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Bound to You by blandie
Chapter 2 : First Day
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Hermione stumbled out of the fireplace and into Neville's office. Dusting herself off, she grabbed her purse and looked up. Neville was standing in front of her with a big goofy grin on his face. Before she could even say hello Neville had her in a rib crushing hug.

"Hi Nev, good to see you too" Hermione smiled up at his lanky form.

"Hermione, I've missed you so much! It's unreal! Neville exclaimed, finally letting her out of his embrace.

Smiling, Hermione stepped back "So, tell me about this job offer!"

Neville smacked himself on the forehead, "of course, of course, I completely forgot that's why you're here! Well basically we're looking for a forensic analyist who also has experience is defence against the dark arts seeing as the job is to convict dark wizards, which is what the auror department is all about. Although, you'll do a lot of normal homocides as well!" he said passionately.

"Wow Neville, that job actually sounds perfect for me! I'd love to take the job if you still want me." Hermione's said happily.

"The job's all yours then, you can get your office right now" Neville replied, walking towards his office's large oak door. Hermioned followed him out of the office and into the dim lit hallway.

"That's strange, I didn't think that your office would be in the department of mysteries, Neville" Hermione mentioned as her shoes clacked noisly against the dark blue stone floor.

Neville turned slightly and gave her a bit of a grimace. "Oh.... yeah about that, well my office was in the central part of the Ministry but I sort of accidentally charmed my office to spontaneously set itself on fire. So someone's fixing it but while they are I'm in the department of mysteries! Hermione snickered quietly, but when Neville looked back she just smiled blandly. Fairly soon they entered the auror department, Hermione had been here before to visit Harry, Ron and also Sheamus and Dean who were also aurors. "Well, your office is right over here, the coveted corner office!" Neville revealed.

Hermioned walked through the large glass door that Neville held open for her. This office was completely gorgeous, it had cream coloured walls with one large bay windor over looking scenic London. There was a large white retro desk over looking the windor, with a large chair behind it, huge white bookcases surronded the rest of the office and to complete the room there was a charmed orchid on a coffee table near the door. "Nev, this office is stunning..." Hermioned bubbled.

"I'm glad you like it" Nevilled said rubbing his nose and staring at his feet. "I'll just leave you to get settled in, there's some files for you to look over, you'll start actual work tomorrow morning, see you later Mione!" Neville strode out of the doorway and into the hallway. Hermione walked over to the desk and sat down in the chair, spinning around to face the window. She could not believe her luck, this was going to be a great job. 



He could not believe his bad luck. Why did he have to be the auror assigned to baby sit the new forensic analyst? I mean sure he'd get to arrest a ton of people, but he'd really miss working with his bestfriend, Blaise and even Potter and Weasel had been easier to get along with after they all graduated from Hogwarts. Guess he'd just have to see how it went... Draco Malfoy walked out of  a fireplace into the Ministry of Magic, heading towards the auror department. The door to the corner office was open and he could hear femine humming from inside.


Poking his head inside the door, Draco saw a beautiful woman with quite pale skin and long brown ringlets was on her tippy toes, trying to reach a book on the top shelf of the bookcase. Draco sauntered across the office and easily plucked the book that she was reaching for off the shelf, sweeping it into her awaiting hand. The woman quickly looked up at him, her eyes wide and mouth opened in shock.




"DRACO?!" Hermione almost yelled.




"Granger. You're the forensic analyst?" he asked, shocked beyond belief. "Yes, yes I am.. why?" she asked him one eye brow raised in emphasis. Draco rolled his eyes at her "Well, looks like we're going to be partners, I'm your auror." 




Holy hell. Draco Malfoy was ridiculously attractive. He went from looking like a greasy ferret to a majestic swan in a matter of less than four years. Four years, it seems like ages since they had last seen eachother. Draco looked well, really well. His dark suit brought out his pale skin and platinum blonde hair, his piercing blue eyes raked over her body as hers looked all over his. Slowly moving her eyes up over his thin waist up to his toned chest, Hermione met his eyes.


"You look... different Granger. A good different." Draco smirked.




"You too." Hermione admitted with a sideways smile. She walked towards her desk, setting the book down upon it, turning towards Draco again. "So, how have you been? Married? Kids?" Hermione asked with a small smile as she sank down into her office chair.


Draco laughed "I've been pretty good. Not married, divorced and no kids. What about you Granger, do you have a ball and chain and some snot nose brats running around?"


Hermione crossed her petite legs and answered him "Nope, I'm not married and I don't have any children."


Draco frowned slightly and leaned back on the bookcase. "What happened to you and weaselbee? I thought you two were engaged.."


Hermione sighed tiredly "Oh, how did you not know? Me and Ron broke up more than two years ago, we just weren't working out, fought all the time, I guess we just wanted different things. He's dating Luna Lovegood right now actually. Who did you end up getting hitched to anyway Malfoy?"


Just then an impatient click of shoes came up to the door, emitting Harry into the room. "Hermione, Malfoy. Hate to make you work before you've even settled in Mione, but we have a body I need you to look at. Malfoy I'll take her just for today, the boss is giving you the rest of the day off because of the funeral. I'm really sorry by the way mate, your dad wasn't my favourite person, but I am still sorry for your loss" Harry then turned to Hermione, "Grab your coat and wand, we're going to apparate to Scotland in about five minutes, I'll meet you downstairs" he said as he dashed out the door and towards his office.


"Draco.. I am honestly sorry to hear about your father, I had no idea. Please accept my condolences to both you and your mother." Hermine said sincerely. "Thank you Hermione, I really appreciate it. Good luck on your first case, I'll be back tomorrow to help work on it." Draco replied, already walking towards the door. As soon as he left, Hermione grabbed her purse and jacket and rushed out the door and towards the lift. 

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