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I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us by alicia and anne
Chapter 3 : We all fall down
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A/N: I would just like to say that I'm so happy that people like this story; also I'm sorry that it took me a while to write this chapter, and that it's not longer. A lot happens in this chapter so I hope you all like it.

“Malcolm’s talking about Freya putting on weight again,” Horatio commented in a low voice to Louis, who was chopping up a rat’s tail in front of him, a cauldron bubbling next to him. Louis’s face hardened as he cut the tail faster, Horatio noticed that his hands were shaking.

“Calm down, mate.” Horatio muttered, grabbing for the knife handle gently before Louis could hurt himself; he placed it down on the side as Louis tried to take calming breaths. Louis felt like his blood was boiling as much as the potion next to him and he tried to stop himself from walking over to Malcolm and yelling at him. He didn’t need to bring more attention to both him and Freya, especially with the rumours that were beginning to spiral out of control around the school.

The past few weeks back at school hadn’t gone as smoothly as both Louis and Freya had hoped it would. All plans of hiding their problem had basically gone to pot; it seemed that the Hogwarts population wasn’t as stupid or naive as they had previously thought. Louis knew that it wouldn’t be a secret forever and he was stupid for going along with Freya’s plans to not tell anyone. Freya’s growing weight seemed to be a much talked about subject for the sixth year population of Hogwarts and people were beginning to notice that she was heard throwing up from time to time. There’s only so many times that she could blame the food that she was eating, which Louis had informed her, but like most things at the moment they had fallen on deaf ears.

Freya was now what they worked out to be either three or four months pregnant, they couldn’t be sure at all. Freya didn’t seem to want to try and work out the date, clamming up whenever Louis tried to bring up the subject to her. Freya in this time had put on weight, which was to be expected, Louis remembered how much weight his Aunts had put on when they were pregnant and he knew it wouldn’t be long before others notice. Especially if Horatio had noticed Freya’s weight gain weeks ago, Horatio wasn't known for noticing that much going on in front of him. Freya still seemed to be in a small state of denial about it all.

Freya had managed to hide her growing bump quite well by keeping her robes around her, her arms folded as she sat hunched over slightly. But there were some things that she needed help with, such as her stealing some of Louis’s own school shirts so that they would be baggier on her, then her now too small school shirts were.

She had spent hours sat with Louis and Horatio, which was a surprise, in the library. Researching ways to make her clothes a few sizes bigger than they were, so she could wear them comfortably, or in the case of Louis and a reluctant Horatio trying to find books explaining anything about pregnancy. There seemed to be none, the school seemed to have no need to stock such books. But still Freya refused to tell anyone, she was becoming moodier and more emotional in the weeks that had passed and Louis didn’t know whether he was coming or going with her.

The only times she didn’t yell at him or cry constantly, was when he gave her the chocolate frogs that his mother had been sending him to try and cheer him up. Freya seemed to be craving them as well as and mash potatoes and gravy.

The rumours of a possible pregnancy had begun at the start of the week; Freya, who had taken to changing in the dormitory bathroom in the mornings, had forgotten to lock the door. Her friend had walked in on her as she was doing up her school shirt buttons and had glanced down at Freya’s almost bare stomach, before muttering an apology and rushing from the room.

Freya had come to Louis in tears that day, causing him to skip a few lessons so he could sit with her and calm her down. Not knowing how he could make it all better and feeling utterly and completely useless.

They had been so stupid for thinking it would be easy to hide this.

It was now Friday and the rumours had seemed to spread like wildfire. No one had come up to either him or Freya directly, but he could still hear them whispering about them and stare at them in the corridors and during lessons. The friend that had walked in on Freya that day had asked Freya whether or not she was pregnant, Freya had denied it. Even though Louis had pleaded with Freya to tell someone so that she wasn’t keeping all of this to herself, but she refused to. It was this ‘friend’ that had started spreading the gossip.

Louis was now in Potions, his last lesson for the day and he was meant to be preparing a potion with Horatio, but this new development had Louis literally shaking with anger. It took a lot to piss off Louis, and Malcolm had just overstepped the line, lately he seemed to be constantly on the edge of losing it, knowing that anything could have pushed him over it.

“Louis,” Horatio muttered to Louis, taking a quick glance around the classroom, no one was paying them any attention. “Don’t let him get a reaction out of you.”

Louis was almost seeing red; he knew he shouldn’t be angry as it would ruin things for everyone, but it had been so hard to keep a lid on everything that he was almost at boiling point. He was having trouble sleeping from worrying too much; quite often he had taken to the Hospital wing to ask for something to help him sleep. His father was sending him letters asking what was wrong with him, his father had noticed in his letters back that Louis was holding something back; he said that they should meet on the next Hogsmeade trip to discuss what was wrong.

Louis knew he wouldn’t be able to hold it in any longer, he was trying to help Freya see sense but was really not getting through to her.

“Hey Louis, is that baby even yours?” came the final straw from across the room.

Louis moved his hand to his wand that was lying on the desk in front of him; gripping hold of it tightly, he tried as hard as he could to ignore the voice of Malcolm Port, as he heard laughter coming from a few people. Horatio gripped hold of Louis’s arm, but Louis wrenched it away from him in anger.

“Why don’t you shut your mouth, Port?” Horatio growled over at the tall, chubby lad a few desks away from them. “Before I come over there and shut it for you.”

Louis wished that they would all be quiet; he glanced up at their teacher, Professor Hartridge and noticed that he was busy writing their homework up on one of the boards to notice what was going on in his own classroom.

So far none of the teachers had heard any of the rumours that he knew of, and he knew that if he responded to any of the questions or the taunts that they would be found out, and as much as he wanted the teachers help, he was too afraid of what would happen to him and Freya. If Malcolm continued talking, Louis knew that it wouldn’t be long until someone else found out.

Malcolm let out a laugh as his friends all hissed words about how Freya was two-timing Louis. Louis tried to calm himself down as Horatio whispered at Louis not to respond to them, his eyes flickering around to the other occupants in the room; they were starting to get the attention of most of the other students.

“Don’t rise to it,” Horatio told Louis, who had begun shaking again.

Louis was trying his hardest to believe the mantra now going through his head, 'don’t rise to it, and don’t respond to it.’

Sometimes, Louis noticed, some things just have to be responded to.

“I heard she’s been sleeping around with every guy that speaks to her, wouldn’t surprise me if she was pregnant. She is the Hogwarts ‘broomstick’ after all.”

Louis was over at Malcolm’s desk before Horatio could stop him, Louis grabbed the collar of Malcolm’s robes and pulled him forwards. “How dare you say something like that, you don’t know fuck all.”

The guy stopped laughing as he looked into Louis’s face, “I’m only saying what others are thinking mate.”

Louis let out a growl as he threw the guy to the floor, there were yells around the classroom as Louis tried to punch him, but a quick spell from the teacher stopped him from doing any damage. Louis found himself frozen in mid air as the teacher yelled at them in anger.

“What on earth is the meaning of this?” Professor Hartridge scolded, “In all my years of teaching I have never heard such vulgarity coming from a set of sixth years.”

“I’m only saying what’s true,” Malcolm claimed, as he stood up and backed away from Louis, who was still frozen. Professor Hartridge waved his wand and Louis unfroze, he stumbled slightly to stay upright, Horatio grabbing his arm to steady him and hold him back.

“I’m taking both of you to the Headmaster’s office right now; I will not tolerate such rumours and unruly behaviour in my class.” Professor Hartridge pointed to the door for the two students to leave.

“I’ll bring your stuff mate, I’ll come up to the office and wait for you,” Horatio whispered to Louis, dropping his grip on him as Louis turned to look at him, Horatio could see the fear that had filled Louis’s face. He knew that everything was going to come out now.

“Please warn Freya, tell her that I’m sorry.” Louis whispered back urgently.

“That means now, Mr. Weasley!” Hartridge snapped.

Horatio nodded at Louis, before Louis walked out of the room with the Professor, Malcolm having already left the room.

Gathering everything up quickly, Horatio rushed from the classroom, trying to think of what lesson Freya had at this moment.


“Which of you would like to explain to me what has just happened in Professor Hartridge’s classroom?” Professor Flitwick asked, looking over his glasses at the two students that had taken a seat in front of his desk.

Louis kept his eyes focused on his hands in front of him. How could he explain what happened without revealing the truth? He bet that Malcolm wouldn’t hesitate to say everything, including a few lies added.

“Louis and I had a disagreement that’s all,” Malcolm gave a shrug; Louis looked up at Malcolm with a frown, wondering why he wasn’t trying to get Louis into trouble when he had been happy to spread the rumours in the Potions classroom.

“Mr. Weasley,” Professor Flitwick said, causing Louis to look at him, “would you care to elaborate on what Mr. Port has told us.”

“It was nothing, sir.”

The Headmaster looked at them for a moment before he asked both of the boys to leave the room so he could have a quiet word with the teacher. Louis felt nerves take over him at these words and he had the overwhelming urge to throw up, he stood shakily and followed Malcolm out of the room and stood by the door. Once it closed behind him, he couldn’t resist the urge to put his ear to it, but sadly he wasn’t able to hear a word of what was going on inside.

“Is it true, then?” Malcolm asked Louis, who ignored him.

“Look, I deserve to know. Especially after lying in there for you.”

Louis turned to look at him incredulously. “You’re the reason I was in there in the first place.”

Malcolm gave a shrug, before shoving his hands into his trouser pockets. “So is it true?”

“Just leave me alone,” Louis muttered, turning back to go to press his ear to the door, but it had been opened by his Potions professor. He regarded Louis with a quick look before turning to Malcolm.

“Mr. Port the headmaster is going to be in touch with your punishment, I am to escort you back to the lesson. Mr. Weasley, the headmaster would like another word with you in the office.”

Louis gave a shaky nod, watching as Malcolm left with the professor, before he took a deep breath and entered the office.

“Mr. Weasley, would you like to take a seat?” Professor Flitwick said seriously, pointing at the seat Louis had previously occupied.

Louis took a seat, careful to avoid the Headmaster’s eyes, he looked down at his hands clasped in front of him and tried to keep his nerves under control. This was it, everything was over.

“Professor Hartridge has informed me of what Mr. Port said in the Potions classroom,”

Louis fiddled with his fingers, not knowing what else to do; he wondered if Horatio had managed to tell Freya, he wondered what she was thinking, how scared she was.

“Would you care to say anything about the rumours that have started to go around the school about you and Miss Jackson?”

Louis gave a sigh as he still refused to look up at the headmaster, what could he say to make things better? How could he have been so stupid to think that the teachers wouldn’t find out about everything?


Louis finally looked up at the Headmaster, “I’m... I’m sorry.”

Professor Flitwick gave a nod before he ran a hand over his weary face, Louis's words and the look on his face told the Headmaster that the rumours were true. “I’ve asked that Professor Hartridge send someone to get Miss Jackson from her lesson and bring her to my office.”

Louis gave a nod as he put his head in his hands, trying his best to think about how to ask the Headmaster not to expel them both, that it was a mistake. Beg for him not to punish them more than Louis was punishing himself, and trying so hard not to cry with relief that he didn't have to hide everything anymore.

“I've also had no choice but to send a Floo to both yours and Miss Jackson’s parents asking them to both come up to the school.”

Louis gave another nod, as much as he hated the fact that everything had been found out this way, he was glad that now someone else knew. Now Freya and the baby could be looked after, he just hoped that his family and Freya didn’t hate him.

But he knew that was almost impossible, he wasn't sure if he was ready for the look of disappointment that would be on his father’s face when he realised just how much Louis had ruined everything.

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