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Starting Over, Again by xBlack Paradisex
Chapter 12 : The Truth
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The woman behind the main desk turned her head slightly as she heard a chorus of pops. A moment later the door to the office opened and Harry was in the front of the group, holding hands with Ginny, and the others following behind them.

“Mr. Potter!” The woman exclaimed standing up from her seat. “What... What can I do for you?” She asked nervously, and it showed as she ran her hands down her skirt, trying to flatten it to perfection.

“We have a situation, and I need you to put the school on a lock down, and get all the students in the auditorium for me, please.“ He said and the woman nodded, proceeding by locking the school down, running to the headmaster to deliver the news, and do the rest of what she was told. While that was getting down, Oliver and Blaise went to a room that was close to the auditorium to set up as an interrogation room. Fred and George went backstage, doing spells to get some of their products to show the kids. Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Draco went into the auditorium on the stage, and proceeded to try and figure out the best way to make the plan work.

“So, we three just kind of stand offstage, and then we three, again, will cast an invisibility spell so that the bitch won't see us, and we watch the interrogations, right?” Draco asked and Harry smirked at him.

“Yeah, that’s right.” Harry said.

“Not bad.”

“Thanks. Okay, so everyone will be here soon. Fred, George, are you guys ready?” Harry called from across the stage.

“Yep!” The twins answered right when the doors opened. All the students filed in, with their teachers following behind. Hermione saw Julia and took a step forward, but Draco stopped her.

“No, as much as I want to do the same thing, no. We need to do this Harry's way.” He whispered in her ear after pulling her to him so that her back was pressed against him. She breathes in deeply and nodded.

“You're right... but I still want to hit her in her ugly mug.”

“Me too babe... me too.” Draco said as he watched Harry walk onto the stage, and they turned to pay attention. Harry stood on the stage, staring out at all the kids. A moment later, the light came on and everyone could see him. As much as he hated this, he had to do this for Aly.

“Hey everyone, I am Harry Potter.” He began, and all the kids started to get a little louder and more excited. Harry held up his hands to get them calm. “Okay, so you do know about me. Well... do any of you know why you are here today?”

“No!” The whole audience answered, and Harry smiled.

“Well, I am an Aruor, and I have bought some people with me to talk to you all about safety, and then give you a fun, safe display of some really cool things. Does that sound like fun?” He asked and all the kids cheered.

“Geez, these kids are easy to entertain.” Draco said.

“No, it's because this is the first time, probably ever, that they have seen Harry.” Hermione said and Ginny laughed.

“True.” Draco said before tuning back in on what was happening on stage.

“Okay, so, I bought two of my good friends, who also happen to be my brother -in-laws, Fred and George Weasley.” Harry said before walking off stage, and the twins went on to do their job. Harry walked over to Ginny and grabbed her hand. “Okay, you guys need to do the spell now, we are about to go.” Harry said, letting go of Ginny. The three of them cast the spell just as Blaise and Oliver came back.

“Rooms are ready.” Oliver said.

“Okay, I got a list of all the teachers. I want them all done before we get to Julia. So, Oliver, go in order and bring the teacher to the room, we will head there now. Blaise, did you bring enough Veritaserum?” He asked and Blaise grinned.

“Oh yeah.” He said and Harry smiled at him.

“Great, okay, let's do it.”


As Fred and George entertained the kids, and talked to them about safety and their shop products, they watched the women that Harry told them about. While they did that, Ginny, Draco and Hermione were in a small room, now visible, watching through the two-way glass as Harry and Blaise interviewed all the staff at the school. Everyone had the same answer; no, they had nothing to so with Aly. With the Veritaserum in them, Hermione knew that it was all true. After two hours of watching the interviews, Draco felt Hermione’s hand squeeze his. He looked at her, and saw her face was livid. He turned to look in the room where Harry was, and saw Julia.

“I hate her.” Hermione said.

“I know, I do too.” Draco said.

“I think I could kill her... I want to.”

“You can't.”

“Why not?” She asked before looking at him.

“I need you... and Aly needs you.” He smiled at her, before kissing her forehead, and they turned their attention onto the interview.


“Please, Mrs. Jacobs, have a seat.” Harry said and Julia did as she was asked. Harry picked up a bottle of water, undid the top, and set it in front of her.

“No thank you.” She said with a sweet smile on her face.

“You don't really have a choice. You either drink the water, or you get arrested.” Harry said and slid a warrant across the table for her to read. “We are in the middle of an investigation, and everyone we interview has to take the veritaserum. Just be glad you get it with water.” He said as he watched her read over the warrant.

“What is this all about?” She asked, sliding the paper back to him.

“Please, drink your water.” Blaise said. Julia looked at him with a sharp stare. She picked up her water, and took a small sip, before placing the bottle back on the table. “Don't make me do it... because I will pour it down your throat.” He said with a warning tone in his voice. She rolled her eyes, before drinking half the bottle, and threw it over their heads to that is smashed onto the mirror.

“Satisfied?” She asked, crossing her arms. Harry ignored her and looked down at his paper of regular questions to ask first.

“Is your name Julia?”

“Yes.” She answered nicely, as if she wasn't just mad a minute before.

“Are you married?”


“Do you have any children?” He asked and noticed that anger flashed in her eyes, before she smiled a small smile.

“No, not yet.”

“Are you a teacher here at the school?”

“Yes.” She said with a little laugh. Now it was time to get her.

“Do you know Draco Malfoy?” He smirked when he saw her smile fade.


“Is it true that you dated him?”

“Yes.” She snapped angrily at him.

“Is Alexz Granger in your class?”


“Do you know her mother, Hermione Granger?”

“Yes, I just met her yesterday.”

“Did you have anything to do with the poisoning of Alexz Granger?” Harry asked and everyone could see that Julia was fighting against the serum.

“Yes.” Her voice strained out.

“Why?” Harry asked her. After she struggled to keep her mouth shut, she finally spilled the truth.

“Because of that bitch!” she said.

“Who? Can you explain?” Blaise said, sitting back in his chair.

“That Granger brat... Draco loved me! ME! But it was always, 'I still care for her', 'I still love her', 'Where is she?'. It was all the time. I tried to help him, but no! Never! He couldn't be happy with me. It was all about her! And then her and her little brat walked into my class, and I hated her even more. Her daughter... with her pretty curls and cute smile... I knew it was perfect. Get the girl, hurt the bitch, then hurt Draco in return.” She said looking down at her nails. Harry turned his head a bit to the glass, knowing Draco was thinking 'Told you so Harry.' Harry turned back to Julia.

“So, why not just get at Hermione, why hurt that little girl?” He asked, and Julia's eyes met his and he was shocked at how much hatred was shining in her eyes.

“You know why.” She said and Harry knew exactly what she meant, and he knew Hermione did too. Julia knew that Aly was Draco's.

“Right, Blaise, cuff her, you and Oliver take her in.” Harry said standing up. He walked around the table and bent down to Julia. “Guess what bitch? You're plan failed. We have Aly's cure, and they are all going to be just fine. Enjoy hell.” He said and walked out, hearing Julia scream.


Harry met up with Ginny, Hermione and Draco before they all walked back to the twins to let them know that Julia admitted to the crime. The twins said goodbye, and promised Hermione that they would tell Molly what had happened. After that, the four of them apparated back to the hospital where Aly was.

“What did she mean?” Draco said.

“What?” Harry asked.

“What did she mean when she said 'you know why'?” Draco said but before Harry could think of an answer, Hermione stepped up.

“Draco, can you get me a coffee?” She asked and he nodded before walking off. “Sorry Harry. I am telling him when Aly gets better... where we can go back to my place and talk privately.” She explained and Harry nodded.

“I understand. I just hope that he takes it well.” Harry said before they all sat down. A few minutes later, Draco arrived with enough coffee for all four of them.

“I feel like a zombie... I'm so tired.” Ginny said.

“You can go home and get some sleep.” Hermione said.

“Not a chance.” Ginny answered back before laughing. A moment later, Josh walked into the waiting room where they were all sitting.

“There you are. Luna told me what was going on. How did it go?” He asked them.

“We got the person who did it. It was Aly's teacher who poisoned her.”

“Well, I have the cure.” Josh said and Hermione smiled.

“You do?”

“Yep, Hermione, roll up your sleeve.” He said before walking back into Ay's room. A moment later, he came out with a syringe. “I need some of your blood.” He said and got her arm prepped before taking some blood. He then put a band-aid on her and walked back into Aly's room. Hermione pulled down her sleeve and looked at Harry.

“She's going to be okay.” She stated, but it sounded like a question.

“Yeah, she's gonna be alright.” Harry said. A few minutes later, Josh walked back out of the room.

“Hermione, where is Aly's father?” Josh asked and Hermione paled.


“That's the cure. I need your blood and his blood as part of the process.” Josh said and after looking at Hermione for a minute, he turned to Harry. “Are you?” He asked.

“No, I'm not.' Harry said and looked at Hermione, who seemed frozen. Draco noticed this too, and understood why. He watched her for a moment before sighing.

“Then, I don't know what to do.” Josh said and everyone stood for a minute, not knowing what to do next.

“Here.” Draco said and walked forward, his arm already bare and ready for the needle. Josh looked at Draco for a moment, before doing what he needed to do. After getting Draco's blood, he walked back into Aly's room to get the cure fixed. Draco turned to Hermione and put his hands on her face. “Mione, are you okay?”


“What?” He asked her.

“How did you know she was yours?” She asked him, her eyes meeting his. He smiled at her.

“She looks just like my mum when she was Aly's age. Plus, when I looked at her, I just knew.”

“And you aren't mad?”

“No, I understand why you didn't tell me, but I wish that you did. But it doesn't matter, what does matter is that I know, I am here, she is going to be alright, and I'm not going anywhere.” He said before pulling her into a hug. Hermione closed her eyes, and a tear fell down her cheek. She knew that they stayed this way for about ten minutes, but she didn't care. She was in his arms, and that was all that mattered. Then, she heard Ginny gasp, and then heard the best sound in the world.


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