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Chasing Him by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 11 : Fancy
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A/N:Hiiiiiiiiii guysssss. Enjoy this chapter of Catching James Pottter! This one is the lead up to a couple of massive events so get excited!!



It was the twenty third of December and I was sitting in Dom’s room, helping her wrap her thousands of presents.

“Why do you leave these things to the last minute Dom,” I yawned, it was so early!

“It’s not my fault the order for Al’s present took forever!” Dom exclaimed.

“You could have wrapped the others before,” I smiled at her as she threw a pillow at me, which I ducked.

“Who cares? I mean the only interesting thing that’s going to happen around here is that Victoire is coming home,” Dom grunted.

Dom’s sister, Victoire was arriving home today with her fiancée Teddy Lupin, they both lived in the city whereas Bill and Fleur’s house was out near The Burrow. The Weasley-Delacour’s house was beautiful. It was a family sized cottage that could almost be a Victorian, but it wasn’t big enough for it to be a Victorian. There was five bedrooms, one for Bill and Fleur, one for Dom, one for Louis, one for Victoire which currently had nothing in it as everything was in her apartment, and a guest bedroom where I was staying. There was two bathrooms plus two ensuite, one for Bill and Fleur and one for the guest. There was a massive kitchen area, a living room and a dining room, plus a small pool. When I tell Dom her house is amazing she just grunts and tells me to wait till I see the Potter’s house at New Year’s. Apparently it’s massive.

Dom and I sat silently for around half an hour more wrapping her presents before we got changed and walked down to the kitchen for breakfast.

“Morning Dominique!” Fleur greeted as we entered the kitchen, “Morning Mae!”

Bill was sitting at the table reading the Daily Prophet, Fleur was cooking pancakes on the stove and Louis wasn’t to be seen.

“Where’s Louis?” Bill asked, sipping his coffee.

“Asleep,” Dom grunted, taking a pancake from the plate in the centre.

“He should be awake by now!” Fleur cried, “Teddy and Victoire will be here soon! I’m going to wake him up,” and she exited the kitchen.

Bill sighed, “She doesn’t understand why teenagers sleep so much,”

I helped myself to some pancakes and drizzling them in maple syrup, this automatically reminded me of the first day of school when Freddie and James made fun of me for eating too much. I winced.

Louis then entered the kitchen looking very disgruntled with a happy looking Fleur behind him. He sat down next to me grabbed a swig of pumpkin juice right out of the bottle.

“Louis William Weasley!” Fleur shrieked, swiping the bottle from Louis. Louis grinned at his mum before grabbing a plate and yawning.

“When’s Vic and Ted arriving?” he asked.

“They said they would be here around ten thirty,” Bill answered.

“Which is any minute!” Fleur said excitedly. She cleared the table with a lazy flick of her wand, (lucky I was finished) and Louis cried,

“Mum! I wasn’t finished!”

“Next time get up earlier!” Fleur yelled back.

“But I’m hungry now!” Louis cried.

“What’s all this yelling for?” a voice called from the hallway.

“Victoire!” Fleur shrieked.

A woman and a man had entered the kitchen. Victoire had her long silvery blonde hair spilling around her face and she looked extremely vibrant in a pale pink dress. The man with her had electric blue hair that was short and spiky, he was quite tall and was wearing worn jeans, t-shirt and leather jacket. He had his arm wrapped around her waist. Teddy Lupin was simply gorgeous, I knew a lot of girls had had a huge crush on Teddy when he was at Hogwarts. Apparently though, he had only had eyes for Victoire. I wouldn’t have minded dating Teddy, but when his girlfriend *cough* fiancée had a beautiful diamond ring on her finger, it’s a bit late for that.

Bill and Fleur quickly got up and raced towards their daughter and her fiancée. Dom and Louis greeted Teddy warmly asking how he was but when they greeted their sister, they just said ‘hey’ and ignored her. I knew that Dom and Louis didn’t get on very well with Victoire as they believe she was the ‘most loved’ and ‘most cared for’. I’d learnt this through hours of Dom screaming at the top of her lungs in the dorm room about how much she hated Victoire.  

Victoire did seem like the perfect child. She had got 9 O’s in her O.W.L’s and was prefect in fifth year. She got mostly O’s on her N.E.W.T’s and was Head Girl in seventh year. She listened in class, was beautiful and was working on her own clothing range. The only bad thing was when her and Dom fought.

When Dom and Victoire fought, it was horrible. With their Weasley temper and part Veela blood, it was war when they fought. When I was at Hogwarts in my second year I witnessed my first ever fight. Dom believed that Victoire had stolen her blue dress and they had a screaming match because of this. There was stamping and screaming and even a bit of hair pulling. In the middle of the fight, someone had called Louis and he walked in, all my dorm mates stared at him in horror but he just shrugged his shoulders and walked back down the staircase like it was the easiest thing ever. I’ve been scared of Dom since that, I don’t think I’ll ever recover.

“How are you all?” Victoire asked, sitting down next to Dom (Dom’s eyes looked as if a fire had been lit).

“Good,” we replied.

“What have you been up to Teddy and Victoire?” Fleur smiled, fixing the kettle.

“We have both been busy with work but we stopped by the Potter’s before we came because Victoire needed more details on tomorrow night,” Teddy rolled his eyes.

Everyone laughed.

“What’s tomorrow night?” Dom asked suspiciously.

“Are you serious Dom? You’ve forgotten?” Victoire shrieked.

“WHAT?” Dom yelled at her.

“The Ministry Christmas Eve Ball!” Victoire shrieked.

“Oh my god!” Dom yelled, jumping up, “I totally forgot!”

“Wouldn’t have guessed,” Victoire muttered.

“I don’t have anything to wear!” Dom yelled, ”Or a date!”

“Dom, Ginny said she wanted to see you about it,” Teddy said, “You too Mae,”

Hey! Teddy Lupin remembered my name! Woo hoo! Never thought that would happen!

“Well lets go then!” Dom shrieked, grabbing my arm and yanking me towards the fireplace.

“Dom, we can’t go yet! I haven’t brushed my teeth or put on any makeup!” I exclaim.

“There’s no one to impress!” she shrieked. Cough, cough.

I raised my eyebrows.

“Fine! Vic! Can you use your amazing charms work on Mae?” she pleaded.

“Why should I help you?” Victoire asked.

“Because I can embarrass you worse than last year,” Dom threatened.

Victoire whitened. Last year at the Ministry Christmas Eve Ball, Dom had gotten very drunk. She had embarrassed herself in front of a couple of Ministry officials before Victoire had found her and dragged her home. Victoire considered this one of the most embarrassing moments of her life. I hadn’t gone to the Ministry Christmas Ball before but had the common knowledge not to get drunk at a party like that. All the important Ministry Officials were there and the same with important people, that’s why the Potter’s and Weasley’s get to go, members of the Order of the Phoenix and Dumbledore’s Army are invited because of how they fought at the battle of Hogwarts.

“Fine,” Victoire whispered. She tapped my face and my hair and makeup appeared, highlighting my features and my hair smoothed out shined.

“Wow Victoire! Thanks!” I smiled.

“It’s fine,” she smiled weakly before looking at Dom, “You better keep your end of the deal,”

“Don’t you worry, I will,” Dom smiled before running into the fireplace, “Follow me,”

She grabbed some Floo Powder from a pot next to the fire before throwing it down and bellowing,

“Number Three, Herricks Place!” And she disappeared.

“Herricks Place?” I asked Bill, “Isn’t that the most expensive street in Wizard London?”

“Yes,” Bill answered.

“Godric’s Hollow isn’t it?” I asked.

“Yes, but you better get going before Dom kills you,” Louis says, handing the pot out to me.

I grab a handful of powder and step into the fireplace.

“Well, bye, see you soon hopefully,” I smile.

“Bye,” the Weasley’s call.

“Number Three, Herricks Place!” I yelled as I dropped the powder to the floor. Then I was spinning, spinning out of control with my arms pinned to my side and my eyes close, only hoping that I didn’t throw up.


* * * * *


I popped out of the fire onto hard white tiles, putting ash everywhere. I stood up, rubbing my eyes I saw Dom standing over me.

“Come on!” she said, grabbing my hand and pulling me out the door. As I didn’t have much time to study the room, I just quickly glanced at the room once before I left. The room was obviously an Entrance Hall that was about half of the Entrance Hall at Hogwarts. The tiles were square and white with massive stairs opposite the door to my right and there were massive windows. When Dom had told me that the Potter’s had a huge house that was amazing, I didn’t expect this.

“AUNT GINNY?” Dom yelled.

“Don’t yell Dom!” I whispered to her.

“It’s the only way we will find someone,” Dom explained, “UNCLE HARRY? LILY?”

“JAMES?AL?” I yelled.

“MAE?” I hear someone yell.

“YEAH?” I scream.

“DOM?” someone else screams.

“YEAH! WHERE ARE YOU?” Dom yelled.

“TV ROOM!” they yell.

As I have no idea where the TV room is, I just look at Dom. She seems to be lost as well.


“Oh,” Dom whispered, taking off up the stairs.   

I follow her up the stairs and across the hall way. It’s all very fancy and photos plaster the wall. I find see one of a five year old James, four year old Albus and a two year old Lily. They were all smiling and waving while giving each other cuddles. I felt myself smile and try to walk on but I just keep staring at the little James. He was so darn cute! His eyes twinkled and his teeth shined, his hair was still just as black and messy as it was now, he looked exactly the same as now. The one thing he didn’t possess in the picture but had now was the smirk on his mouth, he looked a lot less cocky. He even had the troublemaker look in his eyes.

“Mae? You coming?” Dom called from the third door on the left.

“Oh, yeah, coming!” I called jogging to the door.

Inside the room was a massive TV, a squashy arm chair and two massive leather couches inhabited by two teenage boys.

“Hey Dom! Hey Mae!” Al greeted, “What are you guys doing here?”

“Your mother wanted to see us about tomorrow night,” Dom explained, plonking herself down on the couch Albus was on.

“Oh,” Albus said, “Who’s your date?”

“We don’t have one,” I said, “Dom forgot to mention it, and I don’t even have a dress,”

Albus and James laughed.

“You forgot?” James asked, “Even after last year?”

“Well I don’t remember parties where I embarrass myself in front of the entire Ministry,” Dom shuddered.

“First time then Mae?” Al asked.

“Yep! I hope I don’t screw up,” I muttered, sitting very carefully on the end of James’s couch.

“You won’t, you’ll be perfect,” James blurts out.

[Insert awkward silence here.]

Suddenly we heard a roar from down the hall that made us all jump,


We all quickly scrambled out the door and into the hall to find a very angry red haired female.

“What mum?” James asked.

“What are these?” Ginny asked, holding up a pack of condoms.

“Hey! Have you been going through my stuff?” James asked angrily. I was trying hard not to laugh, this was possibly the funniest moment of my life, I could hear Dom silently snorting behind me and Al doubled over in silent laughter.

“Why do you have a half empty packet of condoms James Potter?” Ginny roared, poking James in the chest.

“Why were you in my room?” James roared back.

“ANSWER MY QUESTION FIRST YOUNG MAN!” Ginny bellowed, I could hear it echoing through the house.

“BECAUSE I USE THEM!” James roared.

Dom was now snorted and holding onto me for support while Albus was on the ground laughing.

“You use them?” Ginny roared.

“YES MUM, I USE THEM!” James bellowed.

Lily then chose this moment to see what was going on.

“Hey Dom, hey Mae, what’s going on?” Lily asked suspiciously.

“Mum found a pack of condoms in James’s room,” Albus wheezed.

“She did?” Lily asked, joining in the laughter.

I have come to the conclusion that James really has really supportive siblings.


“YES MUM I HAVE HAD SEX!” James screamed.


“What! No! What about the Ministry Christmas Eve Ball tomorrow?” James asked.

“YOU WON’T BE GOING!” Ginny roared.

“But someone will know I’m not there! You wouldn’t want the Minister to think I’m a bad boy, I mean, I couldn’t get a job there!” James said slyly.

Ginny paled.

“Fine, you can go to this one event and then you go straight home!” Ginny muttered.

“Good,” James smiled in his success.

Ginny finally then realised she had guests.

“Dom!” she swooped in giving her a kiss on the cheek, wow, the woman changes emotions quick.

“Hi Aunt Ginny! This is Mae,” Dom smiled pointing to me.

“Pleased to meet you Mrs. Potter,” I smile.

“Dear, call me Ginny, Mrs. Potter makes me sound old,” Ginny says kissing me on the cheek too.

I hear Albus mutter behind me something along the lines of, “You are old,”

“Albus Severus Potter, you better watch your mouth or I’ll ground you too!” Ginny roars at him.

“Sorry,” Albus mutters.

“Teddy said you wanted to see us Aunt Ginny?” Dom asked.

“Oh, yes!” Ginny shrieked, “Follow me and we’ll talk about this over tea, you three also,” pointing her three children.

We followed her back down the massive staircase and across the Entrance Hall, into a small room with a fire, carpets and armchairs- it looked like a formal lounge.

“This is the tea room,” Ginny smiled.

The tea room? Seriously?

We all took a seat while Ginny ran and got the tea, the time it took her to get it, you’d think the kitchen was a mile away. She poured us all tea in fancy china cups and then elegantly sat down in a chair.

What is it with the Wotter clan and tea? Can’t someone serve coffee? I live off coffee and I haven’t had any in two days. That is way too long.

Soon I’ll be going into a caffeine withdrawal.

Me + no coffee = the next Lord Voldemort.

“Well, are you two ready for tomorrow night?” Ginny asked excitedly.

“Uh, no,” Dom muttered sipping her tea.

“No?” Ginny asked worriedly.

Dom starting inhaling tea.

“Well, Dom forgot about the Ball until Victoire mentioned it this morning,” I explained.

“WHAT?” Ginny yelled.

“Dom completely forgot! It’s so annoying!” I exclaimed.


Apparently Ginny Potter has a thing with using full names when she’s angry at them.

“I’m so sorry Aunt Ginny!” Dom whined.


“No,” Dom whispered.

“DOM!” Ginny yelled.

“Quite down Aunt Ginny, I could hear you from the front door!” a voice said from the doorway.

I swear to Merlin that if this boy comes and sit in the spare chair next to me, I will Avada Kevada him into the next century with no mercy what-so-ever.


“Fred! You must have got my message then?” Ginny smiled, kissing him on the cheek.

“Yeah, I did, what do you need?” Freddie asked.

“Well make yourself comfortable! I’m talking to Dom, Mae, Albus, Lily and James about it too!” Ginny smiled.

Freddie smiled at his Aunt and looked at the spare chair next to me, I must admit, it looks so comfortable. But when he looked at me and saw the death stares I was giving him, he sat on the arm of Al’s chair. Ginny just raised her eyebrow.

“Very well,” she continued, “Mae as you may not know as Dom forgot to mention the Ball,” she shot a death stare at Dom, “It is required to go with someone of your family,”

Great, looks like I’ll be seeing my annoying brother Mitch after all. 

“But as you’re staying with the Weasley’s you can just go with one of us,” Ginny smiled.

Phew, close call that was.

I didn’t need to see my annoying brother Mitch anytime soon.

Hell, there’s no need to see him any time in this lifetime.

“So who am I going with?” I asked.

Please Al, please, please, please!

“Well Albus is going with Rose and Hugo is going with Roxanne,” Ginny explained, “All of the other boys are way too young for you, so it’s either James or Fred between you and Dom,”

Shit. Double Shit. Why did it have to be my cheating ex-boyfriend or my best friend who I accidently slept with?

My life is a disaster.

A psychotic disaster.

An annoying, psychotic disaster.

Why do you hate me Merlin?

I stare at Dom and she stares at me, she knows I really can’t go with Freddie but she doesn’t know how awkward it is for me to go with James.

“I’ll go with Freddie!” Dom smiled.

“No discussions?” Ginny asked, raising her perfect eyebrow.

“Uh, no,” Dom says.

“Why?” Ginny asked.

“Freddie and I just broke up,” I said bluntly.

I swear, if I have to mention my break up with Freddie one more time…

“Oh,” Ginny smiles weakly, “So, then you’ll be going with James, Mae,”


I nodded and James does too.

“So Dom, do you two have anything to wear?” Ginny asked nervously.

“No,” Dom whispered.

“WELL THEN GET UP YOU TWO!” Ginny yells excitedly, “We’re going shopping!”


* * * * *


After probably going through a million stores, I still had nothing to wear.

It’s not that I hadn’t liked anything, it’s just that nothing looked good on me.

“Don’t worry dear, we’ll find something,” Ginny smiled walking along Diagon Alley.

Dom however, had the perfect outfit to wear, and she had actually found it in the second store we went in. As this was a very formal event, we had to wear long, floor-lengthen dresses. The dress Dom had was lilac, with a one shoulder and the bodice area was covered in diamonds.

Yes, real diamonds.

Her shoes were strappy silver heels to match her diamonds on the dress and she said she had jewellery to go with it at home.

I wish I had found something that quick.

As we walked into another high labelled store, all the shop assistants ran to Ginny and in welcome.

“Mrs. Potter! Welcome,” they cried.

“Good afternoon ladies,” she said, looking through the racks.

“Can we help you find something Mrs. Potter?” one asked.

“Yes you can actually,” Ginny smiled, “But not for me, for my friend Mae,” Ginny pointed at me.   

“Yes, sure Mrs. Potter!” the shop assistant cried, grabbing my arm and pulling me into a change room.

“Well, what’s this for? What special occasion?” she cried, studying me.

“Ministry Christmas Eve Ball,” I muttered, for possibly the hundredth time today.

“Really? Well I’ll be getting our best stock out then!” and she shuffled away.

I knew what would happen next; they would study me, tell me their name, ask my size, and pick me out some dresses. I wasn’t allowed to choose my own for a stupid reason, then I’d be bombarded with around ten dresses to try on.


I’d been through this too many times.

The lady arrived back with a massive rack of dresses and smiled at me, looking me up and down.

“Just for any references my name is Madeleine,” Madeleine smiled.

What did I tell you?

“Thank you,” I smiled back.

“Now Mae, you look like a size four, am I right?” Madeleine asked.

“Yes, right on,” I smiled weakly.

“Perfect! And with your hair and eye colours, I think we’ll go with some colours like…” she muttered, going through the rack.

I stood their awkwardly for the hundredth time today playing with my hair. I hope there’s actually a good dress in here, my feet where getting sore from walking around today.

Quickly, she pushed me into the change room and pushed inside with me about five beautiful looking dresses. All I could see though was frills, lace and sparkles. But at least there was only five.

Dear Merlin, I was so sick of this.

I stripped down to my underwear and pulled the first dress off the rack; it was violet and was incredibly tight. When I zipped it up, I could barely walk. The dress was made of silk and there was a silt on the side that went to my hip. Slutty.

I hated it.

The next was a turquoise and I loved the colour, the problem was that the lady had given me a size two and there was no possible way for me to squeeze into that.

The next dress was black and high necked; it looked like it was from the nunnery. I hung it up right away.

The fourth dress was way too short; it was up to halfway up my shins. I’d be scolded at for showing too much of my ankle.

When I saw the fifth dress I fell in love. The dress was a bright red and was strapless and came out in a puffy fabric. It also had gold studs imprinted on the bodice, kind of like Dom’s. It slid on smoothly (the inside was made of silk) and the back was silk buttons compared to the other dresses which were zips. This red was my colour, it felt perfect.

I step out of the change room where Dom and Ginny were scanning through other dresses, getting ready to give me some more options. They were both totally engrossed in the dresses and Ginny had shop assistants running everywhere and then coming back with more dresses to see if they were up to Ginny and Dom’s standard, sadly the woman who had just brought up a long midnight blue dress that looked about a size ten- how fat did she think I was? Ginny almost read my mind and snapped at her, sending her away saying I was a size four not a size ten.

It was all so crazy in here that no one noticed I was standing outside the change room, so I coughed. All heads turned my way and Ginny and Dom smiled.

“Mae, it’s gorgeous!” Ginny said rushing over.

“You’re so lucky you wear red,” Dom muttered pointing to her strawberry blonde head.  

“What do you think?” I asked nervously, flattening my dress.

‘Mae, it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!” Dom grinned, fluffing it up.

“I love it! It suits you so well!” Ginny smiled, looking at the tag.

I glanced at it too, and almost died of shock.

“Ginny, that’s way too much!” I squealed.

“No, it’s fine!” Ginny smiled waving over Madeleine.

“Ginny, NO,” I said firmly.

“Mae,” Ginny said equally as firmly, “As you can probably tell by my house that I have too much money, I can buy the dress,”

“But, it’s so much!” I exclaimed.

“It is nothing,” Ginny smiled, “We’ll need to look at shoes and jewellery,”

“I’m fine with shoes, I’ve got a perfect pair at Dom’s,” I smiled, at least I could use something of my own.

“And jewellery?” Ginny asked.

I thought about this for a while, all my jewellery was shit- what could I use?

“No Aunt Ginny, she doesn’t have anything,” Dom smiled, pushing me back into the change room to undress.

Much to my disgust, I couldn’t argue as Dom had already whipped the curtain on the change room closed. I scolded and very carefully undressed. I couldn’t break this dress, in fact, I was going to save it for life.

After very, very carefully removing my dress and hanging it on a coat hanger, plus getting into my jeans and jumper ensemble again, I stepped outside.

It seemed that Ginny had already paid for the dress to stop me from whining, smart lady. As soon as I was no more than a metre out of the change rooms, Madeleine and another girl grabbed the dress from my clutches and put it in a special bag that would keep it wrinkling, getting dirty, or anything that could ruin it. As soon it was out of my hands, it was back in there and I was getting dragged across the road towards Michael Hansen Jewellery- the best in London. He was also German, he still had the accent.

Inside Ginny walked straight across to gold and gems section, in search of a necklace, bracelet and rings, way too much.

I was about to open my mouth in protest, when Dom whispered in my ear,

“Just let her, she can get very nasty if you refuse,”

Dom shrugged and walked off.

I silently joined Dom and Ginny over and the counter with what would be Michael Hansen. He looked extremely old. The type of old that he could drop dead any minute,

Any second.

I decided to prepare myself in case.

“Oohh! Look at that!” Dom moaned.

Inside the glass case was a set of six golden pins with roses made out of rubies, they were stunning.

“Perfect!” Ginny smiled at Michael.

Michael grabbed them out of the case.

“Finest rubies in Europe,” he smiled.

Ginny then quickly pointed to a set of a gold bracelet and a heavy gold necklace. Michael quickly grabbed them out as fast as an old man could (slow) and beckoned me forward.

“What?” I asked.

“Measurements!” Ginny smiled, pushing me forward.

I followed Ginny’s push and walked towards Michael, extending my arm over the glass case. He slipped on the bracelet and he made a few adjustments here and there. He did the same with the necklace.

As Ginny was chatting to Michael about the payments, I gazed at the jewellery in the store. They all looked so perfectly made and everything was perfectly shined. The emeralds were the most gorgeous green that matched Albus’ eyes and the sapphires were the deepest blue like the sea. I scanned the ruby section and I could help but let out a small oh!, when I came across something small.

“What is it Mae?” Ginny asked anxiously.

Sitting in the glass case was a very delicate looking ring. The frame was made of gold on the actual ring was a giant red ruby in the centre of six dazzling diamonds. It was like a flower.

“That is gorgeous,” Dom muttered.

“It is,” I mumbled.

“It matches your dress!” Ginny smiled happily, “The ring also please Mr. Hansen,”

“Ginny it’s way too much!” I groaned.

“Mae! I am buying it for you if you like it or not!” Ginny screamed.


“Fine,” I mumbled.

Michael beckoned me forward and I extended my arm again.

“Vhat finger ma’am?”  he asked.

“Right hand, right finger,” I said.

“Ring finger?” he eyed suspicious.

“Ring finger on the right,” I blushed.

I suddenly hoped as Michael placed the ring on my finger that it wouldn’t fit. Please, please…..

“It’s a perfect fit!” Ginny exclaimed, clapping her hands together.


“That’s great! But Ginny she doesn’t have any earrings!” Dom exclaimed, “And I’ve found the perfect pair!”

I just pulled off the ring and stayed quiet; this battle had been won, by Ginny.

“You vill be back here soon,” Michael whispered to me.

“What?” I whispered back.

“Vith someone you love,” Michael continued taking the ring from my fingers, “For something very much like this but for more significance,”

Merlin’s pants.

“These earrings to Michael! And then we are done!” Ginny squealed.

Michael walked to where Ginny and Dom were and grabbed out the earrings they wanted before packing everything away, with me still watching him with an open mouth.

Ginny paid quickly before pulling us out the store.

“That was fun! He was a lovely man, wasn’t he Mae?” Ginny smiled, pushing the jewellery bag into my hands.

“Yes,” I smiled weakly as Dom and her broke into chatter.

I actually thought he was a little crazy. I mean, he thought I was going to be back in his shop soon shopping for an engagement ring. Who would ever think that about a teenage girl who was sixteen and wasn’t even in a relationship?


A/N: How did everyone like this chapter? Massive event in the next chapter, THE MINISTRY OF MAGIC'S ANNUAL CHRISTMAS EVE BALL! Get excited! 

For everyone who is waiting for the release of my Marauder's fic, the start is ready but I haven't got a bloody title!! Will be up soon! Keep checking for it.

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