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Change by Potterfan2389
Chapter 1 : The change
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 Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or anything related to the original stories..




The War

Pansys POV









“Pansy what’s going on?” the little black hair girl asked

 "I don’t know Patty” she said with her arm around the girl She knew what was going on,her best friend, occasional boyfriend knew what was going on, he wasn’t even there, he had left school and never returned. He was with his father and his followers that followed he- -who- must- not- be- named. She knew that the reason why they were locked up in the dungeon. If it wasn’t for her mouth telling someone to grab Potter then they would have never been here. Her and her sister could have escaped out of the castle into safety. But then again she would rather be locked up their protecting her sister who was all she had left then down there with what’s going on.







 She knew that some sort of war was coming. Then there was an explosion, as everyone started running out. She pushed her 11 sister to the back of the dungeon. “Patty me and you are going to get out of here, we have to get far enough away from the castle so that we can apparate out of here, now you must listen I need you to hold onto my hand and don’t let go of it. I also want you to know that whatever you see you must not stop, we must not stop. Okay” she said

“okay” the little girl said she grabbed Pansys hand and they began to run. As they were running people were running everywhere. She did not know which direction to run towards, there were death eaters all over the place fighting with her fellow classmates and professors. Then a voice stopped her in her tracks “Parkinson” Pansy turned around and seen him Rowle the death eater that killed her parents.








“leave us alone, we are not bothering anyone we just want to get out of here” she cried jumping in front of her sister.

“no you see since your parents refused to join maybe you should due to the fact that once the dark lord kills Potter, you wont have a choice.” The blonde death eater said

 Pansy didn’t know what to say, her parents never went to the dark side, they had refused to follow the death eaters along time ago and that’s why they died because they refused. Pansy and her sister were in a room on Easter Holiday unbeknown to the death eaters but they still refused to join so Pansy watched as her parents were killed. “I cant, please I got to protect my sister, shes all I have left” Pansy cried








“choose yourself, I am not going to kill you” Rowel said “yet” The next thing Pansy didn’t know what happen Rowel had shot a spell that hit a wall people were shooting spells back in forth and Pansy could not see anything with smoke and dust flying everywhere. She fell on the floor she could not feel her sisters hand anymore, she looked down and seen her sister laying on the floor motionless. She bent over to grab her sister and held her in her arms “Patty please wake up, Patty, Patty she said” Pansy began to sob “please come back” she said as she sat their crying. She did not know that slowly someone was walking up behind her









Harry, Ron, Hermione

“we got to go find Harry” Ron said as he and Hermione were leaving the Chamber of Secrets.

 “well Harry says that the map never lies” Hermione said








“well according to the map he’s not on here, wait the room of requirements” he said as him and Hermione began to run “wait stop look Parkinson” they looked to see Pansy was holding on to her sister as Rowel was walking up behind her “stupefy” Ron and Hermione shouted as they pointed their wands towards the death eater. They watched as he fell into the wall and Pansy looked around to see who saved her. She mouthed a quick thanks as they nodded and began to leave.








She began to pull her sisters body out of the way with the help of someone she looked up to see Ginny Weasley helping her. Once they got the body our the way and picked up their wands and began to fight. While she was fighting she almost fell over someone she looked down to see a very injured Lavender Brown, she pulled Lavender out of the way and did a minor healing spell on her to help her until someone else came along and told her they will help her.

 10 minutes later: Harry, Ron and Hermione were on their way back from the Room of Requirement 

“well we cant get to the boathouse” Hermione said








“why” Ron and Harry said at the same time

“Because we are outnumbered” She said as Ron and Harry looked around their were six death eaters closing in on them. Then they heard a voice behind them shouting a stunning spell that sent a death eater out of the way, why the death eaters looked around Ron, Harry and Hermione sent spells at the same time. They were fighting until Rowel had threw the killing curse towards Pansy, “Pansy look out” Ron said as he pulled her  out of the way. The curse hit another death eater, and Ron stunned Rowel. After they had fought the death eaters they said a quick thanks. She nodded her head and turned away to continue to fight, as the trio took off to the boat house.










Draco sat against the wall, he had lost his wand, he had lost one of his friends and he didn’t want to fight anymore. When he was a kid, he thought that being a death eater he would be more magical. But it turned out he wasn’t it wasn’t magic it was torturing people, killing people, it was all for power. Even though he didn’t kill anyone his father did. He couldn’t  stand his father for that. Since his father messed up a few years ago the dark lord made him join. He didn’t want to, but he was told that his mother would be killed and he would be if he didn’t.







He watched around him as a few people fell, his aunt Bellatrix just killed her own niece. He knew that he could not fight without a wand, he wanted to do something, but what. He got up and began to help by pulling people out of the way then he herd the voice telling them all to retreat, calling out Potter. He didn’t want to go back, so he decided to go help out instead.


 She didn’t care anymore if the dark lord lived. She didn’t care about her husband he had forced them into that life all because he cared about power. She did not care about her evil sister Bella. She watched as the dark lord hit Harry Potter with the killing curse. Now he would be free, something that she knew she would never be again as long as the dark lord was in control. A few minutes later she was sent to make sure that he was dead. The was surprised that once again the lord had failed. She got her answer, Draco was alive, she knew once that the dark lord found out the she had lied her life would be over, but as long as her son was alive she didn’t give a damn.







She walked with the man she had called a husband all these years, he had changed, he wasn’t the loving caring man that she had met at Hogwarts and that she had fell in love with. He was just as evil as the dark lord, he didn’t care about nothing but status, or pure bloodline or even power. Along the way she realized that she didn’t love him anymore, that she was only with him because of her son. She looked at her hands that had dried blood on them, even though it was not hers. She looked along the crowd of people who were standing there, they had fought for what they believed in, they had fought to protect Harry Potter, now she was looking at the people who were sad, she heard her husband call for Draco. She seen her son standing along the crowd that were fighting for the good. She knew that he was never evil, that he was suffering just like she was, she was proud of him. She watched as Draco walked towards her, he was hugged by that spineless bastard called the dark lord. He walked over to her, she hugged him and she handed him his wand, the wand that Potter had token from him.

  A few minutes later, everything changed Neville Longbottom stood up against the dark lord, and then she looked over to realize that Harry had to reveal that he was alive. She smiled, as her son ran over to him and handed him back the wand to fight the dark lord. She seen Lucius look at her before he ran away. She looked at her son “it’s time we do what’s right” she said as she took his hand and they ran into the castle.

 The Final Battle







As everyone got into the castle, they began to fight again. Narcissa didn’t have a wand for she had given it to Draco so that he could fight. She began to pull people out of the way that were injured and since she knew how to heal people without a wand she began doing that. It was until she was hit by curse that sent her backwards. “traitor” her sister Bellatrix shouted she left Narcissa laying down in pain why she went to fight against Ginny Weasley, Ginny ducked in time to avoid the killing curse, until Molly Weasley stepped in to fight against Bellatrix, and she ended her. Narcissa felt hands on her shoulder as Molly helped her up and handed her Bellatrix wand so that she can fight as well.


 Harry was still fighting Voldemort as Hermione and Ron were fighting a few other death eaters. Pansy, Ginny, Luna, Neville and Draco were right beside them then a wall came tumbling down. Ginny pulled Luna out of the way, who fell into Neville, while Draco pulled Hermione who landed on top of him, and Ron pulled Pansy as the wall fell and he landed on top of her. “you okay” he asked she nodded yes “can you please get off me though you’re hurting my leg” she said  “oh sorry” he said as he pulled  her up off the floor.







A few minutes later they looked around Harry had defeated Voldemort, Neville had killed the snake the death eaters had either fled, or Kingsley had them bounded up by a rope, until they take them to Azkaban. Professor McGonagall stood up to make a few announcements “first of all I want to say thanks to all of you, for standing up to fight for what you believed in, without the courage that you have we wouldn’t be standing here today. Secondly those of you have lost someone during this war, I am terribly sorry my heart is with you all. Also in a about a month we will be coming back here to try and rebuild Hogwarts before the next school year. I am hoping that many of you will be able to come back to help” with that she stepped down and went to talk to a few people.

“well where are we going” Hermione said to Harry and Ron as she locked her arms with theirs, as Harry locked his with Ginny.

 “home” Molly Weasely said coming up from behind them “you three have been gone for months, but I am hoping you come and stay with us for a while.” She said taking them into a hug. They didn’t say no because they knew that she would need company since Fred was killed. “yes of course” Harry said hugging her again, Then they were interrupted by three people.

 Pansy spoke up first “I just want to say I am sorry for the way I have acted these past years, I also want to apologize for telling people to grab you Harry. You see I just wanted to get my sister out of here, she was all that I had left but now I don’t have anyone. I wouldn’t be here right now if you guys didn’t help me. I want to say thank you, and I hope you do accept my apology.” She said as she started to cry.

 Harry took her hand and shook it, “I do thank you, and yes I accept your apology and I know what it’s like to lose someone. I am sorry about your loss as well”

“thank you” she said as she took Harry and Ginny by surprised as she hugged them, she also hugged Ron, Hermione, and Mrs. Weasley. Then she nodded to them and walked away.

Then Draco and Narcissa stepped forward as Draco began to speak. “Potter, like Pansy was saying I want to apologize, for everything. I also want to say thank you for saving me in the room of requirement. Most of all if you never defeated Voldemort we would never be here today.” He looked over at Ron and Hermione “I am sorry to the both of you as well, I admit being a jerk and I am sorry.” He said as they both nodded and shook his hands

 “thank you” Hermione said and Ron said the same thing as well. He nodded and stepped back as he let his mother talk . She first took Molly’s hand. “I am sorry for your loss” she said

“I am sorry for your sister, but you see Ginnys my daughter and….”

“I am not sorry for my sister, she was evil and vile and I could careless for what happened to her, you see because of this war and my family members quest for power I never got to meet the rest of my family. I know how you feel I am a mother as well and if I never defied Voldemort then I would have probably lose my son.. He is my life just like your children are yours” she said shaking her hand once more. Then she looked at Ron and Hermione

“I am sorry for what my sister did to you at our home, and I  apologize to the both of you for your suffering as well.” She said offering out her hand and they shook it.

 “Harry Potter, thank you so much. If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be here, and thank you for saving Draco…..”

“Mrs. Malfoy, Draco, I really do accept both of your apologies, we have been through so much. If it wasn’t for Draco pretending not to know who I was at your home, we wouldn’t be here. we lost so much because of this war and I don’t want to have any more differences between us. I am hoping that in a few weeks we could all come back here and rebuild Hogwarts. I hope that we could just start new,” Harry said holding out his hand

They both shook it and then turned around as they walked away. Harry looked down at Ginny, and kissed her on the forehead as they walked out of the castle towards the Weasley’s who were waiting, also behind them were Ron and Hermione.

“did I just witness what I think I did” Ron said looking at Hermione

“Ronald what you just witness was a prime example of change” she said taking his hand as the apparated to the Burrow.



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Change: The change


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