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The Boy Who Lived (With his Parents and Many Siblings) by intoxile
Chapter 1 : The Boy Who Lived (With his Parents and Many Siblings)
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Title: The Boy Who Lived (With his Parents and Many Siblings)
Author: Shawn Zwemke
Fandom: Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All rights reserved to J.K. Rowling and the respective publishers of the Harry Potter novels. This is a work of fiction written by a fan based on the world and characters created by J.K. Rowling. This is to be distributed freely and without any sort of profit or gain. It was written out of love of the world and characters and I hope to add to this wonderful world for the other fans out there.

"The Boy Who Lived (With his Parents and Many Siblings)" by Shawn Zwemke

    "Oh no!", exclaimed the young red-haired boy as he examined himself in the mirror. "I can't believe it! There's actually more of them this morning!"
    The gangly eleven year old stood there in place, his nose inches from the mirror as he continued to examine the newest additions to his "freckle farm", as Fred and George called it. Ron thought about that name, and gave a scowl to his reflection. "I'll never hear the end of it!", he proclaimed to his disgruntled self.
    The crooked bedroom door flew open, which made Ron jump head first into the mirror, smacking himself right on the forehead. "You better hurry up. Mum's nearly ready to go, and you haven't even eaten yet.", said the small voice from behind him.
    Ron spun around, red in the face as he rubbed the spot he had just hit, "Don't you ever knock?!", he yelled at the young ginger girl standing in the doorway.
    "Mum says to hurry up!", she yelled back before she turned back around, slamming the door behind her as she went, forcing the Chudley Cannons poster to fall off the wall and onto the floor. Ron stormed over and picked it up and hung it back into place before he pulled on his sweater and headed downstairs.
    Sitting at the table was his father-Arthur Weasley tinkering with some odd contraption Ron had never seen before, his twin brothers-Fred and George and his younger sister-Ginny, who was still scowling at him for his outburst. His mother, Molly, was bustling about the table cleaning up from breakfast.
     "Ron, dear, I made you a plate. You better sit down and eat quickly because we are off in 10 minutes.", his mother said.
    "I'm not very hungry.", Ron replied sincerily.
    "You must eat something. Honestly Ron, you don't eat nearly enough. If you ever plan on joining the Quidditch team, like your brothers, you need to bulk up!", Molly said back.
    "I suppose.", he grumbled as he reached for some toast and sausage.
    "So, spotty, I noticed you've added to your 'freckle farm'. That's going to drive the girls crazy at Hogwarts!", teased Fred.
     "Indeed. I hear the ladies swoon for the speckled type. However, I wouldn't know, myself.", continued George.
    Ron's ears turned as red as a tomato as he glared at his two brothers. "I'm gonna....", he started.
    "You're gonna what?", the twins replied together before they broke into laughter.
    Ron slumped back down into his chair and stuffed another sausage into his mouth, as he continued to stare at Fred and George.
    "Hang on, where's Percy?", Ron said, changing the subject.
    "Oh, he headed off to Diagon Alley early to be fitted for his new robes.", replied his mother.
    "Why does he get new robes, and I have to wear his old ones?", said Ron annoyed.
    "You know perfectly well, young man. Percy has made Prefect and he must look his best!", she beamed back.
    "Percy's made Prefect?", exclaimed George. "I haven't heard that since last night!", he continued.
    "And the night before!"
    "And the night before that!"
    "And the night before that!"
    "And the night before that!", exchanged the twins back and forth, both with a bemused look on their faces.
    Molly glared at the two of them and quickly brushed off their sarcasm and continued, "And he needed a new wand, so here's his old wand, dear, or should I say, Charlie's old wand.", she said as she handed Ron his first wand. It was obviously worn down and had several chips in the wood.
    "Oh great! Another hand-me-down!...It's terrible being the youngest.", Ron grumbled.
    "Hey!", squeaked Ginny, who gave him a nasty expression of anger and sadness.
    "Sorry, I didn't mean you. You're the only girl in the family, so you wouldn't understand."
    "What does me being a girl have to do with anything? And-and...mum's a girl, isn't she?!"
    "Of course mum's a girl, but I don't see you wearing her old robes now, do I?", he replied. "You don't have to wear your older brothers clothes, do you?"
    Ginny sat there searching for something to argue about, but she had nothing.
    "Ok then...", Ron sulked, gulping down the last of his toast.
    After a few minutes, with the wave of her wand, Molly cleared the table and everybody stood up, ready to head out. "Arthur...Arthur?....ARTHUR! Get's time to go!", Molly exclaimed to her distracted husband.
    "Time to go? Oh yes yes...sorry dear. This thing is absolutely mind boggling!", he replied pointing at the Muggle artifact he was previously examining.
    The six Weasley's walked into the sitting room, where a large fireplace stood. Molly reached over and recovered a small tin can filled with gray ashes.
    "Ok, you two first, but not at the same time. Fred, you go and then you, George. Ginny will follow behind you, so don't go wandering off because she's your responsibility...come to think of it, you first Arthur, and then Ginny."
    "Thanks for the load of confidence, Mrs. Weasley!", sneered George.
    "That's MOM, MUM or MOTHER, thank you very much!...Ok dear, let's get going before everything is all gone!"
    Mr.Weasley stepped up, grabbed a handful of the ashes and took a step into the fireplace.
    "Diagon Alley!", he yelled as he threw the ashes onto the floor. A bright flash of green appeared where Arthur stood, and then he was gone.
    "Ok Ginny, you next. Let's go! Let's go!"
    The little red haired girl stepped up and followed just as her father, and with a bright flash, she was gone as well.
    "Why in such a hurry, mum? It's not like Diagon Alley is going anywhere.", Ron said sarcastically.
    "You know that Flourish and Blotts is having a sale, and we have a lot of books to purchase. You can have a few of your brother's first year books, but the rest are all worn out and we need to get you new ones, not to mention everyone else's books! Buy two books, get one for only one Galleon! I'm not going to miss that bargain."
    "Great....more hand-me-downs...", Ron mumbled before he slowly walked up to the fireplace, took a handful of Floo Powder and exclaimed, "Diagon Alley!" With a whoosh and a flash, he too was gone.
    Everything was spinning around him in a hazy green, and then he felt his feet slam down, making him lose his balance, causing him to fall on his behind. All around him stood many crooked shops, the streets were full of shoppers of all sorts. Witches, Wizards, Goblins and in the distance he saw the largest man he'd ever seen carrying a beautiful snowy white owl in a guilded cage.
    As Ron stood up to join his father and sister, his mother and brothers appeared behind him.
    "All right there, Ronniekins?", said Molly. Both twins broke into laughter.
    "Don't call me that!", Ron said as he brushed the dirt off the back of his pants, knowing that his backside will be just as sore as his forehead not too long from now.
    Ron looked around again searching for the large man he had just seen, but he was no longer visible. How could someone so large just disappear, he thought. More shoppers passed by carrying many packages, brooms, pewter cauldrons, pet cats and more owls.
    "Mum, why can't I have an owl? You bought Percy one.", he said in a saddened voice.
    "Not yet I haven't. He only asked me last week for one, considering he's now a Prefect, a rat simply won't do anymore.", she said as she continued, "And come to speak of it, your father and I have decided that you should take Scabbers with you this year. He looks lonely and we feel that it may cheer him up."
    "Scabbers? He's not lonely, he's practically dead!"
    "Oh don't be like that. Take him this year, and we'll see about next year, all depending on the marks you recieve."
    Ron grumbled for a moment and then said, "Oh alright, but everyone will think he's pathetic."
    Fred leaned in and whispered to Ron, "Don't worry, I'll teach you a spell on how to turn him into a banana. Just don't tell mum." Both twins gave a mischievious grin to their younger brother, followed by a wink.
    The streets were bustling with busy shoppers. Each store seemed to be completely full of last minute purchases of young witches and wizards getting the supplies they needed for the start of term, which was only a few short weeks away. The Weasley family usually waited until this time to make their way to Diagon Alley to insure the greatest bargains. Unfortunately for Mrs.Weasley, the busiest of shops, of course, was Florish and Blotts, which had a line extending nearly halfway down the alley.
    "Oh bugger! I knew we should have left a few hours ago. Ok boys, I have your lists of the books you need. I'll wait here and you go along without me. Ron, head over to Madam Malkin's and get those robes hemmed to fit you, and check on Percy while you're there. Fred, George, you go with him and don't get into any trouble. As for you, Arthur, why don't you take Ginny with you to Slug & Jiggers and get the boys their potions supplies. That ought to save us a bit of time. We'll meet up at Floreon Fortescue's in an hour for a treat. I managed to put aside a few Galleons just for the occasion. Now, come along then, get going.", explained Molly.
    Ron sighed, partially out of relief of not having to stand in line in boredom and partially out of annoyance that he had to spend the next hour being made fun of by his brothers while he stood there being primmed and prodded at Madam Malkin's robe shop. Arthur and Ginny gave a nod of understanding and headed off, followed shortly by the three boys.
    "I mean it! Don't get into any trouble, and don't get distracted! Head right on over to Madam Malkin's and don't take any detours!"
    Fred, George and Ron waved off their mother's comment and headed towards the shop, but they could barely help but be distracted. They didn't have robes on their minds, after walking up to Quality Quidditch Supplies, and oogled the new Nimbus 2000 in the window.
    "Man, what I'd give to have one of those!"
    "You said it Georgie. Slytherin'd stand no chance if we had those in our arsenal of tricks!", replied Fred.
    "Speaking of two up for a bit of adventure?", George said as he gestured towards Gambol and Japes Wizarding Joke Shop.
    "But mum said no distractions.", Ron mumbled, as he continued to gaze at the beautifully polished broomstick in the window.
    "Don't be a git. Are you gonna tell on us?"
    "I'm not a git! And no, I'm not a tattler. I just feel that somehow she'd find out anyway. She's psychic, she is. I swear it! Remember when I hid that gnome in Ginny's closet, and she somehow knew it was me? Or the time you put that dancing curse on the ghoul upstairs? She knew that as well! She's got eyes everywhere, I know it!"
    "Pssh...she's not psychic, you just look adeptly guilty and she weasled the truth out of you, that's all. Come on then, let's get over there so we get get your stupid robes hemmed before she knew we ever went to the Joke Shop. Dr. Filibuster has a few items I need with my name on it! Filchy's in for a treat this year!", George replied.
    "Filchy?", Ron said confused.
    "Yeah, Filch the caretaker at Hogwart's. You know, the squib we told you 'bout. He's got it in for us, but we're not going down without a fight. Right Georgie?"
    "Right Fred!", grinned George.
    Fred and George headed straight away, dragging Ron behind them, whose gaze was still upon the Nimbus 2000. Upon reaching Gambol and Japes, it seems it was the only shop not completely packed with people, to the trio's delight. This would make their excursion a bit quicker, and make it less likely Mrs.Weasley'd ever find out they were there. The only other person in there, it appeared, was a young man wearing a Gryffindor Quidditch sweater and dreadlocks.
    "Hello there Lee! I figured I'd see you. Anything good in here we gotta check out?", said Fred.
    "Heya boys! Have a good summer, did ya? Yeah, there's loads of great new stuff up at the counter!", he said, but continued in a whisper, "...but for the really great stuff, ask to see the stuff in the backroom." He gave a wink. "Dungbombs, new Dr. Filibuster Wet Start No Heat fireworks, Pixie Attracting scent, Mr. Malavious's Magnificent Monkey Make-over....It supposedly turns the victim into a dancing chimp for 6 hours...hat and all! The list goes on, so just go ask. Who's this then? Your brother?"
    "Yeah, he's a prat, but he's still our brother, so be nice to least for now.", grinned George.
    Ron glared and then extended his hand to shake, "Ron...Ron Weasley. Nice to meet you."
    Lee shook his hand, "Wow, it bit cordial are we? Lee Jordan. You as much trouble as your brothers here? I hope so, and I hope we see you at the Gryffindor table at the sorting. Well boys, I must be off. I still need to get my supplies, and my father expected me over an hour ago. Time flies when you're having fun an' all. See you in a few weeks! Look sharp there, Ron!" Lee exchanged goodbye's, and headed out with his arms full of Joke supplies.
    "He seems nice." Ron said honestly.
    "Yeah, he's loads of fun too. Just wait until you hear the first Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin, Lee does the announcements and it takes ol' McGonagall to keep him in check, which she does barely so when it comes to Slytherin. I don't suppose she'd be able to stomach another Slytherin win over Gryffindor this coming term or else I fear she just may throw herself off the astronomy tower." replied Fred.
    "Not to mention, Lee's sorta a comrad in arms when it comes to torturing Filchy, and he has a brilliant mind when it comes to thinking up new pranks." continued George.
    The three boys wandered around the shop, carefully picking out what they were going to spend their hard earned money on. Ron had to admit to himself that coming in here was a good idea and there were so many things that he wanted for himself. However, to his dismay, he realized he didn't have a Knut or a Sickle to rub together, and had to look upon his brothers in jealousy instead.
    About thirty minutes had passed, and the boys finalized their purchases and continued onto the chore their mother had given them. Madam Malkin's was, of course, packed to the brim with people, all waiting to be fitted for their robes. It appears that Madam Malkin was nearing an anxiety attack if it wasn't for the dozens of enchanted sewing kits she had working doubletime at her side. Measuring tape was floating about, twisting and turning in the air like some sort of serpent, taking careful measurements. Shears were flying here and there making precision cuts. Needles and thread were weaving in and out of the various hems of the robes they were altering at break neck speed. In the distance, the brothers saw the tuft of curley red hair of their brother Percy standing in front of a mirror, admiring his reflection.
    "PERCY!" yelled George. "Over here!"
    Percy swung around and gave a disapproving glare at his brother for shouting in a crowded store, and then continued to look at himself in the mirror.
    "Come on pretty Prefect Percy, you look gorgous enough. Oi! It's Ron's turn! Let's get this over with!" Fred continued.
    Percy swung around again, and it appeared he gave a rather rude gesture to his brothers and walked towards them. Ron stepped forward and the measuring tape went right to work.
    "Very funny gentlemen, very funny. We'll see who's laughing when I give you detention" Percy said smugley.
    "Ooooo....that's pretty bloody frightening, right Fred?", George said as he pretended to shiver and look dramatically scared, before both twins broke into laughter.
    "Go on then, keep on laughing. We'll see who's laughing in the end!", blurted Percy before he stormed out of the store.
    Ron looked over at his brothers, underneath the ribbons of measuring tape, and through a spiderweb of thread, "He can't really do it, can he? You know, give you detention?"
    "You too, little brother. Prefects can justify, if you can call it justice, giving out detentions to whomever the feel deserve it.", replied Fred.
    "But don't fret, I doubt he'd ever give us detention.He's all mouth and no trousers and he knows how miserable we'd make his life if he tried. Remember when we made all of Jensen's robes vanish during that quidditch match for lecturing us on the fine qualities that us Weasley's lacked? I know Percy remembers, he actually thought it was funny. Yep, Ron, Percy does indeed have a sense of humor afterall!"
    "Well, that's a relief. I don't know how I'd face my friends if I'd recieved detention from my own brother!", Ron said with a nervous smile.
    "I said I doubt he'd give US detention, I didn't say anything about you. In fact, you may want to head straight away to the dungeons and get right to work on doing some lines. Maybe, 'I swear that I will stop being such a nitwit.'",  George smirked.
    Ron gave an anxious laugh and continued to stand there while his robes were being hemmed. It seemed like hours to Ron, standing there. His legs felt weak and he was getting sick of the comments, as he knew would come, from his two older brothers. Finally, "Ok there boy, you're all finished! I'll just send an owl to your parents with the charge. Off you go then, move along. I got people waiting!", said Madam Malkin.
    Ron hopped off the stool and took a look at himself in the mirror. He didn't look nearly as bad as he expected, which was probably the best thing to happen to him that day. He really would have liked to have purchased a few things at the joke shop, but right now, all he really cared about was getting to the ice cream shop. There was a fabulous pumpkin ice cream he was anxious to try, and he wasn't going to miss it.    


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The Boy Who Lived (With his Parents and Many Siblings): The Boy Who Lived (With his Parents and Many Siblings)


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