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Her Reason to Stay by kitty_kat9211
Chapter 29 : Wait For Me
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London Airport

8:45 am

 “The time is now 8:45 am and flight 9211 to Chicago is now ready to board. Passengers, please make your way to gate 19 with your tickets ready. I repeat, the time is now 8:45 am and flight 9211 to Chicago is ready to board.”

 It’s time I guess… Hermione thought to herself. Even though she purposely told him the wrong time the night before, she still hoped he would somehow show up before she boarded the plane. But that was just wishful thinking.
With her things in one hand and her ticket in the other, she was up and was ready to board the plane, leaving everyone behind.

  “Hermione wait!” Turning her head, Hermione couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

 Draco? Could it really be you? Hermione thought to herself in disbelief.

  “Hermione…don’t go…” Draco said trying to catch his breath.

  I can’t believe it… I made it! Draco thought in relief. Once he finally caught his breath, Draco straightened up and said,

 “Why did you tell me the wrong time?”

  “I’ve been caught… haven’t I?” Hermione tried saying jokingly but with the way Draco was looking at her, she knew he didn’t think it was funny.

 “Did you really not want me to come see you?”

  I wanted you to do much more than that Draco…

 “That’s not it.”

  “Then what? If Blaise had never told me I would have missed your flight!”

  “I should have known it was Blaise…” Hermione found herself saying out loud.

   “Why did you tell me the wrong time last night Hermione?”

  “The time is now 8:50 and flight 9211 to Chicago leaves in 10 minutes…”

  “I have to go…Goodbye Draco.” Hermione said turning to leave.

 No! Not when I’m so close…

 “You said you needed a reason!” Draco suddenly said.

 Don’t mess it up this time Draco…

“On the hillside… you told me you needed a reason. A reason big enough for you to leave everything you’ve worked for…”

 I can’t believe you remember all of this…Hermione thought.

   “Why can’t that reason be me?"

Hermione couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

 “…But Astoria… you’re getting married to Astoria.”

 “Not anymore.”

  “Why?” Hermione couldn’t help but ask.

“She couldn’t marry someone who she knew loved someone else.”

  Wait? Astoria broke it off?

 “Please Hermione. Back at Hogwarts, I was a scared little boy who couldn’t fight for what he loved. I cared way too much about what other people cared about what ever people thought of me, but times have changed and now I realize that I can’t lose you. Not to Weasley… not even to Blaise. I love you Hermione Granger. It’s always been you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you…I can’t do that if you leave. Please…stay with me.”

 Oh Draco…

 Finally, Hermione was finally hearing the words she was dying to hear, but what to say to them… how to respond?

  “Please tell me the reason why you’re not saying anything is because you’re considering staying… or is the reason why you told me the wrong time is because you don’t…” Draco started but was then interrupted when Hermione reacted quickly by kissing him.


 “I love you too Draco. I’ve loved you for a long time but I hid them for years until I came back this summer. You’re the most caring and loving man I know and honestly I don’t deserve you. I told you the wrong time because I wanted you to be happy with Astoria. I couldn’t tell you my feelings for you while you were with her, it wouldn’t be right. After all I’ve been through with Ron, I couldn’t be the other woman. But look at us now… you’re standing in front of me telling me you’re not engaged anymore and that you love me. I don’t know if I’m dreaming or not.” Hermione said once they let go.

“Well you’re not dreaming. This is really happening. So stay. We’ll live together, we’ll get married…”

  “Wait… get married?” Hermione said suddenly finding her face feeling red.




  “If you want to, yes get married. Married or not though, we’ll be together finally, me and you. And nothing or no one will come between us. You just have to stay yes.”

Staying is the thing Hermione wanted to do most, but there were also things that needed to be taken care of.

  “I want to stay… you are the reason why I want to stay…”

“Then what’s holding you back?” Draco asked confused.

 “I have to go back Draco…I have some things I can take care of with the shop. But I promise you that I will come back, now that I finally found a reason to. But only if you’re willing to wait; I know it’s horrible of me to ask you this… but will you wait for me?” Hermione suggested.

 “How long will it take?” Draco asked.

“I’m not sure, maybe a few months, maybe a year. I just don’t know.”

 “Last call for passengers to board flight 9211 to Chicago, I repeat last call for passengers to board flight 9211 to Chicago.”

   “Will you wait for me Draco?” Hermione asked one more time.

 “No matter how long it takes, I’ll wait for you.” As a big smile formed on Hermione’s face.

  “Last call….”

  “I have to go… I love you.” Hermione said not wanting to leave.

  “I love you too.” And with one last kiss Draco watched the one he truly loves hand her ticket to the attendant and walk farther and farther away disappearing from his sight.

  “She loves me…” Draco kept whispering to himself. But there was no time to be standing around day dreaming. Hermione wasn’t the only one who had things to do in the next year.

 So with a smile on his face and a goal in mind, Draco headed off to get a head start already counting down the days until she came back for good.

**Wahoo for Chpt 29!! I still can't believe this is the 2nd to last chapter!!! I'm so excited, yet nervous, yet sad.. i'm just a mixture of emotions right now.

I know this is completely random and has nothing to do with HRTS or even Harry Potter... but yesterday I lost a good friend of mine due a tragic car accident. Jeff, you were an amazing person. You were funny caring and always knew how to put a smile on my face. You were greatly loved and adored by everyone and I miss you so much. Anyway, this chapter goes out to you as we all wait until the day we get to see your beautiful smile again.

So.. what do you guys think? How did you guys like Draco's confession? Haha finally right?? It only took till the 2nd to last chapter to get him to confess it to her ;). Tell me what you guys think by reviewing! It makes me soo happy when I read your guys reviews! But until then... goodbye. See you guys in the last chapter! ~kitty_kat9211**

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