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Brand New Chick by Emma_Felton4Ever
Chapter 2 : Talks and Tanrums
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“Ginny*cough* Ginny oh merlin stupid floo powder, Ginny are you here it’s me Hermione!” I’m upstairs Mione!” Hermione could not only hear Ginny’s voice but also a child’s cries, most likely 3 year old James Potter. Quickly she made her way up the steps to see what the problem was.

There in front of her was Ginny holding James pj, and well… James was butt naked in the corner right side of his bed. James has no idea that if you got a redheaded Weasley woman upset it got real UGLY.

“James Sirius Potter, you better get your butt over here or else you can forget about your father teaching you how to ride a broom this weekend!” Ouch, that hit the spot. At that moment, James started bawling his eyes out, with snot coming out of his nose. Hermione quickly cast muffliato on James loud bawling. This seemed to stop his mute cries and both Ginny and James looked up to see their caster.

“Mione thank god you’re here!  I can’t get James to get in his jammies for bed!” Ginny exclaimed as her tossed a cross look at James. Hermione decided to step in a help her dear friend. “Here Gin let me handle this, you can go and get tea ready so we talk later in a bit.” “Oh alright then, let me know if nothing works.” With that Ginny handed the pjs to Hermione and headed downstairs.

 Hermione took off the charm and got down to James level. Placing a gentle hand on his shoulder seemed to calm him greatly.  She grabbed his chin gently facing him to her and softly spoke, “James why aren’t you listening to your mother? I’m sure your parents have taught you better.” “I’m sowrry Aunt ‘Mione, I no wanna gow to bed. No sleepy.” His actions spoke otherwise as he let out a yawn. Hermione smiled a bit. “That is a problem isn’t it?” James bobbled is head. Hermione got up and dramatically paced around questioning, “Now who will I get to read bedtime stories and get them comfortable in their bed? Perhaps even get them warm milk?” 

She glanced to see James, pouting, refusing to give in. “I am big boy, daddy and mommy said so.” “Yes James you are a big boy, but even big boys need sleep to retain their energy for tomorrow. Now if you didn’t sleep then there wouldn’t be an energetic James to play with the whole day now isn’t it?” “No fun James?”  “Yes no fun James. Have you decided what you want James?”  Hermione ended pinching his cheek gently.

James eyes whiten and a toothy grin broke out. “Ok I gow to bed!” Hermione grabbed his pjs and handed them to him. He quickly changed and raised his arms up. Hermione picked him up, where he rested his head of the collar of her neck. “Now let’s see what’s there to read…” Hermione skimmed through some books and picked one out. “How about Jack and the Beanstalk?” James shook his head. “Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, or Hansel and Gretel?” James shook his head again.

Setting him in bed she then turned to ask, “Then what is it that you’d like me to read?” Looking up he said “Tell me abowut Hogwarts.” “Hogwarts? What about it?” “Anything.” “Hmm ok then, Hogwarts was founded by four great wizards Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin….

Hermione quietly closed James door and went down the steps to be greeted with a cup of tea and Ginny waiting on the dining table. “Oh I guess James finally got to bed. Mione you have got to tell me you deal with little kids.” Hermione laughed lightly as she sat down next to Ginny. “Really Gin, you have to be patient, and soft-spoken with them. Also don’t quickly let her temper get to you. Something you’re going to have to work on Mrs. Potter.” as Hermione sipped her tea.

Ginny rolled her eyes with a silly grin. “Well excuse me for growing up hearing mum yell at George and…Fred.” Suddenly Ginny got quite at the sound of Fred’s name. It was a no brainer that even after 5 years that the death of Fred along with Tonks, Remus, Dobby, Harry’s owl Hedwig, and Snape death’s still effect each one of them to this day since the war.

Hermione placed a hand on Ginny’s and gave it a squeeze. “How’s Teddy by the way?” “Oh he’s fine at Andromeda’s but has been asking to spend time with Harry.” Teddy Lupin was the son of the late parents’ Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Lupin nee Tonks. Harry was his godfather. Due to Harry job as Auror at the Ministries and Ginny playing for the Chudley Cannons part-time.  For now Teddy only came on the weekends and holidays since he of course was a child for now.

“Aww I can’t wait to meet him tomorrow, I miss the little guy. How much he’s grown looking like Lupin, yet reminds me of Tonks.” Hermione replied.

“Right, now to the bigger question what made you stop by here?” Ginny interjected. Crap… Hermione thought . “I was here … to talk about Ron and I.” She paused to see if Ginny would interrupt, when she didn’t she kept going. “I always thought Ron was the one since I first meet him. I expected it, hell many of our friends did. Yet now as I look back… it feels like it was a school girl crush at the time nothing more.  What I’m trying to say is that well I don’t feel the same way for Ron any more than a dear friend or brother. I hope you’re not offended cause he’s your brother and that I have a reason for not wanting to be with him.”

At this Hermione looked down avoiding Ginny’s eyes. After 5 minutes Ginny spoke. “Hermione I’d never think different of you for wanting to break things off with Ron. Honestly, I knew this would happen, I’ve seen less expression of love between you two.  Now you need to tell Ron, so this weight gets lifted off your shoulders.” “You know what, I’m ready to tell him but have to wait since he said he’s busy at a meeting with Harry.”

“Meeting? Harry didn’t -“  Ring. Ring. Ginny went to pick the phone. “Hello? Oh hi Mum, yes I’m fine you? This Saturday?  Well, Teddy- okay then. I’ll see with Harry okay bye.”  Turning to Hermione she filled in for her, “Mum invited us for dinner tomorrow, Andromenda and Teddy will meet there and mum said she’s inviting you too.”

Then she let out a yawn. “I’m sorry Hermione I think I’ll head to bed now , Harry should be back, late I guess.” Hermione stopped her quickly, “Wait Gin, what about you saying about the meeting?” “Oh that I don’t recall harry mentioning one. But you never know it could have turned up. Goodnight Mione” “Night Gin”

Ginny left leaving Hermione in a deep thought, Guess I’ll have to have a chat with Ron about this when he comes back… With that Hermione apperated back home.

Done finally! Swear this chap took 2-3 days to complete! Please R&R!!!!! next chap will be… let’s say …interesting :D

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