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Fear by acciorobin
Chapter 5 : Fifth
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Oh my...I don't think anything I say will make you all forgive me for not updating sooner! I am so terribly sorry! I know I said I'd upate on the weekend but school and revision got in the way...But this chapter is very long, so I hope this makes up for it! 

Meg’s eyes fluttered open to the sound of keys dropping to the floor and someone swearing. For a second she didn’t know why her head was on the floor and that she could only see a pair of worn out sneakers, but then she remembered and sniffed, not being able to hold in the tears. With her eyes closed she didn’t see who placed their arms around her and picked her up bridal style. She didn’t need to open her eyes though, she knew who it was.

“Hey, hey, don’t cry. What happened?” Gavin whispered softly, placing her down on her bed.

After a short moment she felt the bed sink slightly and could feel Gavin’s breath on her face. She closed her eyes more tightly. She didn’t want him next to her, but knew she deserved the guilt she was feeling. Opening her eyes slowly, her gaze fell upon a very worried looking Gavin whose eyebrows were scrunched together. At the sight of her eyes finally open he smiled slightly, tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear.

“Meg, what happened?” His voice not was not as soft as before.

Meg bit her lip.

“Did this have something to do with Albus?”

Again, no response. Gavin sighed.

“Okay, I get it; you don’t want to talk about it. I’m only asking because I was worried.”

“I know Gavin,” her voice sounded dry, and very quiet. “I’d like to change now.”

He frowned, but nodded and left the room, picking up his blazer from the floor before leaving.

Once he had gone, Meg buried her face into the pillow and cried some more. She had no idea what to do. Should she tell him? What would he say? He would definitely ask her if she kissed back. But she didn’t only kiss back, she liked it too. She couldn’t blame it on Albus, either, though he had no right to kiss her like that.

Slowly, she had a quick shower and dried her hair, tying it up in a bun. She slipped on her underwear and pyjama shorts with a simple tank top. After getting into bed and making herself comfortable, she decided she’d think more on what she’d do in the morning, now all she wanted to do was sleep all her troubles away.

Just before she closed her eyes properly she heard a light knock on her bedroom door. “Come in,” she said.

Gavin walked in, wearing only tracksuit bottoms, with a slightly sheepish look on his face. Meg forbid herself from looking at his torso, not feeling like she had the right to, but quickly took a quick glance and she blushed slightly.

“Meg? Sorry to bother you but...well I- uh...could I sleep...with you tonight? N-not like sleeping with you, but just sleeping?” He scratched the back of his neck nervously.

Meg looked at him and nodded. “Of course.” She didn’t feel like the reason as to why he wanted to spend the night with her bothered her at all.

Gavin smiled and slipped under the covers with her and held onto her hand.

“Night, Gavin,” she said quickly and turned so that her back faced him.

“Night? Look, Meg, what happened? You can tell me, you know.”

“I can’t!”

There was silence and Meg coughed to hide her sobs.  

“Why not? What did Albus do to you?”

“He didn’t do anything.”

“Then why can’t you tell me?”

“Because I’m scared of...of what’ll happen if I do,” she confessed.

“Whatever it is Meg, I won’t be angry at you, I never could,” he said softly.

“Yes you will!” She was in tears now. “I did something awful, Gavin.”

He reached out and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her shoulder.

“You’d do better if you told me, Meg.”

Meg let out a shaky breathe and turned to face him, surprised at how close they were. Their breaths seemed to merge as one when they breathed out. He kissed her forehead and smiled.

“When...when Albus and I walked out the hotel, we talked for a bit, well talked isn’t really the right word, bickered is. We bickered and then he said he wanted to get to know me. I then foolishly said that his eyes were nice, he told me mine were and when I refused the compliment he kissed me.”

Gavin’s face changed from smiling, to frowning then finally to confused.

“Did you kiss back?”

“Gavin, I wouldn’t be crying if I hadn’t.”

He let go of her hand and frowned, which only made her sob even more.

“Look, I understand if you want me to sleep on the floor, or not want to see me again, I’m just confused and-

“Do you like him?”

Meg frowned. “What?”

“I asked you a question.”

“I...I don’t know myself. When I’m around you I feel pretty, beautiful, happy, but when Albus kissed me I only felt like I needed more, I didn’t feel attracted to him at all.”

Now that Meg thought about it, it was true. When she was kissing Albus she wasn’t doing it because she felt physically attracted to him, but sexually, and she felt like she wanted what they were doing, not Albus himself.

Gavin looked at her and seemed deep in thought.

“So what you’re saying is when you’re with me, you want to be with me, but when you’re with Albus you want...?”

“Yes. Exactly.”

Gavin smirked slightly and moved quickly so that he was hovering above her. He dipped his head down so that his lips were just touching her neck and placed them on there softly. Meg bit her tongue from sighing out loud.

“Are you sure about that?”

He looked into her eyes and blew gently on her lips, making Meg close her eyes and let out a tiny gasp.

“I can’t hear you,” she could hear the smirk on his lips.

Meg opened her mouth but the only thing that came out was a sigh as Gavin nibbled on her earlobe.

“Y-yes. I’m sure,” she opened her eyes.

Gavin raised an eyebrow. “Well, we’ll see about that,” he whispered slowly into her ear and kissed her jaw line, making his way to her lips.

He deliberately skipped her lips and she groaned which made him laugh.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I understood that,” his fingers found their way to the bottom of her tank top and he traced circles onto the skin there.

He was teasing her and she knew he was enjoying himself. Meg smirked and decided to play along with it.

“Oh, I think you did,” she said, letting the words drip off of her lips.

Gavin grabbed her hands and placed them above her head, lowering his face over hers.

She looked at his lips and licked her own. They were so close but still too far for her own liking.

Much to Meg’s delight, he slowly blew on her lips again and licked them before finally kissing her so softly that Meg swore she could’ve melted into a puddle of jelly right there.

She kissed him back, just as slowly and itched to pull her fingers through his hair. He smiled against her lips at her attempt to loosen his grip on her.

“Not too fast, my love.”

He kissed her again but this time his fingers trailed down her arms slowly and to her tank top again, up her shirt and right beneath her bra. Meg gasped from how cold his hands were and Gavin took this as an opportunity and slipped his tongue inside her mouth, letting it explore every nock and cranny in there before battling with her tongue. She hadn’t even dreamed of doing anything like this with a boy, but wasn’t complaining. She moaned as his tongue grazed the bottom of her top lip and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, wanting him closer to her.

He parted from her lips and held on tightly to her torso. “You still sure?”

Meg shook her hair out of her face and laughed lightly. “Yes.”

Gavin looked almost upset and seemed even more determined to make her crack now. His Slytherin is showing, she thought.

Roughly, he kissed her again and let his hands move even higher to her breasts. She moaned and let her head fall backwards, which made him kiss her neck till he found her soft spot and bite down gently, making her whisper his name over and over.

She didn’t care that he was now pulling her top off and unhooking her bra strap. She also didn’t care about what was probably going to happen. But all that she did care about was they she wanted him in every way right now.

It wasn’t until she felt the cold air hit her bare chest that she opened her eyes and blushed. He was looking at her like she was some sort of art piece at a museum and she subconsciously covered her chest, not feeling as bold as she was a minute ago. He put his hand on her arm and stopped her.

“Don’t. You’re beautiful.”

Meg looked up at him and blushed. Gavin moved down to kiss her stomach and tugged at her shorts slightly.

“Meg, are you sure about this?”

She met his eyes and nodded, too deep in bliss to even think about answering with anything else. She closed her eyes but opened them after realising Gavin had stopped. He had moved and was now lying next to her with his elbow propped up and his head on his palm.

“Sorry Meg, you’re not thinking straight,” he tapped her head twice and chuckled.

She pouted and crossed her arms, turning her back on him and feeling slightly annoyed, though she knew he was right. He laughed again and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“I seem to have achieved what I wanted, more even, so you still want Albus for that?”

Meg rolled her eyes. “Don’t tell me you did all of that just for the answer you wanted to hear. You enjoyed yourself just as much as I did.”

“I’ll take that as a no, then.”

She pulled his arm off of her and moved to the end of the bed, making him laugh even louder.

“But you’re right; I did enjoy myself watching you enjoy yourself.”

Meg bit her lip and blushed; glad he couldn’t see her cheeks. She turned around to face him and he pulled the bed covers properly over them, wrapping his arms tightly around her. They stayed in a comfortable silence for a while with her head on his chest.

Quietly, Meg said: “Gavin...Why...Why did you want to sleep next to me?” She traced circles onto his chest, not wanting to make him snap at her.

He sighed and nuzzled his head onto her hair. “It’s stupid,” he mumbles. “You’ll think I’m such a child.”

Meg shook her head. “I swear I won’t laugh.”

Gavin lifted his head to meet her eyes.

“I’m afraid of heights.”

Meg’s mouth formed the shape of an ‘O’. That’s why he was so anxious about being on the top floor!

“So you wanted to be with me because...?”

“I haven’t slept on a floor above the ground since I was 6, my bedroom is on the bottom floor of my home, and whenever I do sleep a level up, which is very rare, I’m always with my mum.”

He blushed and hid his face in her hair again.

Meg ran her fingers through his hair and lifted his head up.

“Gavin, to have a fear is never something you should be ashamed, you just have to embrace it, find a way around it or...well, live with it,” she smiled kindly at him.

She knew exactly what it was like to fear something. To fear something so much that it rattles the mind and racks through your body like waves.

He nodded, giving her a silent thank you and she kissed the bottom of his neck.

“It’s only fair I get something in return for telling you that.”

Meg looked up at him. “What do you want?”

“Why did you need an operation? What happened in that accident?”

Her eyes widened and she put her head down, surprised he had remembered that. She closed her eyes tightly.

“I...I was in car crash, when I was 7.”

She felt him rub her back and she closed her eyes even tighter- if that was possible. She hated having to even think about what happened in that storm-

-Stop it-

“I needed...My leg was-

She sniffed and mentally cursed as a tear fell down her cheek. Gavin reacted straight away and kissed the top of her head.

“Stop talking. You don’t have to tell me. I don’t care anymore.”

Meg nodded and wiped her tears away. “Thank you.”

He smiled and kissed her cheek.

“Can we go to sleep now?” Her eye lids suddenly felt 10 times heavier than before.

“Yes. We can,” he laughed. “Night, my love.”

Meg beamed and laid her head onto his chest. “Good night, Gavin.”


Opening her eyes, Meg yawned quietly and was almost startled when she realised someone was holding her. Her eyes widened in panic but sighed in relief when she saw it was Gavin and laughed at herself, it wasn’t every morning that Meg woke up in a boy’s arms.

Smiling at Gavin’s sleeping face, she gently wriggled out of his arms and picked up her discarded clothes from last night, her cheeks heating up just at the thought of them and quickly hopped into the shower.

After wrapping a towel around her body she walked back into her room and quickly put on her underwear, a pair of tracksuit bottoms, a bra and an oversized jumper. She loved loose clothing, she found them so cosy.

“Morning,” she heard Gavin say sleepily from her bed.

Meg turned her head and sent him a smile. “Good morning, hurry up and get dressed, I want my breakfast.”

Gavin groaned and dropped the bed coves over his head. “5 more minutes.”

She giggled and jumped onto the bed, sitting on what she thought was his back.

“No. I’m hungry. Or I could just leave without you...?”

“Fine. Fine! I’m up,” he shoved her off and almost ran to the bathroom.

Meg laughed. “Be quick! I’m giving you 10 minutes tops!”

“You’ll see me in less than 5!”

She rolled her eyes and did her bed, and then wandered around the hotel room, feeling bored. She spotted the door of Gavin’s room slightly ajar and thought about taking a look. It wouldn’t be invading privacy, as it wasn’t his actual room, so she quickly walked in before she thought about it any longer, though she still did feel it was slightly wrong.

Looking around, she laughed softly, they had only been there a day and he had already made it seem like it had been his room forever. There were clothes on the floor, his suitcase still open and not unpacked; his guitar was propped up against the wall with his broom next to it. It had completely slipped Meg’s mind that he played as a Seeker on the Slytherin team. His Quidditch jersey was lying on the floor, with the words ‘Cooper’ on it and the number 6 underneath it. One thing that stood out to her was that the blinds were closed, and it looked as if he hadn’t even touched them since they arrived. Her head snapped to a small hoot and realised that a black owl with beady yellow eyes was staring her down from the cage it was in on the floor.

She ignored it and spotted a frame on the table next to his bed and picked it up, smiling at it. It was of his family. He had one of his sisters on his shoulders with the other in his mother’s arms, and his father had an arm around her waist.

“What’re you doing?”

Meg jumped and put the picture down, turning around to face a still wet and shirtless Gavin with a sheepish look on her face. He was rubbing a towel onto his head and smirking at her.

“Well the door was open and I was curious? I didn’t go through your things or anything,” she said quickly. Her eyes kept on trailing down his chest and Meg had to look away to stop herself.

He’s doing this on purpose, she thought.

“Oh I don’t mind,” he shrugged and walked in, getting a plain t-shirt out of his suitcase.

Meg nodded and stood there, feeling a little like a deer in headlights, once he had put his top on he held onto her hand and pulled her out of the room, they slipped on a pair of trainers and started to climb down the many flight of stairs to the bottom floor.

“So what happened after I left yesterday?”

“Nothing really, it finished about half an hour after you left, and all he did was ask us questions. Something doesn’t feel right about him, don’t you think?”

Meg nodded but kept quiet. After staying silent for a little while she asked him something that had been bothering her all night.

“Gavin...Why aren’t you angry with me?” She whispered to him.

To her he had the right to be angry with her and not want to speak to her again, but instead he was just showering her with more love.

He looked down at her and smiled a little. “I told you last night, I couldn’t ever be angry at you.”

Meg felt the butterflies in her stomach flutter and she blushed.

“But most people would be angry if someone did the same thing I did to you.”

“It’s because I know I have you wrapped around my finger, Potter has nothing on me,” he shrugged and laughed. “I trust you.”

She laughed with him and rolled her eyes, swinging their interlocked hands back and forth.

“I trust you too,” she smiled at him and pecked his lips.

He opened his eyes and gaped at her. “That all I get?”

Meg giggled. “Yes.”

Gavin reached his arms out to pick her up but she slipped away from his hands and started to run down the rest of the stairs. She heard him running after her and she laughed, knowing he’d be too slow. She jumped two at a time and finally jumped down onto the ground floor. He somehow ended up right behind her, making her startle and threw her over his shoulder.

Laughing, she cried, “Gavin put me down!”

“Say Gavin is the sexiest boy I’ve ever known and the best kisser to live!”


“They you’re never coming down.”

“Fine, fine! Gavin is the sexiest boy I’ve ever known and the best kisser to live!”

He put her down and she felt the wall behind her. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed his lips softly, biting on his bottom lip slightly. Smirking, she felt his mouth open as a small moan escaped his lips and she slid her tongue in there.

His hands found there way on the back of her thighs and she jumped, quickly wrapped her legs around his waist. Dragging her fingers through his hair she rolled her eyes back as he kissed her neck, gasping quietly.

“Having fun?”

Both teenagers let go of each other abruptly at the sound of the voice and turned to face an amused looking Albus Potter standing there. Meg saw something else in his eyes too, something like-

“Maybe we were. Spying on us, Potter?” Gavin said, glaring at him slightly.

Meg didn’t think they were friends anymore.

“Definitely not. I was just heading back to my room when I saw you two,” he said, keeping his eyes on Gavin, it was as if Meg wasn’t even there. 

“Well, continue. Don’t let us stop you.”

They stared at each other and finally Albus started walking up the stairs. Meg let out a breath she didn’t even know she was holding in.

“Come on,” he said and they walked into the dining room hand in hand.

The round table was there just like last night and the room was empty save for themselves and a rather upset looking Sylvia. Meg frowned and sat next to her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

“Hey, you okay?” She asked her softly.

Sylvia looked up from her bowl of cereal to meet Meg’s eyes with her own, watery ones. She pulled Sylvia into a hug and kept her there, rubbing her back gently. After Sylvia had seemed to cry out every tear she had in her she pulled away from the hug and rubbed her eyes.

“Sorry, I must look like a right fool,” she said, her voice hoarse.

Meg shook her head. “No, you don’t. What happened?”

“John...John and I had a fight.”

Now, if this was anyone else, Meg would’ve told tem that it was just one silly fight and that she shouldn’t worry about it, but this was Sylvia Rolfe talking about John Clarke. They never fought. Everyone in the school knew them because they were so in love and always by each other’s side.

“About what?” Meg held onto her hand.

“It was something stupid, I had just blurted out why he hadn’t told me that he couldn’t walk on a stair case with anyone else on it and he just snapped at me and started yelling! I got scared and yelled back and it went from there. He slept on the sofa and still isn’t talking to me,” she let out a sob.

“Sylvia, this is you and John we’re talking about here, you’ll make up sooner or later, just talk to him about it, gently.” Meg smiled sympathetically at her friend and patted her hand.

Sylvia seemed to think about it for a moment. “Alright, thanks Meg,” she hugged her again and seemed to spot Gavin sitting next to Meg.

As she pulled away she whispered into Meg’s ear. “So you two are together, then?”

Meg rolled her eyes and Sylvia laughed. “Yes.”

Sylvia eyed Gavin up and down, who was almost innocently eating his toast, made an OK sign with her hand and winked at Meg. She laughed and waved as Sylvia slipped out the hall, probably going to speak with John.

They ate their breakfast in a comfortable silence and when they finished hand in hand they walked back to their room. Meg was starting to wish the hotel had lifts. Upon opening the door to their room Meg spotted a slip of paper on the floor. She picked it up and read it aloud.

Gavin + Meg,

Please meet me in the hall which is somewhere on the floor you’re on, it won’t be hard to find, at 12 o’clock noon. I will be telling you about the test you will be doing in three days time.

See you then,

Prof. Fletcher

“Maybe this time we’ll actually get some useful information. All he ever tells us is that the test will be ‘different’ to a normal one, whatever that means,” Gavin shrugged and sat down on the couch.

Meg, still looking at the piece of paper, sat opposite him and crossed a leg over the other.

“What do you think we’ll be doing?” She asked him, finally raising her head off of the paper.

Gavin shrugged again. “It could be anything, from jumping off a cliff to watching each other burn.”

Meg’s eyes widened, she hadn’t thought it would involve anything to do with hurting themselves of one another.

Gavin laughed at her facial expression. “I’m kidding, but I don’t know, I’ll guess we’ll just have to wait and see, I just can’t wait till all of this is over, really, I’m starting to miss the castle a lot,” he laughed and scratched his eyebrow, something Meg realised he did often.

“I do too, I miss my friends,” she said and bit her lip. She wondered what they were doing right now, it was a Sunday, so Amanda was probably playing Quidditch, Chloe might’ve been doing some last minute homework in the common room and Michael would be sitting opposite her, reading a book and slightly amused, after all he’d done all his homework the day they’d got it. She then had a sudden urge to talk to them.

Meg sighed in frustration. “I wish I had brought my owl!”

“You can use mine?”

She smiled. “Really? You don’t mind?”

Gavin shook his head. “Not at all, Shadow is in my room whenever you need her,” he returned her smile and looked at his watch, yawning.

“If you need me, I’ll be sleeping; it’s only just gone 10.”

Meg nodded and rushed to get a piece of parchment and the quill she had brought with her, sitting at the table in her room she dipped the quill into the ink pot and started to write.

Dear Chloe, Amanda and Michael,

Sorry I didn’t owl you sooner, it’s been so crazy here. I know you have lots of questions and I’m going to try and fit everything in this letter, we start the test in three days!

So how has everyone been? Please don’t tell me you’ve missed me too much! Kidding, kidding. But I won’t deny that I’ve missed you three very much. I can’t wait to get back to Hogwarts.

I’m sure the whole school was watching us last night. Did I look alright? Sound alright? I didn’t look stupid at any point, did I? You know how much I hate the camera being on me.

We haven’t had much information on the test, you know the same things I do, that it’s not the kind of test you do at school and that it’ll be on the mind. I hope I do alright; otherwise I’d look like a right fool. Professor Fletcher is definitely something. To be honest I find him rather odd...Creepy odd.

I’ve got something to tell you; this is mainly towards Chloe and ‘Manda, so Michael, you can look away now and continue reading your book or complaining about the weather.

You know Gavin? Gavin Cooper? Well, I’m not sure if it was obvious last night but we’re sort of a...’thing’ now. We’re boyfriend and girlfriend. I know exactly what’re thinking! How weird is that? You wouldn’t expect me to have one, would you?

But anyway, we seem to be getting on pretty well, and it all seems alright really.

I hope I see you three soon! I miss you all very much!

Reply to me as soon as you can.

Love always,


Meg put down her quill and read through the letter once more for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors for her own sake; if Michael saw one misplaced comma she wouldn’t hear the end of it.

When she was happy with it she tiptoed into Gavin’s room, and stared at him sleeping for a bit. He had one arm under the pillow, the other on top of the covers and he seemed to be smiling in his sleep. She wondered what he was dreaming of and Meg couldn’t stop the smile that crept onto her face and wished she had a camera with her, his face was too adorable for Meg to forget.

Finally, her gaze left him and she walked up to the owl, Meg remembered he had called it Shadow, and slowly opened her cage, scared it would start to squawk at her. Alas, it did and she panicked, afraid the noise would wake Gavin up, quickly glancing at him and she rolled her eyes. He hadn’t even stirred.

After rolling the letter up and sealing it, she waited for the owl to put out her leg but all she did was stare at Meg. She couldn’t believe she was finding an owl intimidating.

After about a minute it finally stuck her leg out, as if she was being forced into it and Meg slowly tied the letter to the foot, opening the window so that it could fly out, once it had flown away, Meg leaned out the window and admired the view. She could barely see the ground from how high they were. She thought of Gavin and how uncomfortable he must’ve felt when he realised they were at the top. Sighing, she leaned her head on her palm and closed her eyes as the wind brushed her hair around her face.

She didn’t know how long she was there for, but it must’ve been a while. She frowned and moved her head to the side, hearing something- or someone breathe in and out rather heavily. After a moments thought, she realised it was coming from inside the room and, horrified, quickly closed the window. She looked over at him and ran to pull him into a hug, letting him bury his head into her hair.

“How long have you been awake for?” She whispered to him.

“A while, I watched you at first, you looked so relaxed, but then I realised the window was open and all I could see was the blue sky and then I remem-

“Shh,” Meg placed a finger on his lips. “It’s okay, you’re okay, you’re safe, Gavin.”

Her heart broke when she heard him sob and she held him tighter; he must have experienced something very awful for him to be so afraid of heights. She had never seen a boy cry before.

When he finally pulled back he smiled weakly and Meg kissed his forehead.


“You ready?”

Meg looked herself over in the mirror once more and nodded, holding onto Gavin’s outstretched hand, the slip of paper Fletcher had given them in the other one. After Gavin felt a bit better, they talked some more and decided to get ready for the meeting they had at 12.

They walked and walked and walked around their floor and after about 10 minutes Gavin almost gave up before Meg spotted a huge door, identical to the one on the bottom floor and they both walked in, stopping dead in their tracks because of what they saw before them.

The room was huge in width and length, almost the size of the Great Hall, but the height of it was double that. Meg couldn’t see the ceiling. Not that she was looking for it anyway. Her eyes were stuck on what was opposite her.

A window, taking up the entire wall opposite them, in width, length and height, making it able to see everything, was there. There wasn’t much to look at though, only sky, sky and more sky. But it wasn’t the same blue Meg was looking at under an hour ago. It was grey and raining and it looked like there was a thunder storm was going on. Only when the sky was lit up with a bolt of lightening did Meg realise they were in complete darkness, and she could hear the thundering sound of raining belting onto the rooftop, almost so loud it was deafening. Meg couldn’t move or speak. She was frozen on the spot and too terrified to get out the room.

She heard Gavin’s breathing become heavier, rustier and wished she had the will power to grab onto him to shield him from what was opposite them, not only for his sake, but for hers.

The thunder storm outside was getting worse, trees were getting pulled down, she could hear the howling of the wind, like a wolf in the night, and the occasional roll of thunder and flash of lightening.

 The memories were all rushing back to her, this time to forcefully for her to stop them.

“Mummy Mummy! I’m hungry, are we home yet?”

-Stop it!-

Meg sat down on the floor and put her head in-between her legs, crying so hard and so scared that she felt the tremors rack through her body like a wave.  She closed her eyes tight and let the memory wash over her.

“We’ll be home soon, my darling. Look outside your window, it’s going to take a while,” her mother replied to the impatient 7 year old.

Little Meg pulled at one of her curls, pouted but looked out her window anyway, letting a small gasp escape her lips. It was raining so hard that the cars window wipers weren’t fast enough to wipe the screen of water and the ground was covered with about 5 cm of rain water now. Meg looked up at the sky and gasped loudly this time. It was as if the sky was sucking them all up. It was dark, grey and black, Meg jumped and clamped her ears shut as a loud clap of thunder echoed through the motor way into London and she let out a small scream as everywhere was lit up by a strike of lightening.

“Hey now, Meggie, no need to be scared, it’s only natural,” Meg heard her father’s soft voice come from the front of the car.

“But daddy, it’s so loud,” she whispered to him.

Her mother turned to face her and sent a loving smile her way.

“Baby, put your coat over your head, that might muffle the noise, and you might even fall asleep, then by the time you wake up we’ll be home!”

Meg laughed at her mother’s goofy face and did what she told her, but still found the noise too loud, though she pretended to fall sleep, not wanting to bother her parents any longer.

“Adam, what time do you think we’ll be back?” She heard her mother speak to her father in that soft, quiet tone. She always spoke to him like that.

“Hard to say, Amy love, but I can guarantee we won’t be home for another 5 hours.”

Her mother sighed and she felt the car drive forward slightly.

“Poor Meg is obviously scared out of her wits, do you think you could pull over so I can go to her and see if she’s alright?”

“Amy no, it’s too dangerous to stop now, besides if we do, we won’t be back till tomorrow afternoon.”

“But Adam did you see her face!”

“I did!”

Silence fell and her father kept driving. Meg jumped as another roll of thunder roared above her head and she shivered in her seat. Now the car was moving fast, too fast.

“Amy, come on, think logically alrig-

“Adam watch out!”

Her mother screamed so loud Meg felt a shiver run down her spine and the sound of tyres screeching on the ground filled her ears. The car seemed to hang in mid air for a split second before slamming down on the ground. The glass sprayed out everywhere and Meg screamed, screamed so loud and for so long her throat was sore. There were screams all around her too. She couldn’t breathe and panicked, but quickly undid her seatbelt and when she tried to move from her seat she could only let out another blood curling shriek and felt hot tears run down her cheeks.

“Mummy! Mummy! My leg is bleeding, Mummy! Mummy help me!” She yelled over and over, but she didn’t ever get a response and she couldn’t even see her parents properly, the seats of the car was covering her vision. She looked to her right and realised they were upside down. Her hand was covered with blood and she spotted a few glass shards in it, letting out another sob. Soon, the pain got too much for little Meg, and she closed her eyes, letting darkness wash over her to the sound of sirens in the distance.

She woke up the next day in a hospital bed and was told that she was in a car accident, but she didn’t care what she was in, all she wanted was her mummy.

Meg gasped and was brought back to the present by the sound of metal grinding and she realised that the windows were being covered by some sort of metal curtain. Slowly, she stood up and sniffed, wiping her tears away. She looked to her right and saw Gavin sitting down, leaning against the wall with his head in his hands, sobbing quietly. Instantly, her heart broke into a million pieces and she ran to him, pulling him into her arms for the second time that day. She rocked him back and forth and cried too, for his pain and for hers, for being reminded of the night she would do anything to forget.

“I know...I know what we’re going to be tested on,” he said, his voice hoarse. He looked up at Meg and she wiped his tears away.



Did you like it? Hate it? Tell me! I will try and update by Sunday, but I'm not promising anything! Though, you have my word that I will try my hardest!

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Fear: Fifth


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