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Just any other year at hogwarts... by HorseMad99
Chapter 3 : The First Week back at School
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 A/N: Heyy guys, I know the last chapter took forever so I was hoping that this quick update would make up for it. It’s a bit of a filler chapter but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Please review it, I want to know what you think and hopefully you can help me improve it <3

EDITED: 16/05/13

The next morning I managed to reach the Great Hall vaguely on time after some coaxing from Rose and death threats from Ava, then again I really did wonder how Ava had managed to get up on time.

Whilst we ate Professor Longbottom was coming around and handing out everyone’s timetables, when given ours silence fell as we examined the day ahead.

“Oh god, double Herbology first, what have I done to deserve this?” groaned Scorpius who at the request of Rose had decided to join us at breakfast. Al laughed at Scorpius’ misfortune until realising that her to would have to endure two hours of Professor Longbottom going on about the ‘fascinating plants’.  Professor Longbottom was easily one of the nicest teachers at the school however on occasion her could get a bit over excited and assume that everyone was just as interested in plants as he was.

“Shush! Professor Longbottom might hear you Scorpius!” squeaked Evie, Professor Longbottom had since finished giving out timetables and had been heading back up to the staff table when he overheard the conversation. He stopped behind Evie, grinning.

“Or Evelyn, he might hear you!” he laughed before simply carrying on along the tables until he reached his seat and sat down next to Professor Twillpond the Care of Magical Creatures teacher.

Evie had turned bright red, not only because she had been overheard but because Professor Longbottom had called her Evelyn. It was her real name but she absolutely despised it and constantly reminded her parents of what an awful decision it had been to name her Evelyn.

Ava giggled at Evie as the redness slowly faded from her cheeks, upon inspecting our timetables further it turned out that we all had Herbology first so after finishing our breakfast we all trudged down to the Greenhouses together. It seemed that we, meaning 5th year Gryffindors, would be sharing all our compulsory lessons with the Slytherins. Yay, hurrah in fact joy of joys! In case you can’t tell I am unbelievably happy about having to share lessons with the creeps and frankly scary people who make up the Slytherin house. To top it all off this meant we would be sharing lessons with Hayley and her new and decidedly unnerving boyfriend Jayden Clark. They had only gotten together last night after being indirectly rejected by Al but word got around quickly at Hogwarts and now almost every 5th year knew.

Inside the Greenhouses we sat on stools at wooden benches each and every one of us falling asleep as Professor Longbottom droned on about the plants we would be studying that year. The only person who seemed even remotely interested was Bertie Hobbottle who was sat at the front, now talking animatedly to Professor Longbottom about all the fascinating plants he had found and studied over the summer holiday. This left the remainder of the class to talk freely.

“What lesson do you have next?” chirped Rose cheerily whilst using her wand to change the colour of the little squares on her time table so that the subjects were colour coordinated, apparently this made it a lot easier to read but sometimes I just don’t bother asking and take her word for it.

As it turned out Rose and Amie had Ancient Runes which left Ava and Evie with Muggle studies. I then looked over Al’s shoulder to see his timetable which showed that he had Care of Magical Creatures next, the same as me.

“I suppose it’s just you and me then next lesson,” I said to Al, he grinned. After over hearing our conversation, Hayley turned around her face bearing an evil grin.

“It seems that you Felicity Barker are still under the unfortunate illusion that you still have a chance with my Albie!” she sneered. There she goes again, talking about Al as if he is a bit of furniture that she owns, it was funny how she talked about ‘owning’ a boy whilst in a relationship with someone else though Jayden didn’t seem in the slightest bit bothered, I don’t even think he knew what was happening. He was too busy staring at me, it wasn’t even one of those ‘I want to kill you and eat you guts for dinner’ type stares it was an ‘I want you to be the producer of my spawn’ type looks. The thing about Jayden is that, to put it simply, he’s a bit of a creep. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up on the sexual predator list by the time he is 16.

“Someone would have to be mentally retarded to even think of liking you Felicity

Eww, his staring was really off putting. In that moment I wished I could just conjure a giant fly swatter and just swat him with it so that he would die a painful death however his creepiness for once gave me an advantage.

I smirked, “So Hayley, you think your boyfriend is mentally retarded then do you?”

Hayley twisted round to see Jayden creeping on me and quickly whacked him over the head with her textbook this only deterred him momentarily though for throughout the rest of the lesson I caught him staring at me again. In the end Ava ‘yelled get a life creep’ across the class room to him and his head turned around immediately so as not to be caught.

At the end of the lesson Al and I said goodbye to the others before heading off down the sloping lawn to the edge of the forbidden forest for Care of Magical Creatures. When we arrived Professor Twillpond was stood waiting.

“Quiet everybody! Can I have your attention please” she called until everyone quietened down. Professor Twillpond was quite young, approximately early thirties or late twenties, with short brown hair which was constantly tied back in a tiny pony tail. She was friendly yet strict and she often came across as unapproachable.

“Okay everyone, so today we will be learning about thestrals, can anybody tell me something about thestrals?” she asked. I flung my arm into the air and Professor Twillpond nodded to show I could talk.

“Thestrals can only be seen by those who have seen someone die, because of this they have a bad reputation and some people associate them with causing death however none of it is true. Thestrals look very similar to horses however they appear reptilian and have wings.” I said, Professor Twillpond smiled at me.

“Exactly, 10 points to Gryffindor. I will attract the thestrals then if you can see them please raise your hand.”
I looked through the trees wondering which would be the first to arrive. She called out and also laid a large chunk of meat on the forest floor and soon enough the thestrals started to appear. Three came cantering through the forest in quick succession; they were called Maple, Jester and Thistle. All three were about three and a half years old and were friends.

I raised my hand as did Al beside me, apart from that everyone else seemed to still be looking around for the thestrals oblivious to the fact that three were already standing right in front of them.

Whilst the thestrals nibbled on the meat Professor Twillpond set us our task, we would have to try and find a thestral by feel if we couldn’t already see them and then pat them and get comfortable around them. Those who could see them had to draw them so that the rest of the class would get a rough idea of what they actually looked like. Unfortunately neither Al nor I had been blessed with artistic talents. So for the remainder of the lesson I stood patting Maple who seemed to have taken a dislike to everyone else in the class except for Al. The difference between Al and I was, far from finding the thestrals interesting, Al found them creepy and was reluctant to go within a foot of Maple. By the end of the lesson and after a lot of coaxing Al finally gave in and gave Maple a rather hasty pat.

The rest of the week passed quickly it was far from relaxing though. We had been right to expect a large workload but the lessons were so full on that by the end of the day we all just wanted to go to sleep.  By Friday my pile of homework had definitely built up but I would have no time to do it because James Potter had scheduled a quidditch practise for the previous year’s team so as to give us some practise before the try outs.

Only Taylor Mornent was missing, having been in 7th year which meant that we would need to fill a single chaser player. However Charlie, who currently played chaser, had decided he would rather play beater. He and Fred had both gone for a single beater position in second year but Fred had inherited his talents from his father and beat Charlie to the position. Desperate to be on the team regardless of what position he had to play Charlie had gone to the try outs the next year and gotten in as a chaser. He was good but he enjoyed playing as a beater much more. Louis Weasley (who had been our captain for the two years before James was made captain) had begged Charlie to stay on the team as chaser because we had no other chasers that were even half as good as him that he could be replaced by. After a lot of bribery over the summer, James had convinced Rose to try out as chaser and had therefore let Charlie finally try out for the position of beater. It had been decided that Charlie would compete against Nate, who was the weaker of the team’s current beaters, for the position.

I played the position of seeker on the team; I tried out in first year, as did Lily Potter. However when I out flew her, Lily wasn’t exactly happy. Lily had had her heart set on the position of seeker but it seemed that as long as I was on the team Lily would not. I felt bad but I wasn’t just going to give up my position for her.

“Bye guys, I need to go. We have a quidditch practise,” I said, rising from my seat in the Great Hall.

“Wait, I’m coming I’m coming!” added Al.

I waved as we left heading towards the dormitories to collect our quidditch robes and brooms. After we left the others all talking about the party that would be taking place that night. It was going to be the ‘start of term party’ the first of many. The people at Hogwarts all make so many excuses to have parties whether because they want to have a good time or just get absolutely smashed.

My broom was a pheonixflame5000 a broom which was widely considered the best broom available for a seeker because of its extreme speed and quick responses. I personally loved Jeremy, yes I had named my broom Jeremy but that’s beside the point.

Al was waiting for me in the common room when I came back down after grabbing my things; from there we walked down to the pitch together.

“You going to the party tonight?” asked Al, I nodded. The rest of the team was already waiting when we finally reached the changing room.

“Come on team, let’s go fly!” shouted James and the rest of the team followed him out of the changing room leaving Al and I to change quickly before hurry out onto the pitch.

Also on the team was Nate Parker (dreamboat) Fred Weasley, Charlie, Al and James Potter.

The practise had no particular structure, it was more just ‘fly around for a bit’ which was exactly what we did.

I had just spotted the small snitch fluttering by James’ ankle and I sped towards it, it was about two arm lengths away. I stretched out my arm to grab it but,

“Oi! Barker!” I heard someone yell, I swerved around forgetting about the snitch and searching for the person who had shouted, Charlie had turned around as well. Nate was sat on his broom about 10 meters away, seeing Charlie watching him expectantly as well as myself he quickly added, “Felicity,” which made Charlie stop listening and carry on hurling the quaffle at James.

I went all gooey inside.

“Hey Felicity, you… you know what?” he asked grinning.

“What?” I asked trying not to show on my face how amazingly happy I was that he was talking to me.

“YOU SMELL!”  He yelled before bursting into laughter and almost falling off his broom. For a moment I wished he had, I bit my lip internally begging myself not to cry. I turned around and flew off in the other direction to carry on my search for the snitch.

I heard his laughs follow me though; I looked around and saw him following me about 15 foot behind me.

I grimaced, why couldn’t he just leave me alone? I mean first he is just so distractingly dreamy and second he had the tendency to act like a prick and I didn’t like being around him when he did.

Sometimes I got really tired of his shit.

The same thing continued for the next 10 or so minutes, I could see Charlie getting more and more annoyed at Nate, as was James however they both had yet to say anything. I had flown to the other end of the pitch in an attempt to get away from him, only for him to follow. It was at that point that James, as the captain, intervened.

“PARKER! Leave Fliss alone.” He yelled, he sighed afterwards. It was almost as if he seemed as fed up as I did which was confusing to say the least. I didn’t get why James would be too annoyed about Nate being an idiot to me.

Nate left me alone after that. I was finally free of him and ready to find the snitch but he had completely off put me, I wasn’t in any state of mind to go searching for a stupid little metal ball. Despite this I did because I didn’t exactly want to lose my position on the team, I’m sure Lily would take it quicker than you could say ‘seeker’ if  I was to get kicked off. I had it within my sights, it was hovering by the bottom of the right hand goal hoop, I shot forwards, watching it fly about slightly as I approached fast and faster, nearer and nearer. I had my hand stretched out now, almost ready to grab the snitch when I was distracted.

“Oii! Felicity!” I hear someone yell, I swerved round to see Nate only a matter of metres away from me. I sighed before reluctantly asking him what he wanted. He grinned in not exactly a comforting way.

“You smell…” he started but I cut him off.

“Nate, I really don’t care so just piss off and leave me alone,”

“No, it’s just…you smell really nice,” he muttered sheepishly. I blushed. This was certainly unexpected but not unwelcome. The his embarrassed smile turned into a malicious grin, “Only joking you absolutely stink!” he yelled with all the cockiness of before, and with that he spun around flying as fast as he could back towards the changing rooms where the remainder of the team were congregating.

I shot after him; I had the advantage of course. I was smaller, lighter and my broom was faster. I followed right on his tail, landing with a thud and discarding my broom. He stood a few feet away laughing; I stormed towards him ready to beat the living shit out of him.

“What the fuck was that all about!?” I screeched. Okay so I might have over-reacted slightly but I was grumpy, tired and I had a headache so I was a little bit touchy, okay a lot. He simply carried on laughing, my anger was simply amusing for him.

“You are a twat Nate Parker,” I yelled again and the I walked closer to him and without hesitation I found myself kneeing him in the groin. With a moan of pain he crumpled and fell to the floor. I smiled in satisfaction; he deserved to suffer at least a bit.  As I turned around Al hastily jumped out of my way, perhaps he was under the impression that I might just be angry enough to do the same to him, instead I grabbed my broom. Rather than walk back to the castle I flew, cursing Nate the whole way back.

I was still cursing when I reached the dormitory and it caught the attention of both Evie and Rose.

“NATE FUCKING PARKER!” I yelled making both girls jump and it left Evie cowering behind the bed in fear and Rose hungry to find out what had happened. I did not however give any further explanation I was far too annoyed.

Ava appeared holding a towel and some shower gel; she shoved them into my arms and then shoved me into the bathroom. I locked the door behind me. I had completely forgotten until I had seen Ava doing her making up and Saffie picking any outfit (or rather Rose trying to force her to wear something other than jeans and a t-shirt) that tonight was meant to be the first party of the year. It had become tradition that on the first Friday of any new term there would be a party. It was always the most informal of any of the parties held throughout the year and it was notorious (especially the first one of the whole year) for being responsible for many feats of embarrassing drunk behaviour, bad decisions and the worst hangovers any of us had ever had. It was a wonder that any of us still bothered with them but sometimes a little alcohol can make everything seem a little bit more manageable.

After a reasonably quick shower, throughout the whole time Rose had been yelling at me reminding me that I wasn’t going to have much time to get ready for the party, not that I was particularly bothered. I had already thought about what I was going to wear so that wouldn’t be a problem and I was certain that Rose would attack me with many potions for my hair and Evie would no doubt do my make-up for me. That was the benefit of having talented friends, not that I exploit their talents. Oh no, I would never dream of doing such a thing.

I quickly changed into a very short pair of high wasted shorts and my vintage Weird Sisters vest top. Rose had indeed dried and curled my hair for me and Evie had sat me down and attacked me with make-up. She had done a very good job, only using some mascara, some red lip stick and just a hint of black eyeliner. I grinned at the others who were already dressed and ready to go.

After Evie gave herself a final check in the mirror we all tottered off- owing to our high heels-  to the seventh floor. 

EDITED: 16/05/13

So I finally finished editing chapter 3. I feel really bad, it's been so long, sorry!

It would be lovely if you could tell me what you think (especially if you read the original version before the edit becuase then I might know if you like the edits made)

Thank you for reading

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