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Pranksters world by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong
Chapter 13 : the next day
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Fred awoke to the bright sunlight, a slight weight on his arm, and a warmth on his chest. blinking a couple times he glanced down to find Hermione sleeping soundly on him.

"Hermione?" he whispered to which she responded with incoherent words as she moved closer to him. his mind thought back to the night before and the potion. he realized even if a rino carrying a thousand banshee's on its back came charging through the room she  would only sniffle or turn over at the most. the potion would last for about an hour more or so. so now Fred was faced with the decision of getting up or staying put. it wasnt that hard of a decision.

'What!? its comfortable, she's soft, im warm! Give a guy a break'  he argued. but found after about ten minutes he wouldnt be able to get back to sleep. sighing he lifted Hermione onto his lap carefully and shifted so his legs fell over the side of the bed. in one swift movement he was up out of bed and on his way to the kitchen where he found his twin standing over breakfast.

"good morning Brother O' mine" Geroge said turning toward Fred which quickly recieved a SHHHH! George looked down to the sleeping messy pile of Hermione in his twins arms. Her Hair was sticking up in every direction and clothes were half open and well to simply put it a mess. George glanced up at his twin with half closed eyes.

"YOU NASTY PERVERT" Fred nearly dropped Hermione.

"W...What!?" he said stuttering.

"Really Fred you could have been a little bit gentler dont ya think especially being her first time and considering her state of mind." Fred couldnt believe his ears as a deep scarlet blush formed across his cheeks.

"I ...didnt do anything to Hermione, anything would have been quite uncomfortable chained like this," Fred said wiggling his chained hand.

"Woah.. please Fred no details. I dont know what kind of weird kinky shit your into but keep it to yourself brother." he said smirking as Freds jaw dropped a whopping 95.5 feet.

" your unbelievable George." Fred said rather frustratingly embarrassed as he sat on the couch so Hermione could lay down.

"Thank you" George chuckled at the comment.

"do what are the plans for today?" Fred asked gratefully taking a piece of toast from George.

"oh well i was thinking of doing a bit of spring cleaning, taking a trip to Diagon Alley we need some more ingredients and grocerys oh and yea having Dinner with Berry at 7:00" George said quickly walking to the kitchen. Fred who had been nodding his head absentlmindedly stopped suddenly.

"WHAT" he said slowly turning to George.

"What what?"

"the last part"

"What? last part what?" George asked innocently.

"DONT PLAY WITH ME GEORGE" Fred said forcfully

"the last part about dinner with Berry?" George asked as he came around to the other couch.

"that last part?" he laughed awkwardly

"yes that last part." Fred said as Hermione turned over with her head resting on Fred's leg.

"oh well its a long story." George said hopeing to get out. Fred looked down at the sleeping Hermione.

"we have time Explain."


George finished up what happened as Fred nodded.

"i cant believe you told her we were engaged!" Fred said

"hey you told our entire family and aray of Friends im entitled to at least one person!" George said in defence

"Granted but how are we gonna explain it when she notices how we dont even stand five feet from each other!?" he said

"young love?" George offered. Fred glared at his brother.

"you got us into this mess its now your responsiblility to keep Berry away from us ok?" Fred said not really giving him an option. George nodded. 

"good now you stay here and clean and me and Hermione will get the ingredients and stuff ok?" Fred said lightly shaking Hermione.

"hmmmnn?" Hermione said in a dream like voice.

"time to get up love" Fred said. Hermione sighed and sat up stretching.

"what happened last night?" she said holding her slightly aching head. As George went to open his mouth he was met by an evil glare from Fred.

"the loopy licorice worked a bit too well but no time for details busy day got to go shopping." Fred said ushering her to the Batheroom.

"Get started George!" Fred yelled back to his brother. George mocked his brother then slumped. he couldnt remember the last time someone had cleaned the house...he had a lot of work on his hands.

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Pranksters world: the next day


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