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Unknown love by starsoph8
Chapter 1 : new year-new start
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A long scarlet steam engine pulled into a dim station with a screech. As soon as the doors opened, students came pouring out from all directions. Towering above the crowd was a familiar friendly shape. She pushed her way through the crowds and stood grinning up at him.

"Hullo Luna!" he spoke, embracing her a little roughly, "how was yer holidays?"

"Fine thanks Hagrid" she smiled, "it was very nice."

"Look how much yer've grown! You look so grown up!"

She blushed, tucking a strand of wispy blonde hair behind her ear. "Well I got a haircut."

"Luna!" A voice sounded behind the two of them. It was Luna's best friend-Ginny. "I couldn't find you on the train. Oh my!" she squealed looking at her friend's hair. "You look amazing!"

"She does eh?" Harry had snuck up on the trio from behind.

"Excuse me Harry Potter. You have a girlfriend" Ginny said crossly.

"A wonderful one too" he smiled giving her a peck on the cheek.

"Ah, um, well I must be on my way" Hagrid spoke awkwardly. "I've got first years to shepherd."

The three waved goodbye to him and started walking to the black carriages, pulled by threastrals. Halfway there Ron and Hermione and Ron caught up with them.

"Those first years are so pesky!" Ron began "they were trying to-" but he cut off as he saw Luna."W-wow Luna!" he stuttered, staring at her in awe. But after a sharp look from Hermione he kept to himself.

"Anyway it's so great to see you all!" Hermione enthused "and i do love your new hair Luna! It brings out your face.'

"Yeah after Dad died I wanted to get rid of the old me."

"If you girls are finished I would like to get to the food" Ron interjected impatiently "Come on!"They jumped on board a carriage,and they set off. Chatter filled the dull space the whole time.

"Oh! It's Hogwarts!" Hermione exclaimed all of a sudden. They all stuck their heads out the window to see what lay ahead. The castle looked as good as new since it had to be redone after the war. All of the people in that carriage felt the same way that afternoon. They were home.




"Come on Seamus! The feast will be over if you take too long!"

"Chiiiiill Deeeean. I'm coming alright?!"

The two friends raced to the front doors which were flung open.

"No running boys" Professor Flitwick sqeaked as the pair carered into the Great Hall.

"Sorry Professor" they chimed, and took two spots at the Griffindor table.

"Did ya miss us Hermione?" Seamus asked with a grin.

"Sure I did. I'll let you believe that" she replied rolling her eyes.

His eyes roved up and down the table. "Hey, where's Ginny?" he queried.

"Over there with Luna and the Ravenclaws" Ron mumbled through his food, which he was shoving down his throat.

His eyes scaned the nearby tables. When they reached the two girls his jaw fell on the table.

"Is that LUNA?" he said, gazing at her.

"Yeah I know Dean. She changed over the hols" Harry replied winking.

"Need I remind you about your girlfriend sitting right next to her?" Hermione glared at Harry.

"Oh I was talking about her the whole time" Harry said, nodding. But he secretly winked at Dean.

He chose some food and started eating, but once in a while his eyes would look up at Luna. He had never noticed how pretty she was before. Seamus gave him a puzzled look at he glanced at the Ravenclaw table once again, but he shrugged his friend off. This was something he had to keep to himself.




"Loooooony, pass me the potatoes will you?" a boy sniggered. But once his eyes met with Ginny's brown ones he fell silent.

"Why don't we go to the Griffindor table?" she suggested. "I don't want any of your bat-bogey hexes flying around."

Ginny glared at the same boy."You're lucky Luna saved you this time, mate. If I see you doing that again i won't hold back."

The two girls stood up and meandered their way over.




He looked up again to see none other than Luna herself strolling over with Ginny. His heart quickened. He couldn't stay here. Muttering a quick excuse about being tired, he exited the hall and headed up to the Griffindor common room. It was only then he realised he didn't know the password.

"Dumbledore?" he guessed feebly.

"Correct", the Fat Lady smirked.

He dashed past the roaring fire and up into the dorm where he knew fresh, warm cotton sheets lay in wait. Entering the room he flopped down on the bed. He had always thought Luna was nice, and he had even hung out with her before. But never in his whole entire life had he felt this way, not even with Ginny. He hadn't even talked to Luna for goodness sake! But the memory of her sea blue eyes and pixie cut hair made blood pump fast. It was this same memory that lulled him to sleep that night.




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Unknown love: new year-new start


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