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Secrets by MusicLover17
Chapter 3 : Telling the Truth!
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Hermione's POV


What was that? He wants to date me, what the hell is going on with him? Maybe he's changed what wait no if he had changed then he wouldn't be blackmailing me in the first place he would have just simple said don't worry Granger i'll keep your secret, i'm so annoyed at myself right now why did i say yes why couldn't i have just said piss off ferret boy and be done with it, it's those stupid bloody beautiful grey eyes of his even then when he looked at me i new he could see i was blushing even i have to admit Malfoy is really good looking if only he was as good looking on the inside he would be perfect stop thinking about him, merlin even in my mind he torments me.

Maybe this date will give me a chance to see what he's really up to, and why out of all things he could have asked for he asked for a date it's so weird Malfoy has always hated me why would he ask for a date merlin let me forget about him focus Granger focus this homework is due tomorrow.


I walk out of charms class and make my way down to the great hall my mind is buzzing so much with questions honestly how can one person make you feel like your going to go insane i quickly make my way throught the crowds of students when a hand suddenly pulls me into an empty classroom and places me against the wall.

"Hello Granger" said a the voice of my tormentor

"Malfoy i new it was you."

"Did you?" He says smugly

"Yes but if you don't mind i was actually on my way to meet Ginny"

I push my way past him when he suddenly wraps his arms around my waist and buries his face into my neck his breathing tickling me and he whispers gently.

"I'm not finished"

"Malfoy what are you doing? Let me go."

"Don't pretend you don't like it Granger we've been like this for a good few minutes and you haven't struggled once"

"Well....i....your alot stronger than me so it would be a waste of my time"

"Don't make excuses Granger just enjoy it."

We stood there for another few minutes when i finally stepped away and looked up and him.

"Was there something you wanted or did you just want a quick feel?"

"A quick feel i didn't feel anything Granger but if your offering."

"Not a chance Malfoy now what is it?"

"Just wanted to tell you to meet me tonight in the room or requirment at 7pm"


"Yes is that a problem?"

"Well yes actually it is i have a concert tonight and i need to leave straight after lessons and i won't be back until late"

" late?"

"I'm not sure but late anyway"

"Well i still want to see you so when you do get back come to the room or requirment anyway i'll be there"

I stare at him for a minute he wants to see me what was that? Something is seriously wrong with him.

"What do you mean you want to see me."

"Just what i said Granger i want to see you"

"Fine whatever"

I start to make my way to the door when he catches me again and kisses my cheek.

"Don't i even get a little kiss?"

I glare at him with disbelief

"Malfoy you have completely went insane no you don't get a little kiss why would i kiss you"

"I know you think i've went mental Granger but i actually haven't i'm just not hiding it anymore i like you there i said it and i want you to give me a kiss"

"You like me?" I watch him closely i'm still here in his arms looking up into his brilliant eyes and he's telling me he likes me merlin what is happening.

"Yes i really do and i want you to feel the same." I close my eyes trying to take in everything when i feel him press his forehead to mine.

"Please just give me a little kiss." I open my eyes and looks from his eyes to his mouth a few times when i lean in and plant a small kiss and pull away again quickly.

"What was that you can't call that a kiss Granger"

"Yes i can actually Malfoy you wanted a little kiss i gave you one."


"Wow a Malfoy lost for words" I do my best at giving him his own personal smirk and head out the door leaving him there.

I start to run making sure he doesn't catch me again and make my way to the great hall. Could it be that i actually ebjoyed being with him that i liked being in his arms i enjoyed the feel of his breath on my neck.

Oh merlin help me.

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