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So Different, Yet So Similar by jokkka
Chapter 2 : New Beginnings
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 [Thank you for the reviews, please keep them coming! I got some help from my best friend too, she even chose out the Chapter Name so I'm not going to take all of the credit!]




She decided to ignore the pale blonde figure for the moment, and continue waving to the Weasleys until they were out of sight. Once Harry and Hermione sat down, Hermione then decided to acknowledge Draco Malfoy. “Is there a problem?” Hermione asked.
“As a matter of fact, there is.” Draco hissed.
“Well, whatever it is, neither I nor Harry could care less. So just save it and save your own time as much as you would be saving ours.” She requested.
“Who are you to order me around, Mudblood?” he declared, spitting the last word out in the end. “Keep it down next time. The whole train could hear you.”
“And who are you to order me around? I can do whatever I want, don’t go bossing me around like I’m some sort of child. And I’m pretty sure the whole train can hear you from all the ruckus you are making at the moment.” All Harry could do during that time was look at Hermione in astonishment as to see that she is standing up for herself, and not only that, she didn’t show any emotion to what Draco had called her just seconds ago. “Look, Malfoy, I think it’d be best if you just left, before things get any worse.” Harry broke in.
With a glare coming not only to him, but to Hermione as well, Draco had left the compartment.


“What was that all about?” asked Harry, still astonished with what he had seen.
“I don’t know, but he surely does not know what the meaning of ignorance is.” She replied.


During most of the train ride, Harry and Hermione were talking about their holidays, and what they were planning on doing when they finished school. They also talked about the possibilities of who could become Head, Prefect and new Quidditch team captain.


“Anything from the trolley?!” shouted the Trolley Lady. She opened the compartment door to Harry’s and Hermione’s compartment, and asked in a much quieter and gentler tone, “Anything off the trolley dears?”
“No thank you, I’ve got a sandwich, which I should start eating.” replied Hermione in the nicest way possible. The Trolley Lady turned her head towards Harry’s direction and he said the same as Hermione. After the Trolley Lady left, they decided to eat their food, and they ended up eating it in peace and quiet. Hermione then decided to read a few books while Harry went to go to see Neville, Seamus and Luna in the compartment next to theirs. Before Harry came back, Hermione quickly put on her robes since they were nearly at Hogsmeade Station, only about 15 minutes to go. After she put her robes on, she decided to sit down next to the window and enjoy the rest of the view.


Once they had reached Hogsmeade Station, the carriages with the Thestrals were waiting for them. She went in one with Harry, Neville and Luna, as it could only fit four. In the Great Hall, the students in her year level sat more nearer to the entrance hall and more further from the front of the Great Hall.


“Good evening and welcome fellow students. We will start off with the house sorting for the first years and after that a few announcements need to be made by Professor Dumbledore.” started Professor McGonagall. “Could Isabella Bianci please come and sit on this stool?” The little girl had wonderfully long dark brown hair, it reached up to about her belly-button. She had lovey blue eyes that really stood out and she had a front fringe, her skin was pale, but looked delicately soft. She cautiously and very shyly stepped forward and sat on the stool, Professor McGonagall gently put the Sorting Hat onto her head. “Hmm.. Where to put you? Where to put you indeed? Hmm.. A puzzle to solve is very intriguing. It better be… Ravenclaw!” Students clapped for her, and she seemed happy with the choice of her house. She went to sit at the Ravenclaw table, waiting for others to join her.
“Rachael Colombo”
“Matthew Colson”
“Ray Darin”


Finally when all the First Years were sorted, Dumbledore stood up to make the announcements that Professor McGonagall had mentioned. “Good evening, students. I bet you’re all wondering what announcements I have to make. I shall try to make it quick for I am sure you are all famished. Now. I would like to announce this year’s Quidditch Team Captains. Quidditch Team Captain for Gryffindor is Ronald Weasley.” The Gryffindor table went crazy, but quickly quietened down. “Now, because Mr Weasley won’t be with us for a while, Harry Potter will be taking his place until Mr Weasley comes back. For Hufflepuff, the Quidditch team captain is… Zacharias Smith.” Another loud cheer, but from the Hufflepuff table. “For Ravenclaw, Cho Chang.” Another round of applause and cheer. “And as for Slytherin, Mr Draco Malfoy!” No one cheered for Slytherin, except for the Slytherins themselves.
“And now! I would like to announce the Prefects. For Gryffindor – Miss Ginny Weasley and Mr Colin Creevey, for Hufflepuff – Miss Milly Sheer and Mr Curt Linn, for Ravenclaw – Miss Tamika Webb and Mr John Harvey, and for Slytherin – Miss Violet Bullstrode and Mr Tom Jenkins!”
Professor Dumbledore waited for the cheer of the crowd to die down, once again. “And now. The final announcement, and the most important yet. The Heads. Heads, please stay back after everyone leaves after dinner. The Head Boy for this year is Draco Malfoy!” A loud cheer came from the Slytherin table and Draco looked up as he heard his name in astonishment and shock. Dumbledore gave him a wink and Draco turned to his fellow classmates and thanked everyone for congratulating him.  The cheers  took a while to die, but it eventually did quieten down. “And Head Girl, is Ms Hermione Granger!” and an enormously loud cheer came from not only the Gryffindor table, but from Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw as well. Hermione was absolutely astonished by the amount of people cheering for her, but looked at Dumbledore thankfully with a smile on her face. “And now without further ado, I say let the feast begin!” and with that, Dumbledore clapped his hands and food appeared in front of everybody. It was as if the students were having a Christmas dinner, only with a whole lot more food and a lot more people too.




Once everybody ate, the Prefects escorted the first years to their dormitories and Harry wished Hermione good luck before he went off to the Gryffindor Tower. Hermione went up to the headmaster and had Draco by her side as well, only though he kept his distance from her. “I just wanted to show you where your Head’s Dorm is.” Beamed the headmaster with a twinkle in his eyes. He showed them the way to the Heads’ Dormitory which was located on the seventh floor. “Mind you, Sir Cadogan will be guarding the dormitory” Professor Dumbledore warned.
“But what if he changes the password?” Hermione asked, worried.
“Don’t you worry about that. If he does, which he shouldn’t, I’ll sort it out.” Dumbledore answered. They finally reached the portrait. “Professor Dumbledore, coming to check if I have changed the password?” asked Sir Cadogan with a cheeky grin on his face.
“No. No. I came to show the Heads the way and give them the password.”
“Ah, the Heads.” He said squinting to see through the dark. “Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy. Very nice. Password please.”
“Love Will Prevail” replied Dumbledore very clearly. Hermione was confused at the choice of password, and so was Draco. They ended up exchanging glances, but turned away quickly. ‘What the hell did I just witness?’ Hermione asked herself. Professor Dumbledore turned around, winked at the two students behind him and moved out of the way to let them through.


Draco gestured for Hermione to go first. She gasped in shock at his action and proceeded. But before she stepped inside, she decided to have a look at the Common Room. All the walls were a creamy white colour and the doors dark brown and wooden. On the left, there was one door which leaded to the Head Girl’s room and on the right there were two doors which led to The Head Boy’s room and the Library. Straight ahead there was a fire and in front of the fire, a black coffee table and on each of its sides, white luxurious one-seater sofas and a long white three-seater sofa facing the fire behind the coffee table. Hermione took her time with taking in what the Head’s Common room looked like. “I don’t mean to disturb your thoughts, but would you mind stepping inside?” requested Sir Cadogan. Draco grunted his agreement. Hermione quickly shook her head, coming back to reality, apologized shyly and stepped inside, Draco following her lead. She noticed the changes when they both stepped inside. The walls changed colour to black, and on her side of the wall, golden swirls swirling up to the centre of the ceiling and blending in with Draco’s side of silver and all three doors changed from the dark colour to white matching the shade of the sofas. 


“Your trunks are in your room and your owls in the Owlery.” Dumbledore informed. “Oh and, perhaps organise a meeting with the Prefects tomorrow, about the rounds and if there are any suggestions for any events or excursions etc.”
“Will do Headmaster.” Draco answered. “And when would you like us to inform you of the suggestions?”
“As soon as possible. And perhaps have about, two meetings per week?”
“No problem, Sir.”
“Right. I shall leave you two now to unpack and go to sleep. Goodnight and farewell.” Hermione and Draco both wished Dumbledore a good night and once he had left they both went to their rooms.


As soon as Hermione had entered her room, she locked it so that not even Alohomora could open it. On her right from the door, was her king-sized bed with red bedcovers, red pillow covers and a red doona all with golden decorations. About three paces from the bed, a desk against the wall, and next to the desk on the left, a door which led to the bathroom. On the left wall, there was a door which led to a walk-in wardrobe. All the walls were red with the exact same golden swirls as in the Common Room.


Hermione quickly got changed into her pink silky pyjamas, brushed her teeth and let her hair out of the strict ponytail it was in and brushed it so it wasn’t all knotty. She then proceeded to quickly empty her trunk and put her clothes inside the walk in wardrobe. She noticed as she was putting her clothes away that there was a mirror at the end of the wardrobe, tall enough for her to see her whole body reflection. She quickly put her toiletries into the bathroom and got into bed.


“Wow, this is the last year.” She thought to herself. “Better make the most of it then. Perhaps maybe do something that would be a good experience. Like flying…” she suggested to herself.She then thought about all her years at Hogwarts and what she had done and achieved. First year – she became friends with Harry and Ron, nearly got killed by a troll, helped Harry along with Ron to get the Philosopher’s Stone before the unexpected Professor Quirrell could. Second year – she was petrified by the Basilisk. Third year – she had punched Malfoy in the face, went back in time to save two innocent lives – Buckbeak’s and Sirius’s and she also flew on Buckbeak during Sirius’s rescue. “Hang on… Buckbeak. Flying. I could be able fly on Buckbeak. Or any other trustworthy hippogriff for that matter. It’s life changing, and it’s a good way of facing my fear of heights! I shall ask Harry tomorrow if he would mind teaching me how to fly a hippogriff! ...”

Hermione then closed her eyes and fell into a dreamless sleep… 


[Not the most eye-catching end to the chapter, I'll try make it better, but please review and give me a head's up on the things I should not do in the rest of my story, and the things that I should do. :) ]

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