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Squib by The_seeker12
Chapter 3 : Chapter 2: In which my very Slytherin brother picks me up in a very green car and my crazy family becomes even more insane. Typical.
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 Disclaimer: I don't own anyone you recognize...

I love the last day of school before summer. Well, I suppose everyone does, but I love it for a different reason than most people. Not because school will be over for months- no, to me that just means I have to spend time around my rather large magical extended family.

No, I love the first day of summer after school because it’s the first time I see Albus in months, all year if you don’t count strained conversations at the burrow over the winter holidays.

It started in my freshman year at St. James’. Albus had learned how to drive and got his license the summer before I’d started high school, and he’d driven to school to pick me up my freshman year even though he’d barely gotten home himself from the train station. It became a tradition after that. Mum and dad would pick him up from the station and he’d drive straight here. Albus has spent the whole year doing healer training up at a prestigious school in France- the things you get when you’re Harry Potter’s kid and actually magical, I suppose- so this would be the first time I’d see him in a while. It’s perfect really.

The school bell rings loudly, which means kids start screaming and all that shit nonsense that makes us seem like immature maniacs. Well, I suppose most of us are immature maniacs, so it’s okay.

I wander through the throng, following most of the crowd outside, searching for Albus. I stop, however when I see Carter.

“Carter!” I cry and throw my arms around him in a hug. His blue eyes flash with surprise and he makes a weird noise in the back of his throat, but he hugs me back tightly. I pull back and smile at him brightly. “Call me, okay?” I say, watching him. We’ve been a little awkward around each other the past few days since the… er… Tickling fight at his house, but I’m not going to let that stop me from staying in contact with my best friend.

A slight smile crosses his face and Carter nods quickly. “Anything for you, fire.”

Sometimes I really want to know exactly what goes on in Carter’s head. His face never gives anything away. And he says some strange things around me sometimes. Shaking off this thought, I wave goodbye to Carter as he spots his mum’s car.

I wish a few other people I know good vacations, eyes darting around to try and find Al. He’s a little late. He’s never been late.

But he has to be here.

That’s when I hear a honk. I turn quickly, stopping when I see the car my brother is waving from. It’s the greenest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Rolling my eyes but unable to hold back a smile, I walk to the car. Once I reach it I lean in the open window on the passenger side. “You making a statement?” I question, grinning slightly.

“Shut it,” Al says humorously, leaning across the car so he can open the door for me. “And get in, Lils. We’re supposed to be at the burrow in a few hours.”

I groan and slide into the car, shutting the door behind me. “Just what I wanted.”

“You and me both,” Al mutters, and I glance at him curiously. He must notice my look because he turns a little red.

And I understand. “You aren’t,” I gasp, eyes wide as I stare at my older brother.

He nods nervously, chewing at his bottom lip. “We talked about it and we decided we don’t want any more secrets. Even if it means...”

I sigh, understanding his panic. I remember the first time I went to a family get together after it was discovered I was a squib. “I get it. And I’ll be here supporting you no matter what.” I’ll always be there for Al. He’s always there for me. We know practically everything about each other. He’s the best older brother I could ever ask for.

There’s a short silence as I stare out the window and watch the trees fly by. “Looks like all us Potter children are just screw ups, eh?” Al jokes lightly.

“James isn’t,” I disagree.

Al rolls his eyes. “James is the biggest prick on the face of the planet.”

“That is true,” I agree, chuckling a little. “But I don’t know if being a git counts for anything other than annoying people.”

Al breathes a slight sigh that sounds partially like a laugh. I wink at him but jerk in surprise when his phone vibrates on the center consul, making my whole seat shake. Al’s face turns a little red and he goes to grab it, but I’m faster.

“’I’ll see you tonight,’” I read out loud, amused. “’Love you, ya shit. Pi.’”

The look on Al’s face is simply priceless as he leans over and snatches the phone from my grip. “Shut it,” he grumbles.

“Ya shit?” I repeat, chortling. “Really?” I smirk a little as I notice the color his face has turned. “That’s a pretty impressive Gryffindor red for a former Slytherin,” I tease.

“Watch it,” Al grumbles. “Or I might start bringing out my devious side around you.”

“I thought you were saving that for Scor,” I retort, which causes Al to send a sharp glare in my direction.

“Pi can spare some,” he mutters with a roll of his eyes, reaching over to smack the back of my head lightly.

I snicker. “I don’t know if I want any.”

Al chokes slightly. “That sounded horribly wrong. You should stop talking.”

My hands fly up to cover my mouth as I groan. “Shut up. You’re disgusting. Save it for your boyfriend, queer.”

Emerald eyes stare at me in amusement. I giggle a little, pushing wispy strands of red hair out of my face and leaning against the door of the car, peering out the window as if to study everything about the land passing us by. Actually, I just want to know how much longer Al and I have to tease each other before we get home.

“You know what’s up with mum and dad?” Al finally asks, his voice hesitant, but sharp enough to shatter the gentle silence surrounding us.

I bite my lip. “We got into a fight last week,” I offer. “I was at Carter’s house and got home late.”

Al grins a little, despite this adding more complications to the multitude of family problems we have. “Ah, the mysterious Carter. You two dating yet?”

“Al!” I gasp, eyes widening. “We’re best friends. Don’t say stuff like that.”

My older brother snorts, running a hand through his horribly mussed dark hair and mutters something that sounds close to best friends my arse, before he finally says, “Pi and I were best friends.”

“Yeah, but you’re both heterosexual and clearly insane to be able to put up with each other for so long,” I shoot back. “It’s different.”

Al shakes his head. “What’s wrong with being with him, Lils? Your best friend knows more about you than almost anyone in the world. And you talk about the bloke all the time.”

I flop my arms out on the dashboard and bury my head in them, unable to look at Al. “I don’t feel that way about him,” I moan. “Not everyone can be so lucky as to be best mates with their fucking soulmate.”

“Soulmates, huh?” Al mutters. “I doubt anyone else will see it that way.”

I snort, finally peering up from the grey dusty surface of the dashboard. “Who gives a shit about anybody else?”

Al’s eyes sparkle a brilliant green and for a moment I can see why Scor fell so hard for my brother. “This is true,” he agrees, chuckling.

The car takes a sharp curve suddenly and I realize we’re pulling into Godric’s hollow. A low groan escapes my throat and Al looks increasingly nervous. When Al pulls the car into the driveway we sit silently for a minute.

And suddenly mum’s voice comes from inside, “YOU TWO BETTER GET IN HERE AND BE READY TO GO TO THE BURROW IN TEN MINUTES!”

“Well...” Al mutters distantly. “Here we go.”

It’s exactly eleven minutes after mum yelled at us that I come downstairs. I would be lying if I said I didn’t do that on purpose.

Because I did. And I have no regrets.

James is sitting on the couch and he looks up, sneering a little at me. “Lookie there it’s little bitty Lily pumpkins.”

“Shut it,” I growl out.

“Where’s Al?” James continues, ignoring me. “Taking longer than his fucking sister to pick out an outfit? Bloody queer.”

James likes to say that Al’s gay, even though he’s not sure. I can’t imagine what will happen tonight when James actually finds out that Al is gay. And when everybody meets Al’s boyfriend. Not that Al’s boyfriend is a bad person, no he’s lovely and everything, but I don’t think they’ll like him very much. Personal reasons.

However, back to the matter at hand. My jaw tightens at James’ words. No one, and I mean no one makes fun of Al and gets away with it if I’m around. “Says the boy who had a crush on Teddy,” I snap back.

James’ hazel eyes flash first with embarrassment and then with anger. “Bitch,” he sneers at me as I pass by him to go to the kitchen.

“Piece of shit,” I snap, grabbing the remote from his hand and turning the tellie off.

“I HATE YOU, LILY!” James bellows before I hear him turn the stupid piece of junk back on.

“Good!” I call back though the swinging kitchen door. “Because I hate you too!”

Dad comes running into the kitchen, his tie not all the way tied, his hair a complete mess, his glasses askew, his emerald eyes looking frazzled. “It would be nice if you could stop arguing with your brother for us to have enough time to get to the burrow,” he informs me in a clipped tone as he zips around the kitchen. I’m not even really sure what he’s trying to do.

I look up from the pattern of the wood table, my mouth twisting into a grimace. “He’s a piece of shit,” I complain, frowning.

Dad shakes his head slightly. “Language,” he scolds before leaving the kitchen just as quickly as he appeared down here.

I sigh slightly, fingers twirling through a strand of red hair as I hear James’ voice from the other room. “Queer!” He says, and I consider going out there to punch him until Al snaps, “Shut it, you piece of shit.”

Al and I are so alike. I knew there was a reason I love him so much.

The kitchen door slams shut as Al enters. He flushes a little and finally executes a twirl. “How do I look?” He asks hesitantly.

I give my brother a look over. He’s wearing a nice pair of black slacks with a white button up shirt and a loose green tie that matches his eyes.

“Perfect,” I assure him wisely. “Scor will be all over you.” Al turns bright red and mumbles something under his breath. “And I’ll punch anyone who has a problem with that.”

There is one upside to being the only squib in the family, I suppose. Nobody is allowed to use magic on me. Aunt Hermione and Gram said it would be “unfair” since I couldn’t retaliate or get rid of the spell. So I can pretty much go around punching people and they can’t use magic back on me. And I’m a girl too, so most of my male cousins don’t punch back. And Victoire and Dom might break a nail if they punched someone, so that’s out of the question.

Mum enters the kitchen at that moment, a forced smile on her face as she looks at me, a real one creeping into her eyes as she stares at Al. Al looks at me, fear flashing through his emerald eyes and I know why. Because it’s quite a possibility that by the end of the night he’ll be receiving that forced smile too.

The burrow is an old ratty building that’s somehow still holding together and leans almost as precariously as the leaning tower of Pisa, but manages to stay upright. Everyone apparates there tonight which means that Al takes me side along because I refuse to apparate with dad. When that happens dad stares at me silently the whole time, as if wondering why on earth I’m such a failure and can’t do this myself. Al just cracks jokes the whole time.

There’s no question as to who my favorite family member is. Although, there is someone else in my family who actually talks to me- and is nice about it, so I suppose he holds a close second to Al.

As we arrive at the burrow I stop to look at Al. “Where’s Scor?” I finally ask, unsure of what my brother is thinking.

Al shrugs a little. “He said he’d be waiting when we got here.” He sounds so nervous that I can’t resist giving him a hug. Al jolts a little but returns the hug. When I pull back he gives me a glance and asks, “What was that for, Lils?”

“To let you know I’ll always be there for you,” I offer. “You’ve done the same for me. Now c’mon. Let’s go find Scor.”

We enter the burrow. I don’t see Scor around, but I do spot someone else waving to me. I wander over to my third favorite person in the world- he falls in line after Carter and Al. Well, Scor’s up there on the list too, but I think Al can hold the place for having Scor as his favorite person in the world. And Scor gets Al as his favorite person in the world. I have Carter.

Not that I’m complaining.

Anyways. I smile and hug my blonde cousin. “Louie!” I cry.

He grins a little, pulling back. Louis might be my cousin, but damn that boy is hot. He’s like one eighth veela or something and he’s always so happy. Louis, although he was a Ravenclaw, is also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He doesn’t hate me like the rest of my family. And he lives in the muggle world. He’s also engaged to a muggle. That I introduced him to. I’m good at this, aren’t I?

Louis chuckles, hugging me back and says, “Hiya, Lils.” I grin slightly. “What’s up?” He asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Nothing,” I offer, shrugging a bit. I can’t very well say that my brother is about to introduce his boyfriend to the whole family. That’s Al’s secret to give up. Not mine.


Suddenly, Louis freezes, blinking a little and mutters, “What is he doing here?”

I turn, surprised but relax a little when I notice my brother making his way over to Scor. Both of them seem nervous and I’m about to head over there and calm them down when they start kissing.

Well. That’s one way to tell everyone, I suppose.

“What the hell?” Louis demands, grimacing as he looks at Al and Scor. I glance about, noticing as people begin to look at Al and his boyfriend uncomfortably. Louis stares for a moment more before leaning in close to me and hissing in my ear, “Lily… Do you have any idea why Al is snogging Scorpius Malfoy?”

I glance at Louis. And then look around. Everyone looks completely unsure of what to do. So I think I might just have to help. I leave Louis standing there with his jaw hanging open and dance my way over to Al and Scor.

Once I reach them, I clear my throat before tapping Scor on the shoulder, pretending to be oblivious to the silence in the room. The two pull back from their lip-lock, Al looking completely dazed. Like a love sick puppy. Scor turns to look at me in amusement.

“Can I help you?” He asks, quirking an eyebrow. There is one thing I love about Scor- while this may seem like absurd bravado to others, I know it’s really just an act. Scor may be more devious than I’d ever care for- he was a Slytherin too after all- but he’s really sweet.

I roll my eyes. “While I appreciate your enthusiastic lip lock greeting with your boyfriend who also happens to be my brother, I thought it would be at least appropriate to say hello to others at some point.”

“Is that so?” Scor asks, smirking slightly.

“It is,” I say, staring at him seriously before letting my face break into a grin and throwing my arms around him in a hug.

He chuckles and pulls back after a moment, holding me at arm’s length. “It’s been far too long, Lil bit. You’re so much taller.”

“Don’t call me that,” I grumble, frowning up at the blonde.

Scor chuckles a little. “But it so much fun when you get angry.” He winks at me, smirking his famous Malfoy smirk.

Al finally seems to wake up from his daze and frowns at his boyfriend. “That’s my little sister you’re talking to there, Pi.”

“Aw, Allie,” Scor mutters, reaching over so he can sling an arm around Al’s waist, “I love you. And she’s not my type.”

I roll my eyes. “Obviously.”

Scor bites his lip and a look of flat out nervousness crosses his face. I know what he’s feeling. It’s so silent, so awkward as everyone stares. The look fades quickly and Scor offers a grin. “What? You got a problem with it, Lil bit?”

“No not at all,” I say lightly, bouncing on my feet. This conversation is getting more and more tense as the silence in the room seems to catch up with us. “Because then I’d have to have a problem with my brother, and that’s not fun.”

Al rolls his eyes. “There’s no way to have a problem with me,” he snorts, quirking an eyebrow at me. “I’m perfect.”

I’m about to protest when Scor leans down and kisses Al lightly. “That you are.”

That’s when someone else actually speaks. “Merlin, you are a queer.” It’s James of course.

“Yeah, I am,” Al says finally, glaring at James before glancing uncomfortably around the still eerily silent room. “Do you have a problem with that?”

... And that’s when the chaos starts.

A/N: That chapter oh my gosh. O_O  I don't even know what happened when I was writing that, so if it's terrible I apologize.


You know that your brother's boyfriend is most definitely a stereotypical gay when he resorts to threatening you to make you go shopping with him.

Anyhow! A review would be lovely feedback. <3 

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