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Who are you? by 4you2savvy
Chapter 3 : Home?
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Chapter 3

Its been a couple of days since I came back from St Mongo's and I still couldn't remeber a thing.

"Are you sure you'll be alright? I just be at the office for a couple of hours." Draco asked me for the 3rd time

"Yes...dont worry about me I'll be fine." I said sitting on the bed reading a book

"Alright...I'm going to be back as soon as posible"

He then tryed to kiss me but I turned my head to the side so he would only kiss my cheek.

"I'm sorry...its to soon for that" I said looking down hoping he wouldn't get mad

"Hey never be sorry. I'm the one who should be saying it not you. I'll see ya soon"


It had been an hour since Draco had left for work. I just finished reading my book and I was already bored. So I desided that I was going to visit Ron and his family but I left a note for Draco just in case he got home before I got back.


I just want to let you know that I'm going to see Ron. Dont worry I'm only going there because I need to know what happend between us. I'll see you as soon as I come back.



I knocked on the door.

"Coming," Ginny said as she opend the door "Oh Miss. everthing alright?"

"Ginny," I then pulled her into a bone crushing hug but somthing round was in the way. I look down "O my God Ginny your pregnut"

"Miss Malfoy-"

"Miss Malfoy? Ginny were best friends...why are you calling me that?"

"What happend to you? Did you forget everything that happend?!?"

"What are you talking about? What happend?"

She just looked shocked " have a seat," I sat down "Miss Mal- I mean Hermione...were no longer friends."

"What do you mean were not friends any more?" I said with tears starting to roll down my face

"...Right after Ron...died-" Ginny started to say

"Ron died?!? Omygod...I...don'" I said crying so hard I couldn't breath

"O my god Hermione breath...come on...thats"

Once I cought my breath I said "How did he-"

Ginny looked down and put her hand on her belly "Ouch...I'm sorry this kid wont stop kicking me..."


"Draco what are you still doing here? You need to be back home with your wife."

"I know, I was on my way out but I have to get this fin-"

"No, your going back home to your wife...I'll cover for you" Tim said picking me up out of my chair

I did as Tim said and left for home.


"Hermione?" I said as I opend the door

I then seen the note that Hermione left me.


I just want to let you know that I'm going to see Ron. Dont worry I'm only going there because I need to know what happend between us. I'll see you as soon as I come back.


"Shit" I said as soon as I was done reading her note "Well its going to be a long day..."





It was Draco

Ginny got up "Wait here please"



"I'm sorry to pop into your house like this...but is Hermione here?" Draco asked Ginny

"Yes she is here but what the hell happend to her...she still thought Ron was alive when she knows that she killed him." she said a little upset talking about her brothers death

"With all do respect it was-" I looked up to see Hermione standing in the door way with tears staring to form in her eyes "Hermione I'm sorry you had to hear that." I said trying to pull her into a hug

But she just shoved my arms out of the way "No I rember that night now and she needs to hear the truth."

"You rember?" I was smiling so big it hurt a little but it was the good kind

"Yes but I just rember that night."

My smile fell just a bit but I was happy that she started to rember what happend.



"Ok girls," I said starting to slur my words "I have to go back home"

"Aww come on more wont hurt you." Lisa said handing me another firewisky

"O...alright but this is the last one" but as I knew it wasn't going to br the last one of the night


It was the next morning and I had the worst hangover. I looked around and what I seen next was not a good thing. I opend my eyes to find myself face down on the flor of Lisa's apartment.

"Lisa? What in the name of merlan happend last night?" I yelled after I took some hang over posion

"Hermione? What are you doing here?" asked Lisa with just a thin sheet covering her body

"I don't know. What the hell happend last night?" I said trying to think that I'm looking at my best friend when shes pretty much naked.

"Girl you know that muggle vodka get to me."

After a few minutes of thinking I litterly slaped the top of my head "Shit, Ron...he's going to be so pissed when I get home."

"Hermione, hes always pissed off at you when somthing doesn't go his way"

"Lida please dont start. I'll see you at the office on monday."


I just stood there looking at the door to our house. Knowing the moment I walk though that door there would be alot of yelling a words that should never be said.

"Ok Hermione its time to put on your big girl underware and go though that door and face Ron" Once I said that to myself a couple of times I didn't even get to open the door when Ron grabed on to my shirt and pulled me into the house.

"You little whore...I know you've been cheating on me " He said pushing me onto the floor

I yelled in pain once I hit the floor "Ron what are you talking about I'm not seeing anyone-"

"You shut the fuck up. I dont want to hear any more of your lies"

I tryed to pick myself up off the floor only to be pushed back down again "Ron, stop it your hurting me."

"Oh you think I'm hurting you? Lets she if you think I'm hurting you know" After he said that he started hitting

All l could do was cry because he wouldn't let me go.

All of a suden I heard the frount door open it was Draco.

"Oh so is this the man you've been sleeping around with. Youre nothing but a cheap whore."

Draco then shuved Ron off of me "Ron you are under arest by the ministry for atemted murder." Draco was then trying to get to his wand in his poket. But Draco made a mistake, He turned his back.

Ron then jumped and knocked the wind right out of Draco before he could get to his wand.

As soon as Ron was about to curse Draco

I razed my wand and said something that I shouldnt have said but I did "AVADA KADERA"


*Present time*

There was no sound after I told what happend to Ron. You hear a pin drop becasue it was so dead quite.

But Ginny was the first to break the slince.

"You still didnt have to kill him! I want you both out my house right now!"


Now if you want to see chapter 5 then I need at lest 10 reviews :) It really does help when you send them. Love you all thank you for reading :D

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