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Adrienne Boot and the Closet Conundrum by DumbledoresArmyOfOne
Chapter 1 : (Adry) The Closet Conundrum
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I, Adrienne Boot, had never thought of myself as a walking cliché. Never, that is, until I found myself trapped in an impossible broom cupboard with Louis Weasley. Funny, I was sure this wasn’t in the day planner.

The day started like any other: I was beaten awake with a pillow wielded by Lucy Weasley, my surprisingly dextrous best friend (also cousin of my cupboard partner). Next, right on schedule, detatched myself from the black and yellow covers and proceed to the bathroom. Grotesque face-pulling ensued, as well as toothbrushing and desperate attempts to tame the auburn monster that seemed to have established itself on my head.Dressing was followed by a swift and stylish exit from the common room and a brisk walk towards the immediate consumption of food. Arrival at breakfast at precisely 0700 hours.

 At 07:02, the usual retinue gathered around the table -my small group of friends, held together by our shared love of bacon, yellow and muggle television. Our group includes myself, my aforementioned best friend Lucy, our roommate and other best friend Lily Potter, her boyfriend Mortimer “He’s a Keeper!” Wood, Allan MacMillan and, yes, Louis Weasley. We'd been friends since our very first year, having bonded over sunday morning cartoons and taken it from there.

 Louis sat down next to me, shaking his messy blond hair out of his dark blue eyes and offered me a tired grin.

“Morning, Adry,” he yawned, reaching for the bacon. I smiled in return and handed him the bacon, though not, of course, before taking my fair share.

The good thing about knowing someone for seven years is that there are no secrets left between you. I know that Lucy chewed her toenails as a kid (don’t ask me how) and Allan told us he was gay a year before he came out to the school. I know that Lily used to have a crush on Teddy Lupin and that Louis had crazy mood swings because of his veela blood. Another side effect of being part-veela is that his hair ALWAYS looked perfect, which I both envied and greatly appreciated. 

Because friends want their friends to look their best. Right? 

And when Louis looks his best, he looks pretty damn good.


It was a sign of how strong our friendship was that when Morty and Lily finally started dating, after months of circling around each other like a merry-go-round, our group stayed exactly the same (except that Morty and Lily snogged a lot). We were never much for conversation over breakfast though. The most important meal of the day was not to be interrupted by silly things like social interaction.

Lily was finishing up an astronomy chart, the ends of her bright red hair turning black with ink, while Allan proofread Morty's Transfig essay.

"Sweet Merlin on rollerskates, Al, how do you spell 'rat' wrong?" I heard him mutter, making me chuckle a little into my pumpkin juice.

Louis looked dead to the world, and Lucy, bless her heart, was humming a jaunty tune to herself as she twisted her hair into two knots on top of her head. She's always been a strange little gremlin, that one. Sometimes I think I only became friends with Lily and Lucy because we could be a ginger trio. When we walk together, it looks like someone lit a fire in the hallway because of all the hair.

"Right," I said decisively, "Louis, Lucy, we'd better get to potions class or we'll be late." I picked up my book bag and briskly brushed the toast crumbs from my robes.
Time of arrival was precisely 08:00 hours. I do like to be punctual. Slughorn, our ancient potions teacher, had me sitting in a sea of Ravenclaws, far from my lovely Hufflepuff friends. The upside of this was that my potions partner, whose name escaped me, was quite fit.

Would it have been weird to ask him his name after two weeks of sitting with him? Probably.

“Hey Adrienne!” called my Fit Potions Partner.

“Hiiii...” I said and looked over at Lucy and Louis (the lucky ducks are partners!). “What’s his name?” I mouthed at her. Lucy mouthed "Markus" back at me.

"Thanks" I mouthed back. We were quite good at lip reading, and often had silent conversations during class.

I returned my attention to Markus.

“So, what are we doing today, Markus?” I smiled, charmingly.

“What we do every day, Adrienne.”

“And what would that be?”

“Try not to blow up the cauldron,” he quipped, smirking. I noticed that his teeth looked really white against his skin.


I looked over at Lucy again, who gave me an uncharacteristically weak grin. When I saw Louis’ face beside her, I realized why. He was looking Angry Veela™. 

Uh oh.

When Louis goes Angry Veela™, things usually end up broken. 

Like first year’s bones.

Long story.

Louis had always had a short temper, shorter even than his sister Victoire, or even his burly twin brother, Dominique. Once, Dominique was fouled by a Ravenclaw in a Quidditch match. He fractured two ribs, broke a leg and lost three teeth. The Ravenclaw and his fellow chasers just laughed. Madam Hyleberry patched him up in a flash, but she soon had more work to do. Louis had beaten up the chaser and his friends until they could barely stand. He broke his right hand,but I don't think he even noticed until much later. He and Dom have always looked out for one another.

Markus called me back from my thoughts.

“Are you friends with that Louis Weasley kid?” he asked, with a hard edge to his voice.

“Yes, I am,” I said, “He’s one of my best friends.”

“Does he have... anger problems?”

“No! Why would you think that?” I was telling the truth. Louis didn’t have anger problems, he had veela problems.

“The bloke’s a psychopath! He put me in the hospital wing!” Mhis voice was an angry whisper, and his s's sounded like hissing snakes. I remembered suddenly that Markus was on the Quidditch team. A chaser. Not the one who'd fouled Dom, but one of his cronies.

He, as I recall, had antlers growing from his nose, two black eyes, three broken ribs and a bad case of eczema by the time Louis was done with it. He was not happy about it.

Apparently, forgive and forget was not his modus operandi.

By the look on Louis’ face, it wasn’t his either.

I realize that there has been a long, awkward silence.

“Well, I think this is hot enough. Shall I add the hellebore root?” I said, lamely. Markus nodded and we finished the class in silence. I looked back at Louis once or twice and was happy to see that the rage storm had passed, thanks be to Helga.

 When we finally left potions class at 10:00, I caught up with Louis and Lucy at the door. We'd decided to meet Lily, Morty and Allan for lunch by the black lake after class, so I hurried down the hall to grab lunch.

Wait!” Lucy called, “I have something to show you!”  Lucy grabbed us both by the wrists and pulled us up a flight of stairs that had definitely not been there two seconds ago.

“Lucy, where are you taking us?” My voice was wary. I loved Lucy, but she did get these mad ideas from time to time.

“Morty, Allan, Lily and I have been talking and we feel it’s time.” I didn't like the sound of that. If those four have cooked up a plot, you can be sure that it'll be diabolical.

“Morty and Allan and Lily? Are they here?” asked Louis. Poor, naive soul. He thinks we might still have a chance.

"No, they're waiting for us outside, remember," Lucy said. And then she grinned. A grin worthy of Voldemort himself, or that Grinch character from the muggle book we all loved. I shuddered.

"Lucy," I said slowly, "Time for what?"

“This!” she cried, and shoved us both into a broom closet, which was standing there, with he door conveniently open. I heard a lock click and a muttered spell. 

"And you're not getting out until you work out all that sexual tension," came Lucy's voice from behind the door.

  "Oh, Bollocks!" I swore, and pounded on the door, or at least what I thought was the door. From the loud 'OUCH' that followed the pounding, I guessed that I had hit Louis instead.

"Ow, Adry, you've trodden on my foot!" he hissed. "Oh, this is ridiculous, Lumos,” he whispered, and the pale wandlight illuminated the cupboard.

Or it would have, if it was a normal cupboard.

Not believing what my eyes told me, I too lit my wand and gaped at what I saw.

“Sweet Merlin’s home-baked apple pie,” I said, awestruck. Louis could only nod in agreement.

A/N So, this has been heavily edited/rewritten in preparation for the second chapter! Yes, you heard right, a SECOND CHAPTER IS BEING BETAD RIGHT NOW! Thank you for reading the first chapter, i'd love it if you reviewed and told me what you think of Adry, Louis, Lucy and the gang. Also, predictions for what the closet might be? I'd love to hear them.

(cackles with cliffhanger glee)


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