw Dad then I saw Uncle Fred so then Fred fainted and I ran out here screaming then I saw Uncle Bill but he had an earring in and Auntie Fleur says he never wore it anymore cause it reminded him of the war and Oh-my-god." then she fainted. Then 'adults' just froze as Bill, Fred and George ran out.

"He guys some guy has just fainted oh and some girl ran out here screaming." said George itching his head.

"Hey Teddy and Hugo you go get Fred and I'll wake up Rox." instructed Victoire.

"Wait I'm here though?" said Fred staring.

"Not you." said Albus rolling his emerald eyes.

Just as Teddy and Hugo carried the boy outside Victoire muttered some words under her breath, and the two woke up instantely and started talking non stop again.

"Both of you please shut up and just introduce your selves." said Rose a facial expression to match Hermione on her face.

"Why?" asked the boy confused.

"Because we're not home anymore we're in 1997 because something happened in 2022." said Albus.

"Oh that's why oh!" said the boy before the girl cut across him.

"My name is Roxanne Weasley and I'm 15."

"And I'm Fred Weasley and I'm 17."

"No I'm Fred Weasley."said Fred, just as Roxanne was about to faint again but Albus caught her in time. He tapped her on the cheek and she suddenly woke up.

"I'll talk incase they faint again." said Rose."Their father is George Weasley and their mother is Angelina Johnson."

"Oh-My-Gawd! You named your kid after me!! And why did you marry MY Yule Ball date?"said Fred jumping up and down and acting all camp but turned all stern and put his hands on his hips at the second part. "Where are my kiddies?"

The teens just looked at each other again before Scorpius looked at Rose and spoke up.

"How about we play some Quidditch now?"

"On team Oldies we have;
Ron Weasley as Keeper,
Ginny Weasley, Bill Weasley and Teddy Lupin as Chasers
Fred Weasley and George Weasley as Beaters
And Harry Potter as Seeker.

Then on team Totally Awesome we have;
Hugo Weasley as Keeper.
James Potter, Lily Potter and Scorpius Malfoy as Chasers
Fred Weasley (II) and Roxanne Weasley as Beaters
And Albus Potter as Seeker" shouted Victoire who was sitting off side next to Hermione and Rose.

"Captains Potter senior and Potter shake hands. Now UP!"

"Weasley.......oh I'll call you buy your first names it's too confusing Ginny has the Quaffle and is heading for Hugo but drops the Quaffle which is caught by James who's heading towards Ron, he throw the Quaffle to Scorpius back and forth. Scorpius is about to score but misses awww by a Bludger hit by Fred or George Weasley I think it was Fred, Rose he's fine it's only a broken nose stop panicking woman! Anyway Teddy has caught the Quaffle and is about to score he throws it to Dad who scores WOOOHOOO!! Oh right sorry Bill your my father by the way you also have another daughter called Dominique and a son called Louis and your married to Fleur Delacour.Oldies are leading by 10 points. Scorp I think you better come down blood is still pouring everywhere. Now Harry flies up to Scorpius and pull his wand out, Rose he hasn't done anything to hurt him get a hold of yourself woman. Scorpius is fine now. Hugo throws the Quaffle to Lily who passes it to Scorpius who's about to score and a Bludger is aimed at him again but misses Fred hits the Bludger back to Fred, this is too confusing okay now Scorpius scores. 10 points to Totally Awesome. Ron throws the Quaffle to Bill who throws it to Ginny who scores YEY!! The Quaffle is now in the possession of Lily who throws it to James who gets a Bludger to his right arms, nicely done by George. Teddy has now caught the Quaffle and is heading towards Hugo. He throws it to Ginny who throws it back and........ wait Albus has seen the Snitch and is flying towards it with Harry on his trail but it looks like Albus's broom the new Firebolt290 is slightly faster than Harry's Firebolt, and Scorpius has just scored for Totally Awesome. Wait Harry is doing the Wroski Feint nobody has ever dared to do it again since Viktor Krum's fatal injury last Autumn. Harry catches the Snitch in his Wait...... Mouth?! Anyway Team Godric beat Team Totally Awesome by 180 points to 20 points. What a quick game folks!"

Everybody flew down at different times and did different things, Rose ran straight to Scorpius. Harry, Ginny, Albus and Lily were talking to Ron, Hermione and Hugo about how similar they were. Bill went up to Victoire who was holding hands with Teddy to ask more about what she'd said and James, Fred (II), Roxanne, Fred and George were talking about pranks and the amazing Beating which had just taken place.

"So now then everyone done everything okay, how did you get here?" said Ginny after clearing her throat. Everyone was now sat on the grass again like they were before except that there were food table everywhere with buffet food on them.

"We were in Sirius's room looking through old stuff 'cause we were trying to find old pictures of Teddy's Mum and Dad for his birthday present." said Rose while Roxanne gave Fred some glaring glances from the corner of her eye.

"Wait What?" Teddy looked at them all confused and Victoire sat in between his legs eating a Cauldron Cake.

"We were going to make you a photo album for everybody who died so we we're going to make you Mum and Dad one then give it to you." said Lily as Teddy gave Victoire a kiss on her cheek.

"We'll we can't now 'cause we've told him and oh get a room !" Hugo shouted as Teddy whispered something in Victoire's ear who giggled.

"Wait Remus and Tonks die?" Ginny looked gob-smacked as Harry stared at the ground.

"Hey Dad, don't worry they died in the Battle of Hogwarts fighting like real heroes."

"Did you just call him Dad?" asked Ron who looked quite confused as he sat on the floor with the plate of Cauldron Cakes next to Hugo.

"Well sometimes in like the future Uncle Harry gets all sad and mopes around the house like a teenage girl as Auntie Ginny calls it, and you can tell on his face that he misses his parents, sirius, my parents, Dumbledore or sometimes even Dobby the house-elf!" he said as Harry's face went from shocked and playful as he stared at Ginny then when he mentioned Dobby he stared at the floor once again.

"Dobby's dies!, how?" he asked looking up at his staring crowd of children, nieces, nephew and Godson.

"He was killed saving you from Malfoy Manor. You were apparating away when Bellatrix threw a dagger and it hit Dobby." said Scorpius who had heard the stories as much as the Wotter kids.

"I am going to kill that............" Harry said holding onto his wand tightly as Ginny lifted him up and took him inside 'for a rest'.

All the Wotters looked disgusted as Hermione looked at Fred and George before laughing at a dumb-founded Ron.

"We were upstairs as we said. Then James decided to release his feminie side and touched this jewellery box that was on one of the top shelves. One of the pieces of the box fell off then everything went black and we found ourselves here." said Albus causing a glare from James that could kill.

"Is that how the rest of you got here?" asked Hermione as Ron summoned more food from the kitchen and onto his lap.

"Quite similar. Vic and I went upstairs to look for them and when we looked in Sirius's room we saw a few bits of wood I picked them up and put them on a shelf but hitting the jewellery box by mistake and it smashed onto the floor. Then we appeared here."

"Similar with us but Fred stupid had to touch the broken time-turner inside ruins of the jewelery box."

"So we've all come to an agreement it was James's fault!" said Rose as everybody nodded and James crossed his arms.

"Let's hope no more of you come or this house will explode with the amount of people." said Hermione as they all walked back inside the house.

"Hermione please don't say you jinxed it!" Teddy said.

"Why?" she questioned quiet confused.

"Because there's a chance a few more people might come. Vic has Dominique and Louis who still haven't come, then Percy's two Molly and Lucy. The Scamanders, Lorcan and Lysander might come 'cause of Luna. Neville and Hannah's three, Alice, Frank and Beth. Then the Greengrasses who are Scorps cousins. Daphne Greengrass's kids. Then............."

"Okay, okay I get it don't jinx it or else." Hermione rolled her eyes as everybody else laughed at Teddy as his hair turned a bright bubblegum pink while he said all the names.


A.N. Hope you guys like this one. It's slightly crazy and I will be quicker updating from now on cross my heart! But Muggle school is annoying I mean all my teacher are so mean giving me loads of homework in the first month back!!

Please comment for different characters you want:)

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