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Dark Eternities by Broken Butterfly
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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Chapter 3

The early rays of sun poked through the clouds, announcing the arrival of dawn. I had not slept the night before, for my plan would begin today and I could not risk any problems arising that were unplanned. At least until after I got Godric out of this house. I quietly crept out of my room and to the kitchen, the house still sound asleep, as was its inhabitants. The only one sure to be awake was the guard to the dungeon this night.

In the steaming mug of tea, I dropped I three drops of the plant extract I had been brewing for three weeks. This is where my heavy study of Herbology and potions came useful, when one had actual use for the skills. The extract, from violet and vanilla flowers, was clear, odorless, and tasteless formula, meant to induce heavy sleep. Three drops of it into a cup of tea and the guard would sleep all day.

I mixed in a spoonful of sugar and a dash of cream to the mug of earl gray and lifted the hood of the cloak I had been sewing for months, one a guard would not recognize as mine. Once it covered my hair and features, I quietly crept from the kitchen, down to the dungeon, tea in hand.

“Halt there!” The stiff, tired voice of a guard called as I came into his view. I stopped walking my head bowed down low, as if I were a servant.

“Sir, My name is Liana, and I have come to give you some tea to keep warm this morning, for you still have three hours left of duty. It will keep you warm, and awaken your senses, so that you can be ever more alert.”

“Who are you girl.”

“I’m a new servant here, Mrs. Birde told me to bring the guards tea each morn.”

“Very well then, I thank ye.” The guard sighed, rubbing his eyes. I handed him the steaming mug, and watched as he took a few sips.

It was a minute later and the signs began to show, the guard began to stagger in steps as if not able to stay standing and then leaned against the stone wall, and then not able to stand at all sank to the floor, dead asleep. I waited for the first snore to confirm, then reached into his pocket and pulled out the keys.

I unlocked the heavy wood door that closed off the dungeon from the rest of the mansion,  and slipped through, running quickly to the very end, where in the darkness at the last cell I heard breathing.

“Have you come then to torture me more Salazar?” The deep Scottish voice called from a corner behind the bars, anger, and hatred evident in the tone. I didn’t reply, instead I waved my wand in front of me lighting a torch, nearby on the wall of the tunnel.

I turned the key in the metal lock, and with a loud clank the door swung open, and I crossed the threshold to wear Godric sat with his hands chained high above his head. I unlocked the cuffs binding his hands and they too swung open and his hand fell down beside him.

“I’ve come to set you free, come on, we have to go now.”

“Lass it will nae work.” He muttered.

“I have a plan, let’s go!” I said pulling the brute of a man to his feet. Then I pulled him further down the tunnel, to where I discovered a concealed stone door in the wall, a passage to the stone wall outside the mansion, quick access off the property, so not to deal with the guards at the gate. Pulling it open I shoved Godric through and then closely followed behind pulling it closed behind us, with only a single torch to guide our way through.

Slowly we walked through the dark and the muck, seeming to go on forever, until finally the tunnel ended at a brick wall and there a stone door. I pushed it open and shoved Godric through it, and pulled it pushed it close after I crossed it’s threshold. There sat my car, complete with bags of clothes for Godric and myself, blankets, food, drinks, and weapons.

“what be this device?” Godric stood, jaw open in utter confusion.

“A car, lift the latch on the door and get in, now. We don’t have time for this.”

He did as instructed and I ran into the driver’s seat, started the engine and sped off to the highway.

Godric just stared at me in silence, and I made no effort to speak either. Finally, he sighed, and then spoke.

“Where are we going lass?”

“We are headed for the boarder, we are only a few hours away, from there, we Head for Hogwarts.”


“Yes, Hogwarts. It has defenses, and people willing to help us. We just need t keep the bad guys away from you until after All Hallows eve and you are a free man, the curse broken.”

“Why are you helping me, lass?”

“Because what my father did to you is wrong, and I cannot bear the thought of doing this to anybody, which my father wants me to do.”

“ You don’t want to be immortal?”

“Eternity sounds depressing, there would be nothing but time, no reason to rush into things youw ant to do, because you have forever. To be young forever, to be able to be healthy and agile forever, takes the spark out a living, because with life death walks hand in hand, and one must embrace the fact that one day they will die, or else they are not truly living.”

“Spoken like a true humanist.”

I smiled. “Godric I will do everything I can to keep you safe, I promise.”

“You did not promise that I will be free, in 4 weeks.”

“No, because I cannot promise something that isn’t certain.”

“Good. You can’t make a promise you can’t keep.”

I didn’t reply, remaining silent, and once again the car was silent, no music, no words, just the sounds of the engine and the wind blowing against the car. By mid-day we had crossed the border, and come to a forest. I pulled the car into a park lot and pulled out one of the baskets of food.

“We need to eat.”


I divided a sandwich, cheese and crackers, fruit, and some mixed vegetables between us, and poured a cup of juice for the both of us.

I ate quickly, intending to get back on the road as soon as was possible. Godric watched me and did the same, asking no questions.

“You know I can’t taste any of this right?”

“I know, but when you are free, you will have no energy, no nutrients, in you to survive if you don’t eat it now. Just because you don’t depend on it to survive now, doesn’t mean that when the curse is broken that it won’t have long-term effects on you.”

“You are too smart for your own good, Lass. You think too hard.”

“Well its good for you if not for me.” I retorted back sassily, irritated with him.

He remained silent, sensing my irritation and I began driving again.

“We have two day’s drive until we reach the castle.”

“Not so good in circumstances, you know by now they have discovered we are gone.”

“Yes, I am sure they have, but then they do not know where we are going.”

“I still do not like the odds.”

I glared at him, shooting him a warning look, to keep quiet and I continued driving. Danger was lurking everywhere, in every car, person, concealed areas. I didn’t know if I was prepared if danger met us.

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