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Jinx by Penn
Chapter 1 : Escape
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            The last insult was thrown at me so violently that I had to wipe the spit off my face. I was pushed into a corner, my back literally against the wall and these three bloody idiots were in my face yelling. I tried not to wince as they verbally assaulted me. However, I couldn’t help but cry out in pain when the big one, Jonathan, slugged me in the stomach.









            Pain exploded everywhere and I doubled over immediately. “What the heck?” I was able to rasp out from my fetal position.









            “SHUT UP” The third goon named Tucker kicked me in the shins twice. The pain was incredible and I wondered to myself, once again, what I did to deserve this treatment from these three kids. Jonathan, Nathan, and Tucker, the appointed cool kids at the orphanage I lived in, all took pleasure in beating up the new kids.









            The thing is though that I’ve been here for a few days shy of a year. I had been warned about them from my friend Milo, he said that they always picked on the new kids. Occasionally they roughed them up a little bit to show them who was boss and then, as long as they didn’t cause any trouble, they would leave the poor kid alone.









            I was the most quiet, invisible, nobody this orphanage had ever scene! But here I was on another Friday night getting my arse kicked once again. Milo reckons it’s because I’m pretty.









            I was pulled back to the present when Tucker grabbed my arms and twisted them behind me. He was holding me still as Nathan stepped up cracking his knuckles. I just wished I was allowed to teach these boys a lesson.









I was a witch after all.









I longed to have my very own wand so I could curse these guys. This one time I saw my dad…never mind. Screw my father.









I knew I just had to let this play out. My mum had taught me all about the International Statue of Secrecy that says we have to keep magic a secret from non magic folk (muggles) when I was only seven years old. She had died a couple weeks after.









I saw Nathan’s fist about to connect with my chin. I tried to brace myself knowing it would hurt but blessedly someone else yelled out and distracted him. I was so happy when his fist barely grazed my face, it still made me fall to the ground but at least it didn’t hurt too much.









            I looked over their shoulders with wide eyes and to my relief Milo stood there looking particularly menacing.






            “Oi! I think she’s had enough.” He said looking at each of them. He then walked over to me took my arm and pulled me up from the floor.









            “Whatever you say man” Jonathan said making his voice sound almost nice. I knew he was just sucking up to Milo because the owner of the place adored him. Now that I thought about it everyone seemed to adore Milo.









            He had sort of taken me under his wing when I got here almost a year ago. I was rather troubled back then; heck I’m still rather troubled. And I’m only just eleven years old.









            “How bad Jackie?”









            “Not too bad,” I lied, “they only really got my stomach and my legs”









            “And your face”









            “Could have been worse” I shrugged not really wanting to talk about it. It wasn’t the first time I’d been abused and with my crappy luck I doubted it would be the last.









            “You want anything to eat or something?”









            I sighed and looked up at the closest thing I’d ever had to a brother and tried to put on a real smile. I shook my head and excused myself to go to the room I shared with the other girls.









            Since it was still the afternoon, most of them were outside playing or getting lunch in the kitchen so I had the room to myself. I pulled out the pouch I had stashed between my mattress and my bed frame. It was a gift from my mom. It was deep blue, soft material and was about the size of my hand. I kept it with me almost all the time because it was my only tie to the wizarding world which I came from.









            My mom had put some sort of a charm on the bag so that loads of stuff can fit into it. Right now it contained: a little bit of muggle money I won in a card game a couple weeks ago, all my muggle clothes and wizard robes, my small collection of wizard cards, a key to my parents vault at Gringotts, a flower from my mum’s funeral, a beautiful emerald necklace given to me by my late grandparents when I was born, a picture of me and my mum. I stopped there looking at her; she was holding me in her arms, swinging me around and we were both laughing and looking at each other.









            I felt one cold tear slide down my face. I knew I shouldn’t complain because I did have seven really good years of life before my mom died and my dad turned evil.









            Lastly I took out the newest addition to my special bag, a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I had just received it this morning, it was the best news I’ve ever gotten in my whole entire life.









            I grew up listening to my mum and dad talking about Hogwarts and how one day I would go there just like they did. To me it’s been just a fairytale until today. I read over it again and looked at my supply list that was attached to the back.









            I wondered for the millionth time today how I was going to get to King’s Cross Station on September 1st, how I was going to get all my school supplies and books, and how I was going to tell the orphanage director I was going to a school for witchcraft and wizardry without telling her that I was a witch?









            I heard someone outside the door so I quickly stashed the letter back inside my bag and slid it under my bed.









            It was just Milo, “you scared me half to death!” I yelled throwing my pillow at him. He caught it and laughed chucking it right back at me. He threw himself down on the edge of my bed and looked me over.









            “You don’t look so good”









            “Gee thanks” I replied sarcastically. Sarcasm was a new talent of mine I had actually picked up from Milo. He poked me in the stomach like he always does, but today I had to suck in a sharp breath to keep myself from whimpering in pain.









            “Sorry,” he whispered, “I forgot.”









            “’s fine” I mumbled looking down feeling scared, and hating that I felt so scared of those three muggle boys. It was in that moment that I decided that I was leaving this terrible place tonight.









            “Milo,” I said completely serious, “I’m out of here, seriously, tonight I’m leaving.”









            “Don’t be ridiculous”









            “No I’m completely serious, I’m leaving tonight and I’m never coming back.” I had made up my mind. I remember vaguely a wizarding town my mum had taken me to when I was younger. It was called something like Dragon Alley or Im-a-gone Alley, it didn’t matter. I would find it. I knew it was in London because it was only about fifteen minutes from my old house, and I used to live just outside of London in this small witch and wizard occupied town.









            I got up and went to the bathroom grabbing my little bag of toiletries and setting them on my bed.









            “They aren’t just going to let you leave you know”









            “I’m not planning on asking for permission,” I said looking around the room for anything else I had lying around. I wanted him to close his eyes or something so that I could stuff everything into my magic blue bag.









            “Where are you going to go?”









            “Erm…” I stalled by pretending to look for something in a dresser, “I’m going to see if an old family friend will take me in.” The lie sounded convincing but I knew it was completely false; anyone who I knew before could barely stand to look at me after the bad day.









            “Jackie, your eleven years old” he said grabbing my hand as I walked by the bed again. I copied a steely glare I’d seen him use a hundred times and he let go, but kept talking, “This isn’t smart. You could get lost or hurt or kidnapped or something…At least let me go with you.”









            Yeah like that would work. He would find out I was a witch and then I would get thrown into Azkaban (all I know is that it’s a wizard prison, my mum wouldn’t tell me more), he would have all his memories erased and it would just be bad.









            I tried to be crafty, “There are people here that need you Milo, and you have to watch out for the next new kid like you did for me.”









            He looked at me for a long time and I thought of how much I would miss him once I was gone.









            “Okay Jacks, but at least let me come see you off tonight”



















If I had to guess it was around three in the morning, I was exhausted but completely exhilarated. I was finally getting out of this place in just a few more minutes. I promised to wait for Milo and if my ears were right I thought I heard him walking down the hall right now.









He came silently through the door and walked past me without saying anything. He pushed open the window at the end of the room silently and motioned for me to come over.









“How am I going to get down?” I whispered.









“You’re going to have to jump,” he said quietly, “bend your knees when you land and you should be fine.”









“Okay” I trailed off awkwardly. Looking at him I was even sadder than I was this afternoon about leaving him behind. He saw my look, sighed, and pulled me into a tight bear hug.









“Bye Jackie” he whispered against my hair.






“Bye Milo” I mumbled into his shirt.









Before I changed my mind I let him help me climb onto the windowsill, took a deep breath, held onto my blue bag which was around my neck, and leapt.









“Oof!” I hit the ground with a thud. I looked up into the window where Milo was standing. I smiled and waved until he left. I walked to the edge of the sidewalk.









Then I took a deep breath.









Then another









And with a thrill I threw out my wand arm.




























Author’s Note: Hello everybody! I hope you liked the first chapter of my first ever fan fiction. Since it is my first I ask everyone to please, please review. Write something negative or positive, I don’t care! Just let me know whatever you’re thinking.  

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