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Fairy tales are hope in disguise by ForeverCharmed
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4- Research and Just plain dirty
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I do not own the following stories: Charles Perrault author of Cinderella, Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont author of Beauty and the Beast, Brothers Grimm are the Authors of Snow White and the author of the Ugly Duckling is Hans Christian. Thanks to these wonderful authors I was inspired to write this Fan fiction.






I would like to apologize for not updating soon, been busy and I admit to being lazy amongst other things. I hope the chapter is good and worth it as well as a guarantee I will update quicker next time. Thanks to all the reviews they help.






“Nothing? There can’t just be nothing his faced changed. It did, you are not crazy Pansy.”






“Sshhh!” The librarian warned Pansy for the second time as she kept talking to herself rather loudly.






“Okay, okay his face it changed. I’ve established that. Now what did he look like? Beastly. Fur, big teeth but his eyes stayed the same.”






Pansy closed the last book of magical beasts with an exasperated sigh. She needed more books not these shit ones. Before the ball when she went home to get her dress she would check her own personal library. Yep, that’s what she would do and then she will find the answers behind Draco Malfoy.










Today I decided it best if I hate lunch in the great hall to make up appearances. I had not stopped thinking about my present or my dreams as I continued ate. Ron and Lavender decided to sit right in front of me putting me of my meal instantly. I got a book out of my bag to put in front of my face. As my face was down looking in my bad Lavender took the chance to “knock” her pumpkin juice all over me and my belongings with Ron then “accidently dropping” the gravy and roast beef pot on me.






I couldn’t help but let out a small quiet scream as the hot gravy hit me. They both laughed and started calling me funny names without apologizing. I stood up, I looked like a mess. I had to get out of here, were I could cry without anyone seeing me. I ran to the astronomy tower were I would be alone…surely.






Draco’s POV





I watched as Hermione went to look for something in her bag and the whore Brown whispered something in Weasley ear. I knew instantly they were planning something but it couldn’t be bad I thought Weasley and her were friends, best friends. But just as that thought crossed my mind I watched and felt the two of them practically throw food on her, even hot food.






It burned her skin as well as mine. I felt her emotions spin out of control she was angry, tired and sad. She ran as a last resort. I heard Brown say to Weasley that, that’s what she will look like at the ball…if she makes it.’ I didn’t like the sound of it but decided I needed to think in a quieter place…the astronomy tower.














As I entered the astronomy tower I heard the unmistakable cry of one Hermione Granger. I still felt her pain and it hurt more the closer I was to her. I was about to leave when she caught my hand.






“I’ll leave” Hermione’s voice hoarse.






“No I’ll go you were here first and all” trying not to make eye contact and hide my emotions was beginning to hurt.






“Thank you for everything” she went to shake my hand but I stepped back.






“Whatever don’t get used to it” I hated myself as soon as I realised what I had said.






Her face was a mixture of hurt and knowing. Knowing that I had not changed one bit.






“I should have known once a death-eater always a death-eater”












I watched him leave. A beast he was and a beast he still is. I cried for I knew not but something so strong.



Authors Note:






Short chapter I know but I felt this is where this chapter had to end nothing more no less. Next chapter will be up soon please review.







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