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Grand Scheme by charm_the_stag
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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You, don't you see the bridge,
I've built for you, it's just one step to start again.
-Walking On The Edge, Scorpions.

:: I know this chapter has a bit abrupt (jumped from year one to five) start... but that will pan out as the story moves on. Hope you like it! ::

Year Five

Location: Hogwarts Express

“Gwen come quick! Scorpius and Albus are waiting for us in our compartment!” Said an excited Arwen, as she pulled Gwen towards their compartment.

“Slow down Renny.” Smiled Gwen. She looked tired and had dark circles around her eyes.

“Not at all Flobberworm!”She poked Gwen and started laughing at Gwen’s petulant childlike expression. Her laughter was infectious, Gwen found herself laughing along with her.

“Missed you Arwen.” Said Gwen, as she hugged Arwen.

“Right back at you.” Mumbled Arwen.

Arwen’s brown eyes sparkled in excitement.

“So Arwen dearest, you must have been soo bored at home. I heard from a little birdie that you got five hundred letters from a certain someone.”Gwen smirked at her.

“Shut up Gwen.”Retorted Arwen, looking miffed.

Sure you don’t want to talk about it?” Teased Gwen. Her grey eyes sparkling mischievously.

“No Bartlett, I. DO.NOT. WANT to talk about it. “Seethed Arwen.

“Ok! Ok! Renny don’t get your knickers in a twist!” Gwen laughed out loud at Arwen's misery. “Circe, you get worked up so quickly.” She muttered.  

They slid the compartment door open and greeted the boys.

“Hey Renny, Gwenny.” Scorpius greeted them. Albus just nodded his head in acknowledgement.

“Hey Scoopy, Albie... So what’s the surprise?” Asked Gwen. Ignoring the glare both the boys aimed at her.

Arwen locked the door and cast a few enchantments around the compartment and sent a subtle nod towards the boys.

“Gwen, we did something...”Started Scorpius, but trailed off when he saw the look of alarm on Gwen’s face.

“Gwen chill...Watch this.” Arwen smiled reassuringly at her friend.

Gwen looked at her three best friends. Her eyes widening at what she saw before her.  She had different emotions flickering across her face.  Awe, shock, guilt, hurt and anger. This was their big covert operation she suspected they were on! They should have never done something like this for her.

Why?” She choked out.

“We love you Gwen.” Arwen replied, as if it was the most obvious thing. Arwen enveloped her into a hug. No one wanted to discuss the matter any further.

“Oh hey Arwen, rumour has it that you are James Potter’s girlfriend now.” Scorpius feigned nonchalance and then sent her his infamous Malfloy smirk. It was plain to see that he was trying to lift the tense atmosphere.

Arwen groaned.

“What has that prat spread around?”  Asked Arwen exasperatedly.

“Well, aside from the fact that he said that he had to woo you with five hundred letters, I mean wow, Arwen, five hundred! He said that you begged him to make him your boyfriend. The gossip groups have already started spreading it around. Which the time we reach Hogwarts, the latest news would be: Arwen Mallory, an awfully nasty bitch, used a love potion on the first born of the wizarding world’s saviour’s and hate baby crups and throw books at Moaning Myrtle.” Answered Scorpius. Gwen giggled and Albus snorted from behind his quidditch magazine.

“Al, I love you but your brother is a major pain in the ass.” Groaned Arwen, and she covered her face with her hands.

“Well, Renny he has been enchanted by your ‘eyes-that-are-the-colour-of-a-Firebolt-Excalibur’.” Laughed Albus. “When you have magic on your side five hundred letters isn’t that hard to write.”

“That doesn’t explain why he had to write so many letters!”

“He was bored.”That was the best explanation.

“Hey that was in third year when he used that phrase! Remember how he first described it?” Asked Gwen.

The three of them laughed at Arwen’s expense.

They sat and reminisced about their first year at Hogwarts.

Year One

A lone figure stood on platform 9 ¾. King’s Cross stationed did seem busy today with the hustle bustle of weirdly dressed folk and over-excited children, to whom the muggles seemed oblivious to. She looked around at all the families hugging and fretting over their children and her heart sank. She felt a tightening sensation in her heart. She looked at the mothers weeping over the impending absence of their beloved offspring’s and the lonely Arwen’s heart sank further.

Arwen boarded the train carrying her trunk.  Professor Neville had left amply clear instructions on what she was to do when she reached King’s Cross.  

She reminisced about the last few days. Her trip to Diagon Ally had been wonderful. The sight of the magical world had left her breathless and mesmerised.  Her wand was twelve and a quarter inches, Rowan with a phoenix feather core.  Mr.Ollivander did remind her of a decrepit lizard but his energy surprised her and she left with a new wand and respect for the old (being an understatement...ancient seemed more like it) Mr.Ollivander.

Her father had dropped her off in the morning, and with a nod of acknowledgement (maybe secretly conveying love and other emotions, that Arwen was sure that she had conjured it in her head) he left her on the station and drove off.

Maybe she shouldn’t be so emotional, she told herself. She thought she would have gotten used to the loneliness and abandonment. But she resolved to do her best at Hogwarts.  

She left Jet and Joy at a kind old lady across the street. She did not trust her father to look after her pets for her. She had purchased a new owl for company and named the tawny barn owl, Aurum after the colour of his bright molten gold coloured eyes. She found an empty compartment and settled down with Hogwarts: A History.

Suddenly the compartment door opened and two kids came in. Both of them were blonde and looked like siblings.

“May we sit here?” asked the boy.

Arwen nodded. They looked like first years to her.

“Hello, I am Gwen Bartlett and this is my cousin/best friend Scorpius Malfoy.” The girl chirped.

“I’m Arwen Mallory. Pleased to meet you.” Said Arwen shyly.  Making friends weren’t her forte.  Her peers usually seemed to be repelled by her presence or chose to berate her every few minutes. Oh the good days, she thought sarcastically.

“Well, I’m glad we are finally going to Hogwarts! I had been waiting for years. Isn’t that right Scorp?” Asked Gwen, her bright eyes twinkling.

Scorpius nodded. He was a shy kid.

“Well, which house do you want to belong to? I myself want to be in Ravenclaw, my whole family has been there. Scorp over here wants to be in Ravenclaw too, but he thinks he might end up in Slytherin like the rest of his pureblood obsessed family. Though come to think of it, Uncle Draco isn’t that bad. It’s grandpa Lucius that’s still obsessed. His stint in Azkaban may have caused him to lose his marbles.” She giggled.  She continued her ramble about Lucius Malfoy and his lost marbles. Scorpius shot Arwen an apologetic glance.

“I don’t know which house I’ll be put in.” Said Arwen quietly.

“Are you a muggle-born?” asked Gwen.

“Yes.” Replied Arwen warily. She had read about the pureblood prejudices and did not want any trouble. Bullies. She shuddered internally. She had been a victim to bullying and hoped to avoid it at Hogwarts.

“Oh! Cool. I never had a muggle-born friend before. Do you know what a frigigator is? Oh! And I really wanted one of those iPugs or something. Merlin they look pretty. Have you heard any wizarding world music by any chance? You should so totally check out Nargle Domination. Their new song ...”

“Refrigerator Gwenny, and iPod. Mother had gifted you one. It’s not her fault that you wanted to know what would happen to it if you put it in the microwave. “Scorpius smirked at Gwen.

She waved him off and continued.  The train had left King’s Cross a long time ago and the door opened revealing the trolley lady.

“Anything off the trolley dears?” she asked. Arwen was about to refuse but Gwen silenced her reply with a look.

“Arwen you should totally try Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans. I mean ever flavour! It’s time to educate you on the wonderful world of magical candy!“Gwen was jumping in her seat excitedly.


Twenty minutes and lots of beans later.


The door slid open revealing a frantic red headed girl.

“Hey, have you by any chance, seen two delinquents known as James Potter and Fred Weasley  run away with a cat?” she asked in a lofty voice.

“Nope.” Replied Gwen popping the ‘p’.

“Rude.”Scorpius muttered under his breath.

“By the way, I am Rose Weasley. I see that you are all starting Hogwarts with me. Well best of luck and see you around.” With that she went off. Arwen glanced at Scorpius. His seemed agitated and she chose not to question him.

“Ah! Our first run-in with a Wotter. (My was she rude!) Pleasant wasn’t it Scorp? You look like a million bucks.” Commented Gwen.

“Wotter?”Asked Arwen.

“A Weasley or a Potter. They are really famous families.  Harry Potter saved the wizarding world. Wallflower here is scared that he won’t be accepted here because his family fought on the Dark Lord’s side and shall be eternally damned at Hogwarts.  Scared right Scoopy?”

“Bang on Gwendolyn Marie Bartlett.” Gwen grimaced as Scorpius shot her an exasperated look.

“DO NOT CALL ME GWENDOLYN, SCORPIUS HYPEROIN MALFOY!” screamed Gwen. Scorpius seemed unfazed and stared at a Circe chocolate frog card.

“Ummm when are we going to reach Hogwarts?” asked Arwen awkwardly as Gwen glared at Scorpius.

Scorpius looked at his watch. “In another thirty minutes.”

“Okay Scorpius out! The girls need to change. “

With that he walked out grabbing his bag with him. The girls got changed and waited for his return. Arwen seemed to get agitated with every passing minute. What if she failed? What if she was never accepted? What house was she going to be in? 

Gwen sensed her agitation. “Don’t worry you will be fine.” She said kindly, holding Arwen’s hand. Arwen smiled back tentatively.

As they drew into Hogsmede station, Scorpius finally returned, sporting a bruise on his cheek.

“What in the name of Merlin’s pink heart boxers happened to you Scorp? A fight already?” fretted Gwen.

“Sins of the father...” Mumbled Scorpius, trying to evade her eyes.

The train halted and they got off.  Gwen was still fussing over Scorpius.

“What would Auntie Astoria say? Don’t worry about the bruise Scorp; I got something for it... damn Potter! Don’t worry we will get back at that prat. Won’t we?” She said with a maniacal gleam in her eye. “Don’t worry. Your family does not define you! You are your own person and Scorp, you are the nicest cousin I know...” she trailed off with a serious end. Scorpius pulled her into a hug.

“Thanks Gwenny. You are the best. Don’t worry. Umm we can’t get back at them...” Mumbled Scorpius awkwardly. “Father told me not get into trouble.”

Arwen felt a bit awkward for trespassing a family moment but Gwen pulled her hand and they got onto the boat.  

They started to drift towards the castle. It was a magnificent sight. The first years stared at it in awe.

Finally.” Murmured Gwen.

As they walked towards the hall, Professor Longbottom came out to greet them.

“Welcome to Hogwarts. I am Professor Longbottom. There are four houses- Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Your house shall be your family for the next seven years. You shall be awarded points for your achievements. Points are taken away for misconduct. Please wait. I’ll come back when we’re ready for you.”

Rose Weasley was muttering spells under her breath, looking around at everyone with a superior look. Some of them were talking of ridiculous tasks that were to be done to get sorted. She shot them condescending looks. A bespectacled, messy hair boy beside her looked annoyed at her. So were a few students who cracked their emotionless masks to look at the bushy haired girl with disdain. The pureblood children.

“We shall begin the sorting ceremony soon. Please follow me.” Said Professor Neville, who had returned.

The little eleven year olds trotted behind the professor.  They gasped in awe when they took in the Great Hall. The enchanted sky captivated them.  A little ahead of them sat the old and dusty Sorting Hat on a stool.  It started singing a song and when it finished, an applause rang throughout the room. Professor Longbottom started the ceremony.

“Avery, Henry.” Called out Professor Longbottom from a list.

“SLYTHERIN!”  Slytherin’s clapped for their newest member.

“Corner, Ralph.”   


After a few more people...

“Potter, Albus.”

The hall started buzzing, people craned their necks to see Harry Potter’s second son.

 The sorting hat was put on his head. It seemed to take its time. 

“SLYTHERIN!” it finally cried out. 

Everyone was silent. Albus made his way towards the Slytherin table, ignoring the stares he was getting and sat down on the table. His face schooled into an emotionless mask.

His family looked gobsmacked.

 James Potter was banging his head repeatedly on the table. He looked like a fool. Gwen who was sorted into Gryffindor, snorted at the sight.

“Malfoy, Scorpius.”  After a while the hat shouted, “RAVENCLAW!”  Everyone looked flabbergasted.  Scorpius slowly went and sat down at the Ravenclaw table.

“Mallory, Arwen.” She went up and the hat was placed.

“Hmmm...Bright mind...Oh! Very bright! Ravenclaw would suit you. Hardworking, so would Hufflepuff... You are ambitious, maybe Slytherin... What is this I see?... courage... hmm you have made my work harder. It chuckled. Conflicting...yes you are hard to sort... and the secrets you shall find out Ms.Mallory.  Not Hufflepuff or Slytherin which leaves us with Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. You don’t even have a preference. Pity...I would have considered. What truths? All in good time child. Hmm you shall be placed in GRYFFINDOR!” it deliberated.

She walked towards the Gryffindor table and sat beside Gwen who was sorted there. Gwen gave her a small smile. Rose Weasley, Alice Longbottom and June Bradley were the other girls sorted into Gryffindor. Louis Weasley, Alistair Hyde, Eric Holt along with Ralph Corner were the boys sorted into Gryffindor.

The Sorting was done and the hat carried away.

The headmistress Professor McGonagall stood and started her start-of-the-term speech. She talked about the rules and regulations (looking particularly at James Potter and Fred Weasley as she mentioned rule breaking...they snickered and started whispering conspiringly.)

“Let the feast begin!” she concluded.

Arwen stared in awe at the magnificent spread laid out, she cooked at home. It was nice to have food ready for her. She soon dug in like everyone else, sighing in content at the divine cooking of the Hogwarts house-elves.

The prefects lead them to their dormitories where they had to give the password (Polyjuice) to ‘The Fat Lady’ portrait which lead them to their common room.

Arwen climbed onto her four-poster bed and closed her eyes. Her mind in a turmoil over what the Sorting Hat told her.
After humming a few more random tunes (which she had to try on the piano. She wondered if there was one at Hogwarts.) She waited for sleep to take over.

In her dreams she saw a shrouded figure, standing in front of her. She looked around. She couldn’t recognise the place. She wondered what she was doing there and who the shrouded figure was.  She walked around aimlessly. The figure stood there. She couldn’t reach out of communicate. It stood still. Time seemed to stand still. It was getting darker. It was as if she was falling into an abyss.

Scorpius Malfoy received a letter from his father telling him that he was proud of Scorpius.  He made friends with his dorm-mate Malcolm Wyatt (a muggle-born). Malcolm had a weird habit of humming the opening tune of PowerPuff Girls. Other than that he was a cheery guy and fun to be around with. Scorpius hoped his time at Hogwarts wouldn’t be bad but then again Potter and Weasley seemed adamant in making his life hell. His classes were easy, as his family had already arranged tutors a long time ago, for his benefit. The only highlight was the time spent with his cousin and her friend.



Albus Potter was more subdued. His sorting into Slytherin was a shock to everyone. His family were not all that pleased with his sorting. They seemed to be avoiding him. His housemates huddled together and were whispering amongst themselves. He was given looks of contempt. He sat alone most of the time.


As the days passed, Arwen came to enjoy her lessons more than she had in her muggle school. Rose Weasley seemed to take it as a personal challenge if anyone got a spell before her. Alice and June didn’t mind her behaviour, but Arwen and Gwen were not fond of her.

She spent most her time with Gwen and Scorpius roaming around the school. They seemed comfortable amongst themselves. They never got caught, as they were careful in their gallivanting. They spent most of their time in the library. Arwen told them about muggle life, on Gwen’s insistence. She really loved the muggle world.  In return, they told her about the wizarding world and pureblood culture. They spent hours in a hidden alcove they discovered in the library, where no one could find them. She felt happier than she had in years. 

The only downsides to her happy life were two meddlesome, grudge-holding and mischievous brothers.  They loved terrorising the three of them but they didn’t pick on Gwen much because she screeched like a banshee but chose to antagonise Arwen. Scorpius wasn’t targeted much because he had an uncanny talent of evading trouble, even though he was the main reason for their meddling (more like his family’s past was the main reason).


The Day Before Christmas Break.

Location: Gryffindor Common Room, Hogwarts

Arwen was sitting in the common room, finishing her homework as fast as she could.

Her mother's words haunted her sometimes and made her want to do better. She mentally went over the things she wanted to do during the break.  She planned on buying more books during the break. Though her father neglected her, he left her quite a bit of disposable income which she intended to use on her education.

The only person who didn’t seem so happy in Arwen’s educational interest was Rose Weasley. Arwen frowned as she remembered Rose’s basilisk-like glare when the Professor Longbottom awarded her a Mimbulus Mimbletonia for the best essay. Arwen didn’t dwell much on that fact and chose to evade Rose Weasley’s competitive fire.

It was dusk and she sat pouring over her transfiguration homework, her hair created a soft curtain between her and the world. She didn’t even notice Fred Weasley who came bounding towards her.

“Come quick! Your blonde friend hasn’t been found in four hours. She was last seen heading towards the forbidden forest!”He exclaimed.

It was true. She had noticed Gwen’s absence.

“Are you sure she isn’t with Scorpius?” asked Arwen, looking for a hint of deception from the infamous prankster.

“He sent me! Now hurry!”She seemed satisfied with his answer.

She didn’t need any further warning and ran behind Fred who was heading towards the Forbidden Forest.

“Umm Fred... where are we going?” she asked. She looked around a repressed a shudder. The forest was getting darker.

“Hehehe gullible first year!  James and I got a little surprise for you!” Smirked Fred.

“YOU LIAR!” screeched Arwen. She heard another person snickering.

“Let it out Jamie!” Shouted Fred as he backed into the shadows. Both of them where snickering.

Arwen looked around but there was nobody there. She reached for her wand and backed into a tree.

“Potter, Weasley this isn’t funny! I’m so gonna hex you guys to next year!” She was getting scared. Darkness wasn’t her best friend. 

Suddenly a shapeless figure floated around. She peered in its direction.  Summoning her Gryffindor courage and pointed her wand in its direction.

“Ah. Miss Arwen Mallory... we finally meet.” The voice rasped. “Do you know how much time it took to find you?”

‘This is your joke Fred and James?’ She thought.

“Of course you don’t know me. How can you?  You where only a baby when we last met.“ The thing laughed gently. “Only a baby... You can see I am formless... repercussions of my job!”It sighed comically.

“Who are you?” Arwen managed to get out.

‘I’ve had this dream before! That creature in my dream!’ She thought frantically.

 The formless thing had a raspy voice.

“Why, I only came to make an acquaintance today. We shall meet again Ms. Mallory or should I say... Ms.Pe- “the voice rambled and she could not get the last word he said. “Maybe some other day. ”

“What!? Wait!? Who are you? “She frantically asked.

“All in good time..... Obliviate.”  And she collapsed on the ground.


Hours Later.
Location: Saint Mungo's Hospital 

“What where you boys THINKING???” Screeched a voice. 

“She could have died...” said a man’s voice.

“Mom, she ran away. That wasn’t a part of our original plan. Pretending to be a dementor and scaring her a bit. That’s it!” cried out the indignant voice of James Sirius Potter.

“She’s only ELEVEN James! Eleven! How could you drag her into the forest? And you Fred, how could you let him?”

“Umm Mrs.Potter, you are disturbing our patient....”

“Grounded. Till next term. I might not even sign your Hogsmede form...”

“Ginny... the Healer...”

“Common Aunt Ginny, it isn’t so bad...”

“Don’t you start Fred Weasley!”

Arwen couldn’t help but fidget a little. The noise was getting louder. She blinked her eyes open. White light flooded her vision.

She was a bit disoriented.  Where was she? It didn’t look like the hospital wing. She had seen enough of that in her first few months alone.

“Where am I? “  Her voice came out hoarse. She looked around and was floored at the number of people surrounding her. Her eyes widened as she sat up and took in the Weasleys and Potters.

“Arwen you had us worried!” Cried out Gwen. She sat by Arwen’s bed. Her eyes were puffy. Scorpius was sitting beside her. He looked tired.

“Ms.Mallory you are in St.Mungos.” Said a bespectacled, messy haired man.  “I’m Harry Potter and I am so sorry for the reasons you have been put here. Well, mainly at the expense of the entertainment of my son and nephew. We had to bring in an Auror team to look for you. I have to ask you a few questions but you have to rest now.”

“Yeah cause Archer told you to.” Mumbled a red-haired man without one ear. “Hey kid, I’m George Weasley... I see my son put you here. I’ll tell you what! Come over to the shop I’ll show you a few ways to get back Junior. Top secret pranks! “He said, grinning at her. Fred shot his father an annoyed look.

“George Weasley! You will not teach the children your destructive ways!” admonished a kind faced plump woman and then she added softly, “I’m Molly Weasley dear. I’m these brats Nana. “

They continued to argue amongst themselves and introductions were made but Arwen was totally confused.

“What happened?” she asked.

“Dear, you were tricked into going into the Forbidden Forest by James and Fred. They planned on scaring you but you ran away and they couldn’t find you. The teachers were called in after they started panicking and then an Auror team was brought in to assist them. Harry came in with them. They found you after a few hours. You were bruised and had a few broken bones. You couldn’t be treated at Hogwarts, so you were brought to St.Mungos. We sent a letter to your father a few hours back but we haven’t received a response yet.” Said Ginny Potter and frowned in the end at the fact that Arwen’s father hadn’t replied yet.

“He is a muggle.” Murmured Arwen. She didn’t want to mention her father’s lack of concern for his daughter.

“Umm Arwen...” James was nervously ruffling his already messy hair, and then he looked at her.

 “We are s... Hey! Your eyes are like...Your eyes are, so brown... like... Hippogriff poo.” Said James inarticulately, looking dazed.

“What!?”Exclaimed Arwen, looking appalled.

The adults looked amused. Ginny Potter looked exasperated at her son’s train of thought and the kids started laughing. James looked like he had been hit by a bludger. Arwen was embarrassed.

“Apologise.” Commanded Ginny Potter sternly.

“Sorry.” Mumbled Fred.

James still looked dazed. Ginny Potter sighed.

Arwen didn’t reply but she acknowledged his apology.

She felt like something was missing. She didn’t remember running. She had backed into a tree and something was coming after her. A thing that knew her name.  Arwen shivered as she remembered the presence.

“Ah! Ms.Mallory I see you are recovering well. I’m Healer Archer. And please dear Wotters I request you to leave her alone a bit now. She’s over whelmed by your presence and numbers. “Said the healer.

“Some mate you are Reg.” Grumbled George Weasley, as all of them except Gwen and Scorpius trouped out.

“Hey Scorp, how was your first meeting with the entire Wotter clan?” Asked Arwen, smiling Scorpius.

“Hahahah you should have seen Ron Weasley when he saw Scorpius sitting by your bed. Said something about nice bones in Malfoy’s. He started staring at Scorpy as if he was some animal. It was funny” Grinned Gwen.

“They were sort of shocked to know I got put into Ravenclaw.” Stated Scorpius, he had an unreadable expression on his face. Arwen thought she would ask him about it later.

“Why aren’t you at home for the holidays?” Asked Arwen.

“Well, we couldn’t leave our best mate alone in the hospital during Christmas!” Replied Gwen.

“Yeah...We told our parents. You could come over you know. Mum is dying to meet you. But I should warn you. Be careful she loves everything muggle.  She might bombard you with questions.” Grinned Scorpius.

“Hell yeah! Muggles are soo fascinating...” and Gwen started her MuggleRants©, going on about rubber ducks. She had just met Arthur Weasley and they were becoming fast friends. The two of them started excitedly talking about muggles and rubber ducks, much to the dismay of the rest of the clan. George Weasley started banging him head on the wall. Molly Weasley started knitting and Ginny Weasley was so bored she dunked Ron Weasley’s head into one of Arwen’s pies by the table.

“My mum and Gwen are very much alike.” Whispered Scorpius.

“Hey, Mr. Potter would like to have a word with you Ms.Mallory.” Said Healer Archer, who just entered the room. “You two.” He said looking at Scorpius and Gwen.” Your parents are waiting in the lobby. I must say it’s causing quite a stir. Malfoys caring for Muggle-borns. Ron couldn’t stop poking Mr.Malfoy to check whether he was real or not.” He chuckled.

Scorpius and Gwen went out laughing at his father’s predicament.

Harry Potter came in after them.

“Hello again Arwen. I am truly sorry for the trouble my son has caused you. And also for the family battalion we brought along. They wanted to apologise for the action of the boys and meet you. My mother-in-law, Mrs.Weasley baked some pies for you. You should try it.” He gestured towards a nightstand towards her left that was filled with goodies.

”Except for the one where Ron’s head went.” He grimaced.”It’s half eaten too.”

“Hogwart’s is undergoing a bit of fortification and renovation... the reason why you were transferred here. I think my family is the main reason for the renovation. Dominique and Roxanne blew up the girl’s dormitory toilet. Well getting back to the original reason for this visit. As I said before, I needed to ask some questions...I could have waited a bit longer but the quicker we get over with this the better.”

Arwen nodded in assent.

“What do you remember? “

“Weas- Uh... Fred took me into the forest and then called out for James to help him with their prank. Suddenly I was alone and I backed into a tree. A shrouded figure was coming towards me and it said something I could not remember. Its voice was different and I can’t remember anything after that.” She tried to remember but she couldn't.

“You cannot remember how you broke your bones and got those scratches? And you are saying you didn’t run away from Fred and James?” Asked Mr. Potter raising his eyebrows.

“No.” Replied Arwen confused. “I just backed up into a tree near the place where Fred left me.”

“Ok Arwen. Our team found you in a place which didn’t show any signs of a struggle and it doesn’t explain your injuries. Someone wiped your trail clear and left you in an obscure place away from where Fred and James initially wanted to execute their prank.” Frowned Mr. Potter. “I’ll leave you now but one last question; does that scar on your palm make any sense?”

She looked at her right palm. There was a rough swirl, like a Celtic knot. There were eight stitches across it.

“I have never seen it before Mr. Potter. Cannot make any sense of it either."She was confused now.

“Okay, I’ll ask my sister-in-law Hermione Weasley if she can make any sense of the symbol. She is pretty good at these things.” He smiled. “Get well soon Arwen.”

“Thank you Mr. Potter.”

“Call me Harry.” He said and went off.

She lay back on her bed and starting tracing patterns on her palm. She couldn’t figure out what was wrong. It started tingling. Her curiosity was piqued. She kept tracing the swirl. What could this mean? She thought.

Arwen didn’t like being fussed. She was certainly overwhelmed by the number of people who came to meet her today. She was extremely tired and lay back on her bed, quickly succumbing to sleep. She drifted off... Missing the soft glow that encircled her scar.

Year Five

Location: Hogwart’s Express

Yeah... Hippogriff poo eyes. How romantic!” Said Arwen sarcastically.

They settled into their compartment and started a game of exploding snap.


Sooo chapter 2!

Any guesses on what the three of them did for Gwen?
How Albus and the other three became friends will be explained in the next chapter.
Please tell me what you think of this chapter. Thanks!
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, PowerPuff Girls, Walking on the Edge by Scorpions or the other things you recognise.

:: Updated: Well because of a slight change in the main plot I needed to alter a lot of this chapter. Albus is an important character so I wrote more about him, so I wrote more about him from the original script. ::

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