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More Than A Change In Hair Colour by SlytherinBeetle
Chapter 2 : A little more than a shock
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I slowly stepped through the halls, carting my trunk behind me.

My wide eyes searched the building, aching to find my familiar home.

“Miss Granger,” a voice said behind me.

I turned, and met the eyes of the newly appointed Headmaster McGonogall.

“Hello, headmaster,” I said, and nodded quietly.

She returned with a smile, and gestured through the doorway.

“If you please, we have much to discuss.”


I force a smile, and follow her gesture, into what was once Dumbledore’s office.

The room hadn’t changed much, but for the desk directly opposite to the door, rather than up the stairs. Two sofas sat in front of it, on one sat someone with pitch blonde hair. As I stepped further into the office, the person looked up.

I met the eyes of Draco Malfoy. My eyes narrowed, as did his.

“You,” we spat together.

“Now that the introductions are in order,” Ms. McGonogall said, taking a seat at her desk, “we can begin.”

“I’m sorry, headmaster,” I began, and scowled as Malfoy sneered, “but I don’t see what he has to do with this.”

“Please take a seat,” she said, again gesturing to the sofa Malfoy sat on.

I looked at the spot next to him, and thought it was much to close. I sat on the other one, keeping as far a distance would allow. She met my eyes and scowled slightly.


“Okay,” she said, “Miss Granger, you spoke in your letter that you would like to look at the possibility of changing houses. Do you still want this?”

I hesitated, and glanced at Malfoy. Why did he have to listen in on this discussion? What’s it got to do with him at all!?

“Miss Granger?” she asked.

I looked at the ground, “yes, professor, I no longer feel.. a part.. of Gryffindor.” I saw Malfoy’s sneer, and glared at him.

“Could you tell him to stop using expressions, one might think he has a soul,” I spat out harshly.

“Oh no, I’m crushed,” he hissed sarcastically.

“Another emotion? Careful not to overdo it, Malfoy. Don’t want to pass out,” I replied evenly.

“At least I have a limit yo-“

“Enough” McGonogall interrupted.

We fell silent, and the glared at us.

“I have spoken to the sorting hat, and it agrees,” she said solemnly, “it says you now belong to…” she trailed off, and swallowed.

She looked down nervously, and I flushed.

“Pro-professor?” I asked slowly.

She swallowed again before evenly replying.

“Miss Granger you have been re-sorted into Slytherin House.”

My jaw dropped, and my heart slowed down. Malfoy remained silent, as I lost my composure.

“How is that even possible…” I gasped out, “I thought I’d be sorted into Ravenclaw! I thought.. I don’t understand!”

“Please, Miss Granger, attempt to remain calm,” she said calmly, “Need I remind you that this was done upon your request.

I glanced at Malfoy, and found him to be staring at me.

“Bug off,” I hissed at him, and he smirked.


“Mr. Malfoy, for the next few weeks, will act as a guard,” she said.

I sunk into the sofa.

“First Slytherin House, now I have to deal with their prince,” I groaned.

“Not exactly my choice, mu- Granger,” he replied harshly.

I glared at him, but felt a certain gratefulness for holding back his harsh nickname. Either way, he’s still an ass.


“Mr. Malfoy, you will show her to your common room, and instruct her on the basics, understood?” she said matter-of-factly.

He leaned back with his eyes closed and shrugged.

“You may leave now,” she said tiredly.


I hesitated, waiting for him to stand first. He remained seated.

“Mr. Malfoy,” she said harshly.

“Alright, alright,” he drawled.

He sluggishly made his way to his feet, and slid out the door, his steps becoming silent. I didn’t bother to thank Ms. McGonogall, I simply walked out the door, pulling my trunk behind me. My eyes still wandered over the walls as I followed Malfoy down the hall path. His hands slid into his pockets, as I struggled to keep my trunk under my control. It clattered along the ground, the wheels not wanting to stay put. He stopped suddenly, and groaned, turning to me. I met his silver eyes as he glared at me.

“Can you keep that thing quiet,” he hissed.

“I can’t bloody help it!” I hissed back.

He leaned over me, and I took in a sudden breath, as he gripped my trunk, and ripped it from my hands, pulling it forward. I stood for a moment, but quickly ran to catch up. He continued a steady pace, the trunk was kept under control, and he made it seem so easily done.

“Bastard,” I muttered, folding my arms under my breasts stubbornly.

We reached the stairs, and he lifted it easily, climbing down. Flight after flight, he held the trunk as if it weighed nothing, until the lights became less common, and the air became damper. We were heading towards the dungeons, and I swallowed thickly.

“Why so nervous, Granger?” he spat.

“Shut up,” I said quietly, not wanting to provoke anything in the shadows.

“Good comeback, I’ll have to use that someday,” he said back, not noticing my quiet tone.


We turned down a corridor, the torches dimly lighting our path. We passed door after door, but kept walking, until we reached the end of the corridor.

“It’s a brick wall,” I said softly.

He turned, his right eyebrow raised.

“Very well done,” he said appraisingly, and then rolled his eyes.

“Immompatious,” he said smoothly, his voice colder than ice.

I blinked at the change in tone, but then my eyes widened as the bricks began to move. As if from a well oiled door, the bricks opened without a sound. They rearranged themselves, forming pillars, as a doorway to the common room.

I blinked again, trying to take in all of it at once. Down a short, stone staircase, was a small sitting room, on either sides were silver and green silk banners. At the end of the room was a fireplace, alive and well kept. In the very center, a small, dark, coffee- sized table, surrounded by plush dark green couches. Off to the left and right were large arch-sized doorways. I was surprised by the well lit room, so different to the dungeon.

“Welcome home,” he said, his eyes full of pride, as they wandered over the room.

I stepped down the stairs, and heard a noise. I looked up to see Blaise Zabini enter from the right archway. He met my eyes and they widened. He looked up at Malfoy, and back at me again.

“What the hell have you done now, you lit-“

“She’s the newbie,” he said, his voice tense with anger.

I didn’t know he was angry..

He looked at me in disgust.

“Good to know there’s something good about mudbloods,” he spat out, and headed for the door.

I watched him pass Malfoy, knocking into him roughly.

He stumbled, but remained standing.

Zabini didn’t glance back, but continued storming out the room.

Malfoy composed himself, and walked down the stairs.

“What was that about?” I asked.

“Jokes,” he said.

He’s lying, I realized.

I didn’t bother talking, but watched as he sat on a couch, leaning back and closing his eyes.

“Dormitory’s that way,” he said, blindly pointing to the right archway.

I stepped back up the stairs, and pulled the trunk down them, walking straight towards the archway.

I hesitated. What if he was tricking me.

I glanced at him, and found his eyes were openly staring at me.

“Stop that,” I said, shifting my footing.

“Stop what?” he said nonchalantly.

“Staring at me!”

“I’m not.”

I made a sound of annoyance, and he smirked.

Losing my patience, I gripped my trunk and moved through the archway.

A room similar to the other came into view, except for a lamp, and a few books on the table.

I saw a set of stairs to my right, and immediately started ascending them.

After what felt like years, I reached the top, struggling to find my bed, before collapsing onto it, and falling into a dreamless sleep.





When I woke, the sun had gone down. Not to the point where all the stars were out, and the moon was shining, but after the part with the sun.

I rose off of my bed, and I suddenly noticed that a noise had stopped.

Small, hushed whispers came through the night.

“Granger?” a voice asked.

“Who’s that?” I asked smoothly.

I heard a shuffling of feet, as I reached to switch on my lamp.

Light flooded the small amount of room next to my bed, and I made out 4 faces in the gloom.

Pansy Parkinson, Joyce Ambsworth, Kelly Lockwood, and Lucy Gramerta.

I knew them by face, and by associated of the hated.

They all hissed softly as the light came on, and Pansy stepped forward.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing here?” her squeaky voice said, accusation flooding her mouth.

“Didn’t you hear?” I asked, determined to keep my strength, “I’m your new Slytherin.”

Her eyes widened as they ran over my trunk and belongings.

“It can’t be,” said Kelly, her voice more masculine than she looked.

“Believe it,” I said, leaning back.

Lucy and Joyce whispered between themselves, as Pansy just stared at me.

“You’re lying,” she hissed, “No mudbloods belong in Slytherin.”

I shrugged, and blinked.

“You little bitch,” she hissed, almost a whine.

She stepped forward and raised her arm.

Lucy’s hand shot out and gripped her wrist. Pansy stepped back and met her eyes.

“Not now, we’re already late,” she looked at me and sneered, “we have plenty of time.”

The four stepped out of the light, and I heard their footsteps fade away.

Late for what? I thought, and rose out of my bed.

I opened my trunk quickly and pulled out a robe. I wrapped it around myself, and headed out the door, realizing all the beds were empty.

I slowly walked down the steps, and stopped when I heard voices.

“-to the new year. Yet another time to spread the joy of Slytherin,” a voice hissed.

I stepped slowly closer, being wary.

A boy with dark hair facing away from me, stood on the table.

Students sat around him, looking up at him in awe.

I dared another step closer, listening intently.

“Our new professor of the  Dark Arts, Mr. Wheirs, is a contact of my fathers. Do not fear to approach him with anything you need to.”

The boy spoke with a sense of authority. My eyes narrowed at the unfamiliar person, trying to name him.

 “Now, onto the next part of the evening, I would like to welcome our new Slytherin” he said, and turned around towards the archway.

Suddenly firm grips held my arms, at least 5 hands pushing me forward.

I opened my mouth to scream as another hand gripped my mouth.

I was shoved into the light, gripping at the hands, which suddenly disappeared.

I looked around wildly, but saw no one moving in the shadows.

“Glad you could join us,” the boy said, as I looked up at him.

The boy, around 6 foot tall, stood with his shoulders and back straight.

He wore his Slytherin uniform, his black hair combed back, with a few bits hanging down, his dark eyes boring into mine, as he leaned down slightly, in an intimidating way.

“What the hell do you want!” I cried out.

He stepped off the table, and his hand ripped across my cheek.

I cried out, and my hand covered the swelling mark.

“Lesson 1, don’t talk to me like that.”

My eyes narrowed as I reached in my back pocket for my wand, but remembered it was next to my bed.

His eyebrow raised, and he stood back on the table.

“Make sure our newbie feels.. welcome” he said slowly, his eyes trailing over me.

I looked around, and found Malfoys eyes.

He sat in one of the shadows in the corner, watching me.

Is that pity in his eyes? If that were even possible.

Wasn’t he supposed to protect me from something like this? Isn’t that the whole point of this ‘guide’ crap?

“I didn’t know that Slytherins had a new prince,” I said, and watched Malfoy narrow his eyes.

I looked up.

This kid was observing me calmly, like I was a boring animal at the zoo.

I crossed my arms under my breasts, and looked at the ground.

I could feel his smirk, and tried to look bored or amused by this, but I couldn’t manage any emotion.

Suddenly he stepped forward, and I flinched.

Everyone sniggered, and he grinned.


He moved around the room, looking at the walls, observing the ground with scrutinization.

“My name,” he said, turning to me, “is Joseph Kennelly.”

I recognized the name, his family was prestigious.  Well, his father did anyone. He sat close to the new minister, one of the main advisors. I swallowed deeply.

He smirked slightly at me.

“I see you’ve done your research,” he said rhetorically.

“What I see,” I say, “Is that you are nothing like your father.”

“You don’t know my father,” he quipped quickly.

“And from that attitude I can say neither do you,” I say tiredly, “got some daddy issues you’re not aware about?”

He stepped forward and closed his fist. The air around him glimmered and my eyes widened.

I saw his fist come flying towards me, and everything went black.


When I woke, the position of the sky hadn’t changed. I had fallen, facing a window. When I opened my eyes a few stars met me, twinkling innocently. They were hiding something. I glared at them, before forcing myself to stand.

The room was empty now.

I looked glanced around one more time, and turned to the archway.

Something told me to turn around; so I did.

Barely catching the instinct, I looked into the corner, where a large shadow was.

“Malfoy?” I ask, my voice harsh.

“Yes, my sweet?” he asked sarcastically.

I glared at him.

“Why didn’t you stop him!” I said, almost yelling.

His silhouette shrugged.

“You’re not human,” I said accusingly, “I didn’t think the soul jokes were serious, but now I have no doubt.”

I clambered up the stairs, and fell onto my bed.

“Finally,” the high pitched voice rang out.

“What do you want.”

“Kennelly wanted us to.. give you a gift,” I heard her shuffling towards me.

“You know he won’t let you be late again, Pansy,” Lucy said plainly, “you go, I’ll deal with her.”

“Okay,” she said, still looking at me, “but be quiet, everyone’s asleep.”

Lucy shuffled beside me as Pansy’s footsteps faded. I looked up and met her eyes. She didn’t look like a Slytherin. Long bright blonde hair with eyes to match? Seemed a Hufflepuff. But then again, I can’t imagine I look like one either.

Her hand slid over my mouth. Her eyes cautiously observed my fear.

“This’ll only hurt for a while, please don’t make too much noise, or they’ll join in.”

Join in?! What!? I glanced around at the lumps on each bed, girls sleeping. My eyes widened as I felt the first agonizing punch. I doubled over on the bed, gripping my side painfully. Rounds of punches came at me.

“I have to make you bruise. I’m sorry,” she said mournfully, “or he’ll make it worse for the both of us.”



At the end of it, I felt sore all over, but determined nonetheless.

“Can you help me?” I asked her.

“I have to let them bruise,” she said quietly.

“Not with that.”

“With what, then?” she asked.

“I want to know what’s happened,” I said, “I don’t understand anything that’s going on.”

She smiled, “not many of us do, we just go with it.”

I looked at the post of my bed, and tried to think.

“I know, though,” she said after a while, “I suppose I could tell you.”

She climbed onto my bed, sitting with her legs crossed at the end.

“What do you want to know.”

“Who’s Kennelly? How did he get so powerful?”

She hesitated.

“When the war broke out,” she began, “All houses were supposed to evacuate immediately. All of the Slytherins’ wanted to stay, but Kennelly saw what they didn’t. He used to be quiet. He was the bookworm nobody liked, and saw him as a nerd and an outcast. So when he started ordering everyone around, they looked at him like he was insane. But he got through to them. He started pushing people back, shouting for them to get out. Finally, they started complying, and met in the Great Hall. About 10 minutes later, we all heard this loud bang, like an explosion.

The Slytherin common room and dormitories were destroyed by some sort of bomb spell. It happened in a lot of other places, but it was huge in that area. The teachers blocked it off and refused to let anyone through. The people who had ignored Kennelly were mainly the people in charge. Malfoy had barely gotten out.

Everyone seemed to look at Kennelly in a new light. They all owed him their lives, and he started abusing that. He took complete control of Slytherin. It’s not at all what you’d think it is,” she finished, and took a breath.

Sitting silently, I mulled over what she said.


“Today, Zabini treated Malfoy like an enemy, but I know they’re best friends.”

She shook her head, “Zabini hates Malfoy for the betrayal of the Dark Lord.”

My eyes narrowed.

“Tomorrow everything is going to be flipped for you. This isn’t a dream,” she said, standing up, “people are not at all going to act like themselves. I’m sorry if I.. if I do anything to hurt you. I don’t even want to be here, but I try to make it best for me somehow. I know it’s selfish, but I don’t care.”

“What do you mean? People won’t act like themselves?”

“People will act differently than you see them in the common room,” she said, “Kennelly has them under his total control.”

I sighed, “you’re not making any sense.”

“I know,” she said sadly.

She started walking to the door, but hesitated. Turning towards me, she met my eyes.

“Avoid being alone with Kennelly,” she said finally, before turning and smoothly heading out the door.

Why the hell were all the Slytherins so bloody graceful! It was like they were snakes or something! Literal snakes!

“She means it you know,” I heard a voice say.


“Don’t be alone with him,” she said.

“Why not? What’s the worst he could do? Beat me again?”

She chuckled.

“You really are a Gryffindor.”

No, I’m really not. Even though this wasn’t quite what I expected, I felt happier than in Gryffindor, this was my place, I just had to learn how to fit in.

I slid under the blanket, flinching painfully.

My thoughts mulled over everything, until I couldn’t anymore, because sleep had consumed me.


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