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Birtday wishes by Rosie pie
Chapter 1 : Earrings my dear
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She had got to the age where she commiserated rather than celebrated birthdays, but then since she'd turned thirty, Angelina had stared into the mirror every morning and muttered, 'Not bad for nearly forty.'

These days she tryed not to stare into the mirror too much, either, for although the grey hairs were spase, there was always the chance she'd find another one, or else a new wrinkle would appear that couldn't be erased by slathering on more face cream.

"Morning gorgeous," George would greet her when she emerged to face the day, and Angelina would always smile and reply"Morning, ugly!"

It was something they did. It was their thing.It was a ritual.The wall paper of their life.

The day before her birthday, she'd walked into the bedroom with just a towel around her, and George hadn't even looked at her, just said the worlds whilst still filling in his crossword.Angelina hadn't replied,but George said nothing, merely frowning over a clue.

"What time shall we set out?" she asked and started to dress.

"Eleven-thirty," he replied. "That was we can grab lunch afterwards>"

"Sure." She smiled at him, but he didn't see, so with a sigh, Angelina finished dressing and then dried her hair.

They were going shopping together. It wasn't something they often did, Angelina usually liked to shop alohne and George loathed shopping, but it was either shoping together or buy her own present, and that she didn't want to do.

"There and three options,"George had told her, two days ago when they were lying in bed."You can leave it all up to me , in which case you risk my shocking taste .You can tell me the sort of thing you want. Or come along with me and choose."

Angelina tried not to scowl.She'd already said she wanted earrings. What she really wanted was for George to suprise her, but knowing his aversion to buying gifts,she'd come out with a suggestion - earings, diamond drops. He'd agreed - money not being an issue as the shop in Diagon Alley and the second on Hogsmeade were flourishing - and so she'd relaxed. Earrings, how hard could it be for him?

Evidently,it was very hard for George who knew nothing of the sort about buying earrings or anything really for his wife, what on earth am I going to get her theres thousands of diferent earrings out there what am I going to do.

But  sadley as they set of to buy this glorius present Angelina suddenly turned to George "I've got to go dear  but don't worry all will be fine just get me some gold oned or silver I don't mind but I've got to go see you at home later" and with out another word Angelina rushed off!.

George stared as she went what on earth am I going to do he thought I know nothing maybe I could get her some that have hearts or what about flowers what am I going to do!!!.

As George looked through the shop windows a familer face rung his eyes and he soon found himself walking into the shops where Rose and Kate Weasleys face smiled up at them.


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