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Storm by ob sessed
Chapter 3 : Maddening
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How did life change so drastically in the span of two weeks?


As I sit here on the rim of the old granite fountain in the courtyard, I cannot fathom my newfound popularity with the seventh year Gryffindors. I sigh but at least I still have this place; after dinner, no one ever ventures to the courtyard and I am gratefully left alone in the comforts of the evening light and the strange noises from the Forbidden Forest just beyond Hogwarts’ property.


It’s a chilly October evening, chilly enough anyway to make me wrap my gray cashmere cardigan tightly around my body in order to preserve the warmth. A bird squawks from above and my eyes catch a flurry of brown and yellow before it flies across the courtyard disappearing into the tiniest of flecks in the royal blue sky. It looked like a Yellowhammer but I thought they were farmland birds…


Then again I wouldn’t be surprised if a flock load of Muggle birds appeared in Hogwarts completely out of their natural habitat. Hogwarts has a way of collecting the lost and the wandering. I suppose in a way that’s why a lot of us are here, not really for education but to bask in the magic surrounding these grounds. I certainly have felt it over the six and a bit years that I’ve been here. To me, Hogwarts is like a warm enveloping hug, keeping all of us inside its arms safe and warm and protecting us from the harsh realities of the outside world. It’s everything I didn’t have in my own home.


But saying that, Hogwarts as of late has been a bit odd. People have been a bit odd. Over the two weeks, I’ve noticed more strange glances and laughter between Greg and Rachel, and although it isn’t my place to ask, I couldn’t help the question stumbling out of my mouth when Greg and I were studying for Potions one day—he is become quite a good friend over the weeks. He looked up at me with wide eyes, blushing quite handsomely and refusing everything with a furious shake of his head.


I think the lad doth protest too much but what do I know anyways?


Geoffrey is as well being strange. He has taken it upon himself to sit nearer to me in Defence Against the Dark Arts. He has also picked up this unbelievably maddening habit of staring at me. I don’t know if he thinks that just by staring at me for an hour every other day is going to tell him exactly who I am but it’s entirely unnerving and I really want to shout at him. Regrettably, I’ve made a pact with myself to be nicer to the prat; a pact that I realise is turning out to be a very hard one to keep but I won’t let Geoffrey Wood irk me so much!


Then to add on top of all of that there is the even more curious behaviour of Victoire. She seems on edge all the time; as if she feels that we are all out to get her, which I don’t get. It’s Victoire, sweet, lovely Victoire…


Maybe I’m imagining it.


Before I could analyse any more of their behaviour, I hear some loud muffled voices, and I’m moving towards it before I can stop myself. They are just further into the castle by a nearby stairway.


“What has been up with you, Vicky? Is it that time of the month or something?”


“Are you serious? Merlin, Teddy, you’re such a dick!”


“Why? I don’t get it! What did I do to you?”


“Nothing! Forget it! Go back to your skanky sixth year before I put you both in detention!”


I hear loud footsteps departing and figured Victoire had probably stormed off. As I round the corner, I am proven right as Teddy is standing there, staring up at the stairs with a look of bewilderment on his face.


“Are you okay? Sorry, I couldn’t help but overhear,” or maybe because I was eavesdropping but I kept that to myself.


“Huh?” Teddy turns dazedly towards me. “Oh, hi Milly. Yeah, I’m just… well you’re a girl, right? Could you make any sense of that?”


“Not really,” I shrug, ignoring the unintended insult. “You must’ve done something though. Victoire doesn’t strike me as the type to just get mad for no reason.”


Teddy scratches his head. “Yeah or at least I used to think that. I think she just has it out for me for some reason.”


“Maybe.” I take him by the arm and steer him up the stairs. “Come on, it’s getting late, we better head back to the tower.”


He allows me to take lead for a few minutes before putting his arm around me. “How are you, Milly? You know with everything that’s going on.”


“What do you mean?”


“Don’t play coy with me,” Teddy says with a roll of his eyes. “You being in the limelight and all that must not be easy for you.”


 “I don’t not like it but sometimes I’m at a loss what to say to them. I’m not exactly interesting, Teddy.”


“Hey, stop that,” he says sternly, turning me to face him. I reluctantly look up into his deep blue eyes and groan. “You’re more interesting than half of this school, Milly, and you’re one of my closest friends. You know why?” I shake my head. “Because you’re loyal and caring, and you’re funny.”


“I guess,” I mumble.


He tilts my chin up and smiles down at me with one of his trademark dazzling smiles that was a sure-fire way to many of the Hogwarts girls’ hearts. “Cheer up, kiddo! It’s time for Milly Swanson to break out of her shell.”


I harrumph. “Okay, okay. Enough of this mushy rubbish.” I push him away and toss him a grin to let him know I am okay.


He grins back happily and links his arm with mine before he starts to ramble on about this sixth year he was snogging and how she had been eyeing him up for the past month. As I listen to his carefree chatter and laugh along at his silly jokes, I start to think about what he said and that maybe it is about time I gave people a chance.



Or maybe people are just as disappointing and irritating as I thought they were!

Well specifically, Professor Madreas, who is normally an Astronomy professor but has been assigned to be our advisor for the group project, and Geoffrey Wood, who is just a big stupid prat…


I mean if they weren’t then Professor Madreas wouldn’t have assigned me a group for the seventh year project with him in it and Geoffrey wouldn’t be so hell-bent on figuring me out that I am slowly beginning to feel the onset of a migraine. If people weren’t disappointing and irritating, I would be happily sitting down with a group that didn’t grind on my every nerve.


But as luck would have it, I have Geoffrey, as well as Rachel’s ex-boyfriend, Avery Lynch, and this rather perky girl named Deann Kirsch from Slytherin that was all too excited about being grouped with two good-looking boys.


I am doomed for.


“And yeah so that’s how Jen got her dad to say yes to her nose job,” Dee, as she liked to be called, concludes after a rather pointless story about her best friend, Jen, another Slytherin.


“That’s, erm, very interesting indeed,” Avery has the decency to feign interest.


I nod along with him as well but Geoffrey has no intentions of hiding his boredom.


“Right,” he yawns. “So tell me about your childhood, Mils.”


“My name is Milly, and no, I’d rather not, thank you,” I say without bothering to look at him. He’s been studying me again for the past ten minutes. Or at least since we’ve been assigned these stupid groups and since Professor Madreas realised she forgot her lecture plan and left to go find it.


“Aww, come on, you tell Teddy everything,” he says, crossing his arms over his chest, as if that is a good enough reason for me to relay to him my life story. “I’m just like Teddy. After all, he is my best friend.”


“You are nothing like Teddy,” I reply instantly. Teddy’s not a great big annoying bear of a boy. Teddy’s caring and sweet and loyal like a dog.


“What does Teddy have that I don’t?”


“For one, he doesn’t annoy me to hell and beyond,” I mutter.


“Aww, Mils, I’m not so bad,” he chuckles. “C’mon, give me a chance! Tell me about your childhood!”




“I’ll tell you about mine if you want, Geoffrey!” Dee pipes up, interrupting me, which makes me smirk ever so slightly as Geoffrey looks rather off-putted by this.


“Oh, uh, thanks Dee, but that’s okay,” he says and then he smiles kindly at her, which I think is the first time he’s actually noticed her existence. This does wonders to the girl as she blushes rather prettily and practically swoons at his feet.


I refuse the urge to snort at this ridiculous display of adoration. I know Geoffrey is good-looking but honestly, he isn’t some god or something. Far from it, he’s more like the villain—like the deceivingly charming villain.


Geoffrey nevertheless turns back to me and speaks in a lower voice, “I bet you have one of those Napoleon complexes like you know that little Muggle man that invaded nations because he was short? That’s probably why you love bossing around your brother so much and I bet that girl is still hiding inside that sweet demeanour you have going on, dying to come out.”  


“You know nothing about me,” I murmur harshly back as Professor Madreas walks back into the class. “But if we’re going to make wild assumptions about each other, let me have a go.”


I turn back to look at Geoffrey and lean forward towards him.

“You’re an egotistical control-freak. I think because your father, considering who he is, probably was hardest on you growing up and so you decide to control everything around you just to achieve your ridiculously high goals of proving to your dad that you’re better than him.” I take in a breath before continuing, unable to stop the verbal diarrhea flowing out of my mouth now. “And that is why you want to ‘figure’ me out so bad, you can’t stand that I don’t fit in to your perfect, probably alphabetised, categories of people.” 


His mouth sets into a tight line and he doesn’t respond. Instead, he turns his attention back to the professor, feigning interest in her for once.


I feel my palms begin to sweat as it dawns on me that I probably have him pinned straight on the head. I realise the error of what I just said and want desperately to apologise. I want to tell him I’m not always such a horrible person but I can’t help that he just brings out the worst in me and I can’t help rising to his bait—although I don’t think that would help my case much since basically it means he’s the horrible person. However any opportunity to apologise flies out the window as Professor Madreas begins to speak.


“All right, sorry about that class!” she says, propping her perfectly round spectacles further up her pointed nose. She must only be in her early fifties but her dark blonde hair is already beginning to thin and gray at the sides.


She grins at us all and shuffles the pieces of paper in front of her. “I didn’t get the chance to tell you before I rushed out but the theme for this year’s seventh year group project is…” and there is a pregnant silence as everyone in the room holds their breath, “History.”


History? Really?


Everyone else in the room seems to be feeling the exact same apprehension as I feel towards this theme. I mean I doubt anyone in this room wanted to talk about a bunch of old dead guys. At least last year’s theme of Wings made it a bit more fun and it was clear that it was symbolic for the seventh years as they were ‘spreading their wings’. But history?


“But what do you mean history?” a rather overweight boy from Ravenclaw named Tibald pipes up, which incites murmurs of agreements from his peers.


Professor Madreas answers this with ease, “In order for us all to move on successfully into the future, we must be able to fully accept our past. We must be able to understand that a person’s history is what makes them who they are. And it is with this thought in mind that we, the professors, feel that this theme is perfect for sending you students forward into your lives.”


Well, now that she put it like that, I suppose… it is okay. I am still not pleased with it but there is no point in arguing I suppose. As I chance a glance at Geoffrey, I see that he does not look pleased either, or it might be that he is still angry with me.


Suddenly, I’m overcome with a feeling of remorse… This is why I don’t speak to people.


Geoffrey Wood


I know I’m acting like a petty moody twelve-year-old princess but I really can’t help that I feel so unnerved. I can’t even bother saying another word to Milly or any of the idiots in my group. I am so frustrated. I don’t know if it’s because of the asinine theme the professors have just assigned us with or the fact that Milly can see straight through me and I can’t even understand a simple thing like why she always ties her hair up when her hair is so bouncy and…


I groan loudly to stop myself from finishing that thought, which incidentally, caused a whole group of second year boys to look at me in alarm. I glare back, making them disperse quickly.


Ah, the joys of being a bigger than average boy and a seventh year.


Ugh! You know, before last week, I was perfectly content with the knowledge that Teddy had a tiny little redhead as a friend but now I can’t seem to wrap my head around her and that just aggravates me. He obviously cares deeply about the girl and I know Teddy is easily bored so she couldn’t be boring. Well I knew that from the way her eyes flash with anger when I bug her too much. It is also entirely amusing to watch the struggle she has to bite her tongue.


But the most pressing question was why the hell did I care so much? Was she right about me? Was I such an anal retentive control-freak that I couldn’t stand not being able to figure her out?


God, I hated her.


I mean how did she know that about me? Did Teddy tell her about my tense relationship with my dad or did she honestly just figure it out? Not even Greg and Seamus know. They think it’s ‘cool’ my dad is the great Oliver Wood. They have no fucking idea.


I shake my head. I need to rid myself of all thoughts and pertaining questions about the tiny redhead and begin focusing my energy on the upcoming Quidditch match instead. That is more important, especially when we are set to play Slytherin this Friday.


It’s going to be one hell of a match, and if I knew Mike, and I unfortunately did, he is going to be as dead set on winning the House Cup, as I am, by any means necessary.


My thoughts stray and I begin wondering about my team and the ongoing interrelationships between all of us. We are all very close friends but there have been some weird tensions between Greg and Rachel and I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. Then there’s James Potter, an incredible force to be reckoned with, there’s no denying that, but he is young and immature as hell. It doesn’t help that his equally immature cousin is on the bloody team. I know Teddy loves the two lads to death (considering he is basically James’ older brother) but sometimes when they push my buttons too much I have explicit daydreams about killing them both.


I head towards the Gryffindor Tower, relieved that that had been my last class of the day, if you could call an assigned meeting a class, and am now relishing in the idea of a nice relaxing nap before dinner. I murmured the password to the Fat Lady and make my way inside, as the portrait swings open. The common room is still empty and I am just heading towards the stairway leading to the boys’ dormitory when a voice stops me, a very feminine, very alluring voice.


“Geoffrey, wait.”


“Hi Cecily, how are you?” I ask politely while eyeing the tall blonde sixth year up.


Cecily Laurent, a classic case of gorgeous French genes: long never-ending legs, light golden tan and sensual blue eyes. She’s the next best thing after the Delacour girls—mostly because Teddy would kill me if I even lay a hand on Victoire or Dominique (who, in any case, is way too young for me).


“I’m good,” she practically purrs. Merlin, this girl is fit. “But I haven’t seen you lately so not that good.”


“Well you’re seeing me now, what’s on your mind?”


She is flirting. I know she is flirting, and bloody hell, I’m not so anal-retentive I don’t notice the opportunity in front of me.


“Many things,” she grins, her lips curving up mischievously.


Ah fuck, well there goes my nap!



“Cecily, really?”


“Yeah, mate, why? What’s wrong with her?”


“Nothing, just had to double-check,” Teddy says with a grin on his face that I know means he’s proud of me. “Well fucking done. She’s a looker, alright.”


“And those legs, have you seen her legs?”


Teddy nods and agrees appreciatively. “Are you going to ask her to All Hallow’s Eve?”


“Whoa there,” I quickly put up my hands in a gesture to stop. “We just snogged! I haven’t committed myself to her!”


“Merlin, Geoffrey, you’re a bigger commitment-phobe than me, mate and I’m pretty bad,” Teddy chuckles. “But look, I’m just asking because I don’t think Cecily is the type to snog and forget about it. I think she’s a bit…” Teddy makes a circle motion with his index finger by his temple.


“Yeah, I know,” I rake my hand through my hair, thinking it through. She isn’t altogether a bad girl. But date her? I don’t know about that. “We’ll see, man.”


Greg and Seamus, who had just arrived, joined in on the conversation about Cecily and her great legs. I shake my head as I listen to Greg retell a story about how she once kicked him in the face by accident and consequently he didn’t wash his face for days, which is a bit troubling but it was Greg. Seamus is now making some remark about Greg’s dating life when a flash of red catches my eye and I see a very red-faced Milly charge into the Great Hall.


Teddy turns to look at her as well and I notice him exchange a look with her to which she just shakes her head furiously. She is about to take a seat beside Adele when John O’Donnelly taps her on the shoulder. She whirls around and looks extremely flushed to see him.


“Oh h-hi,” she stutters out, which didn’t seem like her.


He chuckles and pushes a book into her hands. “You left your Transfiguration book in class when you ran off.”


She blushes a pretty rosy colour that actually make her seem rather cute.


“I didn’t run off.”


“Oh really? So I suppose you knocking down two chairs on your way out wasn’t running off?” he smirks at her and I realise the wanker is flirting with Milly. Teddy seems to notice this too as I sense him tense up.


I realise a few seconds later that I am too tensing up for reasons that are beyond me. All I know is I don’t like the way John O’Donnelly was looking at her.


“Oh no, did I?” Milly says, her hand flying to her mouth, which instantly brings my attention to her lips; they are a soft pale shade of pink, her bottom lip just that much fuller than the top making them look rather soft and delectable.






I’m an asshole. No wonder she doesn’t trust me.


John seems to notice them as well since he just licked his lips. “Err, yeah. It’s okay. I won’t tell anyone about our little secret. See ya, Milly.” He winks at her and went over to the Slytherin table.


No, he’s an asshole!


She stood rooted to the spot for a very long minute staring after him before gingerly taking a seat beside Adele. The girls instantaneously attack her with questions making Milly look a little bit nauseous.


I suddenly feel even more determined now to kick Slytherin’s arse and make sure I score against them so much John’s head fucking spins off.


Milly Swanson


What is going on with my life? What is the universe bloody up to?


How did I go from carefully transfiguring a shoe into a bird to turning the bloody shoe into an eagle and to jumping out of my chair so forcibly that I ram my entire body into John O’Donnelly and accidently touch him… there!


How? HOW!


Oh good heavens, I’m having an anxiety attack. This must be what it feels like to have an anxiety attack. I attempt to calculate my breathing, hoping the distraction would calm me down, but it does not whatsoever—especially not with all the girls badgering me about what happened.


“Oh Milly, John is so cute!” Adele coos.


“An absolute beast at Quidditch,” Rachel adds.


“And he is so nice!” Victoire finishes.


“It was just an accident,” I say quietly. I don’t tell them about my slip of the hand but they get the gist that I am beyond embarrassed.


“Oh, love, it’s not that bad,” Victoire laughs. “He obviously doesn’t mind considering he brought you back that book.”


I look down at the book in question. Oh, damn you, Transfiguration!


“And he was obviously flirting with you!” Adele says from beside me.


I look at her questioningly with a tilt of my head. “What? Really?”


She laughs and swings her arm around my shoulders. “You’re so cute, Milly. Of course he was! He couldn’t stop staring at your lips and that is a sure sign he was thinking about kissing you.”


“No, no, he wasn’t!” I quickly say.


I mean… was he?


John is really cute with his short sandy brown hair that just skims the top of his eyes; he also has a boyish charm about him that made him kind of endearing… but no, no! Stop it, Milly! I don’t do relationships!


“He was! Even I saw it and I’m all the way over here,” Rachel insists, waving her hand from the other side of the table as if to indicate her distance from me.


“But,” I sigh. “But even if he did… want to… was flirting with me, I wouldn’t know how to deal with it. I mean I’m not exactly experienced in this whole thing.”


The girls look at me and give me bright warm smiles.


Victoire is the first to speak, “Aww, hun. You don’t need any tips from us. If he fancies you, he should fancy you for you. But if you need any help in wanting to become more… how do you say it?”


“More approachable!” Adele pipes up, triumphant in coming up with the rest of the phrase.


Victoire rolls her eyes. “Yes, that. We can help of course.”


“Oh okay, maybe.”



I knew I was going to regret those three little words but I didn’t know how much so till right now. I’m huddled in a corner behind a bloody tapestry with all three girls.


For the past few days, they have been pushing me and pushing me to talk to John again to which I have been refusing vehemently but before I could even run away from them this morning, they sat me down and rattled on about their plan then dragged me into this corner.




Because ‘John and I would be so cute together’ and it’s Quidditch day, and I should wish him luck, and a whole bunch of nonsense that went straight in one ear and out the other.


But I know the real reason why I let them drag me here.


I heave a great big sigh and Adele pats me on the back, thinking it was nerves.


If only it was…


“I thought you were different.”


The voice broke through my reverie and I turn to look up at the owner of the voice. He stood towering over me, his dark hair shining in the setting sun and those grey eyes staring straight at me, making me fidget uncomfortably while I sit here on the bank of the lake.


“What do you want, Geoffrey?”


“I want to know why you’re canoodling with John O’Donnelly of all fucking people.”


“First of all, canoodling?” He shrugs. “And second of all, that is none of your business.”


“It’s not,” he concedes then sits down beside me. “But he’s a prick. And Teddy cares about you so as his best friend, I am obligated to warn you.”


I roll my eyes. “I appreciate that so you can go away now.”


“Well, are you still going to see him?”


I shrug. “I don’t know. There’s nothing really going on.”


“Oh, please, the guy wants you, Milly.”


I scowl at him and although I really want to smack him over the head, my hands remain firmly placed on the ground.


“No, he does not… and Teddy may be your best friend but he doesn’t know you’re here, does he?”


“So maybe Teddy doesn’t know but I thought I’d tell you anyways,” Geoffrey turns to look at me. “He sort of thinks you need protecting.”


“Do you?” I ask, looking back at him. I can see his scar so much more clearly now. It’s just a tiny knick above his eyebrow but it seems to speak wonders about the face it belongs to: unrelenting, brave, determined and masculine.


“No, not really,” Geoffrey replies. “You’re more than capable of taking care of yourself.”


“So I ask again, why are you here?”


“Do you know what? I don’t know.”


“Well that’s insightful,” I chuckle with a roll of my eyes. I want to make another jibe at him but I notice the dark rings under his eyes and I am momentarily distracted. I don’t believe that they’re due to him being very studious. “Are you okay?”


“What?” he says a bit dazed. “I’m fine. I haven’t been sleeping much.”


“Anything you want to talk about?”


“Please, Milly,” he scoffs. “I’m not Teddy. I’m not going to tell you all about my problems and then discuss my feelings with you.”


“Fine, be a prick,” I mutter angrily. “I was just asking.”


He looks at me, a flash of guilt in his eyes, but as fast as it came, it was gone. He rakes one hand through his hair and sighs. “I’m sorry. I’m stressed about this match.” He gives a bitter laugh. “I suppose it’s like how normal people feel about the NEWTS. I’m no good at academics, Milly. This is it for me. Quidditch or nothing.”


“I’d say there’s more to life than Quidditch but you wouldn’t believe me even if I said it,” I chuckle, looking out towards the lake, watching as the sun glitters on the surface. “But hey, I may know nothing about the game but I know that Gryffindor has one of the best teams it has ever seen in years. And I assume it has got a lot to do with you.”


For a moment, silence descends upon us. I turn towards him and suddenly become increasingly aware of his eyes on me. I can feel my breathing quickening and I wonder if he can hear it. I can definitely hear it; in fact, it is the only sound I hear as the silence continues to stretch between us.


His eyes flicker to my lips, and Adele’s words tumble into my head, making me feel rather nervous and sweaty. That can’t be right… How could Geoffrey Wood want to kiss me? No, Adele is wrong. She has to be. But as much as I want to believe that and look away, those grey eyes hold me in place and he begins to lean forward. Oh goodness, I think I’ve stopped breathing altogether.


My body however comes alive. With every inch he takes towards me, my body seems to react accordingly, leaning towards him. His lips reach mine with just the softest of touches and my body explodes with electricity. He moves against me and I feel his hand cup the side of my face, pulling me closer and my hands reach out on their own accord, gripping onto his shirt and feeling the muscles beneath it. His other hand pushes me down till I’m lying on the damp grass and his body is half on top of me.


 His lips are moving roughly against me now, needy and possessive, and I find myself kissing him back with just as much fervour. He stops for a brief second, his nose touching mine and looks at me, and then before I have a chance to complain at the lack of contact, his lips are back on mine and I am elated.


I’ve been kissed before… but never like this. Never with so much need. There’s desperation in our kiss; it’s as if we think that if we stop, we will cease to be. I know that’s overly dramatic but there’s no other way to explain. In that moment, I wanted nothing more than to be as close to Geoffrey as possible.


A few minutes, hours, Merlin if I know pass before he’s suddenly pulling away.


“Milly,” he says, his voice husky and I resist the urge to reach for him again. “Th-that… that was a mistake.”




“I shouldn’t have done that!” he jumps to his feet. “Merlin! Shit! I’m such an idiot! Teddy’s going to… no.” He seems to have gathered some composure as he looks down at me. His eyes harden. “That never happened, Milly.”


And he runs off.


“I hate Geoffrey bloody Wood,” I mutter.


“What?” Rachel asks.


“I hate doing this,” I reply instantly, my face reddening, but gratefully, in the darkness of our location, no one can see.


“It’ll be okay, Milly!” Adele says excitedly. “Just go and wish him luck and tell him you hope to see him at the victory party. That shows him you want him to be there when we win and that you don’t mind going to his if we lose.”


“But we’ll win,” Rachel murmurs.


“Whatever, Rachel,” Adele’s rolling her eyes. I can just tell.


“There he is!” Victoire cries out, just a tad too loud causing John to turn around curiously. “Go, go!” she whispers harshly and pushes me out from under the tapestry.


I stumble and land awkwardly into John’s arms.




“Milly!” he says, surprised to see me. He puts both hands on my shoulders and places me firmly back onto the ground. “Are you okay? Where on earth did you come from?”


I blush. “Uh… I was… I was running and I wasn’t looking where I was going.”


“Running? Are you late for something?” he asks, his eyebrows rising up suspiciously.


“Oh no!” I quickly say. “I was just… erm, how are you? I mean with the big game coming up.”


He looks at me for a moment but then smiles. “I’m okay.”


“Oh good, that’s great, that’s wonderful,” I’m rambling and I can almost hear the thud of Adele’s palm smacking her in the face. “So I should wish you luck then.”


“You should,” he’s still smiling. “But I assume you’re not.”


“Well I’d be a bit of a traitor to wish you luck,” I laugh. “Considering my house is playing yours.”


“Yes, that’s true. But your brother is on my team.”


“He’s a big boy. He’ll deal with me cheering against him,” I tell him. “But erm, I hope to see you tonight,” I force myself to add. “I mean… at the victory party. Whoever wins. You know…”


“Yeah,” he grins.


He is quite handsome. Much better than that prick. Who I am not thinking about. Because he is a prick.


“Anyway I’ve got to go, Milly, but I do hope I see you tonight too. Bye.” He kisses me on the cheek and walks off.


As he disappears from the end of the corridor, all three girls jump out, squealing in excitement.


“He so likes you!” Rachel coos.


“And he’s so cute!” Victoire adds.


“Now, let’s go plan your outfit!” Adele concludes.


Oh no! No bloody way!

A/N: Eek! They kissed! Soooo that was quick, isn't it? Hehe so what did you guys think about! Do let me know! I love comments and knowing your opinions! :)

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