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Once Upon a Cruise by Stellee123
Chapter 2 : Dominique, Flirts, and Deadly Laser Tag
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 Well, here’s chapter two! And, I’ve decided to do Chapter Songs again! Yay!!!

BREAK YOUR LITTLE HEART by ALL TIME LOW is the song for Chapter Two. It goes with the end of this chapter [no peaking.] and will tie in later. (; hint, hint.


Hope you enjoy!







Scorpius Malfoy stepped off of the gangplank and onto the ship. He looked around at his surroundings. The Malfoy family was standing on a promenade walkway that wrapped around a court. To the right was a juice bar, and to the left was a hot tub. Table and chair sets were scattered around, and people were everywhere. Against the wall the juice bar was on, was a grand opening that led into a large hallway. Off of that were other important rooms, stairways, and more hallways. A wide spiral stairway was in the middle, swirling up into a second floor. The floor, also the court's ceiling, was the same length and width of the court to cover everywhere until the railing that would overlook the ocean, but now overlooked a port in Belfast.

"Scorpius. Come on." Draco Malloy spoke in a stern voice, barely glancing at his only son.

Scorpius sighed and followed his parents and their steward to their suite.

As Scorpius set foot inside the suite, he was taken aback. The room was amazing. Right away, you walked into a living room. It was nicely sized with leather furniture and a huge tv mounted on the wall. On one wall were two doors and on the other were two more. One was a bathroom, one was a master bedroom, and the other two were medium sized rooms.

Scorpius took his luggage into one of the two medium sized bedrooms and looked around. There was a twin bed, a closet, a bookshelf, a dresser, a desk, and a TV on the wall. Scorpius crossed the room and opened the window, enjoying the light breeze that flowed in. He unpacked his stuff and set his laptop on the desk, along with quite a few books on the shelf. The books ranged from Hogwarts textbooks to Muggle fiction and nonfiction with a wide array of genres.

Then, as Scorpius was unpacking his wand, Astoria Malfoy walked in, frowning as her eyes landed on Scorpius' laptop, iPod, wand, and phone.

"This cruise is supposed to be to get /away/ from technology and magic." She said, shaking her head.

Scorpius' eyes widened.  "No magic?!" He questioned, shocked.

Astoria smiled slightly. "It's a Muggle cruise, dear." She told her son.

Scorpius sighed. "Fine," he said, walking out of the room. "At least we're away from those horrid Weasleys." He stated.

Astoria stared after Scorpius, troubled. She doesn't like how Draco had taught Scorpius to despise the Weasley family. But it seemed too late to help.


Rose flopped down on her bed, exhausted. From above, Dominique peeked over the edge of her top bunk, down at Rose.

"You're not tired /already?" She said amusement clear on her face. "It's only 4 pm." She told her cousin, glancing at the clock.

Rose stared up at her. "No. Just exhausted." She said. "It's been a long day."

Dominique climbed down from the bunk. "True."  She said.

"Um, Dom, shouldn't you be in your suite unpacking?" Rose asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I probably should be, but I'm not." Dom grinned. "I mean, I don't care to watch Vic sort through her makeup and Lou rant about the poor wifi signal." She said.

Rose laughed. "Why don't we do something?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I heard there's a game of laser tag going on in the arcade." Dominique said.

Rose grinned. The Weasleys often played games of family laser tag in Muggle Arcades. They did a lot of things most Wizarding families didn’t.

“Sure!” Rose said and followed Dominique out of the room. The two girls grabbed room keys and headed out.




Scorpius Malfoy grabbed a laser gun and looked around.

“You like laser tag?” a boy about his age said, walking over. He had dark brown casually messed up hair and green eyes, tall for his age.

“Um, yeah. I guess?” Scorpius said. Truth was he had only ever played once. The only reason he was even here was Astoria insisting he went and made friends.

“I’m Jack.” The boy said, nodding.

“Scorpius.” Scorpius said, his eyes flicking to Jack and then back around the room. He had a weird feeling someone he knew would walk through the door at any minute. This thought unnerved him greatly.

“Well there’s a sexy lady.” Jack said a sly grin on his face.

Scorpius followed Jack’s gaze and he nearly had a heart attack. Rose and Dominique Weasley walked through the door, chatting about something. Scorpius knew Jack was talking about Rose when his eyes stayed glued on her as Dominique went to check the two girls in.

Rose then noticed them. “Malfoy?!” she yelled, looking at him in horror.

“Weasley!” Scorpius seethed, livid.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” They both screamed in sync.

“I asked first.” Rose insisted, glaring at him, her hard-headedness showing.

Scorpius rolled his eyes. “What do you think? I’m on vacation. I can guess why /you’re/ here,” he said, smirking. “A maid? Need more money for your family?” he said in a malicious voice.

Rose winced, trying not to show how much his insult stung. “No! I am also on vacation.” She snapped.

“What’s Blondie doing here?” Scorpius said, glancing at Dominique who was arguing with the person at the counter.

“She is also on vacation. It’s a family thing, Malfoy.”

Suddenly, Jack cut in. “You know her?” he asked a bit jealously.

“Unfortunately.” Scorpius growled.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Rose said, glaring at Scorpius.

“You know I hate you with a passion, Weaselette!” Scorpius said in a cruel voice.

“I will kill you!” Rose yelled, launching herself at him.

Just then, Dominique came back. Her eyes widened at the sight and yanked Rose off of Scorpius before she could do any real damage. To be honest, Scorpius was a bit scared of what she would do to him.

“Woah! Rosie, what the hell?” Dom said, frowning.

“Look! The stupid ferret’s mistake of a child is here!” Rose said, clenching her fists. She pointed to Scorpius, promptly slapping him as she did so.

“Stuck-up.” Scorpius muttered, fighting the instinct to put a hand to his throbbing cheek.

Dominique shot Scorpius a look. “We’re not leaving.” She stated with a threatening look.

“And you think we are?” Scorpius mused, referring to him and Jack, who was currently trying to flirt with Rose:


“You’re certainly beautiful like a Rose...” Jack said, giving her a charming smile.

“Piss off.” Rose said, seething in her rage.


The announcer told everyone to get ready. The guns turned on and people hid.

“We. Will. Liquefy. You.” Rose whispered, stalking off with Dom trailing behind.


“On your mark, get set, GO!” the announcer yelled, and people shot out from every direction. Colourful lasers were cast around and screams of terror or joy were heard.

Rose shot down two people, glancing around for Scorpius in particular. She spotted him, and shot him repeatedly. Scorpius yelled a few select curses and ducked, shooting her back.

“You arse!” Rose screeched and went into full-out war mode.

The battle was quite funny. The two wished they had had their wands to hex each other into oblivion. Lasers were nice, though, of course. Rose would mutter an occasional spell under her breath, willing herself to master wandless magic. She had been trying to learn it for so long. Scorpius was quite good with a laser gun, hitting her every time. The two focused on fighting to the laser-beam death… Or, just until the game stopped.

30 minutes later, the game ended. The two were forced to cease battle and recoil to their friends.

With a final glare and insult, they left.




“I can’t believe it! It’s only the first day and already Malfoy has to ruin our vacation! He’s out to get my life, I just know it!” Rose ranted as she stalked back to her family’s suite with Dom.

“You need to calm down, Rosie, Dom said. “Yeah, he’s Malfoy. And, yeah, he’s a jerk. But he’s not trying to ruin your life… Just stay away from him. Simple.” Dom shrugged.

“We’re on a fricking ship! If I can’t get rid of him at Hogwarts, I can’t get rid of him here! Do you expect me to just jump overboard and swim home?!” Rose growled, instantly regretting it. She hadn’t meant to rage at Dom. She was just in a state of horror and disbelief that someone she felt so much hatred to could be on the same vacation as her.

“I’m sorry, Dom. I didn’t mean it.” Rose tried, seeing her cousin’s eyes flash.

Dom shook her head. “I know. It’s fine.” She said. “Now let’s go in.” she said, opening the door to Rose’s family’s suite.

Inside, Hugo was playing Guitar Hero to All Time Low’s Break Your Little Heart. Ron and Hermione must have been out, because the music was pounding. Rose must have been yelling too loud in the hall to notice. The neighbouring suites sure could.

Rose stared in shock. “Hugo!” she yelled, but he couldn’t hear.

“Rose, he’s AWESOME!” Dom said, her eyes shining. Dominique was a huge All Time Low fan, and went total band-nerd whenever All Time Low was brought up in any way.

Rose watched with amusement as Dominique ran over and plugged in the other guitar, playing along. Both were on Expert.

This scene was nothing like Rose had ever seen before. She was laughing so hard her sides hurt. The door opened and Teddy ran it, a curious look on his face. He took in what was happening and then Rose gasping for breath on the floor, before bursting out laughing. He held out a hand and helped Rose up.

“We’re quite the family, huh?” he asked, grinning.

All Rose could do was go into another round of hysterical laughter.





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