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Chasing Madness by smashed_crayon
Chapter 10 : He Who Gins, Wins.
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“I swear that fat bloke was never going to leave.” I groaned, closing the door of Flourish & Blott’s and flipping over to the closed sign. Dom giggled and slid a brand new copy of Advanced Potions onto one of the tall, polished bookshelves.

“He did spend about twenty galleons, I think we ought to be thankful.” She said, kicking the empty cardboard box away and reaching for a new, full one, filled with Jenny Jasper’s Jinxes: A to Z. I walked over to give her a hand.

“Are you going to Gin’s party tonight?” Dom asked me, bending down to pick up an armful of the Jinx books. I nodded and pushed a stray curl behind my ear.

“Yes Sir. You better be going too. If Ginny has let a single member of our family off the hook I will be sincerely peeved.” I took a few books out of her overloaded arms. Dom sighed and grimaced.

“Yes, I’m going. I totally blanked and thought it was in a week, then realized my mistake only yesterday. I spent the rest of the day trying to find a last minute date and dress.” She rolled her eyes, smiling her wide Dom smile. I smiled back at her.

“Who’s your date?”  I asked her. Knowing Dom, even a last minute pick-up was probably some top-notch handsome jewel of a man. She was the kind of girl that all nice, good-looking, incredibly eligible bachelors went for. During our school years she’d always be in these honest, long-term relationships with wonderful guys while me, Luc, and Ivy (before she got with Al) were off attempting to at least hook-up with someone reasonably attractive. It was hard not to envy the girl, but at the same time, it was hard to envy her, when she was so open and un-judgmental about things.

“Just a friend. Adam Carstairs, I met him at Gin’s last party, actually. What about you? Are you going with Eddie?”

I nodded reluctantly. I had filled Dom in on all my recent happenings in the male department, namely, my startling confession to Lucy, her plan for me to call Eddie up, our date… as I told her everything, Dom had tried to her best not to look smug at how right she had been that afternoon at the Burrow, but a satisfied smile had slipped out nonetheless.

“Oh come on, Rosie, it’s not so bad.” She had said, when I had told her about my mixed feelings towards Malfoy. “He’s smart and attractive, and if you both got over your pride you could probably get along really well. Why won’t you give it a try?”

“Because he’s an arrogant sod, Dom.” I had riposted. “He just happens to be an arrogant sod I wouldn’t mind snogging on a regular basis.”

Eddie had been more than glad to accompany me to Ginny’s party, when I had called up to ask him. I had tried to sound cheery myself, but the truth was, I was paling at the thought of subjecting him to my family and my family to him.

“Why don’t you come get ready with us?” I asked Dom, sliding the last of those cursed Jinx books onto the shelf. “It would be nice to catch up some more, and Luc and Ivy haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Sure.” Dom agreed happily. “We can groan and moan together; it’ll be much more fun than groaning and moaning on my own.”

“That’s the spirit.” I agreed, laughing. “Are all those boxes empty? We should be able to close up.” Dom peered into the cardboard boxes littered around the now restocked bookshelves, and nodded.

“I have to nip by my place to get my stuff, but I’ll see at yours, yeah?” She said, stacking the boxes in a pile. I nodded, grabbing my bag and my coat and flicking off the lights.

I followed Dom out the back door, locking it behind me, and stuffing the keys into my coat pocket.

“See you soon, dear.” I told my cousin, giving her a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek. Dom waved and grinned, and apparated out with a loud pop.




I had to stop by  the grocery store on my way home to get some basic supplies, so the sun was just about setting when I pushed open the front door to my building. The afternoon sun was sending streaks of warm, golden light glinting across the marble floors, and it was so nice and peaceful in here that I couldn’t blame someone’s cat for sleeping on a nearby chair.

I made my way over to the stairs, my boots scuffing the hard floor, and had just started climbing the first couple of steps when a shadow fell across my path.

“Weasley.” Malfoy greeted curtly, bowing his head slightly. I scowled at his tall form. He was descending the stairs as I was climbing them, and had stopped only a few steps above mine, his attitude stiff.

“We’re alone, Malfoy, there’s no need to be polite.” I told him coldly, getting a firmer grip on the brown paper grocery bag in my arms. The sight of him had made my heart beat just a little faster, and the knowledge of this fact was making me reasonably annoyed at him.

“I thought I’d make an effort anyway, but I won’t be doing that again.” He shot back, furrowing his brow. I lifted my chin at his words, but the fact that he was looming above me on the staircase dampened the effect of my haughty posture somewhat.

I wanted to tell him I was sorry I was being rude and that really I wouldn’t mind having a conversation with him and if he didn’t want that we could amuse ourselves otherwise, but quickly regained control of my tongue and my brain before it slipped out. Instead I said;

“You’re looking rather formal. What’s the occasion?”

In the name of Merlin’s sequined undercrackers, why did I even bother? If I couldn’t be harsh and cynical, I shouldn’t be talking to him at all! Oh brother.

“Your Aunt Ginny is holding a New Year’s party and my family was invited. Not really my scene but I didn’t want to be rude.” Malfoy pulled at his dressy white shirt uncomfortably. He hadn’t exactly finished getting dressed yet; he was only in a pair of dark slacks and an un-tucked white dress shirt that was rolled up at the sleeves. It looked rather nice on him. I didn’t like it.

“Oh. You’re going to that?” I was momentarily surprised, but then I remembered that Malfoy’s father worked with Uncle Harry in the Auror department. And if the sodding Head of the Ludicrous Patents office was invited, then why not Harry’s co-worker?

“I gather from your dismayed expression that you’re going too?” Malfoy guessed, ruffling the back of his hair. I tightened my grip on my grocery bag and nodded stiffly.

“Do you think we’ll manage civility for an entire night?” I asked him, cocking my head to the side and raising an eyebrow. He smirked.

“I may have to dunk my head in cold water a couple of times, but I’m sure we’ll get through it.” He riposted, before striding purposefully down the remaining steps until he was standing on the marble landing. He turned around to look up at me, breaking me out of my momentary daydream of Malfoy with water dripping off his hair and down his neck, onto his chest, making the white material of his shirt stick the his muscles…

Holy Hippogriffs, I really needed to get a hold of myself.

“You got a plus one, Weasley?” He asked me, squinting up at me through the blonde hair of his fringe. I sent him a glare.

“Yes I do.” I answered curtly. Malfoy looked shocked and placed a dramatic hand on his heart.

“Good grief, the poor bloke!”

“He’s a whole lot luckier than the bint you’ve probably paid to accompany you.” I spat back, feeling a little more hurt than I probably should have at his comment. Malfoy just smirked.

“See you tonight, Weasley.” He said, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

I didn’t answer. I just turned my back and continued my journey up the stairs.




“Look, Luc, I love you to bits, but pink looks awful as fuck on you.” Ivy was staring at Lucy in a half sympathetic, half amused way. She probably could have worded her opinion better, but it didn’t make her words any less true. Lucy could pull off most things. But she could not pull off a hot pink ball gown.

“I’ve got to agree with her, dear.” I sighed, pulling at the bright silk billowing out from Lucy’s waist. My cousin scowled, glaring at the both of us from under the hair hanging in her eyes.

“But I like this dress!” She protested, yanking the fabric out of my hand.

“Well, it doesn’t like you.” I sighed.

“It’s a bold and daring choice!” Lucy went on earnestly. Ivy rolled her eyes and growled.

“You’re a bold and daring choice.” She grumbled, throwing up her arms in protest. I smiled ruthfully.

“Dom?” I asked, turning to my other cousin. “What do you think?”

My cousin turned around to survey Lucy. “I hate to shatter the hopeful expression you’re sending me, Luc, but I’m afraid the others are right.” Dom said, shrugging slightly. Ivy and I cheered in victory, and Lucy grumpily unzipped herself out of the unsightly gown.

“I don’t know what to wear, guys.” Ivy sighed, crossing her arms over her chest. The four of us were gathered in Lucy’s bedroom, dresses strewn about the floor around us, makeup half done, hair half up, and basically in the usual disorganized mess we were in before any kind of event.

“How about that light blue one on the chair there?” I offered, gesturing at said dress. Ivy eyed it uncertainly.

“I don’t get why you don’t wear one of your own, Iv.” Lucy said, shimmying into a new frock, a green one this time. “You are the long pretty dress Queen.” Ivy shrugged.

“I wear them all too often.” She explained. “And they’re too casual.”

“I agree with Rose, you should wear the blue one.” Dom stated firmly, walking over to the chair and throwing the garment over to Ivy. The latter caught it and held it out in front of her. It was knee-length, made of soft blue fabric, with elbow length sleeves and a wide round neckline.  

“I’m always right.” I said, smiling smugly. “You guys should remember that.”

“Right. So that time you told me it was a good idea to dye my hair purple back in sixth year…?” Lucy asked me, looking sceptical. I grimaced.

“Momentary lapse in judgment. Other than that, though, always.”

There was a chorus of dubious Ahhs, Rights, and I sees from my three friends. I scowled. What nonbelievers! What I spoke was truth! Trust me; I’m always right.

“Woah, Merlin, Luc! Who’s pants are you trying to get into tonight?” I exclaimed suddenly, staring at Lucy in bewilderment. The green dress she had slipped on before was now strapped and zipped, and it was a very short, very tight number that offered a very revealing view of her chest area. Dom and Ivy’s faces soon matched mine.

“What?” Lucy tried to look innocent. “What’s wrong with it?”

Before any of us could answer, there came a knock on Lucy’s bedroom door.

“Can I come in?” It was Al on the other side, still knocking. Lucy quickly glanced around at us all.

“Three quarters of us aren’t dressed.” She replied, referring to Dom, Ivy and I’s obvious lack of clothing. Al just huffed from the other side of the door.

“Three quarters of you are related to me and the remaining quarter I’m dating.” He replied. “I’m coming in.” The door creaked open, and he walked in tentatively. He was dressed in a white shirt with a dark blazer and slacks, his hair wet from where he had attempted to flatten it out. It had not worked. His eyes widened as he took in the mess we had made out of Lucy’s room.

“Al!” Ivy exclaimed at the sight of him, dropping her blue dress and running over to him, jumping into his arms. Dom, Luc and I stared as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Merlin, Iv, keep it in your pants.” Lucy scoffed, covering her eyes dramatically. Ivy dropped down to the ground and turned to face us, looking sheepish.

“Sorry.” She said meekly. “Al just looks so darn attractive all dressed up like this.”

“Damn straight.” Al agreed, with a smug nod in our direction. I mimed gagging on my disgust while Dom mimicked shooting herself in the head. Al placed a hand on his wounded heart.

“Anyway.” He said. “Are you guys almost ready? It’s already six. We need to get going.”

“Do we look ready to you?” Dom asked him with a pointed stare, gesturing at our nakedness. Al shook his head slowly.

“Hurry up.” He stated mock-crossly, before placing a kiss on Ivy’s mouth and exiting the room. I thought I caught him muttering a bemused ‘women’  as he left. I swallowed my annoyance.

“Will you braid my hair, Rose?” Dom asked me, as she pulled her pale gold dress over her head. She looked absolutely gorgeous in it, like she was glowing from the inside out. Why couldn’t I ever glow from the inside out like that? How did one manage it? I nodded at her question and began to rummage around the room for my own dress. It had gotten lost when Lucy had begun to fling the entirety of her wardrobe onto the floor.

“Can I borrow these heels?” Ivy was asking Lucy, who was inspecting her dress in her full length mirror. My cousin nodded, and tucked one of her curls behind her ear.

“How do I look?” She asked me, catching my eye in the mirror. I walked over.

“Cedric is a lucky guy.” I told her sincerely, wrapping my arms around her waist and resting my chin on her shoulder. “And he may also have some trouble looking anywhere above your boobs.” Lucy bit her lip and stared at me through the reflection.

“Well he won’t have to worry about that… I’m not actually going with Cedric.” She told me slowly, still chewing on her lip. I frowned and removed my chin from her shoulder. “I’m going with Henry.”

What?” I stared at her in surprise. This was unwanted news for me. I had been so excited to meet this guy! Lucy turned around to face me.

“I didn’t want him to come to this big event, Rose, he would have felt so out of place! And I haven’t seen Henry in a while… We’re just going as friends, but-”

“I thought you were going to ask Cedric!” I cut in. “You said you were going with Cedric!”

Lucy raised her chin. “I said no such thing. Now go get ready. It’s too late to change what I’ve done, you’ll see him another day.”

“But-” I began to protest, but Lucy gave me a little shove.


I sent her a scowl before begrudgingly walking off in search of my clothes, still relatively annoyed at Lucy for denying her undying love for this Cedric fellow. I found my dress hidden underneath a pile of fluro unitards, and pulled it on. It was a short silver sequiny thing I had found on sale in Gladrags the other day, and was something Lucy would wear more than I, but I liked it. It was a bold and dangerous choice! That kind of tosh.

“I’m not looking forward to this.” Ivy sighed, shaking her golden curls. They hung about her head like a curtain of silk. I dreamed of having hair as tame as that.

“I just want to stay home.” Lucy groaned, hopping into a pair of silky, slightly worn heels.

“Some pyjamas and a hot chocolate sound good right about now.” Dom agreed, blowing a strand of hair out of her eyes as I attempted to pin her braids in place.

“We’re going to have to chat to people.” I grumbled, my words slightly warped by the bobbypins inbetween my teeth.

“Our cheeks are going to get squeezed.” Lucy added sadly.

“I’m going to be asked what my engagement ring is waiting for.” Ivy moaned, dropping cross-legged onto Lucy’s bed. She pouted her red lips. “Al’s going to feel cowardly, it’s going to be awkward…”

“This is going to suck.” Lucy muttered, sitting down beside Ivy.

“Amen.” I agreed with zest.

“But, hey… open bar!” Dom pointed out, always the optimist. The rest of us shrugged. She did have a point.




“And that would be your fifth gin, then?”

Freddy had slipped onto the barstool beside mine, and was surveying me out of amused eyes. I nodded and placed my chin in my hand.

“He who gins, wins.” I quoted, swishing the drink around in my glass. “And he who drinks too much gin, gets nicely drunk.”

“And why does my sweet Rose flower want to get drunk?”

“You call me that again and I hurt you, Freddy.” I growled, pointing an unsteady finger at him. He just brushed it aside with the back of his hand.

“Steady, tiger.” He said, placing a soft hand on my elbow as I swayed a little. “I think you should lay off the gin for a bit.”

“No.” I told him lightly, shaking my head. “Those are not agreeable terms, Sir! I must protest!”

Freddy chuckled and reached for my drink. I hissed at him.

“What’s up?” He asked me, his brow furrowing. “Why do you drown your sorrows in alcohol?”

“Who says I have sorrows?” I shot back, taking a long sip from my glass.

“The glass of spirits in your hand.” Fred stated, staring at my half-finished drink. “Where’s your date? Shouldn’t he be taking care of you?”

My gaze darkened. “Don’t have a date.” I muttered, staring at the sequins on my dress. They were glittering in the golden light from the chandeliers. “I’m flying solo tonight!”

“How come? Lucy told me you had a hot date!”

“Nope.” Fred’s brow furrowed. “My hot date bailed at the last minute. But that’s not my issue. My issue, Sir Fredrick, is this terrible attire you have yourself in.” I pulled at his purple tie. “What is this business?”

Fred was dressed in a bright green suit with a purple tie and an orange shirt. He was making my head hurt. Trust Freddy to turn up dressed up like a bleeding circus clown.

“Bailed?” He prodded. “What happened?”

“Dunno. He didn’t show up. But I say good riddance! His hair was too strange!”

“Alright then.” Fred said, smiling slightly. He patted me gently on the shoulder. “But go easy on the gin, girl. This is a sophisticated party we have here.”

I just rolled my eyes  and shoved him gently on the shoulder. He sent me a wide, Fredish grin, before sliding off his stool and making his way over to a cute redheaded girl sitting on her own not far away. I watched him walk away with a frown on my forehead.

I had told Eddie that I would meet him outside my flat at six thirty, but come ten to seven, he still hadn’t showed. Dom had stayed to wait with me, and though her steady stream of reassuring comments had helped somewhat, I had still been in a thoroughly disgruntled mood when we had arrived at the Potter’s twenty minutes later than planned. And then upon arriving we had been assaulted by friends and distant relatives and waiters with trays of champagne, and Lucy and Ivy and Al had demanded to know where Eddie was, and Malfoy was there with some pretty chocolate-skinned girl, and I had been so overwhelmed that the bar had been my first destination. And now, six gin and tonic’s later, the room was buzzing around me,  and Eddie’s stand-up was at the very back of my mind.

“Heya Rose!” Lucy and Roxanne had sauntered up to the bar, looking bright and giddy. I smiled at them. Henry and Frank were standing not far off seeming lost in deep conversation. Damn Henry was attractive. I wondered if Lucy would let me borrow him for a while.

“Greetings!” I mumbled, sending them both a smart salute. It failed and I poked myself in the eye. Roxanne raised her eyebrows, and Lucy sent a quick glance at my glass.

“You should go for a walk.” She advised me, pulling at my hand. I let her slide me off my stool, stumbling slightly. “Go socialize or something.”

She placed a sloppy kiss on my cheek, and her and Roxanne walked back to join their dates, four drinks balanced in their hands.  I glanced around the brightly lit room, at all the well-dressed bodies with their glasses of champagne and their high, energetic voices.  A dark, quite space seemed pretty nice right now.

I wandered through the crowds for a bit, my glass held in my hand, before taking a side door into the deserted lobby.

At least, it appeared to be deserted, until I caught sight of a tall blonde man dressed in white and black just as he disappeared into the disused cloakroom. I knew it was a terrible idea, but I was half sloshed by this stage, and the coatroom had been my destination anyway. I followed him in.

“Enjoying yourself, Malfoy?” I mumbled, stepping through the doorway. It was dark and musty in here, and had the feel of a room that hadn’t been used in a while. Ginny and Harry used a different, new coatroom, a bigger one, on the other side of the lobby. It was so dark in here all I could see was Malfoy’s tall shadow looming close by.

“Fuck!” He cursed, jumping at the sound of my voice. “What are you doing in here, Weasley?”

I shrugged, but of course he couldn’t see the gesture in the dim light. I could smell mothballs. “I needed a break…” I murmured. “To get away… it was dreadfully suffocating in there.”

I had this tendency to go all formal and dramatic when I was drunk. I started to act like a lady from the eighteen hundreds. It was positively dreadful.

“Right. And it must be so much less claustrophobic in this small, dark closet.” Malfoy scoffed. I watched as he shuffled around in the dark for a bit. After a few moments, a dim light came to life, glowing out of an old light bulb hanging from the ceiling. I squinted at Malfoy. His hair was messy, his tie undone. I tried not to think of what he could have been doing with that pretty date of his.

“Where’s your date?” He asked me, sliding down against the wall until he was sitting on the ground. I stared down at him.

“Not here.”

“No shit.”

I frowned at him, and sat down across from him with my legs out straight. My heels were starting to pinch my feet and my dress had ridden up when I sat down. I pulled at it. “Where’s your date?” I didn’t want to know, but I asked anyway.

“She’s off snogging some Quidditch bloke.” Malfoy sighed, pulling a hand down his face. He groaned and stared up at the ceiling, but didn’t elaborate.

“Well mine didn’t show up at all. I think I drew the short straw there.” I told him, taking another sip of my drink. It was still as awful as ever.

“I don’t blame him, Weasley.” Malfoy muttered nastily. “I wouldn’t want to spend an entire night with you either.”

“Don’t.” I murmured, biting my lip and staring down at my hands. I didn’t want to take his meanness right now, I couldn’t. “Please don’t, Malfoy.”

“Don’t what? Tell you the plain truth? We’re alone now, love, there’s no need to be polite.” He was nearly repeating my sentence from on the staircase word for word.

He was mean. He was so mean! How could I like this git? How could I be attracted to him? Even as I thought this, I was painfully aware of how little space there was between us. My left leg was grazing his, and if I leaned over further enough, I could have pushed my lips against his.

“What are you doing in here?” I asked him, trying to change the subject. Malfoy turned his eyes to mine, and I was suddenly frozen by his gaze. It was getting very hot in here all of a sudden, but I had a hunch that it wasn’t the outside temperature at work. It was my bloody heart that was beating at five miles an hour.

“Same as you I guess. I came in here to drink in piece.” Malfoy gestured at the bottle of champagne I hadn’t noticed held in his hand. “It kind of puts a downer on your night when your date prefers an international Quidditch player to you.”

“Fill me up?” I asked him, holding out my empty glass. He obliged, filling it to the brim with bubbling liquid.

“Fuck it.” He muttered, taking a long swig from his bottle. I took a sip as well, surveying him over the rim of my glass.

“Fuck it.” I agreed. “Not quite sure what we’re fucking, but it seems like the appropriate thing to say right now.” I also babble when I’m drunk. I shouldn’t drink.

Malfoy nodded in agreement. I was feeling just the slightest bit dizzy, and by the look in his unfocused eyes, he was feeling the same.

My mind started reeling, and I thought of all the things that could happen when two people who were slightly drunk where shoved in an under lit, stuffy cloakroom with a bottle of champagne. I dropped my head back against the wall and groaned. What was wrong with me?

“I like your dress.” Malfoy stated suddenly. I snapped my head back up and glanced at him in surprise. That action made me feel slightly sick.

“Sorry?” I asked, not sure if I had heard right. Malfoy jerked his chin in my direction.

“I like your dress.” He said. “It’s not something you would usually wear. I like it.”

“You like it because it’s not something I would not usually wear?” I asked him, cocking an eyebrow. He shook his head and stared down at his hands.

“I dunno.” He mumbled. “I just like it.”


We sat in silence for a while.

“Are you trying to do that seductive thing you were doing that night at babysitting?” I asked him after a while, frowning. Malfoy glanced at me in confusion.


“When you got all sexual and seductive to piss me off. Where you trying to that just then?” I elaborated vaguely, taking another sip. I didn’t know why I was bothering to go into this, but I had already asked him the question; it was too late to take it back now.

“Ah.” Malfoy smirked when he understood what I was saying. “Did that really annoy you that much?”

Oh boy. I thought. You have no idea.

“I was just being childish…” He trailed off, a wolfish grin forming on his face. I stared at him wide eyed. Oh brother. What had I started? “If I had of known that you’d hold a grudge…” He placed his bottle of champagne back on the floor and leaned closer to me. I stiffened and tried to stare at the wall above his head rather than into his searching eyes.

Crap. Why is he doing this? What the fuck?

“That is a very nice dress,” Malfoy went on, placing his hands on either side of my legs. His eyes swept the length of my body. I gulped.

“Cut it out, you wanker.” I hissed, my voice wobbling slightly. “There are other, less creepy ways to annoy me. Shove off!” He had placed a soft hand on my knee. Oh dear. My heart was beating against my ribcage like a madman.

Though I was trying to push it far, far down, there was a small part of me that didn’t want him to stop. That wanted him to breach the small distance between us and press his lips against mine. But I was doing a good job of shoving it down under lots of anger.

“I don’t know what it is…” Malfoy frowned, taking his hand off my knee and sitting back slightly. He was still close, closer to my side of the closet wall than his. I stared at him in silence, waiting for him to go on. “It just brings me tremendous amounts of satisfaction to annoy the hell out of you.” He pinched the bridge of his nose, dropping back against the wall, next to me. I didn’t move. “I am reasonably sloshed, as well.” He sighed and shrugged. “I’ll find another, less creepy way to annoy you next time, promise.”

“It is, it’s creepy.” I murmured. “Plus, you can’t be seductive for the life of you. Seriously?” I turned around to face him, placing an exaggerated pout on my lips and making my eyes go all misty. “That is a very nice dress.” I mimicked, in a low, husky voice, breaking into a smirk. Malfoy looked astounded.

“I do not sound like that.”

“Oh yes you do.”

“And I most definitely don’t look like that.”

“I’ll admit, my smoulder is probably better than yours.”

“Oh fuck off.”

He turned to face the opposite wall, his expression sour. I chuckled.

“Have I insulted your manhood?” I asked him, raising an eyebrow. He didn’t answer, so I let it drop, and began to stare at the wall as well. I was feeling very, very sleepy.

“It’s New Year’s eve.” Malfoy murmured after a while. About half of his champagne was gone by this stage. “I wonder if it’s past midnight yet.”

“I have no one to kiss.” I sighed, leaning my head back against the wall. “And I’m most likely spending the countdown sitting in a coatroom with a despicable man.”

“This isn’t my choice situation either.” Malfoy muttered. “And you’re not kissing me, if that’s what you were aiming at.”

“Good God no.” I muttered, trying to sound disgusted as a slight blush rose to my cheeks. I yawned. My eyes where drooping, my head was starting to nod. I placed my empty glass down on the ground before I dropped it.

“Fuck I’m tired.” Malfoy grumbled, repeating the very phrase that had been running through my head. “What the hell am I doing in a cloakroom with you?” And he did it again.

“Hiding from the crowd.”  I mumbled, dropping my head to rest on his shoulder. We were both so sleepy and intoxicated that neither of us registered the strangeness of the gesture. At every point where our shoulders, arms and legs were touching, I could feel goosebumps rise on my skin.

“I hate you.” I murmured, letting my eyes droop closed. I felt Malfoy’s shoulder lower as he let out a sigh. Slowly, he let his head rest against the top of mine.

“I hate you too.”



A/N: Ah, closet encounters. Wouldn't be a fanfic without them, would it? Little more Dom in this chapter. I like that girl. So, I would love love love a review, even a little one. They all make me smile :)

Hope you enjoyed this, too!

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