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Two Different Worlds by AshleyElizabethxXx
Chapter 2 : If Looks Could Kill
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Amazing chapter image by Thalia @TDA


             “Come on you lot! Up and at ‘em.” Someone yelled as they flung the door open.

                “Nehhhhhhhhhh!” I wined and dug my head into my sheets.

                Thump.  I growled as I was wacked by a pillow. Thump.

                “Get your lazy arse up. You’ll be the reason why we miss the train.” Thump. I swear to God, if that boy smacks me one more ti-

                “AHHHH!” I screeched as I was picked up from the bed and flung over the shoulder of my capturer. I pounded on their bare back. “Put me down, or I’ll hex all the way to Kings Cross!”

                 “That’d only help to get me there faster, love.” He said in a matter of fact tone.

                 Oomf. I was dumped onto the cold floor of the bathroom, “Now get ready.” He said as the door was slammed shut. I glared at it for a moment before getting up and preparing for the day. I walked out shortly after in a pair of black skinny jeans and a dark green tank top.

                 Looking around the room my eyes landed on the hypocrite who wasn’t even ready himself. “REALLY?” I flung my hands up, before letting them fall back down and placing them on my hips. Leave it to my best friend to make a big deal of me getting ready and him not to even be fully clothed by the time I was ready.

                 “Wha.” He said stupidly as he slipped on his shirt and made an exit for the door. I just rolled my eyes and followed him downstairs to the kitchen. I should explain, I live with the Potter’s, yes the Potter’s, well I sort of do. They don’t necessarily have custody for me, but they might as well. My best friend is the middle child of this infamous family, Albus Severus Potter. *Queue all the girls sighing* I don’t get what’s so special about him; he’s not even the ladies man of the family. That would be James, and don’t get me started on the idiot.

                 “Good morning, colorful.” Speak of the devil. “Aren’t we just a ray of sunshine today?”

                 “Say’s the bloke with bed head.” Yeahhh, Ginn-ay. James huffed at his mother before stuffing a forkful of hash browns into his mouth.


                  Not even an hour later we were packed into one of those muggle cars and on our way to the Station. Given that both my parents were pure-bloods I’m still not used to certain things, even if it has been almost 4 years since the “change in life style”. Yeah, let’s call it that. The Potter family usually doesn’t do things the muggle way, but every so often they like to.

                “Here we are, Kings Cross Station.” Harry said as we piled out and into the parking lot. The trunk popped open and I grabbed my trunk and went to find a trolley with Al in tow.

                 “Got your ticket, child?” I said to Al. He nodded and flashing his ticket to me.

                 We made our way to the column between platforms 9 and 10. “Here we are, Platform 9 ¾. James, you first.” He took a look around to make sure nobody was watching before running trolley-first into the bricks and disappearing. Lily went in behind him, then with Al and I discreetly leaning against the bricks and sinking into the hidden platform since people had been passing by.

                As soon as I got onto 9 and three quarters the sound of chatting and students saying goodbye to parents and relatives filled my ears. I smiled as I looked at the Hogwarts Express in front of me. Red and glossy, just like always. I followed the trail of Potter’s over to the train to find a compartment before saying goodbye. Lily found a group of her friends and split off with them while James motioned that he had found a free one. Well it wasn’t actually free seeing as though Fred and Roxanne had been inside.


                “Alright, you two better be good.” Harry said to me and Al with a knowing smile. I turned my attention on Ginny who gave us each a hug before pushing us away toward the express.

                 Just as I was stepping up into the train I heard a familiar voice, “So you’re just going to walk right past me and not say hello, even though you haven’t seen me all summer.” My head whipped around, a smile growing on my face. “Fine, that’s cool.” They said nonchalantly.

                 “SCORPIUS!” I yelled before tackling him with a hug. Luckily he caught me, hugging me back. I began to make an excuse on why I hadn’t seen him since last semester when the whistle blew indicating that we were about to miss the Hogwarts Express.

                  Jumping onto the train Al gave Scorpius one of those man hugs and we set off down the corridor of the train to find the rest of the Potter-Weasley clan. We began conversing about our vacations when something, or should I say someone slammed into my shoulder. I stopped walking and glared over at the girl who’d hit me. She turned around sheepishly, whispering a sorry before scurrying away with her friends.

                   My good mood now gone I shoved past by best friends and kept walking. Following at my heels Al and Scorpious snickered at the rude things I had begun to mutter under my breath. I stopped in front of the already overly packed compartment and slid the door open and claimed a seat on the ground at Rose’s feet.

                   “So who was the one to piss Ashley off this time?” Someone asked. This family knows me all too well.

                   “Just a mousey girl, she bumped into her.” Al replied.

                   “She was lucky enough that Ashley didn’t do anything more than glare.” Scorpius added on.

                    “Yeah, but we all know Curly’s glare. If looks could kill.” James piped up. The whole lot of them then began to talk about times I had glared or gave them any other rude face. Which is often. It was like they had forgotten I was in there presence.

                    “That’s cool guys just ignore me.”

                    “This one time I got this look-“

                     “No, no go on talking about me.”

                      “…it was like when she squints her eyes-“ Roxanne looked over at me. “YEAH! THAT’S THE LOOK!” she yelled pointing at me. Everyone looked to see which of my famous glares she had been explaining.

                      “She gave this old man that look when we went to The Leaky Cauldron!” Dominique exclaimed. I rolled my eyes and waited quietly for the conversation to pass. The train ride was just the same as always, uneventful. I just couldn’t wait till I could finally be home again, at Hogwarts.

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