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The Hoax by ihootanniex3
Chapter 25 : Chapter 25
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. . . . . .


Hermione glanced at Draco for a split second out of the corner of her eye as she sat down by the window sill next to him. She played with the sharpie in her hand and blew a raspberry. A devious grin curled up on Draco’s lips as he looked up at Hermione. “Well, it seems to me like you’re having a bit of a trouble over there . . . you’ve been looking over at me for the last three minutes consecutively.”


“I want to know what happened between you two.” Hermione asked the minute she saw the opportunity. She straightened up her back as she cleared her throat, waiting impatiently for the story to unfold.


“I obliviated him and told him that he and I were best friends and he was your brother who was dating Weaslette, your close friend.” Draco replied with a straight face, looking at Hermione with honesty written all over his face. “That’s why he might be a bit . . . off.”


Hermione shot him a glare and let out a low growl. She smacked him on the arm and pushed a strand of her hair out of her fair, tucking it behind her ear. “Yes, and I’m really a hippogriff.” She sneered at him as lowered her gaze on him. “Tell me what really happened or I will use this weapon on you whether you fall asleep or not.” She threatened him as she shoved the sharpie into his face, making sure he understood her.


“I actually thought you would buy it, I mean, have you seen how happy Potter looks? If someone didn’t know any better, they would’ve thought he earned himself another bottle of Liquid Luck.” He stated with a snort, rolling his stormy grey eyes. “We talked after you left about . . . manly topics and we went out to play a round of Quidditch to . . . relieve stress and any frustrations we had about each other? I think it went fairly well. Truth is . . . Potter actually got hit in the head by the bat.” Draco said and nonchalantly laughed, recalling the event from earlier.


“He got hit with the bludger bat?” Hermione asked with shock, her jaw dropping wide open as concern spread across her face.


“I didn’t hit him with it, if that’s what you’re thinking. He hit himself, like the idiot he is. He claimed to be fine but I had him go check with Madam Pomfrey.” He explained to her as he shrugged his shoulder.


“I assume he’s alright, no broken bones?” She asked him matter-of-factly.


“Of course, well—he did break his nose but Madam Pomfrey fixed it right up. He’s fine, good as new.” Draco assured her as he reached for her hand, his hand gently and ever so slightly brushing against hers.


His tender touch on her hand brought a smile to her lips, the corner of her lips lifting upwards automatically. “I’m really glad you two are friends, it . . . it’s a relief one of my closest friends approves of my—of you.” She said and bit her tongue lightly at her dense error. She crinkled her nose as she closed her eyes.


“You’re glad your friends approve of your what?” He taunted her mischievously as he leaned in towards her, waiting for her answer. Although he left the impression of a joke, he yearned for her to say the two words any boy wanted to hear from her.


“You are a friend . . . that is a boy.” She told him with a cunning smile as she winked over at him, happy to see that she had the upper-hand.


Draco firmly kept his lips into a thin line, leaning back out with a skeptic expression plastered on his face. “You can’t keep avoiding that.”


“What’s there to avoid when I don’t even know what we are.” Hermione reasoned as she defended herself. “Unless you know what we are then by all means, do tell.” She said with a wide grin, staring at him with anticipation.


“We are whatever you want us to be.” He told her smoothly, looking up at her innocently.


“That’s very smooth of you, Draco Malfoy.” She said as she quirked up an eyebrow. “I’ll let it slide this time, but I won’t let it go the next time.” She said as she let out a small giggle.


“I promise I’ll tell you with honesty next time you bring it up. But, I did not bring you up here to have another round of bickering and nonsense with you.” He said as he intertwined their hands together, his warm hand heating up Hermione’s cold ones rapidly. He stood up and grabbed the blanket it brought with him, swiftly throwing it over his shoulder as he waited for her to follow him. Hermione rolled her eyes playfully, laughing as she got up, following Draco. Draco continued to smile at her as he walked backwards, making sure to keep his eyes hooked with hers. He finally came to a halt as he gently pulled her in towards him.


“What are we doing?” Hermione asked him with bright, shining eyes as she looked up at him with a grin.


“Why don’t you just find out right now?” He asked as placed his hands on her shoulders, twirling her to the side so that they were facing the window that showed them the whole map of the sky. He moved them up closer and placed the blanket over himself and wrapping Hermione in it, pulling her close to him. Hermione smiled at the warm embrace and naturally rested her head on his shoulder as if she belonged there. Draco grinned and started pointing out his favorite constellations, whispering everything into her ear in a low, soft voice. He gently planted a kiss on her temple as they enjoyed their beautiful view, sharing their thoughts together.


. . . . . .


Blaise checked his watch and sighed as he looked over at Madam Pince and nodded. “Sorry, we’ll be right out.” He told her apologetically as he quickly walked over to where Ginny was. “Ginny, we’re going to have to lea . . .” His voice trailed off as he saw her sleeping away, her cheek meeting the table. He lightly chuckled and walked up to her. A small smile spread across his face, seeing how peaceful she looked when sleeping. She didn’t look . . . guarded, she looked calm and vulnerable. He looked over his shoulder to feel Madam Pince’s eyes boring into the back of his head. He sighed and reluctantly shook Ginny’s shoulder lightly to wake her up. “Wake up, we need to go now.”


“5 more minutes . . .” Ginny mumbled under her breath quietly as she brushed Blaise’s hand off her shoulder, getting into a more comfortable position. She went back to sleeping instantaneously and didn’t seem to be moving anywhere anytime soon.


Blaise sighed and gathered all the books that surrounded Ginny like a barrier and set it aside neatly in a stack. He gently lifted Ginny’s head off the table and tilted it back. Softly, he placed a firm arm on her back as he used the other arm to hook behind her knees. He lifted her up and from her chair as lightly as he could without disturbing her slumber and started to walk out of the library. Blaise started to walk towards the door with a small sad grin on his face as he looked down at Ginny. He felt Ginny wrap an arm around his neck for support and felt his heart jump with joy. He wished that he could just freeze time and stay like that for a few more minutes. Although he knew he couldn’t have her . . . he wanted to be greedy just this once and stay like that forever. He stopped walking and closed his eyes, enjoying the moment having Ginny in his arms.




Blaise shot his eyes open and saw Harry walking towards him. “Oh, Potter—just the person I was looking for.” He lied with a small chuckle. “She’s heavier than I thought she’d be! Get her off my arms, please.” He said as he unwillingly handed Ginny over to her rightful person, her boyfriend. He pretended to stretch and flex his arms. “I thought I was going to die back there, that’s why I was just standing there.” He explained to Harry who smiled at him.


“Thanks, Zabini. I’m glad Ginny has someone to rely on. You’re not so bad for a Slytherin.” Harry told Blaise with a genuine grin, looking over at him.


“You welcome. Since both our best friends have been spending time together, we ended up getting along—it, it’s nothing, really. I’m glad you came just in time.” He joked with Harry as they walked towards the dorm. “Well, I uh, I actually have something to do right now, so I’m going to take my leave.” Blaise said as he stopped walking, rubbing the back of his neck.


Harry came to a stop and turned around, staring at Zabini. “At this time of day?” He asked quizzically, referring to the dark night.


“I, I forgot something in the library.”


“Oh, the library is right there. I’ll wait for yo—“


“N, no, that won’t be necessary, Potter. Trust me, she may look light and feel light the first few minutes, but you’ll regret it later. You know the password to our dorm, right?”


“Yeah, I do—“


“Then, hurry up and go before she breaks both your arms.” Blaise said as he started to walk towards the library hurriedly.


Harry furrowed his eyebrows and sighed, lightly lifting his shoulder up and back down. “Strange . . .” He muttered and suddenly groaned as he lifted Ginny back into his arms. “She is getting heavy by the minute.” He stated and quickly walked back to the dorm, his thoughts of Zabini evaporating into thin air.


Blaise came out from behind the big column that safely hid him and saw that Harry was gone. He let out a sigh of relief and a tad bit of disappointment. He licked his lips and clenched his jaw, exhaling noisily once more. “It was nice while it lasted.” He told himself with a content grin. He started to walk towards the dorm slowly, taking his time, in deep thought.


. . . . . .


The raven haired girl walked inside the almost empty common room and let out a relieved sigh. “It’s good to be back.” She said with a sinister grin stitched on her lips as she raised an eyebrow, crossing her arms across her chest. “No one knows I’m here, right? You told them I would be coming back on Christmas?” She asked in a low whisper, shooting a glare at a girl who seemed to have a wart on her face. She sighed as she plopped herself down on the couch. “Well?”


“Everyone thinks you’re coming back on Christmas. I made sure to tell them exactly that.” The girl replied back proudly with a wide smile painted on her face with pride.


“And you made sure Zabini told the rest of the little group?” She asked and the loyal girl nodded her head.


“This is good, this is very good. Good job Margret.”


“It’s Anna—“


“Does it look like I care what your name is?” The girl asked in a stern cold voice, shooting the girl a deadly glare.


“N, no?”


“And you did exactly as I asked you to? Zabini has your full trust?”




“And you’ve been brewing the potion like I asked?”


“Excellent. And now it’s time to carry out our next plan.”


“S, she said she’d be here soon.”


“Did I ask you? Of course she’ll be here because I specifically asked you to and you do everything I tell you to do, right?”




“And what’s with the short answers? Are you not going to give me the full response that I need.”


“My apologies, Miss Parkinson . . . it won’t happen again.” Anna said quickly as she lowered her head in fear.


“Damn right it won’t . . . unless you want your dad to lose his job at the ministry.” Pansy warned her without even blinking an eye and let out a deep sigh. “Why is she taking so long? I thought you said that she’d come here.”


“She should be here. I told her the password to get in he—“


“I’m here, sorry I took a long time. I needed to retrieve the book that you wanted.” A voice suddenly said. Pansy and Anna looked behind them to see Lavender Brown standing before them.


Pansy smiled at Lavender and got up, walking towards her. “This is perfect. You said that Zabini and that blood-traitor Weaslette are on the false trail?” She asked Anna, snapping her head towards the girl.


“Yes, they’ve been in the library all the time because of what I told Zabini.” Anna responded back with a nod.


“Okay, then all we have to do is carry out the plan for tomorrow.” Pansy said with a nod as she went back to the couch, sitting down. She looked at the fire and felt her eyes completely locking with the hot, red flames. “That mudblood will get what she deserves . . . but first, we’re going to have to get those pesky little side-kicks to do the job for us. Merry Christmas, bitch. You’ll get the best Christmas present from me soon.” She said quietly as she lost herself in the fire.


Lavender took a deep breath as she looked at Pansy. “Why did you want me to bring Ginny’s book?”


“Well, you did say she kept it under her bed . . . she’ll hardly know it’s missing.” Pansy replied back with a laugh. “Like I said, this won’t even be hard. All we need are those two nosy friends to help us with the plan and after we’re done using them, we’ll throw them aside because they’re hardly even worth keeping.” She said and got up, fixing her hair. “You know, Amy, when I first heard about those two, I thought they’d get in the way but . . . they’re actually quite useful to us for now. I wonder how Granger will feel when she learns that her best friend was deceiving her this whole time.” She erupted into laughter at the thought and shook her head. “This is going to be entertaining. I need you to get out a piece of paper, just rip out a small piece from the book.” She ordered Lavender, walking over to her. She grabbed out a pen and quickly jotted something down on the paper, dropping it back into a random page of the book. “Anne, you know where they sit all the time. Put this in a bookshelf near them.” She ordered the girl as she shoved the book into her hands. “We’re set, ladies. Now, let’s just sit back and relax tomorrow because it’s going to be quite a show.”


“Why do you need me, though?”


“You’re vital to this plan. You’re what will seal the plan perfectly.” Pansy told Lavender and smiled. “Don’t get too impatient, you’ll know what to do when the time comes.” She said and rolled her eyes as she flipped her hair off her shoulder. “Enough with questions, I’m going to go wash up so you two are free to go now.” She walked off without another word and climbed up the stairs. “It’s so good to be back.” She repeated, a smirk forming on her lips.


. . . . . .


Ginny and Blaise simultaneously burst into laughter as they couple walked into the common room of their dorm. Hermione looked over at Draco and stifled a laugh, slapping her hand over her mouth in the speed of lightning. Draco frowned as he glared at all of them, crossing his arms across his chest wearing an impassive mask.


“Really? Are you positive you didn’t draw on my face with those blasted sharpies?” He finally broke the silence with a low voice, directing his intense eyes on Hermione.


“I made very subtle drawings on your face, don’t worry. It seems that they have very sharp eyes to see it.” Hermione told him reassuringly as she bounced back and forth from her heel to her toes gently. She had her hands interlocked together behind her back as she whistled innocently. With her mischievous milk chocolate pair of eyes, she began to desperately start searching for any new details in the common room that she may have missed.


“Subtle, huh?” He asked her once more and turned his head slowly towards Ginny and Blaise. “Subtle?”


“Yes, definitely . . . I can hardly see it. My mum always told me to eat carrots since it was good for the eye when I was younger. I didn’t believe that until today because I can see the very faint drawing on your face perfectly . . . carrots.” Ginny told him with a small grin, nodding her head up and down in a slow rhythmic pattern.


“Carrots.” Blaise agreed as he pointed at his friend, nodding.


“If I see something ridiculous on my face, I will make you regret it.” Draco threw Hermione an empty threat as he stuck his index finger at her sternly, storming off to his bedroom’s bathroom.


The second the door hit the door frame, Hermione let out a loud, boisterous laugh that she had been keeping in since last night. Without hesitation, the others followed suit instantaneously, not wasting a second to let it all out.


Hermione wipes away a tear and plopped herself down next to Ginny. “He’s going to come out in five, four, three, two, one—“


“Granger, Hermione Granger, what is the meaning of this? It won’t erase!” Draco complained as he shot fireballs at her.


Hermione looked at the others with a did-I-call-it-or-did-I-call-it look. “It’s a permanent marker, Malfoy, Draco Malfoy. I’m quite sure you’re intelligent enough to know what permanent means, yes?”


“You just wait, Hermione Granger. I’m going to get back at you.” Draco told her before he walked back into his room.


“I’d love to see you try, Draco Malfoy!” She yelled just before he closed the door, making sure he heard her.


Ginny chuckled and got up, straightening her shirt out. “Well, we’d love to stay and laugh at him some more, but we have something to take care of. “ Ginny told her friend with a frown.


“Wait, what? What do you mean as in ‘we’?” Hermione asked, catching Ginny’s error right away.


Ginny’s eyes widened, realizing her mistake. She looked over at Blaise for some assistance.


“’We’ as in, Ginny and I. We’re actually going to take our leave to talk about the many ways to aggravate our best friend’s lover.” Blaise hastily interjected as he laughed, getting up.


Hermione was just about to question their answer when she heard Draco call her name. She connected her eyebrows together and stared at the two skeptically. “You two have been really suspicious lately.” She said with frustration. “We’ll talk later.” She told Ginny as she walked into Draco’s bedroom without another word.


Ginny and Blaise let out a relieved sigh and shared a quick glance before heading out of the dorm. Once they hit the empty corridors, they started yelling at each other.


“How could you let that slip?!” Blaise yelled at her as he glared at her. “You almost ruined us, you know that?”


Ginny frowned at him and felt the anger boil inside her blood. She felt bad enough for making a stupid mistake like that; she didn’t need him to lecture her about it. “Well, it’s not like I deliberately meant to.” She told him with a sharp glare, shooting daggers at Blaise.


“You should’ve been more careful.” Blaise told her sternly with a frustrated sigh.


“Oh, well I’m sorry for being honest with my best friend. It was my mistake, it won’t happen again. And I don’t need you to sigh and lecture me, okay? I don’t need to be treated like some baby!” Ginny told him angrily as she stopped walking, glaring at him with just as fire and angst.


“I’m not lecturing you—“


“Yes you are! I don’t need you to scold me—“


“I am not—“


“Yes, you are!”


“Well, we almost got caught because of your big mouth! I think that’s worth lecturing about--”


“I already apologized, didn’t I?” She abruptly roared at him and let out an angry growl. “You are so annoying! I don’t even know why I’m still sticking around with you!”


“You’re not the only one hating every moment of it!”


“Well, then fine!”


“Fine!” Blaise yelled back angrily as he breathed heavily from yelling.


“Fine!” Ginny told him and pushed him back before stomping off.






“Do not walk away from me, Weaslette. WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!” Blaise asked her furiously when he realized she was walking away from him.


“THE LIBRARY YOU DESPICABLE ARSE!” Ginny retorted back at him with twice as much as resentment. She continued to walk with anger but almost immediately, the anger vanished from her body. Instead, remorse took over her body without delay as her footsteps gradually decreased. She finally came to a halt and sighed.  “ARE YOU COMING OR NOT?” She asked him loudly, turning around swiftly, standing still for Blaise to walk over.


Blaise watched as Ginny continued to walk off. He felt like an arse. He didn’t know why he was over-reacting over that small mistake. He should’ve made her feel better and told her not to worry instead of freaking out. The anger that was ready to spill out of his body like an erupting volcano had disappeared into thin air. The only thing he was feeling now was shame. He suddenly heard Ginny again and felt a bit relieved to see that she was still waiting for him. “I am.” He walked over to her and when he reached her, they continued to have a stare off when finally, both of them looked away. “I, I’m sorry for yelling at you and lecturing you about it.” Blaise mumbled softly, still looking away.


“I guess I am, too.” Ginny mumbled back and sighed. “I just—I didn’t mean to make that mistake and now that Parkinson’s coming back soon—I got worried because—“


“I understand. I’m sorry for overreacting, too. I was--am worried, too. I guess we’re both cranky and stressed at the fact that Pansy’s coming soon?”


“That was truly a trivial fight . . . it was totally out of line—unnecessary.” Ginny said and bit her tongue softly. “I hope no one heard us.”


“I’m pretty sure the whole school shook because of your monstrous roar. The beast was truly released.” Blaise teased her as he lightly chuckled.


“Yours was like a shrill, appalling scream—I could’ve sworn it was a girl I was fighting with back there.” Ginny teased right back as she and Blaise started to walk towards the library, laughing together.


“But, I think you were worse than me.” Blaise said as he looked down at her.


“And you’re sure about that?” She asked him with a scoff, lightly bumping shoulders with him with a laugh.


. . . . . .


“I didn’t realize how much of a baby you were.” Hermione told him with a sweet grin as she helped Draco remove the last bit of sharpie marked on his face. She was standing in front of him while he sat down on the bed. “All done—I promise.” She wiped off the water droplet that was left on his face.


“Why thank you.” Draco told her with a grin, wrapping his arms around her small waist. “And I beg to differ on that statement.”


“Oh really?” She asked him and giggled as she leaned in towards him, their foreheads touching and resting together. “Christmas is just two days away . . .” She told him as she sweetly placed her warm hand on his cheek.


“Are you curious about your Christmas present?”


“I have everything I need right here, right now. I think the Christmas present can wait.” She told him with a smile as she planted a small kiss on his lips. “But . . . what are going to do after this break?”


“What do you mean?” Draco asked, furrowing his eyebrows.


“What’s going to happen to us? I feel like the past three weeks have been a . . . brilliant, inconceivable, and romantic dream. I don’t want to wake up from this dream. But, I feel like something will wake me up, whether I like it or not. Well, more like someone.” She told him as she sighed, frowning at the thought of Pansy.


“Hey, shhh . . .” He hushed her as he tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. “Nothing will come in between us. This dream of yours . . . it’ll never end.” He told her reassuringly. “I promise.”


“Promise?” She asked as she stuck out her pinky for him.


“Pinky promise.” He told her with a laugh as he locked their pinky fingers together.


“If you break this promise, I’ll hex you without hesitation.” She whispered to him with a grin.


“Well, by all means. I approve of that one hundred percent.” He told her and pulled her into a kiss.


“I love you, Draco Malfoy.” Hermione mumbled through the kiss with a tad bit of sadness.


“I love you, too, Hermione Granger.” Draco told her with a grin as he pulled her into a deeper kiss.


. . . . . .


A/N: ~She’s finally back! Drama, drama, drama awaits!~ I hope you enjoyed this chapter; I made this one a bit longer than usual. I’m slowly breaking away from the writer’s block and this chapter came out somewhat okay. As always, please leave me a review. I’ve been trying to take note on some of the advice and trying to improve my writing. Thank you for those who have been leaving me supportive reviews. I love you all and I will try to update when I’m free. I’ve been busy these past few days and barely have time to write these chapters. I’ll try hard to make the time to write and post these up for you all! If you have any questions, just go to my meet the author page and ask away.

 Dobby awards . . . (wink wink – nudge nudge) That would slap a smile on my face and I would really appreciate it, really. Just a suggestion . . . just throwing it out there. :p




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The Hoax: Chapter 25


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