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I'm a What? He's My What? Well Hell by clumsydolphin
Chapter 15 : Chapter 15
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AN: I sincerely apologize for the time this chapter took and the shortness of the chapter. For those of you who are animal lovers and your pets are family you will understand I’m sure. My baby Little Bit who is a little Yorkshire Terrier and is 13 years old had a bit of an accident during grooming and got his leg severely cut. He had to be rushed to the Emergency Vet hospital and they knocked him out because the cut was too big and deep for medical glue and he needed stitches. He’s sore but doing well enough that I was able to get my brain turned back on and finish this up! I have two human kids and 2 canine kids and I love my furry kids almost as much as my human kids, so I hope you all understand that he needed me to care for him for a few days. I also hope you enjoy this chapter as well, even though it ends with a bit of a cliffie! Clumsy!



Draco stood back from the crowd surrounding Hermione and proudly watched as his woman was hugged and passed back and forth among their friends congratulating her.

I was game night at 12 Grimmauld place and they had just announced her pregnancy and the engagement to their friends officially. She was showing off the ring they had chosen together to all the girls, guys just didn’t really care about that sort of thing. She had chosen a pink stone to honor and remember a close cousin who had died of breast cancer a couple years back. It was a princess cut which Draco wanted because it fit her in his mind.

“Congrats Draco!” Harry said shaking Draco’s hand and pulling him back to reality.

“Thanks Potter.” Draco said, and then got a mischievous look on his face. “How do you look in a dress Potter?”


“Ha! You’re her best friend so I wonder how hideous you’re going to look in a bridesmaid gown.” Draco got out while laughing at the picture in his head.

“Ha, ha, ha funny man. Joke is on you if I’m maid of honor. Hermione always said it would be fun if both of us were in her future wedding so if I’m on her side that leaves Ron as your best man!” Harry said laughing himself now.

“Bloody Hell. Merlin will rise from the dead and snog Umbridge while dancing naked by the Black Lake before Weasel is ever my best man!” Draco stated vehemently.

Harry just laughed and they left to join the crowd which was setting up two Twister mats for their game night; tonight was Twisted Shots night. The game is  simple in theory but next to impossible after about three shots of fire whiskey when everyone tends to end up in a laughing twisted pile on the floor. Due to the pregnancy Hermione was the official spinner and healer of the injuries from so many people getting twisted and falling!




A month later and Hermione was sitting at the table in the kitchen of the Burrow facing down some upset women. Molly, Narcissa, Jean, and Ginny were all trying to change her mind about the wedding. It was useless of course because she and Draco had already made up their mind and were quite excited for their peaceful ceremony whether the others liked it or not.

“It doesn’t matter how many times you say that we should have the big ceremony Molly because this is what we both want. Look at it like this, you all get a nice lovely vacation in Bora Bora and we get the lovely beach ceremony we want. Well not ceremony so much as small intimate moment.” Hermione answered. “Now, I hope we’re done trying to change my mind and ready to get to planning for what we want as a couple. I need help getting it all together!”

Molly and Narcissa also had taken issue with the idea that Hermione was having two best men and one Matron of Honor and one bridesmaid since this went against tradition. Mostly though they weren’t titles just the friends she wanted standing by her as she celebrated her love of Draco.

“They are the ones who stood by me through everything and that is who I want standing by me at the moment I marry Draco. Harry, Ron, Fleur and Ginny will be by my side in Bora Bora. Can we all just accept this is a different kind of wedding and move on instead of trying to change what we want?” Hermione huffed!

They were all duly chastised and nobody raised any more arguments. Hermione was thankful for that as she was suffering from morning sickness to a severe extreme. She got sick whenever she was stressed, sat up to quick, woke up or any other time it decided to knock her on her ass. Poor Draco being her mate was experiencing it all with her as he could sense her feelings. So she wasn’t surprised when he walked through the door and made them all take a break. She smiled as she walked into his arms and kissed him.

“One more week and we’ll be getting married and having a trip of a lifetime with our loved ones! I can’t wait, love.” Hermione sighed and smiled at him.

“I can’t wait either ‘Mione, it feels as if I’ve waited ten lifetimes for that day.”




One week and six hours later and Hermione was stepping onto a beach barefoot and looking at all her loved ones gathered together for her walk down the “aisle” which was really just a path made with rocks on either side to guide she and her father to the ceremony.

She wore a simple strapless cotton dress that blew with the breeze coming in from the ocean and her hair was loose with baby’s breath flowers weaved into it. She wore a smile as she finally made it to Draco’s side and handed her bouquet of Lavender and Jasmine off to Fleur and smiled at her ‘bridal party’ who smiled back at her. Draco had Pansy, Blaise, Greg, and Theo Nott standing with him. Her attention was then returned to Draco as the official cleared his throat and began the ceremony. Years later she wouldn’t be able to recall anything of the ceremony but she could describe each and every emotion that played out in those silver grey eyes she loved so much because at the moment she looked into them during the ceremony she was lost in them.

That evening a party was in full swing on the beach in celebration of the two becoming husband and wife. They had a bonfire and not too far away an area had been cleared for dancing. There was also a table filled with food that Mrs. Weasley and Jean Granger were in charge of. It was all informal and a bit chaotic at times and absolutely everything Hermione had ever dreamed of when she thought of this day. She just never would have pictured a groom as perfect for her as her Draco was.

That’s what he felt like to her, hers and she was his. Not in the possessive and controlling way but in the comforting I’ll always be there for this person and vice versa way. It felt comforting and safe and Draco felt like her home now.

She and Draco were dancing a slow dance later when she gasped all of a sudden and her hands flew to her stomach scaring Draco at first.

“What is it? Is something wrong with the baby?” He asked worriedly.

“No, Draco my husband, I just felt her move!” Hermione answered with an awed voice and happy tears flowing from her eyes.

Draco reached his hands to feel the movement but he was disappointed to find that he couldn’t feel the baby himself.

“It will be a few weeks still before anyone but me can feel her, but it’s just so real now. I can feel her Draco!” She kissed him on the lips. “We’re a family now.”

“You do realize that there is a 50/50 chance that she is in fact a he, right?” He asked laughing. She just rolled her eyes at him.




A week later the couple bid farewell to their loved ones who joined them on their wedding ceremony/vacation and departed for Titusville, Florida where they were spending a week alone for the end of their honeymoon.

While in Florida they visited Disney World which was fun even though Hermione couldn’t ride rides because there was so much else to do! They visited Sea World and fell in love with the animals. They spent a day on the beach where Draco enjoyed the view of Hermione’s small baby bump that you could just start to see if you were looking for it. She still turned him on in her bikini and maybe just a bit more due to the baby bump because he knew that was where his child rested safe and warm for now.

On their fourth morning they were in bed and Draco was in the pleasurable process of waking his bride in a very slow manner. As his hand was slowly working its way upwards from her bump there was a loud tapping at the window. Draco rushed to the window to let the bird in because this was a Muggle hotel and it would look odd to someone if they happened to be watching. He couldn’t help being cranky with the stupid bird who interrupted the fun he had planned for when his wife awoke fully to her husband’s ministrations.

Not to worry about the owl though because he bit Draco’s hand for the rudeness and clipped his ear when he took off. “Bloody, damn menace of a bird!”

“What’s going on Draco?” Hermione asked Draco sleepily as he opened the letter.

Dear Hermione and Draco,

Please come home! I’m sorry ‘Mione but it’s your dad, he suffered a major heart attack last night and I need you here with us at the hospital.



Hermione watched as all the blood left her husband’s face and knew that whatever he was reading was bad. It was confirmed when he looked up at her and his eyes spoke of sadness, and fear as he slowly he handed over the letter to her.


AN2: So this was my answer to not being able to write the wedding ceremony that I had originally planned out for both Harry/Ginny and Draco/Hermione. I wanted to have it appear to be something you were viewing from outside, like if you were flying overhead, you could picture it all but not hear any of it. Anyway, that’s how I hope it came across. Leave me lots of reviews please and I will give you a very long chapter next time! Love you all!


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