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Raising Malfoy by WhiteRose
Chapter 4 : 7 years later
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A/N: I own only the plot and the characters you dont recognize. The rest belongs to the wonderful JK


 7 years later

“Mommy!” A little girl yelled as she ran down the stairs to the kitchen. Her mom was there making her breakfast before she had to go to her first day of first grade. She had a problem, she couldn’t make her pigtails even. “Mommy! I need your help!” She half whined and half yelled.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” Hermione asked as her daughter ran into the kitchen. She turned around and stifled a laugh. She was wearing the bright blue dress that they had picked out the night before. Her bright blonde hair was pulled into two very uneven pigtails. Her honey brown eyes were close to tears from frustration. “Oh come here, let me help you.” Hermione fixed Daisy’s pigtails and then showed them to her in the mirror. Daisy examined her mothers work and then, once deciding it was acceptable and that she looked fine, smirked at herself in the mirror. Hermione hated when her daughter did that. It always reminded her of Draco.


“Hermione can I talk to you,” Ron asked as he walked into her new kitchen. “Why are you running?” Hermione sat down at the table and sighed.

“We agreed when we started it was going to be no strings attached. Neither of us asked for this and it’s not fair to either of them to make him part of his or her life. I don’t want someone who hates me for ruining their life and I sure as hell don’t want my kid growing up thinking their father resents them.”

“You don’t know that he would think that.” Ron looked at her.

“Yeah but I don’t know that he wouldn’t either.” Hermione said as she got up from the table.


“Mommy are you taking me to school?” Daisy asked as she sat down and ate her breakfast. Hermione had made ham and cheese croissants, her daughter’s favorite.

“No Richard is going to take you on his way to work, is that ok?” Hermione said as she got ready for work. She was already dressed and ready to go she just needed to find all her notebooks.

“Yeah I guess. Richard’s ok. Mommy, Is Richard going to be my daddy? Hermione dropped all the books in her hands at hearing her daughter’s question. Luckily she didn’t have to answer because Richard walked through the door at that exact moment.

“Hello sweetheart.” He said as he walked up and kissed Hermione. Richard was tall and lanky. He had dark brown hair that was always gelled into place and behind his glasses he had hazel eyes. That was what drew Hermione to him was his eyes.

“Ew, get a room.”

“Hello to you too Daisy, are you ready for school?” Richard let go of Hermione and turned to face Daisy. Hermione looked laughed as she saw her daughter get up, flip one of her pigtails and walked right past Richard to the door.

“Of course I am.” She said as she turned around.


Hermione walked to work, it was only a couple of blocks away from their house. Her and Daisy lived in London and Hermione loved it. She met Richard, a muggle, at her job. She owned her own bakery. He was a regular customer who always flirted with her. They had been dating for a year now. He lived closer to the inner city for his job. They agreed to take things slow because of Daisy. She had reached the bakery, it was a small place. Very comfortable feel to it and she loved it. She served all the muggle favorites, croissants, coffee cakes, brownies, but she also made wizard favorites as well, pumpkin pasties, cauldron cakes, and she even made butterbeer cake. She didn’t get many wizards but when she did she liked them to feel at home. Her place was called A Pinch of Magic. She walked in and opened the store she went to the back to begin baking for the day. She had an hour before her employees showed up to help her. She liked the hour to herself in the morning; it was the only time she got to herself all day. Just as she was thinking about how nice it was she heard a pop outside and the door swung open.

“Hermione!” Ginny yelled as she entered the kitchen. “I need a cake for tonight and I forgot to tell you.” Ginny looked panicked.

“Relax Gin, I already made James his cake.” Ginny relaxed. Ginny had two boys, six year old James and two year old Albus. She was also pregnant with twins. Tonight was James’ birthday. Ginny had gotten pregnant with him about two months after Hermione. They loved being pregnant together. They sat around all day watching movies and eating ice cream and brownies together. “I can’t wait for tonight.”

“Is Richard coming?” Ginny asked knowing the answer was no.

“Gin you know I haven’t told him yet.” Hermione said as she resumed baking. She still hadn’t told him she and Daisy were magical.


“Here are the reports from this morning’s meeting, and Jim Hawkins called saying he was sending over the next 5 chapters of his book. Did you need anything else?” Samantha said with a smile. She was tall, thin, had beautiful blonde hair and piercing green eyes. Another thing that Draco liked about her was the fact that she was easy. He walked over to her and took the reports from her hands while running his finger along her hand. She gasped.

“Meet me for drinks tonight.” Draco said and went to sit behind his desk.

“Yes.” She said as she left the room giggling. Blaise walked in right as she left.

“Why can’t you let them do their job?”  He asked as he sat down on the opposite side of the desk. “That’s number four. I swear you can’t have a secretary for more than a few months. You have your fun and when you’re bored and it gets awkward you get rid of them.”

“Oh Blaise, I can’t help it. They are so attractive and they just fall so easily.” Draco said as he laughed, Blaise joined in. Blaise had retired from being Draco’s assistant. He was now vice president of Draco’s company. Draco had started a muggle publishing company a few months after Hermione left. He was trying to escape her. Blaise had urged him to go out and find her, but Draco felt like he couldn’t handle it. He now lived in a very expensive flat in the inner city of London close to his business. He loved being able to sink into a good book and be able to be the funding to give it its chance. He partly started the company for Hermione, knowing her love of books. The company was called Silver and Gold Books.

“So where are we going to eat?” Blaise asked once they stopped laughing.

“Oh one of the accountants on the 11th floor told me about this bakery.” Blaise gave him a weird look. “They apparently have pumpkin pasties and you know how much I love those.”

“A muggle told you about this place?” Blaise asked confused.

“Yeah it’s a muggle bakery that also serves magical food, little to his knowledge. He thinks that the owner just made them up.”


Draco and Blaise walked in and sat down at a table near the back. Draco loved the place instantly, it reminded him of Hermione. It was called A Pinch of Magic, which he thought was clever. He looked over the menu. A couple of girls walked out of the kitchen. He looked up and saw a very pregnant red head, who looked vaguely familiar. He looked to who she was talking to and dropped his menu. Her golden brown curls were swept up in a ponytail. Her honey brown eyes were filled with laughter. She was wearing an apron but Draco recognized the outfit that was underneath. She was wearing her black leggings and a yellow shirt with a daisy printed on it. He loved when she wore it, it was the last thing he saw her wear. Draco immediately got up and left. Blaise looked up from the menu and saw him walking out the door. He looked around and saw Hermione.


Hermione was finally getting Ginny to leave. Once she got on a roll talking about something she would never stop. She felt someone’s eyes on her, she turned and saw Blaise. She heard the door shut and she looked to it and saw a familiar blonde head on the opposite side. She could already feel the pain in her chest.


A/N: Sorry for the wait. I have been super busy with work and then I got sick. Hopefully the next chapter will come a lot sooner. I'm really excited about it. Also all of you that were upset that Ginny wasn't pregnant, I hope this makes up for it :)

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